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Lumbar prolapse, pain management using exercises, medicines, diet - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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User :   Dear User, You have started the test chat with our doctor. The duration of the test chat is 5 minutes. After the trial period, you will be redirected to the Payment page
Doctor :   hi
User :   Hi
Doctor :   how can i help u
User :   I have Back pain since 2 years
User :   From last one year
Doctor :   please proceed with your Query
User :   there is pain in my right leg
User :   also below the foot
User :   I had visisted many orthopeadics in AIIMS and other hospitals
User :   also visited doctors in
Doctor :   ok
User :   But no body is bale to diagnose properly
User :   MRI shows
Doctor :   has the pain reduced
User :   protrusion at L5 S1 level but
User :   no nerves are pressed
Doctor :   ok
User :   The pain is like I can bear with it
User :   the pain also is there n Big toe
Doctor :   ok
User :   but it reduces some time and also increase some time
User :   walking is no problem
Doctor :   are yu able to do the routine activities
User :   after 2-3 km it again starts
User :   yes
Doctor :   are yu any treatment
Doctor :   was any surgery done
User :   yes XXXXXXXX therapy almost 30 times
User :   no
User :   nothing is done as nerves are not pressed
Doctor :   did yu use any lumbar belts
User :   yes some time
Doctor :   or any physio therapy was done
User :   yes
User :   it helps for some days and agiain pain starts
User :   The problem is no body is able to say exact cause of pain infoot and changing pain
User :   I want to know is it something else or related to the back only
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   are yu on medications

User :   helo
Doctor :   are yu a paid customer
User :   yes
User :   I paid just now
Doctor :   ok i will help u in this
User :   May on know what are you specialised in
Doctor :   i am general practisionor
User :   ok
Doctor :   shall we continue
User :   yes
User :   u can
Doctor :   as per your history and the clinical findings
Doctor :   and MRI reports its looks like lumbar prolapse
User :   Does the pain in lower foot and big toe is because of that
Doctor :   yes i will explain to yu
User :   because the doctors say the prolapse disc doesnt presses the nerve
Doctor :   the pain from the back can radiate to the foot
Doctor :   even if dont press the nerves
User :   ok
User :   but it doesnt radiate ..its cramp feeling in my lower foot onla and then big toe
User :   which changes very quickly
User :   when i lie down its better as soon as i start walking it starts paining
Doctor :   do yu get the pain in the foot following the back pain
Doctor :   or does both the pain are diffrent
User :   and from 2 day back there is needling feeling in the back of foot sometimes
User :   back pain is now as a burning senstaion which I am used to it
Doctor :   ok
User :   I feel both the pain are different
Doctor :   are yu on any medications for these
User :   but when i lie down on the right side then the radiating feling starts from back to lower foot
User :   no at present not
Doctor :   not even pain killer or muscle realaxants
User :   but two months back i took some NSAIDs
User :   zyloric
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   how was the relief
User :   not much
User :   one was etoricoxib
User :   as I remmeber
Doctor :   ok
User :   if u give me 1 minute I will tell u exact name
User :   right now i am in germany and doctors here have told for orthopeadic sole
Doctor :   ok take your time no problem
User :   as they dont find any reason for foot pain
User :   I have gone throgh EMG two time also but no findings came
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   it means the nerve supply to the muscle is not affected
Doctor :   and the muscle disorder is ruled out
Doctor :   its only the protrusion of the disc gel
User :   I have some time sore knee also
User :   always the right leg
User :   all the problem I am writing is with right leg
User :   Now please tell what should I do
Doctor :   i will help u in this
User :   Last EMG was done 6-7 months back
User :   Last MRi was done 4 month back
Doctor :   now these are 2 diffrent issues
Doctor :   let me talk about the back ache and disc prolapse
Doctor :   now yu have stopped pain killers
User :   these are medicinse I took for 1 and half moth
User :   etoricoxib 90 mg once a day after breakfast &
3:08 PM tab zyloric 100 mg after dinner for one month
Doctor :   are yu doing any lower back exercises
User :   yes from last 2 years
User :   I am doing
User :   but I stop when painincrease
User :   but as of today I am doing it
Doctor :   can yu explain this to me
User :   one is bending knees to chest
User :   with both legs
User :   2)rasing legs
Doctor :   ok
User :   3) raisng back
User :   4) king queen : turning both leg on one side and head the other
User :   5) pressing the floor with back (buttock)
Doctor :   ok
User :   6) bending on one knee rasing one hand and other leg back ward all in 90 degree
User :   apart from this I do breathing exercises
Doctor :   did the neurologist advice any surgery
User :   the above exercise I have written may be not in the order I do
User :   no body has adviced surgery till now
Doctor :   not a problem
User :   I have been to 2 nerologist in india and 2 ingermany
User :   also 3-4 orthopedic in india and in germany
User :   All of them told to do exercise and strengthen your back muschle
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   was any surgery advised
User :   the problem is that i am not dying with th epain
User :   but it is all the day annoying me and I feel with each and every movement
User :   No No surgery adviced
Doctor :   ok
User :   They say when the nerves are not pressed there is no need of surgery
Doctor :   yes yu are correct
User :   On doctor in Max hospital delhi told that you have to live with this pain
Doctor :   until the nerves are pressed
Doctor :   or the bulge is too big
Doctor :   the need of surgey is not there
User :   Is the pain in foot or big toe is because of disc bulge
Doctor :   the main stay of treament is
Doctor :   no its not related to each other as per your history
Doctor :   does the pain in the back radiates to thighs and buttocks
User :   some times
User :   after sitting for 45 minutes
User :   or so
Doctor :   thats normal after sitting for 45 min
User :   I have to get up after 30-45 minutes my back starts burning
Doctor :   do yu have soreness and stiffness of the back muscles
User :   yes on the right back there is soreness
Doctor :   any tingling and burning sensation in the foot
User :   while sitting but very minor
User :   some time central lower foot
User :   there isneedling
User :   when I lie on the right side
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   any difficulty in micturation
Doctor :   means urination
User :   no
Doctor :   or passing stools
User :   nothing
Doctor :   ok
User :   all is fine
User :   My uric acid test was also done
User :   and it wa sok
Doctor :   any numbness of foot and back
Doctor :   ok
User :   numbness is very rare in foot some time
Doctor :   the nerve involovement is ruled out
Doctor :   as per your symptoms
Doctor :   the nerves are not compressed
Doctor :   but there can be minor pressure on the nerve or swelling
User :   ok
Doctor :   due to muscle swelling and soreness
Doctor :   when this happens
Doctor :   rarely yu can get some numbness and tingling
Doctor :   as the surgery is ruled out
Doctor :   the other options are
User :   most the pain in knee and foot are changing place in very short time inhalf an hour or if I walk it starts and whenI walk for 15-20 minutes it gets better and then it again come back
Doctor :   the exercises as yu mention ed earlier was
Doctor :   are muscle strengthening exercises
Doctor :   which strengthen the mucsles
Doctor :   and also relaxes it
Doctor :   and improves the blood supply
Doctor :   but one thing is the exercises should not be done when yu are in acute pain
Doctor :   it can worsen it
Doctor :   are yu there
User :   yes
User :   I am watching yur text
Doctor :   ok
User :   Is this problem found in other patients also or its a unique .......
User :   because it has started depressing e
User :   I dont run
User :   I always have to think whatever I do about my pain
User :   and I am still 28 years old
Doctor :   are yu married
User :   yes
User :   yes
Doctor :   do yu have kids
User :   know
User :   no
User :   no kids
Doctor :   married since
User :   I take all th precaution not to lift heavy things good posture
User :   2006
User :   its three years
Doctor :   are practising any family planning methods
User :   earlier I was
Doctor :   ok'
User :   but from last three month we are planning
User :   for baby
Doctor :   is the penile erection normal
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
User :   how long I have to live with this pain
User :   and what is the solution ?
User :   or is there any solution ?
User :   or is it something serious which doctors are unable to diagnose
User :   ?
Doctor :   no not like that
Doctor :   its a problem faced by most of the patients
Doctor :   if they have disc prolapse
Doctor :   this problem is unique
Doctor :   is not unique
Doctor :   the best is to prevent further attacks
User :   further attacks ?
Doctor :   or not to worsen the disc prolapse
User :   but this foot tingling pain,knee soreness and big toe pain is troubling more than back pain
Doctor :   acute pains when the disc protrusion worsens
User :   What should be my course of action ?
User :   now
Doctor :   let me finish the back pain
Doctor :   then discuss one by one
User :   ok
Doctor :   as i said even if the nerves are not compresssed
Doctor :   a minor pressure on the nerves can cause tingling pain and soreness in the foot
Doctor :   its better yu follow the exercises
Doctor :   and continue
Doctor :   a pain killer with muscle relaxant will help u in this
User :   ok
Doctor :   Tab. Hifenac-MR two times a day for 15 days after food
Doctor :   not to continue for lomger durations
Doctor :   sprays will hlep u
Doctor :   VOVERAN spray will also help u
User :   I am noting down
Doctor :   ok
User :   and activities
User :   does and donts
User :   jogging gym,or swimming
Doctor :   Also, sleep in the most naturally comfortable position on whatever is the most comfortable surface.
Doctor :   Advice given in the past used to be to sleep on a firm mattress.
User :   I put pillow below my knee whle sleeping
Doctor :   its good will help u
Doctor :   execises like swiming and early morning walk
Doctor :   jogging will help u
User :   withjogging the knee pain increases
User :   so dont do it
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   brisk walking
Doctor :   are u using any lumbar belts
User :   I have it
User :   but I dont use it
User :   some doctors say use it
User :   some says dont use it
Doctor :   even after using the belts the relief can be 30- 35%
User :   ok
Doctor :   with some psychological effect the pain free symptoms may to 50%
Doctor :   but the advantage is it limits the movement of spine
User :   pscological effect
User :   I didt understood
Doctor :   and thus the friction
Doctor :   and pain relief
User :   ok
Doctor :   coming to pscologiacal effect
Doctor :   some patients feel that after the use of belt the condition has improved
User :   ok
Doctor :   take healty foods
Doctor :   esp green leafy veg
User :   food I am taking is very healthy
User :   I am vegetarian
Doctor :   ok
User :   do yoga two times a day
Doctor :   ok
User :   my weith is very normal
User :   weight
Doctor :   Vitamin B12 tablets or injections will help yu in
Doctor :   muscle and nerve strengthening
Doctor :   nerve regeneration
Doctor :   its has helped a lot in few patients
User :   so i should also take tabelets of vitami B12
Doctor :   or injections will help
Doctor :   it also reduces the tingling and soreness
Doctor :   of the foot
User :   injections will be given in spine ?
User :   or near spine
Doctor :   no its intramuscular
User :   ok
Doctor :   to the muscle thats buttocks
Doctor :   physical therapy can help only in useful for few days
Doctor :   again the pain can recurr
Doctor :   is that ok
User :   yes i think
User :   final is how log I have to wait patiently
User :   with these
Doctor :   any more queries on back ache
User :   course of action
User :   to see some positive outcomes
Doctor :   once the protrusion has ocured
Doctor :   the best thing is to not to make the protusion worst
Doctor :   after all the tips i gave
Doctor :   u can follow this and see the response in 20 30 days
User :   so I summarize it as :-1 wear lumbar belt 2)eat medicines 3) do exercises 4) and vitamin b 12 medicines
Doctor :   yes yu are correct
User :   Medicines i will not get her in germany
Doctor :   now coming to knee and foot pain
User :   but I wil try to get from india from some of my freinds
User :   ok
Doctor :   ok thats fine
User :   please carry on
Doctor :   i think the numbness and tingling will reduce once the back ache is reduced
Doctor :   and if yu take these treatments
Doctor :   coming to the pain
Doctor :   is the range of motion in the knee and ankle reduced
User :   no
Doctor :   any swelling
User :   nothing
Doctor :   where exactly the pain is on the knee
User :   it is around knee
Doctor :   ok
User :   around central knee
Doctor :   its better to wait for some time
User :   some times just in the middle of knee as neddling when I step
User :   but it goes when I walk for some time
Doctor :   these symptoms can subside after the treatment
User :   I have noticed when I sit more the knees also gets sore
User :   So can the knee pain also be linked to disc
Doctor :   if not then an X-ray or further investigation may be needed
User :   prtrusion
Doctor :   no X-ray of knee
User :   the orthopedic here cheked my knee but didnt say any problem
User :   but he dint did the xray
Doctor :   ok
User :   because I also feel the knee pain is also changing around the knee areas
User :   and please note that its on only one side
User :   right side
User :   lik enow its not there
Doctor :   thats wat yu can wait
User :   but when the back or foot become worse it also gets sore and heavy
User :   ok
Doctor :   if the symptoms getting worsened the other options can be reviewed
Doctor :   Is there any thing else I can help you with?
User :   at this moment
User :   its fine
User :   how can i contact u again
User :   your name
Doctor :   i am Dr
Doctor :   Please fill the feedback form say done when done.
User :   how can i contact u again
Doctor :   tomorrow the same time
Doctor :   every day i will available
User :   i want to contact you say after 14-15 days
Doctor :   yes u can
User :   may i ask which city you practise
User :   then thanks for you answres
Doctor :   in banglore
User :   and i wish you a nice days ahead
Doctor :   Have you filled the feedback form?
User :   yes
User :   i have laready sent it
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting HealthcareMagic. Bye for now. Please refer your friends to our service.
User :   i will bye and take care

Doctor :   take care bye
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