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Muscles and joints pain - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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User :   I have a question on muscle spasms, joint pain, and muscle pain. About 2 years ago i started having muscles spasms in every part of my body some not noticable to the eye and some biger and noticable by eye and others. Well for the past few weeks it has gotten much worse and now i have severe joint pain and muscle pain throughout my body. Can anyone explain?
Doctor :   Hi,
User :   hello
Doctor :   Ok, Do you get pains after exertion or even at rest ?
User :   yes pains all the time. Also when i pick something up i cant hold it very long
Doctor :   Have you tried any medication for the same ?
User :   valume about a year ago and did nothing for spasms at the time.
Doctor :   Ok, May i know which are the parts often affected ?
User :   spasms: small twitches in my back , chest, chin, nose, legs, forearms, top of feet. bigger spasms in shoulders back arms calfs.
User :   I have bad pain in back of knees , fingers , ankles, forearms, lower back.
Doctor :   Ok, Do you have pain in the joints ?
User :   yes, joints - alot of cracking. And pain in my muscles like the ATP runs out fast ( like failure when working out)
Doctor :   Ok, i would suggest you to get tests like CRP and RA factor done to rule out inflammatory diseases
Doctor :   And for the relief i would ask you to apply DICLOFENAC gel
Doctor :   and also go for muscle relaxant
User :   im waiting for results again from last week. I have had these tests with in past year, could it change that fast.
Doctor :   like Chlozaxozone
User :   could this be related to anxiety?
Doctor :   Yes anxiety and stress do present sometimes this way, but to consider that first inflammatory causes have to be ruled out
Doctor :   Do you work out daily ?
User :   I have had a bunch of things going on even after the anxiety.
User :   no but i want to get back to working out every day.
Doctor :   That will help for sure here
User :   i have a second set of questions about that stuff i was get to
User :   i set up a gym down stairs and a home gym and when i went to warm up on treadmill my heart seemd to take off with a very high pulse with only walking for 1 minute and i did not feel tired
User :   i went to doctor and they said it was anxiety so i tried it again again and same thing> this time i had a heart monitor with me and after a few minutes i took my blood pressure and it was 115/52. is that low for that period
Doctor :   Yes, it is low and can be expected when there is tachycardia ( faster heart )
User :   after the anxiety attcks i have learned how to relax and now my blood pressure is 170/68 on average even though i am 6ft3in 320 lbs. and my resting heart rate is 60. i have bn keeping track because of the issues.
Doctor :   thats a good controll
User :   even though on paper it all looks great i feel tired and not rested all the time.
Doctor :   well it will take time to perceive the actual change
User :   i know anxiety can cause a bunch of stuff. I would like to know what the best vitamins for heart health, spasms ( twitches ) and all else would be.
User :   im 30 yrs old ,
Doctor :   Ok, i would recommends powder preparations containing protein and multivitamins like NUTRILITE
Doctor :   which are consumed mixed in the milk once every day
Doctor :   there are easily absorbed and zero side effects
User :   nutralite is name of it?
Doctor :   yes,
User :   i have bn taking fish oils /flax. vit d, and multi vit. will nutralite replace these or should also take things along with nutralite
Doctor :   Well continue fish oils , rest will be covered by the Nutrilite
User :   sorry also have noticed my stoole has had a yellow tint on tissue, is that normal.
User :   thanks for vit advice.
User :   or does it say anything? (stoole)
Doctor :   No ,
Doctor :   You are welcme
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting me
User :   no it does not mean anything or no not normal
Doctor :   I meant its normal
Doctor :   and that happens on consuming multivitamin supplements in the form of tablets or capsules
User :   thanks im try to get more time if thats ok
User :   makes sence
Doctor :   yes,
User :   u still there
Doctor :   yes, please proceed
User :   how old are you and years as doctor_ i wont judge u by age or experience
Doctor :   I am 32 with 6 yrs of work
User :   have you heard of anxiety causing muscle spasms_ up to 100s to thousands per day?
Doctor :   No many , but yes i have seen such cases
User :   did the spasms continue after the anxiety?
Doctor :   No , it was relieved once they employed relaxation exercises and medications for a short period
User :   its funny when this first started the drs shoved pills down my throught and nothing worked, i feel like taking these pills actually may have caused my anxiety or made much worse, when i got off of them i cleared up. but muscle spasms continued.
Doctor :   Yes, its a typical presentation
User :   its frustrating to me now because i owne my own business that is growing fast and i spent a year trying to find right medication and never did and now that i feel clear in the head and motivated to get back on lifes track again i cant do it fisically because of he pain. any advice
Doctor :   Do not worry , its not permanent . Get the tests i advised and rule out any inflammatory disease, the Diclofenac gel and a muscle relaxant for symptomatic relief, the Nutrilite and daily regular work out... with these your problem may not last more than a month
User :   Where can i get diclof...... and a muscle relaxant?
Doctor :   In any pharmacy nearby
User :   Name of good muscle relaxant?
Doctor :   Go for the one containing Chlorzoxazone, like MOVON MR
User :   ok so if i start working out and i think my heart is taking off how can i tell if its a danger? How do i know if its ok to keep going? anything dif between seriouse and not?
Doctor :   yes, you may have to observe the rhythm , any deviation in the same should alarm
User :   please explain
Doctor :   The rhythm is one which can be well elicited by a experienced professionals, i would suggest when ever your heart rate crosses 120 and above visit a nearby doctor to get the rhythm checked
User :   k.
User :   I have had ekgs that have bn normal but i have had a rhythm alert go off on my home heart monitor. how often does a dif rhythm happen on a normal person>
Doctor :   when the heart rate becomes unbearable it slips off the normal rhythm , its normal to some extent , but after that care has to be taken to prevent permanent electrical disturbance rhythm abnormalities
User :   If you have rhythm inbalances when you work out am i correct to say even during a normal rest day you would have rhythm imbalances
Doctor :   no, its normal to see some rhythm abnormalities while working out as the heart beats faster then
Doctor :   the rhythm abnormalities during the rest needs medical attention
User :   what is considerd to be in the range of needing attention with the resting heart rythm.
Doctor :   Well that can be determined based on the type rhythm disturbance and the frequency
User :   if i have a rhythm disturbance show up on my monitor a few times in a row and then i go to doctors office and they take ekg and its fine and tell me its anxiety what should i do?
Doctor :   Anxiety induced heart disturbances are hard to be proved on tests , well try some relaxation exercises like meditation breathing exercises
User :   i dont have high blood pressure or breathe anydifferent during these times anymore.
Doctor :   Thats a good sign , and surely you may not encounter in future too if you employ relaxation exercises
User :   im relaxed during these times, i simply get a weird feeling in my chest and am so use to chest pain from previouse anxiety it does not bother me but when i chk it during these times i have rhythms that are off>
Doctor :   Ok, do get checked if they are frequent
User :   what is frequent?
Doctor :   the rhythm disturbance
User :   yes how often is frequent
Doctor :   It depends on the type of the rhythm disturbance you have , some are pretty normal to be ignored and some needs monitoring
User :   please explain the 2.
Doctor :   normal rhythm disturbances are one when they get triggered by increased heart rate and subside on the heart rate getting to normal , generally they will be missed beats or a extra beat
Doctor :   and other which do run even at rest after being triggered by the increased heart rate and the pattern will be of continuous type and there are two differnt type in them one is regularly irregular rhythm and irregularly irregular rhythm
Doctor :   which can be elicited well manually by a experienced profession
Doctor :   if any of the abnormal rhythm are noted then you may be asked for Holter monitoring which is a 24 hour EKG reading
Doctor :   the above report gives insights into the cause resulting it
Doctor :   whether anxiety or other cardiac electrical illnesses
User :   could anxiety lead to electrical disfunction
Doctor :   no, anxiety only cause increased heart rate which has to be monitored , and treated well by relaxation exercises
User :   i always say to my self i feel like something is misfiring in my nerves..
Doctor :   the increased heart rate caused by anxiety can sometimes result into rhythm disturbances which are very temporary
Doctor :   Need not worry , it is a symptom of anxiety again
User :   yeah i agree.
User :   How about waking up shaking?
Doctor :   yes, it too is a symptom in anxiety . specially after sleep less nights
User :   can anxiety exist even though there is no elevated heart rate or blood pressure?
Doctor :   yes,
User :   thanks for all your time - its a huge help to me
Doctor :   You are welcome
Doctor :   I am here to help
Doctor :   Kindly provide your feedback
User :   any tricks on loosing weight besides exercise
Doctor :   Low carbohydrate diet
Doctor :   higher fiber and high protein diet
User :   bn working on all of that
Doctor :   Sugar substitutes avoiding sugar as they have heavy calories
User :   any trick or foods that are good for late nights
Doctor :   I would say better to avoid nights food to loose weight
User :   of course
Doctor :   Diet and exercise will give you permanent safe weight loss
User :   but if i had to whats good because i quit cold turkey for 3 weeks then back to narmal
Doctor :   do not go for any hunger modifying drugs , they do have serious sideeffects on the brain and its functions
User :   i love to exercise but just have bn worried because i feel like im having probs.
User :   i also play proffesional softball and love and play all sports
Doctor :   do not worry , exercises on long run are always good
Doctor :   playing is stil good
User :   im not a complete fat slob but would love to be healthier
Doctor :   high protein and low carb diet will help
User :   i was really looking forward to this season but the pains in my joints and muscles are killing my motivation. Do you know of anything that could effect bothe?
Doctor :   both are two different entities , need a different approach
User :   could cancer cause these pains?
Doctor :   No , not likely
User :   i wish i knew what it was because they have gotten worse so fast.
Doctor :   Anxiety is one such thing , more you think over it more it takes you
User :   yes i know. but i feel like the anxiety has gotten so much better. My wife says i have not gotten or seemed anxiouse for over 4-5 months even when i have chest discomfort and all this muscle and joint pain.
User :   so hope all is well afetr test results
Doctor :   Wish you good health al time
User :   what should i ask and or look at on my blood test results?
Doctor :   CRP and the RA factor
User :   anything else
User :   what would you run
Doctor :   that would give clue into whether there is any need of further investigation
User :   what do those tests look at
Doctor :   they give clues into if any inflammatory reaction exists
User :   joints and muscles or just joints
Doctor :   both
User :   thats good.
User :   i wish they had a blood test for answers and not just clues..
Doctor :   i agree
User :   where r u located
Doctor :   INDIA
User :   one of the best doctors i have met was from india
User :   and it was only a 15 minute session
Doctor :   Good to hear that
User :   he was one of the ones who really seemed like they cared.
User :   do they have therapy drs on this site
User :   sometimes talking just feels good
Doctor :   No , we are here olny online
Doctor :   oly*
User :   i see
User :   are there any signs to look for with joint or muscle disorders
Doctor :   Yes, swelling in the joints and skin rashes will hold some importance here
User :   how do i tell if there is swelling?
User :   And what do these skin rashes look like
Doctor :   if you notice swelling or reddened skin patches ( rashes ) you may have to be then examined and the reports of the tests i mentioned to be considered
User :   how big or small are the rashes? and is this for joints or muscles?
Doctor :   the rashes do give an idea of the illness which affect both muscles and joints , rashes may not be more than 2 to 3 cm in diameter
User :   and the swelling are they very noticable?
Doctor :   yes,
User :   would all joints be swollen?
User :   and what disease would this be?
Doctor :   no , depends on severity
Doctor :   there are many illnesses which present with these signs the tests will give clues into which
Doctor :   Are you there ?
User :   yeah
Doctor :   Is there anything else i can help you with ?
User :   i guess that will be it
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting me
User :   thank you
Doctor :   Kindly provide your feedback
Doctor :   Bye for now
Doctor :   take care
Doctor :   I wish you al good health
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