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Head ache, allergic reactions, back and lower body pain. - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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Doctor :   hi
User :   Hello. Do I have to ask questions about myself, or is it okay to ask questions concerning other people?
Doctor :   any body you can ask regarding medical condition
User :   Okay. First question. I have one friend. Her entire lower body is in pain, and it's been that way for a couple of days. She no longer has insurance to
see a doctor.
Doctor :   ok

Doctor :   since i am a doc i cant help you in the insurance matter. i can help you in your lower body pain
User :   Sure. I'm curious as to what to tell her.
Doctor :   before i suggest, i need to know the cause for her lower body pain

Doctor :   can i ask you few Q
User :   Yes.
Doctor :   what is your friends problem tel me in little detail

User :   I told you as much as I know. And she doesn't know what it is. I'm guessing "it" would be the cause.
Doctor :   i cant make any diagnosis from just pain and without diagnosis i cant suggest any thing

Doctor :   why dont you do like this
Doctor :   get back to us with her
Doctor :   she will be better person to interact with
User :   Okay. I might do that.
Doctor :   ok
User :   Okay, onto the second issue. It concerns my mom. And I have more detail on this one.
Doctor :   yes plz proceed
User :   So my mom gets headaches. It seems like once a month, but I'm not 100% sure. Sometimes, and I believe she thinks it's a few times a year, she gets them so mad that she gets nauseaus sometimes, I believe.
User :   It's been happening since she was in elementary school, I believe, and she's 54 now.
User :   Like today, she got one of "those" headaches.
User :   Yesterday, I mean. It's past midnight.
User :   I believe she's been to the doctor at least once before many years ago, and I forget what she said that they said. And maybe she's gone before that.
User :   I was with her the last time she brought it up with the doctor. Since my mother's nose runs on a daily basis (we are guessing it's allergies), the doctor was thinking it may have had to do with her headaches. So she gave my mother zyrtec to try and get rid of the supposed allergies, but it didn't really help.
User :   Okay, I"m done.
User :   bad*
Doctor :   ok

Doctor :   now wt u said is headache
Doctor :   it is since long time
User :   Yes. When she isn't nauseaus, she also takes excedrin.
User :   It is since long time.
Doctor :   ok

Doctor :   now that zyterc tab is for headache

User :   Are you asking me?
Doctor :   no i am telling you its a tab for headache
User :   Okay.
Doctor :   now regarding head ache part
Doctor :   it is there since long time
Doctor :   and you also told that she has running nose
User :   Yes
Doctor :   did any investigation was done for headache
User :   What do you mean?
Doctor :   i mean head x ray or ct scan, blood tests
User :   Not to my knowledge
Doctor :   now i like to give you some info about headache
User :   Okay.
Doctor :   there are many causes of headache
Doctor :   its from the skull inside and outside
Doctor :   causes from skull includes brain and other important organs
User :   Yeah. It tends to happen after she's been rushing around and/or worrying about something, and she then slows down. But we don't think it was the cause of the headache she got yesterday.
Doctor :   outside is like from eyes, nose ear and skin and muscle
Doctor :   ok did she check her this with a doctor

User :   Since yesterday? Or before then?
Doctor :   before that
User :   Yes.
Doctor :   what did he say
User :   I told you. She gave my mom zyrtec to help with her supposed allegies because her nose was running. And that might be the cause of her headaches. My mom took the zyrtec, but then stopped because it wasn't helping.
Doctor :   can you tell me about any diagnosis was made or not

User :   nose was running on a daily basis, sorry.
User :   I don't know of any diagnosis being made.
Doctor :   from the knowledge of wt you telling i just can make out that she is probably suffering from allergic rhinitis
Doctor :   and head ache cause i cant make out any thing
User :   She even gets headaches when spinning around and doing cart wheels.
Doctor :   i suggest you to take her to a physician and get this problem evulated
User :   How do we approach it differently from last time?
Doctor :   ya i will tell you
User :   And how do you help allergic rhinitis?
Doctor :   you go to physician
Doctor :   explain to him all the symptoms and problems in your own language
Doctor :   he will examine her
Doctor :   than he will ask for investigations if he wants
Doctor :   basic blood investigations
Doctor :   the first appropriate investigation for head ache is CAT scan of brain
Doctor :   based on the reports he will tell wt to do further
User :   So this has to do with both the possible allergic rhinitis and head ache?
Doctor :   regarding allergic rhinitis its my probable diagnosis by the description you gave me
User :   I guess my concern is that my mom and doctor agreed that the migraines weren't frequent enough to treat it moreso. But we will def. talk to her about it the next time we go in.
User :   Both the headaches and allergic rhinitis.
User :   BUt I guess there is a difference between migraines and headaches. ANd my mom seems to be convinced that she knows how to treat it, even though she knows medical people know more. I guess I just think there is a better way to treat it considering it's been happening for so long with the approximate frequency I gave you.
Doctor :   may be the running nose and headache may be of same disease process
User :   It might be.
Doctor :   but need to be diagnosed
User :   I see.
Doctor :   so visit a physician
User :   For sure. I think she agreed to discuss it moreso at the next physical. And at least I have more info to discuss.
User :   And her argument of treating it is the lack of times it happens. But eh... I'm glad I"m getting this info.
User :   As to why she isn't confident the doctor could really help.
Doctor :   he will evaluate and will tell why she gets head ache and running nose
User :   Okay.
Doctor :   only symptomatic treatment wont help
User :   Okay.
Doctor :   what you are taking is a symptomatic treatment
User :   Considering the symptomatic treatment didn't help, I bet the doc would have another idea.
Doctor :   ya he will but you need to follow his advise right

User :   Yup.
Doctor :   so motivate your mom and take to doc get a complete medical work up
User :   Yup. She's due for a physical this fall.
Doctor :   find out the diagnosis
Doctor :   than the treatment options available will be discussed
User :   Cool beans.
User :   Okay, the last thing I have to talk about concerns myself.
Doctor :   please proceed
User :   So, when I would press against my chest and the area between the breasts, I'm not sure if there was another part at the time. And that's what I can remember from the time which was a few months back, there would be pain.
User :   I went to the doctor, and I believe she suggested it was fibro mialga. She said that there was a certain number of places if I remember correctly where it hurts when it's fibro mialga.
User :   She even felt just below the back of my knees, and that hurt too. I'm not sure if she felt elsewhere.
User :   She said that there wasn't treatment for it, I think, so I think she said not to worry about it.
User :   I also have had pain in the lower back part of my leg, and the top part of the bottom of one of my feet, and I think I've felt it a tiny bit in the other part.
Doctor :   fibro mialga is the diagnosis

User :   So I went to my gastroenterologist, and he said I could go to a specialst, a rhumetologist (?), but that if my doc didn't worry about it enough, then why bother.
Doctor :   good

User :   As of now, the part between the breasts and my chest still hurt when I press against it, just below the back of my knees hurt when I press against them.
User :   So what should I do?
User :   The back part of my hip or waist hurts too. I also have abdomen pain which we think is Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I'm taking metamusel, so we shall see the outcome of that.
Doctor :   as of today we have good drugs to reduce the pain and render you comfortable

Doctor :   shall i tell you all the symptoms of fibromyalgia

Doctor :   pain
Doctor :   fatigue
Doctor :   sleep disturbance
Doctor :   irritable bowel syndrome
User :   I have pain when I press against the lower part of my chest and my stomach. And all over the abdomen area.
Doctor :   chronic headache
User :   And my back may have hurt at some point as well.
Doctor :   ya that pain only i am talking

User :   I have all of those symptoms except the chronic headache one.
Doctor :   menstural pains will be more
Doctor :   easy tirdness
Doctor :   dry eyes
User :   It depends on the period how bad the menstrual pain is. I do get tired easily. I don't have dry eyes to my knowledge, but who knows?
Doctor :   feeling of swollen legs
Doctor :   sensitive for loud noise bright light
Doctor :   all symptoms need not be there

User :   I've had that when I had cellulitis. I don't know if my legs are swollen now.
Doctor :   dont panic

User :   Wow. All of my right leg hurts (the front of it when I squeeze, and the lower part of the left leg hurts when I squeeze.
User :   And it hurts when I squeeze the back of the right leg.
User :   And it seems like it all hurts when I squeeze the back of the left leg. Not as badly as the right.
Doctor :   ya its the muscles that are paining
Doctor :   yes i got what it is
User :   Some of the right and left foot on top. Not so much the bottom.
User :   Pretty much all of both my arms.
User :   PRetty much with both my hands.
Doctor :   ya pain will be there all over the body
Doctor :   it doesent mean you have all over the body
User :   Moreso with the left finger than right. A few toes on my right foot, I think
User :   I have sensitive for loud noises. Not so much bright light.
User :   Oh, interesting.
User :   I'm done feeling for now.
Doctor :   i got your problem
Doctor :   what your doctor has advised you
User :   Like half my back too, at least. Geez.
User :   Okay. I'm listening.
User :   And my neck.
User :   Sorry.
Doctor :   tell me what your doc has advised you for pain
User :   Or at least most of it.
User :   Well, before, when I went to my physician, they said that it would show up on a colonoscopy, so I needed to get that.
User :   WHen I got the colonoscopy, nothing of that sort was in my results.
User :   And my physician had also said that there wasn't really a treatment for it so to not worry about it.
User :   And I talked with my gastroenterologist, and they said I would have to see a rheumatologist, but if the doctor said to not worry about it, then he wouldn't worry about it either, or something like that.
Doctor :   ur problem is fibromyalgia its been diagnosed

User :   Okay.
Doctor :   as i told and you telling me pain in body, that intestine problem is part of the disease
User :   Okay.
Doctor :   what is the present treatment you are taking for your problem
Doctor :   are you taking any medications
User :   Metamusel for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
User :   Do you want to know all of my meds?
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   ya
Doctor :   what you are presently taking
User :   Prozac, Multivites, Calcium, Vitamin D, Ehterdent, and some sort of topical cream that I forget the name of.
Doctor :   ok

Doctor :   any massage was advised
User :   Clobetasol Propionate is the cream.
User :   And no massage was advised.
Doctor :   any exercise advised

User :   No.
Doctor :   ok you are doing well with present drugs
User :   IF my knee problems have to do with it. When I would bend down more than 90 degrees and come up, my knee popped out of my joint. And more recently, sometimes if I just put it in a funny position, it pops out of joint.
User :   And I went to my doc years ago, and they said to kick a soccer ball around, but I didn't do that. I want to start doing that. And I talked to a doctor after that, and I forget what she said. And the last doctor I talked to about physical therapy, and she said that's an option, but my mom won't pay for it since I wouldn't do the exercises.
User :   Um, I think the prozac helps. I switched over from citalopram recently because we foudn out recently it can make people tired or something, and I was super tired. I started out doing okay on the prozac, but then I started getting tired all the time again, but not as bad as during the school year. But I have sleep apnea, so that's probably why. But Prozac does help with my issues somewhat, but not completely.
User :   For whatever reason, my mom wants to switch back to citalopram.
User :   I'm not sure how well the multivites and Calcium work, but I usually take the recommended amount.
Doctor :   ok

User :   The vitamin D has helped because I'm no logner low on vitamin D.
User :   Etherdent probably has helped. I like the taste. But I don't take it as often as I should, but I'm going to get better at that.
Doctor :   ok

User :   As far as the cream is concerned, I think I still itch on the occasion, but the most noticeable thing is that the bumps are still there. ANd I have to go see a dermatologist.
Doctor :   ok

User :   Besides the etherdent, I usually take the recommended amount, but not always.
Doctor :   ok any thing you want to tell
User :   About what?
Doctor :   about ur present medicine
User :   Besides what I already said, not really.
User :   Unless you need more info.
Doctor :   diet and exercise
User :   I have a bad diet, but there are some healthy stuff in there, but I exercise on a regular basis.
Doctor :   ya your fibromyalgia is treated in two forms

Doctor :   drugs which you just told me
Doctor :   and non drug measures
Doctor :   its diet and exercise
Doctor :   exercise its k
User :   ???
Doctor :   what about your diet
User :   You want to know in detail?
Doctor :   no its like have your doctor has advised you any thing

User :   Maybe years ago. It may have been talked about since then. It's one of the ways to help treat sleep apnea. And I know my old chiropractor told me not to have fast food.
User :   But other than that, not really anything specific that I can think of because they know how hard it is for me to eat healthy.
Doctor :   ok

Doctor :   is it any thing else i can help you with
User :   Can you tell me in more detail about how to go about treating the fibro myalga?
User :   Or should I just ask my doctor?
Doctor :   ya as far as drug therapy its ok i need nothing to advise

Doctor :   regarding your non drug therapy
Doctor :   exercise your doing
Doctor :   it has to be a stretch exercise
Doctor :   mild form of work
Doctor :   always do post exercise stretch
Doctor :   than about diet
Doctor :   you need to talk to your dietitian or gastroentrologist regarding this
Doctor :   done

Doctor :   is there anything else i can help ypu
User :   Okay. THanks. I realized I have more questions concerning my mom.
Doctor :   yes first you take your mom to a physician. motivate her. get the diagnosis for the cause of headache

User :   Yeah. But I'm talking about more issues.
Doctor :   please fill the feed back form

Doctor :   tell me the issues
User :   She has complained about her achilles tenden and back pains, but I think she said those were better, so I don't know if I need to worry about those, and she has another issue that she refuses to treat, but that we have options, so I guess I don't need to worry about that either. BUt yeah. I"ll mention it. She got the hemmoroid shot instead of the surgery since she heard the surgery was more painful. NOw whenever she wipes herself, she bleeds. Well, maybe sometimes when she does. But she didn't want to treat it when the doctor asked her.
User :   But here is the big problem. SHe's been having problems with her neck for years. She went to the chiropractor, and I think sometimes, it seemed like they helped to her, but I don't think it was all the time because she stopped going.
User :   She may have gone to a physician before, I don't know. But when we went last time, she was referred to a physical therapist. She graduated from the physical therapist.
User :   Oh, and the chiropractor suggested she go to a massage therapist, and referred her to one, but she didn't go the amount of time recommended because she didn't want to spend the money.
User :   And she still does the physical therapy exercises. And I think she says it helps somewhat. I forget.
User :   And she does get a massage at her gym on the occasion, and I believe it was them who said that there were issues with the aligning in her neck, and I think she said the massage helped.
User :   BUt it still bothers her, and she's convinced it's a new injury.
Doctor :   are you there

Doctor :   are you there
User :   I am.
User :   I was finished typing the explanation.
Doctor :   any investigations done for the neckpain
User :   I told you everything that I know of that was done. I'm not sure if they constitute as an investigation.
Doctor :   investigation slike x-ryas or CT scan
User :   Okay. NOt that I know of.
Doctor :   i suggest you to get her examined by a orthopedics
Doctor :   and get these investigations top know the casue of neck pain
Doctor :   are you there

Doctor :   are you there
Doctor :   I have to close this window since there is no response from your side, we are available 24/7 please get back to us if you need further medical advice.

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