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Depression, tension - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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Doctor :   Hi
User :   hi
User :   r u there
Doctor :   I am dr how can i help you ?
User :   I need many suggestions and things to do for avoding my mental depressions and tensions
User :   Actually am doing my Masters
User :   i had taken loan and came her
Doctor :   Ok.
User :   so that much money i spen
User :   d
User :   then also, i cant concentrate in my stdies well
Doctor :   Ok, I will give a patient and slow and calm listening to all yur queries
User :   Also am in Love with a girl
User :   she is my relative only
User :   My mothers elder brother daughter
User :   i cant even control my feelings towards her
User :   she is in india only
Doctor :   Ok.
User :   without missed and message i cant push one day
Doctor :   Ok.
User :   also, i need to cook myself here since am not having tht much experience in cooking
User :   so, am not having food also properly
User :   i need a good food plan to increase my weight also with morning wakeup onwards till night i sleep
User :   evrything including at wht time i should brush teeth
User :   tht also
Doctor :   Ok.
User :   if u give a proper time table, i will surely follow
User :   and please give how i can study and improve so as to make my parents happy as wel as i cant leave my lover also
User :   my parents dont like that girls familyy little bit also
User :   so fully problems
User :   thts all
User :   pls give advice regarding all those things
User :   and time table
Doctor :   oK
Doctor :   Ok.
Doctor :   May i KNOW your age please ?
User :   24
Doctor :   Ok.
Doctor :   What is the course that you are studyingf ?
User :  
Doctor :   Yes
User :   am waiting for your all solutions
Doctor :   1. Need to tell you taht the most important thing in life that changes everything in life is success.
User :   ya
User :   ok
Doctor :   So if you succeed in one aspect you will succeed in everything.
User :   ya, but i feel that i should not come here in doing my masters
User :   actually i was an average student when i was doing
User :   and i worked for nearly 2 years also
User :   there i suffered a lot
User :   but now i cant get tht flow of study
User :   I wasted my parents money,, am feeling like tht
Doctor :   Ok.
User :   And i am always feeling alone
Doctor :   Please do not feel so.
Doctor :   dont you talk to your parents daily?
User :   two days gap i will call
User :   if i talk to them, i will tel verything is is good condition
User :   like tht so many good things to make them happy
User :   studies r going well etc etc
User :   and such a decent guy am with no love etc
User :   i cant think of making them sad
User :   till now, i had done verything for my parents, sister and her son
User :   even a good dress i havent bought for me
User :   but, now am wasting evrything
User :   life is going from my hands
Doctor :   Ok.
Doctor :   No dont say that
Doctor :   and feel like that
User :   then, wht should i do?
User :   even the most sad thing will be about my live if they cme to know
User :   about my love
Doctor :   No that is not at all wrong to fall in love.
Doctor :   they will accept if you just get a job
User :   ya, iwll try
User :   you know why i think of wasting the money
User :   actually i should resit for one paper in last semester
User :   till Bachelors i was good in stdies
User :   i dont wht happened now
User :   My visa expires November
User :   resit will take place during August only
Doctor :   I want you to understand that people who did great in life were no t all iitians or hughly educated.
User :   And i cant complte my degree by this November, it will be three or four months late
User :   for tht i need to tell some lie to my parents
User :   tht i will submit my project late or any reasons like tht
User :   because of tht i will be late for three or four months
User :   these r all my problems view tottally
Doctor :   Ok,That should never be a problem.
User :   pls tell me from beginning step by step, wht all things i should start do
Doctor :   Ok.
Doctor :   1. Do not worry for temporary problems.
User :   ok
User :   next
Doctor :   2. As you have been telling about all your problems i would like to solve them one after the other in a step wise fashion.
Doctor :   3. first about your diet : User :   thks
User :   ok
Doctor :   have lots of fruits
Doctor :   juices
Doctor :   fresh veggies
User :   but, i need a timing for all, not in general
User :   like morning 7am do this etc?
User :   so i will do
Doctor :   Ok,
User :   then, i can try to maintain it
User :   by the time which u tell
Doctor :   What is your height and weight ?
User :   my uni is from 9.30 to 4.30 from Monday to friday
User :   pls keep in mind
User :   my height is 188 and weight is 85
Doctor :   So you are roughly 6'2'
User :   ya
User :   but, because of this height only i got separated in many ways i feel
Doctor :   How come ?
User :   even all make me fun
User :   even they r having shy to walk with me
User :   etc etc
User :   my relatives also make joke on me
User :   like tht so many things, but i dont care
Doctor :   6'2' is a great height and i would love to have this height is confident feature
User :   but, so many many disadvantages
User :   also
Doctor :   If someone is making fun for nothiing then its there problem.
User :   i cant even drive properly normal cars also
Doctor :   Even Gandhiji was ridiculed and called him 'half naked fakir' when he went to england in winter with a small dhoti
Doctor :   and called amitabh bachan a giraffe
User :   ya
Doctor :   when he went to act in movies
Doctor :   so it all depends on how you take it.
User :   ya
User :   its all in my mind, but i dont express t anyone
Doctor :   no one was ready to cast amitabh initially in movies
User :   i know
User :   he is such an excellent actor
Doctor :   but now who have good height are sort after,
User :   ya
Doctor :   so dont worry about small things.
User :   ok
User :   thks
Doctor :   this was my first point if you scroll back
User :   even i am still in bed now, its 10.55 am here
User :   so i neeed a perfect timetable to contro, verything even if it is a small thing from tmrw
Doctor :   What i feel is you do not have a proper guide or freind to help you out.
Doctor :   who can understand you and give you teh best posiible advsie.
User :   i dnt have anyone like tht
User :   so many friends r there
Doctor :   what is your personality , are you an introvert or extrovert ?
User :   but, if contact them, then only they will talk
Doctor :   are you an introvert or extrovert ?
User :   extrovert
User :   i think so
User :   am very much friendly
User :   even if it is a new friend, then also i wil make them friend so quick
Doctor :   that is a very good sign and very encouraging.
User :   i will help like my own relative
User :   but i am sure tht i will nt get back anything
Doctor :   Ok.
Doctor :   That is a very good trait
Doctor :   let me tell you about your diet : User :   ok
Doctor :   1. have milk and oats after you get up
User :   corn flakes is ok r nt
Doctor :   2. have lots of water at least 6 lts a day
User :   milk and cornflakes
Doctor :   yes it is fine.
Doctor :   and have any fruit with taht
User :   ok
Doctor :   then at the univ. i dont know what u get
Doctor :   so bettter to have a small diet at 10.30/11
Doctor :   like a garlic bread/ sandwich
User :   rice,burger,chicken curry available in university
User :   which one i should have
Doctor :   3. have lunch at 1pm , anything devoid of excess fat,oil, masal or spice
Doctor :   all three are fine , but burger without cheese
Doctor :   and rice in low quantity
User :   in university only i used to buy Chicken burger or rice with chicken currry
User :   which one to prefer
Doctor :   Take a very good luch and a filling one.
Doctor :   You ca have anything of two but follow what i mentioned earlier
Doctor :   all three are fine , but burger without cheese
and rice in low quantity
Doctor :   and carry some sprouts and fresh fruits to munch afetr lunch
User :   ok
Doctor :   at 3.30/4 have a nice cofee/tea and some biscuits
User :   ok
Doctor :   7 pm start ur dinner, keep it more light and less carb diet and more protein and vitamin diet
User :   ok
Doctor :   like lots of veggies..carrot,beetroot,greenleaves,sprouts,pulses,chicken,egg white,small fish,etc.
User :   ok
Doctor :   9pm/10pm or before going to bed have one glass full of milk , some dry fruits and oone apple/orange.
Doctor :   they will give you good sleep
User :   can i add horlicks in milk
User :   i dnt like to have milk alone
Doctor :   yeah very much
User :   ok
Doctor :   Now about your love and your family and studies.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Please do not worry about finances, if your parents can manage till you pass out and you take up a job.
User :   ok
Doctor :   1.Once you pass out , you can take a loan and immediately repay all you debts and your parents.
User :   so wht abt the interest for the new loan
Doctor :   2.about marks and grades, do your level best and stop thinking abt your other things .
User :   tht will also come
Doctor :   3. once you study hard no doubt u will score well.
Doctor :   4. if you still dont , dont worry, neither bill gates or ambani were ever first in their class.
User :   ok
Doctor :   And if you know XXXXXXXX buffet was not even a graduate and is america's riches man because to earn you have to be street smart not first in school
User :   ya
User :   ok
Doctor :   3. If you do well in your career after your education evrything will be fine in a year.
Doctor :   do you think no one takes loan once they take up a job/
Doctor :   ?
Doctor :   they take loan for house
Doctor :   for car
Doctor :   for household activities
User :   is ther any prob in telling lie to my parents by november
Doctor :   for education
Doctor :   so you take a loan for personal debts and clear them off
User :   ya
Doctor :   and see your parents happy
User :   now i took loan for 10 lakhs
Doctor :   you can buy a car or house fter 2/3 yrs.
Doctor :   Is is fine?
User :   ya
User :   currently my loan is 10 lakhs
User :   after one year of studies i need to pay it back
Doctor :   Then about your love, how much is your age difference ?
Doctor :   Oh that is it
Doctor :   not to worry
Doctor :   you can clear it off in 3 yrs if it is 15 lakhs
Doctor :   5 lakhs per year
User :   thks for the support
User :   i will try my level best
User :   she is 21
Doctor :   you can repay everyuone initially and pay the bank slowly
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   how old are you?
User :   24
Doctor :   So what are you worrying for /
Doctor :   ?
User :   she is my mothers elder brother daughter
User :   is there any genetic problem
User :   because of mothers relation
Doctor :   keep giving her confidence, love her and continue that , your parents will accept whatever you say if you clear of all the finances from their shoulders and they will respect your decision
User :   ok
Doctor :   there can be , but if both of you are healthy then no issue
Doctor :   is it not allowed /
User :   my mother is telling tht ur life willbe in trouble if i marry her
User :   because of her parents
User :   she is nice only
Doctor :   as some accept marrying a mothers' brother's daughter ?
User :   its allowed
Doctor :   So not an issue
Doctor :   dont worry, your confidence, and time will solve all the problems.
Doctor :   If uou are brave you have to face it.
Doctor :   but do not be emotional or weak at any point of time.
Doctor :   face it like a man.
User :   ok
User :   and also how to be like a mature man
User :   i am always talk with my girl friend like so much loving
Doctor :   read more about life
Doctor :   Can I chat with you after a while , I have one more patient ?
User :   how much time i should wait
User :   because am having only 5 sessions tottaly
User :   so i should discoonnect or wait
Doctor :   Is 15 mins. fine?
User :   ok, i will keep waiting without disconnecting this chat
Doctor :   Ok, No issue
Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   Are you there ?
User :   ya
User :   r u free now
Doctor :   yes
User :   can u ask one more thing, how to control sexual feelings?
User :   sometimes i doesnt talk well with my girl friend
User :   but, she also likes i think so to hear from me
Doctor :   Ok, For what ?
User :   but, i feel to control my feelings
Doctor :   I did not understand your last three sentences ?
User :   i sed to talk with my lover sexually some matters
User :   used to
User :   but, after i feel it was not good to talk with her all those things
User :   but, i cant control such feelings sometimes
Doctor :   Ok, Nothing wrong to talk if you are going to ,marry her .
User :   ok
User :   then, how many eggs i should have daily
User :   ?
Doctor :   There is nothing wrong , but be a bit descent and lovable and sometimes you can always be romantic or erotic , nothing wrong, she will also like but would not express...but be faithful.
Doctor :   that is what they want.
User :   regarding diet , how many eggs can should i have daily?
Doctor :   daily two would be very much sufffiecient.
User :   ok
User :   morning at wht time i should get up
Doctor :   It all depends on climate and many factors,people sat early to bed, early to rise , but it totally depends on your cuurriculum.
User :   afternoon actually i am in room today since it is sunday
User :   so wht should i have since am not ouside
User :   only simple to cook noodles only there
Doctor :   And to be mature and start reading the lives of successful men who were very poor but successful.
Doctor :   Thank you for consulting me and hop i have answered all your queries.
User :   as u wish
Doctor :   Do you have anything else to ask ?
User :   its ok
User :   thks
Doctor :   Thank you , will continue later as i have 3 patients waiting, take care, bye for now.
User :   bye
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