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Itching in the genital areas and legs - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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Doctor :   hi
User :   hii
User :   ur in which city?
Doctor :   how can i help u
Doctor :   please proceed with your query
Doctor :  
User :   cool.. can i know ur name doctor?
Doctor :   Dr.
User :   my query is, recently i have been having itching especially in my genital areas and my legs.. i have been gyming from last 5 months+ dieting
User :   i have lost a considerable amt of weight and i was feeling it is b'case of my work out
User :   however, i doubt if there could be any other reason
Doctor :   i will help u in this

Doctor :   can i ask few Q
User :   like diabetes.. i also testted for it and it was in mormal
User :   sure.. plz ask
Doctor :   wats your age
User :   29
Doctor :   are yu married
User :   nope
Doctor :   since how many days do yu have this
User :   since one month r so
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   was it after sex
Doctor :   or masturbation
User :   yes.. i have sex with once.. i even masturbate a lot

Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   are yu back
User :   yes doctor
Doctor :   shall we continue
User :   sure.. doctor
Doctor :   i want some information regarding your sexual history
Doctor :   first is regarding masturbation
User :   i had sex twice with a unknown person and it was protected
Doctor :   how many times do yu masturbate in a week
Doctor :   ok
User :   i masturbate almost daily
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   since how many days do yu have this itching problem
User :   the think which is making me worry is, i have lost abt 10 kilos and i strongly feel it is b;case of my gym.. but b'case of this itching issue i feel a bit worried
Doctor :   ok
User :   this itching has been from last 1 month r so
Doctor :   wats your ht
User :   5.6
Doctor :   and wats your wt
User :   73
Doctor :   is the present wt 73 kgs
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   wat was the previous wt
User :   around 84
Doctor :   ok
User :   before 6 months r so
Doctor :   73 kgs is also over wt
Doctor :   an ideal would be 68-72kgs
User :   k
Doctor :   did yu loose this wt in 6 months
Doctor :   or was it sudden
User :   yes.. it was gradual.. not sudden
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   do yu have any ulcers on the penis
Doctor :   or any cuts on the penis
User :   nope
User :   but i feel so itchy and feel like ticking..
User :   i am not sure whether it is just a habit b'case i sweat out in gym r something else
User :   for eg.. if i am concentrating on something else, i dont feel like itch there
Doctor :   ok
User :   but only wen i am free or urinate, i feel like ticking like anything and feel so good
Doctor :   do yu have any lesion over the thigh
Doctor :   or inner aspect of the thigh
User :   wats that
User :   in fact it is so intense that, i feel the skin below my penis is peeling off..
User :   i fear if i tickle so much and damage myself there
User :   u still there?
Doctor :   yes i am there
Doctor :   please give me few min
User :   ok
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   i am here
Doctor :   sorry for the delay
Doctor :   ok
User :   i also did a diabetes test last week and results r like this: 82 (fasting) and 106 after food
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   its not related it diabetes
Doctor :   do yu have diarrhea
User :   nope.. wats tht actually
Doctor :   or any burining sensation while passing stools
User :   not actually.. earlier i had taken treatment for hard motions as blood was coming out during stools.. now it is totally ok
Doctor :   ok fine
Doctor :   do yu have any mouth ulcers thats recurrent
User :   nope..
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   then not to worry about sexually transmitted disease
Doctor :   its a plain fungal infection
User :   i had sex twice(protected) and masturbate a lot.. i am worried if something is really serious
Doctor :   that has caused you itching
Doctor :   as you said its protected
Doctor :   condoms was used
User :   yes
Doctor :   then not to worry
Doctor :   it will protect against all sexual disaease
Doctor :   did yu have anal sex
User :   nope
Doctor :   did have oral sex
User :   nope
Doctor :   ok it was only vaginal sex
User :   can these result in any infections? just asking for curiousty
User :   yes.. only vaginal
Doctor :   did yu ejaculate in the condom
User :   first time yes, i did.. second time i didnt and my partner did a handjob without condem and helped me ejaculate
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   as per your symptoms
Doctor :   yu are clearly out of danger
Doctor :   for sexually transmitted disease
Doctor :   its the fungal infection of the genital region
Doctor :   which needs medical treatment
Doctor :   i will give yu few good medical tips
User :   cool.. thx doctor.. plz tell me
Doctor :   1. use cotton inner wear
Doctor :   which has good ventilation
Doctor :   2.OXICAN lotion (oxicanazole) on the genital area
Doctor :   for 2-3 times a day
Doctor :   for 15 days
Doctor :   if yu have more burining sensation or any allergic reactions
Doctor :   need to stop the lotion
Doctor :  
hi are yu there
User :   yes
Doctor :  
is the itching on the penis
Doctor :  
head or body portion or inside the thighs
User :   sometimes
User :   yes.. more on my lower portion of legs.. my but, my thigs and my penis regions
Doctor :   ok
User :  
i mean my calf portion of my legs.. severe itching
Doctor :  
as its on more than 2-3 three areas
User :   i have been developing wounds here as well
Doctor :   yu can apply more in the legs. and thigh
Doctor :and moderate qty on the penis
Doctor :   3. keep the genital areas clean
Doctor :   take bath daily
Doctor :   its good to trim the hairs in the pubis
Doctor :   not to use blade
Doctor :   for shaving, as if it cuts the infection can reach the blood
Doctor :   is that ok
User :   sure
User :   will do..
Doctor :   4. take FLUCAN 150 mg once daily for 2 days
Doctor :   after food any time
User :   ok.. wat is this for? antibiotic?
Doctor :   its antifugnal tablets
User :   ok..
Doctor :   not antibiotic
Doctor :   live a gap of 1 day
Doctor :   and take the same tablets for another 2 days
User :   ok sure
Doctor :   totally 4 tablets
Doctor :   if itching is more then take
Doctor :   tab. Okacet 10 mg 2 times a day after food
Doctor :  
one in morning and one in evening
User :   ok sure
Doctor :   its only when yu have itching
Doctor :  
other wise not required
Doctor :  
these medications and tips wil help u to over come the problem
User :   ok.. if itching doesnt stop after applying cream+ taking tab for 4 days right?
Doctor :   it will stop
Doctor :   not to worry
Doctor :   it will take 5-6 days to stop
Doctor :   but it will stop
Doctor :   is that ok
User :   cool.. fine doctor :)
Doctor :   please fill the feed back form
Doctor :   i understand your problem
Doctor :   dont worry it will settle soon
Doctor :   be relaxed
User :   so, doctor it is nothing related to sexual disease r diabetes right?
User :   i was more worried abt this
Doctor :   yes you are right
User :   i was feeling i am diabetic
Doctor :   but here after
Doctor :   reduce the sexual exposure
Doctor :   it good to have after marriage
Doctor :do yu feel too thirsty
Doctor :   do yu eat more
User :   sometimes yes.. from the beginning i drink a lot of water.. almost 1 drink 2 litrs of water overnight
Doctor :   It shows you have moved away from the chat, so I close the window. Please log in again for 24/7 medical help.
User :   hello
User :   i am here doctor
Doctor :   ya
Doctor :   when did yu do sugar testing'
User :   last week
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   it was urine sugars also
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   do yu have family history of diabetes
User :   ys.. my dad is
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   yu have the risk in future
Doctor :   but the sugar levels are normal
Doctor :   a good control on diet
Doctor :   and a exercise will help u
Doctor :   in this to prevent this risk
User :   yes.. i do doctor.. i am on total diet now.. i eat 2 slices of wheat bread + coffee, muesli+fruits for breakfast, 2roti+dal for lunch, 3chapathis+sabji for dinner
User :   until i attain my ideal weight
Doctor :   thats good
Doctor :   use these medications
User :   i go to gym daily and workout for 1.5 hrs as well
Doctor :   are yu allergic to any medications
Doctor :   ok
User :   nope.. i am not
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   not to worry
Doctor :   i will take little time for yu to clear the fungal infection
User :   also doctor i wanted to mention.. from last one week i feel slight giddiness and feel not focussed after having my breakfast
Doctor :   but it will clear
Doctor :   ok
User :   i fear if it gets wilder wen i am riding
Doctor :   this can be due to reduction of food qty
User :   i also feel some foul smell after i urinate.. could this also be b;case of that infection
Doctor :   do yu have any ringing sensations in the ear
Doctor :   yes it can be due to some infection
Doctor :   like fungus
Doctor :   do yu have burning sensation while passing urine
User :   i dont hear any such sounds.. but i feel some humming sound inside my head.. i will be feeling something can happen anything.. but gradually it reduces..
User :   nope.. i dont feel burning sensation
Doctor :   does the white material get collected in the penis rings
User :   yes somethimes.. i clean it off regularly
Doctor :   then its fine
Doctor :   yu take bath daily
User :   yes.. in the gym
Doctor :   ok
User :   doctor.. is it required to get sugar test done again? i just would like to know wat will the symptoms of this and as of now i am totally out of this
Doctor :   no need
Doctor :   do it after 1 month
Doctor :   before food
Doctor :   and after food sugar levels
Doctor :   i will advice you a multivitamin Tab. Reconia
Doctor :   take once daily for 1 month
Doctor :   after food in the nite
Doctor :   this will help to reduce
Doctor :   1. giddiness
Doctor :   2.tiredness
Doctor :   3. bad smell of urine
Doctor :   4. keeps u active
Doctor :   fine
User :   ok.. without affecting my weight?
Doctor :   yes this will not increase the wt
User :   ok.. when is the best time to apply that ointment doctor.. before bed?
Doctor :   once in morning
Doctor :   and once in nite
User :   ok
User :   ok.. wat r the symptopms of diabetes doctor.. just wanted to know
Doctor :   wt increase because of fat
User :   k
Doctor :   not because of of vitamins
User :   ok doctor
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting HealthcareMagic. Bye for now. Please refer your friends to our service.
User :   how can i reach u again?
Doctor :   yu can take a yearly package
Doctor :   which is 999 rs
Doctor :   or 6 months package 799 rs
User :   ok.. but in case i need to chat with u only.. wat should i do?
Doctor :   and yu can come and chat with me
User :   wat in case i am connected to anyone else
Doctor :   i am Dr.
Doctor :   yu can ask for me
Doctor :   the other doctor will transfer the chat to me
Doctor :   there after i will take the chat
User :   ok.. can i reach u on phone as well?
Doctor :   its paid service
Doctor :   once u take a 6 month or yearly package
Doctor :   i can call to your mobile number and speak to yu
User :   ok..
User :   last few questions doctor
Doctor :   please
User :   wat r the symptoms of diabetes and sexual disease like AIDS/HIV
Doctor :   yes
User :   how cn it be known initially and wat r the basic tests that needs to be done for chking these.. i heard there r so many types of diabetes type 1 and 2 and so on
Doctor :   first for HIV
Doctor :   there will be bloody vomitting
Doctor :   high fever
Doctor :   following sexual history
Doctor :   recurrent mouth ulcers
Doctor :   and mouth fungal ulcers
Doctor :   penile ulcers
Doctor :   penile discharge
Doctor :   now for diabetes
Doctor :   frequent urination
Doctor :   frequent thirst
Doctor :   non healing leg injury
Doctor :   weight gain
Doctor :   is there anything else i can help you with ?
User :   cool doctor
User :   so wieght gain is a symptom for diabetes and not weight loss?
Doctor :   yes

User :   my wounds on my legs r bad.. sometimes i get blood while rubbing.. next day it will be almost healed.. but itching prevails
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   you should go for the following investigations
Doctor :   Fasting Blood and Urinr Sugar and Post prandial Blood and Urine Sugar and Glycosylated Hemoglobin
User :   also doctor.. to test for diabetes, just fasting and after food urine and blood samples should be enough and if it remains under 70-140 and it should be ok right
User :   Glycosylated Hemoglobin
User :   wat is this? i didnt have this done
Doctor :   this is the glycosylated part of hemoglobin
Doctor :   it measures the sugar level in last 3 months
User :   do u advice me to have this done as well?
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   this is required
User :   in case i were to be diabetes with these symtoms wat should have been my reading.. i fear b'case i am nowadays urinating a lot and drinking a lot.. not sure if it just physicological
User :   just a fear factor r not
Doctor :   the reading cannot be predicted it is something which is looked upon
User :   ok.. for all types of diabetes this is the basic test right and same symptoms..
Doctor :   yes
User :   just the values have to under 70-140
Doctor :   yes
User :   ok.. i feel relieved now.. i was not able to concentrate on anything
User :   even in gym i was out of focus.. also doctor, diabetic patients will have reduced strength and tire fast right.. just to chk that i was running continiuosly for 30 mins nonstop :)
Doctor :   yes
User :   ok.. u told abt HIV symptoms.. after so long after sexual activity do persons develp these symptopms
Doctor :   no
User :   i mean, after how many days of un safe sex, can a person develop HIV symptoms
Doctor :   it is not a particular some patients have developed in 6 months and some after 15 years and some didnt developed any symptom in their lifetime
User :   oh ok.. so doctor, in my case i will take ur advice and just to be on a safer side do u advice any medical tests for diabetes to be done coming months r so?
Doctor :   i already told you you can go for these tests whenever you feel so
User :   ok.. thx.. but right now i am not diabetic from my symptoms.. it should be allergy.. if it doesnt stop then i need to wry.. i got it
Doctor :  
User :   thx a ton doctor.. it was really helpful and a great great relief for me.. i appreciate ur patience in listening to me..
User :   how can i reach u in person?
Doctor :   by chat
Doctor :   or by phone
User :   wat in case i need to have an appointment with u in ur clinic?
Doctor :   the only ways are by chat or by phone
User :   r there any lady doctors as well? my mom was looking out for consultation..

Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   we have lady doctors also
User :   ok.. how can we get in touch with them
Doctor :   you can come on chat or on phone

Doctor :   and ask for a lady doctor
User :   ok fine doctor.. thx again.. nice chatting with u.. will keep u updated on my issues..
User :   the ointment can be applied even though there is a wound on my legs and whereever i feel itchy right?
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   is there anything else i can help you with?
User :   doctor.. i have developed strech marks all over my belly thighs legs my shoulders.. b'case of my weight loss.. is there any way i can overcome these marks..
Doctor :   i can see that you have many queries. at present i have appointment with many other patients also. so i humbly request you to log in again after some hours and then i will be able to answer you
User :   ok fine.. thx for ur time
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting HealthcareMagic. Bye for now. Please refer your friends to our service.
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