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Measures to overcome partial erections - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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General & Family Physician
Practicing since : 2004
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Doctor :   How can I help you?
User :   Hi doctor
Doctor :   Hi
User :   Which kind of doctor will ne helpful for problem like partial erections?
Doctor :   I am a General Practitioner, I believe I can help you within my expertise and If required I shall recommend a specialist.
User :   I am not sure as the problen started from last 2 years and i am just 29
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   The most common cause is added sex and anxiety.
User :   what does that mean
Doctor :   Are you under any work related stress?
Doctor :   stress
User :   no not really
User :   i was few years back but life is better after that
User :   it**
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   I suggest that you try having sex at a time when you are most relaxed.
Doctor :   indulge in more foreplay.
Doctor :   Discuss any partner related issues with your partner
User :   i am unmarried an d not involved sexually with anybody
User :   whlile few yaers back i was getting errection and getting excited with smal things
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   When the feeling of novelty decreases, you may not be excited by things which were previously of interest to you
Doctor :   Hi
User :   Hi
User :   That might be true
Doctor :   Are you back XXX
User :   yes
Doctor :   Ok
User :   I am not sure doc.
User :   few years back a smallest thing used to excite me
Doctor :   Once you try to have a regular sexual relation with practice this problem will improve.
User :   But then i went to a doctore
Doctor :   As I told you, the novelty wears away. Now only a genuinely sexual stimulus would excite you.
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   That is normal and nothing to be worried about.
Doctor :   That is just a sign of maturity.
User :   but even while masturbating, i will not get erections
Doctor :   Ok
User :   ??
Doctor :   Do you have any addictions like
Doctor :   smoking and alcohol
User :   nop.. completely clean
Doctor :   Ok
User :   not even involved in any illegal sexual things
Doctor :   I suggest that you try some stress relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation.
Doctor :   Or at least try to exercise regularly as that improves overall circulation.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Try to hold your Urinary stream while urinating for as long as possible. This should be done as many times as possible, whenever you usrinate
Doctor :   urinate
Doctor :   That will help with the duration of the erection.
User :   ok, thats naother problem
Doctor :   Also try to get into a regular steady sexual relation like getting married.
User :   but i am not sure for marriage as it effect somebody else life
Doctor :   A real partner will help in better sexual performance than masturbation.
User :   if i am having problem
Doctor :   This is not a problem, this is commonly faced by many men.
Doctor :   90% of these cases are stress related and psychological
Doctor :   and are easily treateble.
Doctor :   treatable with counselling.
User :   Do you want to know what treatment i got earlier with one of the famous urlogist
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Tell me.
User :   I think he did all testing, right from creating artificial erection, urine test, bllod test, harmones and have asked me to take Penegra for long tome
User :   time**
Doctor :   Ok
User :   i stopped taking Penegra last month only
Doctor :   Were you ever sexually active before?
User :   Yes,
User :   i college i was partially involved
Doctor :   Do you have any previous health problems?
Doctor :   Ok
User :   and i used to get healthy erection
Doctor :   Ok
User :   and after few years of gap when i again got involved sexually i havent got any erection
User :   no never
Doctor :   Was an Ultrasound Penis done?
Doctor :   Ok
User :   nop
User :   what result i will get from this?
Doctor :   Are you able to get an erection and not able to sustain it or are you not at all able to get an erection?
Doctor :   It will determine whether there is any Obstruction to the blood flow in your penis.
User :   rarely i even get compelte erection, sometime partial and sometime not at all
User :   but all happen when i am masturbating
Doctor :   I still think that the problem is Psychological rather than anything else.
User :   annd whenever i got involved sexually
User :   havent got erection
User :   even while masturbating, i am not able to hold erection
Doctor :   I will send you a document on Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction.
Doctor :   The will be of help to you.
Doctor :   Email : YYYY@YYYY Mobile : 0000 Please confirm your contact details
Doctor :   Have you got yourself tested for Sugar?
User :   yes
Doctor :   Ok
User :   yes i goit it done
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Was there any abnormality?
User :   its was ok
User :   nop...
Doctor :   Ok
User :   doctore said everything is fine
Doctor :   Were you previously on any other medications other than Penegra?
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   Previously?
User :   yes, it was something initially
Doctor :   For this problem or for something else?
User :   some normal capsule used for vertical disorder
User :   i think
User :   for this only
Doctor :   XXX
User :   Its green & while capsule
User :   i will have to checl
Doctor :   Ok
User :   not sure as if now
Doctor :   Thats ok,
User :   you want me to check now
Doctor :   Can you mention your weight and height?
User :   yes its almost 5'11
User :   and last weight was 73
Doctor :   Ok
User :   i think that is ok with height
Doctor :   Have you tried professional counselling with a Sexologist?
User :   No
User :   you think i should do?
User :   or meet a urlogist?
Doctor :   I suggest that you try the Counselling with the Sexologist as since all your tests have come negative,
User :   can you suggest somebody inXXX. i want one of the best doc
Doctor :   the cause may not be due to any abnormality in your Penis.
User :   as i ned to resolve it before my marriage : User :   (
Doctor :   As we are operational in Bangalore as of now, we dont have a database in Delhi.
Doctor :   We will be however launching shortly.
User :   tell me somebody in XXX
User :   XXX
User :   sorry i mean in XXX
Doctor :   We will get back to you with the relevant details via Email with your Dcouments
Doctor :   documents
User :   great and if possible suggest somebody inXXX
User :   hey i remember something
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   We can suggest you one in Bangalore.
User :   Between my healthy erection days and since the day i observed problem
User :   i had few small problem
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Please proceed.
User :   Like blood with urines
Doctor :   Ok
User :   and i still feel a small irritaion while uranating
User :   not always
User :   but sometime and when i try to drink lot of problem
User :   **but sometime and when i try to drink lot of water
User :   i used to get very frequent urine
Doctor :   Since when are you having this problem?
User :   Blood i used to get 3 years back
Doctor :   Ok
User :   couple of time... my family doc told me to drink lot of water
Doctor :   Were there any kidney stones?
Doctor :   Ok
User :   no
User :   coz it never happen again
Doctor :   Was a scan done then? Are you getting the blood now?
Doctor :   Ok
User :   and irritation is rare... i mean atleast one in a month
User :   no.. after that never
Doctor :   Ok
User :   juts few time in a month or so
Doctor :   I suggest that you get an Ultrasound Abdomen done to rule out any Stones in your kidney or Ureter.
User :   ok...
Doctor :   Meanwhile continue drinking plenty of oral fluids
User :   but is that related to erection problem too
Doctor :   It may not be the problem, but the pain can sometimes lead to an erection issue.
Doctor :   We can get you an online consultation with an Andrologist if you wish.
User :   I think Dr XXX in Bangalore is XXX
Doctor :   Ok
User :   because i was under his treatment
User :   i am not sure if he is Andrologist or a urlogist
Doctor :   We will let you know the details by Email.
User :   Sure and i will happy to do a online consultation with andrologist
Doctor :   But if you are interested in an Online consultation, you need to pay an annual subscription and we can fix an appointment for you online.
User :   ok, then i will prefer going to a Doctor in Delhi
Doctor :   As we need to check the availability of the doctor and you may need multiple consultations.
User :   as that will be better for me
User :   and easy too
Doctor :   Ok
User :   But just let me know what help Andrlogist will be able to give me
User :   so that i can decide
Doctor :   Ok
User :   Hope i am not been troubling you a lot with my questions
Doctor :   He will advice you on sexual positions, some techniques to improve erection, will address any psychological issues,
Doctor :   Not at all, it is our job.
User :   thanks great
User :   suggest a doctor in XXX then
Doctor :   Ok
User :   i will meet him during my next visit
Doctor :   We will get back to you with the details on Email.
User :   So now you know all of my problem....
User :   Is thier anything you want to ask about it
User :   you best know what to ask for such problems?
Doctor :   I would like to know about the stress issue more.
Doctor :   I would also like to know if you have any problem with sexual desire in general.
User :   No i never has any stress issue as far as i know... i am happy going person from childhood
User :   juts some small time gap stree with work during initial days but it got settle down soon
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Any issues with Sexual Desire in general?
User :   Sexual desire, i couldn't understand that
Doctor :   Do you get adequately stimulated?
User :   You mean ejacuation
Doctor :   No, I mean you mentioned that you had a problem with
User :   sorry i am pretty bad in medical terms
Doctor :   getting aroused
Doctor :   Could you explain more on that?
User :   yes, now i feel that
User :   What i feel that few years back small things or any wild thing give me instant erectiobs
User :   but now i dont get that
Doctor :   ok
User :   even things which should excite me sometime end uo giving partial erection
Doctor :   Now, are you comfortable with your present partner whoever she may be?
Doctor :   Are you attracted to them?
User :   no, now i am not involved
User :   i am avoiding as i tried to get involved few times but failes and its embaracing
Doctor :   Ok
User :   i think i was attracted
User :   when i are physically involved one should get erection
Doctor :   My point in these questions is that you just might not be attracted to the women with whom you have had a relation.
User :   and what about things which used to excite me....
User :   is it just a physclogical prob??
Doctor :   You may have outgrown them.
User :   might be?
User :   but in thatcase how my relation with my would be wife will be normal
Doctor :   That is what I suspect could be the most probable cause
User :   i dont want to spoil somebody life because of these problem
Doctor :   I mean to say that may be you might perform well with some women and not so well with others.
User :   i was juts involved with 2 women in my life
Doctor :   Ok
User :   with the first one only partaially but small act was enough to get erection
Doctor :   Ok
User :   2nd woman i was involved completely physically
Doctor :   Ok
User :   but on the first time itself i havent got erection
User :   and sinec that day i am still facing this problem
User :   even while masturbating..
Doctor :   May be it is the woman that you were not attracted to, and the psychological tension
User :   if i am not wrong taht was the first time i noticed that i am having problem
Doctor :   of fear of not getting an erection may have just sat in you
User :   yes, i actually feel that
Doctor :   It is not mandatory that you get an erection with every woman.
Doctor :   Some men dont get an erection with anyone but their wives.
User :   is it??
Doctor :   Sexual arousal has more to do with emotional security, your rapport with your partne
Doctor :   and the comfort level that you share
User :   hmm, but i need to overcome and be sure taht i am fine
User :   this is frustrating somebody who used to get healthy erection is struggling today for normal erection
Doctor :   i can understsnd that but as I told you, these psychological issues need to be ruled out.
User :   So you have to suggest me right things and right doctors...
User :   i need to get this cured as i am planning for marriage in April next year
Doctor :   My first suggestion would be to try some yoga and mediation and manage stress
User :   You have soms guidance on that
User :   i mean some guide you can give me on kind of Yoga & Exercise required
Doctor :   I can but it is better if you learnt it under the direct supervision of an instructor than my telling you online
User :   hmmm and do i need to that people about my problem
Doctor :   Then you will get this correct.
Doctor :   Not necessary, you can just say for stress relief.
User :   oh, i am surprised as these days i feel so relax because of low work pressure
User :   but i will do it
User :   and then i need to contact a counsellor
Doctor :   Ok
User :   and a andrologist/Urologist for urine problem
User :   right??
Doctor :   Also, have confidence in yourself
Doctor :   Self confidence plays a major role in these issues
Doctor :   Yes
Doctor :   Also get the scan done
User :   Yes, i will try
User :   scan??
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   To rule out any Kidney stones
Doctor :   Ultrasound abdomen
User :   ok, i have an appointmnet with a urlogist next montj
User :   so i can get it done
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Is there any thing else that I could help you with?
User :   Just the name of the doc in XXXwho will help m e
User :   Also is masturbating once in a day is a problem???
Doctor :   We will mail you the particulars
Doctor :   No, it is not a problem.
User :   Thanks...
Doctor :   Ok
User :   Nothing else from my side :)
Doctor :   Please fill the feedback form I send
User :   IS that all?
Doctor :   Did you fill the feedback form?
User :   Yes
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Anything else?
User :   No
User :   thanks
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting Healthcaremagic. Bye for now. Please refer your friends to our service.
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