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Difficult to face people, feel irritated, loss of confidence - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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Doctor :   hi
Doctor :   how can I help, you?
User :   hello doctor
User :   aman this side
Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   I am Dr
Doctor :   plz continue with your query
User :   since 2-3 years i m noticng kabhi kabhi kya hota ha .i started felling uncomfortable ...uneasy lazyness ..kuch accha nahi lagta ..lack of confidence
User :   i cant face ppl
Doctor :   ok
User :   i m a business man and my age is 25 yrs .i m very confident guy but jab assa hota ha ...its becoe very difficult
Doctor :   ok
User :   coz i need to deal many ppl everyday and when i cant face them it become very diffciclut
Doctor :   ok
User :   i did noticed after sex it is so
User :   and all this goes for 5-7 days
Doctor :   ok
User :   and than i m ok ..back to my normal routin
User :   or drinks ...when i take in excess
User :   what is all this?
Doctor :   are you facing any problems during sex?

User :   i m back in paid mode
Doctor :   are you back?
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   plz proceed
User :   doctor pls advice become very difficult when i m facing out all this ...i fell irritated with myself ...i cant tolerate myself ..than how ppl would have face me
Doctor :   ok
User :   i have told u everything u advice what is al l this forst of all....and assa hota kyu ha
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   dont worry
Doctor :   i will help you in this
Doctor :   can I ask few relevant questions?
User :   yes sure
Doctor :   do you face any problem before and during intercourse?
User :   no
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   are you upset or feel any hesitation for intercourse?
User :   no
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   For Health purposes please provide your Age, Gender, Location, Occupation, Marital status, Height and Weight, Waist circumfrence.
User :   25 male business
User :   single 5'7 70kg waist 35
User :   when i m best i m best but pata nahi kya ho jata ha sometime ..i loose my confidence ..i m feeling may be after drinks in excess ..all this goels for week 10 days or may be after sex
User :   or i dont know ...u suggest
Doctor :   ok
User :   u dere
Doctor :   are you married?
User :   no
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   so you have single or multiple partners?
User :   multiplies
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   Do you smoke or chew tobacco/drink alcohol/Any illicit drugs. If yes how much/how often and how long you have?
User :   its not specific ...and no routine or sex or drinks ..i m not use to anything ..
Doctor :   ok
User :   i smoke sometime and no drugs ..smoke i smoke 1-2 cigratee in days especilly when i m going thru this stage
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   Please mention about the Sleep, Stools and Appetite, any specific problems with them.
User :   i have sound sleep of 8-9 hrs
User :   no problem
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   no problem with stools and apetite
User :   no
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   Any history of Allergies/ Diabetes/ High Blood pressure/ Thyroid/ Heart disease/Asthma/ paralysis /Breathing problems
Doctor :   any family history of above mentioned conditions?
User :   no never doctor i m 25 yrs young dashing personality ..all this i told is my internal problem
User :   dad sometimes have high blood pressure
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   have you taken any blood investigations in last one year?
User :   no
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   when was the lastone?
Doctor :   and what was the results?
User :   i did that never may be in my chidhood
Doctor :   ok
User :   can u pls tell me what is all this ...
Doctor :   any other problem you are facing?
Doctor :   like frequent colds and cough
Doctor :   headaches
User :   this is theonly problem doctor ..i need to face many ppl in my life daily and jab assa ho jata ha it become very diffcilut ..i myself fell like immature person .rather i m not
Doctor :   low fever
User :   no cough no clod no headache sometime low fever i feel
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   be relax
Doctor :   i am trying to rule out any medical cause of your problem
Doctor :   if once medical causes are ruled out than I shall suggest you
User :   ok
Doctor :   some behavioral therapy
User :   what is behaviroal therapy?

Doctor :   it may take few more minutes
Doctor :   there are ways to control your behavior
Doctor :   but not all are suggested the same
Doctor :   so let me continue
User :   yes sure
Doctor :   you mentioned about low fever
Doctor :   since when are you feeling it?
User :   sometimes
Doctor :   since how long?
User :   i never check it and i never take any medicine ..ho jata ha kabhi kabhi
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   at that time due you feel heated up eyes
User :   no
Doctor :   ok
User :   i just fell that my body is not supporting me
User :   so i consider that low fever
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   for how many hours do you work per day?
User :   i m going thru the same stage i told u since last week
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   I can understand
User :   i work mostly
Doctor :   some 12 hrs
Doctor :   or more than that
User :   yes can say so
Doctor :   ok
User :   i m in front of internet for around 10 hrs ..coz i do sharetrading also
Doctor :   ok
User :   and side by side my works go on
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   what is your occupation besides sharetrading?
User :   we are industralist
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   so you feel stressed out with your work sometimes
User :   i never take work stress if i fell i just leave and go home sometimes ..but sometimes it happens that mera maan nahi hota still i have to deal with ppl
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   at that time have you ever faced a situation in which you are fade up of the same work and you want to give it up
User :   yes
Doctor :   i mean such thoughts come in your mind or not?
User :   yes it somes
Doctor :   ok
User :   doctor can u imgaine when somebody is in front of me and i m not even able to talk to him ..kya impression hota hoga ...i get fedup with me ...but when i m allright no one can win in tlks with me
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   i can understand your problem
Doctor :   in your opinion in which work you get satisfaction sharetrading or industry
User :   ek baat aur i have noticed in me ..when all this goes on i fell soething in my forehead ..anybody can guess looking at him pressure
User :   on my face
Doctor :   I am not getting you can you explain in detail?
User :   i been to mumbai last week i spended a week all there i ejoyed a lot ..i drinked and everyhting but when i was back i m going in same stage
Doctor :   ok
User :   i mean to say when i m unable to talk wrinkles come on my mind ..if anybody look at me he will say this is work stress
User :   but that is not work stress ..i get frsutated with me
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   since when you are facing this problem?
User :   2 yrs i remember
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   and since when you have started working?
User :   eariler i never took that serioulsy but ab lagta ha
Doctor :   ok
User :   it is alomost 5 yrs i m stiing up in industry
Doctor :   ok
User :   i did gave new defination to work and i m very intelligent also
Doctor :   ok
User :   all appreciate me like anything
Doctor :   ok
User :   but something is wrong with me for sure
Doctor :   tell me that whenever there is such episode do you remember the whole scenario?
User :   scenario matlab?
Doctor :   and you can recall the same episode?
User :   yes i recall it several times ...i recall how i was behaving coz i cant tolerate myself
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   have you ever forgotten the whole thing
User :   anybody will look at me will fell i m stressed with work but assa nahi hota i m not streseed it is smth internal that comes to my face
User :   no i never forgot
Doctor :   i mean that you are not aware that how you behaved and later someone else is telling you that what was wrong with you?
Doctor :   ok
User :   no no i always remember
Doctor :   ok
User :   doctor u must be thinking what all rubbish i m talking but all this is fact pls tell me what is all this
Doctor :   i am not taking it as rubbish
Doctor :   it is a common problem
Doctor :   there are many patients
Doctor :   also there is nothing to worry
Doctor :   there are many treated patients who are living healthy lives
Doctor :   ok
User :   i m health person waisa to ..good personlatiy and all no one can look me and guess whats sometimes goes inside me
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   dont wotrry
User :   u goon
Doctor :   *worry
Doctor :   tell me
User :   wat:?
Doctor :   plz recall your latest bad experience
Doctor :   and tell me if you were thinking something at that time?
User :   i m going thru same stage ..i mostly stay away from my family ad last night i went up at home with dad ..mera bhaut maan tha talking with my mom and my sis but when we all were sitting...i was unable to talk to them eve to eve ..i m felling to talk to them .but not confidently and jassa majburi ma bol raha ho
User :   pata nahi what was wrong to me and this happens many times
User :   what they must be thinking of me ...
User :   u dere
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   were you thinking something at that time?
User :   i cant put eve to eve and talk with ppl when i m suffering from this
Doctor :   ok
User :   yes i was thinking the same what is wrong to me and what my mom and sis must be thinking of me aman kaisa ha
User :   if anybody will look at me anybody will guess that i m thinking something
User :   and many have told me sometimes what are u thnking
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   so whenever you have such episode you are thinking the same thing?
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   In my opinion you are thinking more about problem
Doctor :   and due to which there is a cycle formed
Doctor :   more and more you think and more you will face the incidents
User :   first tell me whats the problem ..and later we will talk abt how to remove it
Doctor :   confirmatory diagnosis will require few investigation done?
Doctor :   to rule out a definitive medical cause
Doctor :   if all tests that i will prescribe you will be normal
Doctor :   than it may be due to depression
Doctor :   it is possible that you are facing mood swings
User :   yes mood swings u are right
Doctor :   but the confirmation will only be after the few blood investigations
Doctor :   mood swings is common below 30 yrs of age
Doctor :   are you getting me?
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
User :   doctor is it coz of drinks kya?
User :   i m sure my tests will be all fine
Doctor :   it seems to be mood swings
Doctor :   but before we can start treatment it will be better to
Doctor :   go for few investigations
User :   where ar eu from?
User :   and ur name and number can i have ?
Doctor :   I am Dr
Doctor :   you can chat with our doctors 24/7
Doctor :   we are located
User :   no
Doctor :   at present our operations are at
User :   sugeest me what to do
Doctor :   so let proceed with the investigations
User :   yes goon
Doctor :   kindly fill the feedback form by the time I will type the investigations
Doctor :   Complete Blood Counts, Free T3, T4, and TSH, Urine Examination, HbsAg
Doctor :   have you filled the feedback form?
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   so you have noted down the investigations
User :   yes
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   plz revert back to me with all reports
User :   but tell me smth na
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   i was suggesting the same
Doctor :   you start taking tablet
Doctor :   Biotin Forte
Doctor :   two times daily
Doctor :   after foods
User :   what is this tablet for
User :   ?
Doctor :   are you practicing yoga?
Doctor :   this tablet contains multivitamins
Doctor :   some of which are cognition enhancers
User :   i dont do anything ..i even hardly walk ..but i have fit body
Doctor :   I can understand
Doctor :   this tablet will enhance your concentration
Doctor :   and you will be able to keep your bad thoughts out of your mind
Doctor :   and after reports I will suggest you some other medications
Doctor :   along with it
User :   since how much time i need to take this tablet
Doctor :   first you take it for 5 days
Doctor :   by the time all your reports will be ready
Doctor :   then i will suggest you full prescription
Doctor :   including
User :   doctor to be very frank i m not intrsted in tests and i m sure all must been fine
Doctor :   mood stabilisers
Doctor :   it is up to you whether you follow my advice or not
User :   i will follow ur advice for sure
Doctor :   but the correct way to proceed further is this only
User :   i will even take tablet u told me
Doctor :   ok
User :   considering all is fine what u suggest
Doctor :   but you dont want to take up investigations
User :   yes pls ..all my tests are fine take my words
Doctor :   I can understand what you are feeling like
Doctor :   but these investigations are important
Doctor :   because some diseases will start with these symptoms only
Doctor :   have you heard of epilepsy?
User :   no
Doctor :   Mirgi
User :   plssssssss
User :   doctor assa mat kaho ...i m best
Doctor :   I can understand
User :   none can in my circle even my dad can guess smth is wrong to me
User :   kabhi kahi ho jata ha than wat i fell
Doctor :   i too think so
User :   may be cozz i takke excess drinks sometimes
User :   coz i have no routine in my life
Doctor :   but to rule out other medical conditions is my duty
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   tell me how many and how frequently you drink
User :   i enjoy waisa to ..and how much i drink i m always same
User :   once a week i take 2-3 pacs
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   it is quiet normal
User :   but last 15 days back i was in mumbai i did drink daily there coz of my compant
Doctor :   it is just like social drinking
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   no problem
Doctor :   once in a while is ok
User :   waha sa wapis aaya than same sab suru ho gaya
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   I can understand that
Doctor :   you go for investigations that I had told you if all reports are normal
Doctor :   then I will pay my undivided attention towards other conditions also
User :   pls doctor all reports are normal ...
Doctor :   try to understand
User :   tablet kitna din lu ya batao
Doctor :   for 5 days
User :   it is very difiicult for me for such reports kisi ko pata chal gaya my dad ..he will think whats wrong to me
Doctor :   than you revert back to me with reports
Doctor :   this tablet will also cope up with sideeffects of drinking alcohol
User :   i cant go for tests
User :   i m sorry
Doctor :   ok
User :   but i trust u
Doctor :   thats your wish
User :   i trust u
Doctor :   then if it is due to alcohol
Doctor :   then take the tablet regularly
Doctor :   for another 5 days
Doctor :   and avoid alcohol for the time
Doctor :   then tell me after five days how are you feeling
Doctor :   is it ok'
User :   shall i take alchol today
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   then start the tablet from tomorrow
User :   and take medicine for 10 days
User :   and than tell u
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   10 days is also fine
Doctor :   but plz continue the tablet
Doctor :   and stay away from alcohol for that duration
User :   i got the point
Doctor :   ok
User :   but koi side effect to nahi ha tablet ka
Doctor :   no side effects
User :   if i fell i m ok with it
Doctor :   ok
User :   aur kitna time tak lu
User :   ?
Doctor :   first take it for 10 days
User :   than how to reach u
User :   pls give me ur cell number
Doctor :   by the chat
User :   i will pay ur fees for sure
User :   cant u give me cell number
Doctor :   its against the company policy to divert the patients
User :   do i will find u online after 10 days
User :   will u only revert
User :   ?
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   your chat transcripts are saved
Doctor :   one of our doctors will be here to help you
Doctor :   soon we are lauching the phone service
Doctor :   then you can call us also
User :   ok ok
Doctor :        
Is there any thing else I can help you with?
User :   doctor i guess this is somewat weakness in only me
User :   tnh else and i guess this tablet will work out
User :   for sure
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   if it is due to alcohol effects then it will work'
User :   but
User :   sometimes than too also happen whn i dont practise sex for month or so
User :   is it also related with sex problem
User :   ?
Doctor :   no
Doctor :   in my opinion not
User :   how often i should mastubate or have sex
Doctor :   3-4 times a week is fine
User :   3-4 times doctor if i goes for it even 2 times same things start with me
User :   this is fact
Doctor :   ok
User :   i too observe myself i have noticed this
User :   why is it so?
Doctor :   there is no corelation of sex with mood
Doctor :   if you have bad mood than your sexual practices can change
Doctor :   but due to sex you will not face any problem]
Doctor :   it is a myth
User :   but doctor apart from mood i guess it is bt stress also
User :   is it so?
Doctor :   due to stress only there is mood swings
User :   and one thing more earlier i use to be sexually attarcted to many but now even sex is going in front of me muja kuch nahi farak padta i m all same
User :   is it sexuall weakness
Doctor :   how many time you had intercourse in a week
User :   not fixed one year ago was also daily for 2-3 months
Doctor :   ok
User :   its depends no specific
Doctor :   ok
User :   i guess u are noticing smth ?
Doctor :   any problem with erection?
User :   no
Doctor :   then in my opinion you are alright
Doctor :   in sexual terms
User :   ok
User :   i m sure drnks is the probelm
User :   i drink from last 5 -6 yrs
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   it will be clear in 10 days
User :   i will contact u in 10 days
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   Is there any thing else I can help you with?
User :   doctor sahab ya think kar do i will remember u all my life ...koi khaas baat nahi ha but thodi dikat ha i guess
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   you will be fine soon'
Doctor :   dont worry
Doctor :   ok then see you later
User :   bye
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting HealthcareMagic. Bye for now. Please refer your friends to our service.
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