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Obesity and premature ejaculation - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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Doctor :   hi
User :   hello
Doctor :   how can i help u
Doctor :   please proceed with your query
User :   im male 23 years and im weighing around 94 kg
User :   how should i reduce
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   i will help u in this
Doctor :   can i ask few Q
User :   sure
Doctor :   wats your ht
User :   166 cm
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   do yu have family history of obesity
User :   no
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   how is your appetite
User :   its normal
Doctor :   as per your ht and wt
User :   means
Doctor :   you come under obese cateregory
Doctor :   thats your BMI is more than 30
User :   ya i know
User :   but how should i reduce weight
Doctor :   your ideal wt is 65-67 kgs
User :   ok
Doctor :   for 166 cm
Doctor :   there are 2 methods to reduce the wt
Doctor :   1. diet modification
Doctor :   2. exercise
Doctor :   let me come to dietary changes
User :   k
Doctor :   do yu prefer oily foods
User :   ya
Doctor :   or fatty foods
User :   its a part of life
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   thats i agree but
Doctor :   for reduction of wt
User :   k
Doctor :   good strict diet control is required
User :   ok
Doctor :   wat oil do yu use for cookin
User :   so which type of diet i follow
User :   thats ground nut and some time mustard also
Doctor :   are yu non vegetarian or veg
User :   both
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   wats the brand or trade name of the oil that u use
User :   dammani oil
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   1. stop dammani oil
User :   ok
User :   then which oil i should take
Doctor :   use saffola oil as it contains less saturated fat
User :   ok
Doctor :   or use olive oil
User :   k
Doctor :   even this containls less fat
User :   i will use saffola from now
Doctor :   not to use more than 5-6 tsp per day
User :   sure
Doctor :   2. reduce fried, spicy, and junk foods
User :   ok
Doctor :   3. avoid carbonated drinks
Doctor :   like pepsi and coke
User :   sure
Doctor :   4. reduce fatty foods like
Doctor :   butter
Doctor :   cheese
Doctor :   thick curd
Doctor :   thick milk
Doctor :   panner
Doctor :   ghee
Doctor :   curd can be taken in lassi form
User :   ok
Doctor :   do yu take milk regularly
User :   no sir
Doctor :   ok
User :   shell i take milk
Doctor :   even if yu take milk it should be diluted form
User :   k
Doctor :   or skimmed milk as it contains less fat
User :   ok
Doctor :   avoid buffalo milk its more thick and fatty
User :   ok
Doctor :   regarding non veg
User :   ok
Doctor :   how often will yu take
Doctor :   do yu prefer red meat, chikcken or fish
Doctor :   hi are yu there
Doctor :   hello are yu there
User :   ya sir im ther
User :   i prefer chicken n some time red meat
User :   \
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   yu can take chicken once in a week
User :   ok
Doctor :   but oil and spice to be reduced
User :   im taking once or twice in a month
User :   ok
Doctor :   need to avoid red meat
Doctor :   once in a month
Doctor :   can take egg
User :   ok
Doctor :   but avoid the yellow part
User :   ok
Doctor :   as it contains more chlolestrol
User :   ok
User :   shell i take some medicines
Doctor :   regarding fish it very good to take 2 times a week
User :   ok
Doctor :   wat do yu have for breakfast
User :   poha
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   do yu have tea or coffee
Doctor :   before breakfast
User :   tea
User :   without sugar
Doctor :   or any biscuits
User :   4 times a day
User :   no
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   need to redcue tea for 2 times a day
User :   shell i start taking some medicines
User :   ok
Doctor :   one in morining and one is evenining is fine
Doctor :   wat medications
Doctor :   are yu taking
User :   no
User :   but any medicine to reduce weight
Doctor :   medications are there but they have many side effects including sexual dysfunction
User :   ok
User :   is there any possibilities of reducing weight for me
Doctor :   yes with a good dietary practise
User :   ok
Doctor :   and good exercise
Doctor :   both will help
User :   so in how many month it will work if i stop taking all fatty food
Doctor :   it will take
Doctor :   6-7 months if have good control on diet and
User :   ok
Doctor :   do a regular exercise
User :   ok
Doctor :   for break fast
User :   ok
Doctor :   yu can take puha no proble
User :   ok
Doctor :   take 1 cup of diluted milk+ 2-3 chopped friuts+ 1 tsp sugar+ corn flakes
User :   sure
Doctor :   it would be ideal break fast for you
Doctor :   can take 1-2 times in a week
User :   ok
Doctor :   next is lunch, wat do yu have?
User :   chapati dal and veg
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   for your wt
Doctor :   not more than 2 chapathi
User :   k
Doctor :   without oil
User :   ok
Doctor :   can take 1 cup of rice
User :   ok
Doctor :   and sambhar (2-3 vegetables)
User :   ok
Doctor :   and curd in diluted from like lassi is fine
Doctor :   do yu have any snacks in eveining
User :   ya
User :   sometimes
User :   like samosa and all when im out
Doctor :   its better to reduce it
User :   ok
Doctor :   as it contains more potato
User :   shell i stop taking potato
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   can have 3-4 biscuits with tea
User :   ok
Doctor :   its better to take AAAAAAA biscuits
Doctor :   as it contains wheat
User :   ok
Doctor :   and has less fat
Doctor :   avoid good day and other chessy biscuits
User :   ok
User :   ok
Doctor :   even a fruit juice 150 - 200 ml is fine with snacking
User :   ok
Doctor :   sweet lime, lemon, orange, grapes, mango, chikoo is fine
Doctor :   as they contain more vitamins its good for health
User :   ok
Doctor :   next is dinner
Doctor :   wat do yu have
User :   chapati with sabji or dal
Doctor :   thats good
User :   thx
User :   '
Doctor :   can have cucumber salad and other vegetable salad
User :   ok
Doctor :   this is regarding the diet
Doctor :   do yu have any doubts regardign diet
Doctor :   which one to take and which one to avoid
User :   no
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   after all these, wat ever yu eat
Doctor :   you need to burn it in the form of calories
Doctor :   or it will get stored as fat
User :   ok
Doctor :   right
User :   ya
Doctor :   so to burn the calories yu need to do exercise
User :   yes sure
Doctor :   proteins, carbohydrates can be easily burnt to calories by regular day to day acitivites
Doctor :   but fat needs more vigourous exercise to burn it
User :   ok
Doctor :   are yu doing any exercise??
User :   yes but not regular
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   there are 2 types of exercises to reduce the wt
Doctor :   1. aerobic exercies
User :   pls tell
Doctor :   2. cardio exercises
User :   ok
User :   how to do cardio
Doctor :   aerobic exercise includes - brisk walkling, swimming, jogging and others
User :   ok
Doctor :   cardio exericises includes- the gym activities like tread mill, cycling, and cross runners
Doctor :   among these the best areobic exercise to reduce wt is
Doctor :   brisk walking
Doctor :   do yu wat it is??
User :   ok
User :   brisk walking i do
Doctor :   a. waking speed need to be more than walking and less than jogging
Doctor :   b. to be done on plain surface
User :   k
Doctor :   c. with free movements of shoulder and hands
Doctor :   d. need to be done for 30 min daily
Doctor :   for altleast 5 days in a week
Doctor :   is that ok
User :   ok
Doctor :   among the cardio the best exerise is treadmill
Doctor :   yu can do this for atleast 3 days in a week
User :   ok
Doctor :   exercise has 3 beautiful advantages
User :   what
Doctor :   1. reduce the bad cholesterol adn increases the good cholesterol
Doctor :   2. reduction of wt
User :   is it true
Doctor :   3. at the time of exercises, harmone like substance called
Doctor :   ENDORPHINS get released
Doctor :   which which reduce the stress and tenison
User :   ok
Doctor :   and keep the mood elevated
Doctor :   so a good diet control with a regular exercise
Doctor :   you can come to normal wt
Doctor :   with in 7-8 months
User :   ok
Doctor :   next is regarding masturbation
Doctor :   as i saw the chat history in the morining
User :   yes
Doctor :   yu can ask your query
Doctor :   i will help u in this
User :   is it harmfull
Doctor :   NO
Doctor :   its not harm ful
Doctor :   masturbation is normal phenonmenon for adult males
Doctor :   its has no side effects
User :   actually i did many time during my child hood so im asking
User :   ok
Doctor :   either on sex or on health
Doctor :   when did yu start this practise
User :   can u tell me how should i increase the time of ejacuation
User :   10 years back
Doctor :   are yu married
User :   no
Doctor :   did yu have sex before
User :   no
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   how many times per day
User :   1 or 2
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   see masturbation has no side effects
Doctor :   but it should not be an addiction
Doctor :   or regular practise
User :   yes this what im saying
Doctor :   2-3 times in a week is ok
User :   ok
User :   but what about that which had already happened
User :   i did many imes before
Doctor :   as i said it will not affect your health or future sexual life
Doctor :   not to worry
User :   ok
Doctor :   i will give few good tips to reduce masturbation
User :   pls
User :   pls give tips
Doctor :   Avoid being alone as much as possible.
Doctor :   Find good company and stay in
this good company.
Doctor :   Never read pornographic material.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Avoid people, situations, pictures or reading materials that might create
sexual excitement.
Doctor :   Keep your bladder empty.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Set goals of abstinence, begin with a day, then a week, month, year and
finally commit to never doing it again.
Doctor :   Until you commit yourself to
_never again_ you will always be open to temptation.
Doctor :   The exercises reduce
emotional tension and depression and are absolutely basic to the
solution of this problem.
Doctor :   If you are associated with other persons having this same problem, you
must break off their friendship.
User :   ok
Doctor :   these are some of the tips
Doctor :   to over come masturbation
Doctor :   not to worry
Doctor :   follow these tips for masturbation
User :   ok
Doctor :   and also go for good diet and exercise
Doctor :   please fill the feed back form
User :   ok
User :   ru there
Doctor :   Is there any thing else I can help you with?
User :   yeah
Doctor :   yes i am here for yu
User :   im facing one more problem
Doctor :   please proceed
User :   i discharge very early
User :   what should i do
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   after how many min after masturbation do yu ejaculate
User :   with in 5-6 strokes
Doctor :   ok
User :   some times 10-20 strokes
Doctor is the erection normal
User :   yes
Doctor :   is the ejaculation normal
User :   no
Doctor :   this condition is called premature ejaculation
User :   what should i do for it
Doctor :   atleast 70 -75 % of men face this problem
Doctor :   while having sex with females
User :   but i didnt have sex with female yet
Doctor :   let me explain this with you
User :   im facing this as a psychological problem
User :   ok
Doctor :   yu masturbate to redcuce stress and tension
User :   yes
Doctor :   this itself is the main cause
Doctor :   yu hurry up to ejaculate
User :   how
Doctor :   but not enjoy the masturbation
Doctor :   give gentle strokes
User :   ok
Doctor :   be relaxed
Doctor :   at the time of masturbation
User :   ok
Doctor :   dont be hurry to ejaculate
Doctor :   do yu smoke
Doctor :   or drink
User :   i had left it 20 days back
User :   drink sometime
Doctor :   yes smoking contains nicotine which can cause premature ejaculation
Doctor :   even alchohol
User :   ok
Doctor :   take more cucumber, papaya , almond
User :   but now i am not at all smoking
User :   ok
Doctor :   greenleafy veg like palak, spinach, methi
Doctor :   they are good for sperm count
User :   ok
Doctor :   use start and stop method
User :   like
Doctor :   give few gentle stoke when yu are about to cum the stop it
User :   ok
Doctor :   or squeeze the root of the penile shaft ( where pubic hair is present)
Doctor :   and then start again
User :   ok
Doctor :   dont use saliva or oil to the penis at the time of masturbation
Doctor :   this are few points to overcome premature ejaculation
Doctor :   please fill the comment box, its help ful for us
User :   ok
User :   and is there any way to increase the size of penis
Doctor :   the size of the penis does not matters
User :   means
Doctor :   its only the erection and the duration of erection
Doctor :   matters to satisify a female
User :   ok
Doctor :   a good healty balanced diet
User :   how to increase that duration of erection
Doctor :   exercise
Doctor :   will help u overall
User :   ok
Doctor :   as i have already mentioned
User :   yes thanks
Doctor :   its the same how do yu tackle premature ejaculation
User :   means i can be overcome with all stress
Doctor :   Is there any thing else I can help you with?
User :   no thanks
Doctor :   yes u can
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting HealthcareMagic.
User :   thanks and have a good day
Doctor :   Bye for now.
Doctor :   Please refer your friends to our service.
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