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Dentist consultation about root canal procedure - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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User :   Hi
User :   so so worried as i have sneezed heaps today like 15 times and dont know why
User :   Dr xxxxx here
User :   and today i had to take valium for my dentist appointment and it made my heart race and i dont know why why would it have caused that and also i only had 2 mgs
User :   you there
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   Dr xxxx here
User :   nice to meet you
Doctor :   let me read your query
User :   ok
Doctor :   same here, Ms xxxx
User :   thanks
Doctor :   have you had terrible experience at your dentists place?
User :   yes very bad
Doctor :   If not, i guess, theres no need to worry
Doctor :   oh ok, can you tell me something about it?
User :   as 10 years ago i had a root canal done and i got a very very sharp pain from the root canal
User :   i have to have another one and very very scared
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   are you going to the same dentist
User :   no
Doctor :   I understand your anxiety,
User :   very worried
Doctor :   but now since, you have changed the dentist, please talk to him/ her prior to the therapy and let him know abt your past experince
Doctor :   also ask him to give you good analgesics, which will reduce the pain
User :   i had 2 mgs of valium like an hour b4 hand and it made my heart still race and don know why and i could feel my heart beating in my chest
Doctor :   Is this the first time you have been to this doc?
User :   whats analgesics
User :   no
User :   i have had filling done by him
Doctor :   Please understand , and feel safe, that at the end of the procedure, your problem with your tooth will be solved, and you dont have to go to him for a long time, and rejoice in that fact
Doctor :   Also, did you have bad experience with this current dentist?
User :   not as yet
Doctor :   if you think in this way, your anziety will go away, as no 2 dentists are terrible
Doctor :   at the same time
Doctor :   analgsics = pain killers
User :   what u mean if i think this way my anxitye will go away as 2 dentists are terrible
Doctor :   I meant, no 2 dentists will be teririble
Doctor :   this one, would be proved better for you
User :   why u say that
User :   do the dentist test to see if the nerves are dead
Doctor :   since this dentist has been good with you, think positively, and your anxiety will reduce
User :   i dont think it will as i have chroinc anxitey
User :   or asleep
Doctor :   yes, prior to doing any procedure, they will test, with a instrument, whether the pain killer they ahve injected has started working
User :   how do they test to see if it hurts
User :   have you had a root canal
Doctor :   anxiety is good, when it is present, for urgent matters, but in every good thing is bad, when its in excess
Doctor :   yes, i have had, when i was 30
Doctor :   they use a probe
Doctor :   to test
Doctor :   can you tell me the medications that you take?
Doctor :   Are you there ?/
User :   yes sorri
User :   did urs hurt and how long agpo did you haave your root canal
Doctor :   I am 45, now, I had mine done when i was 30
Doctor :   i had taken good painkillers before the procedure
Doctor :   so the pain was less
Doctor :   also the dentist was very experinced
Doctor :   Are you following me?
User :   no
User :   did u have pain when u had the procdure
User :   did they use tweesers to get ur nerves out
Doctor :   yes but the pain was less, due to the effect of medicines
User :   `how many injections did you have when you had ur root canal
User :   what was ur pain like
Doctor :   a bit continuos , pain about 2/10 severity
Doctor :   but lasted only for 1 day
User :   mine was a pain that its like ur going to go though the roof
Doctor :   probably the dose of pain killers was less for you
User :   no i mean pain when having the root canal done
Doctor :   thats what i had mentioned
Doctor :   a bit continuos , pain about 2/10 severity
User :   so why u where having the nerves taken out
Doctor :   what do you mean, by nerves taken out?
User :   my pain was sharp pain
User :   i mean did u have pain when they were taking the nerves out of ur tooth and was it on a molar
Doctor :   there are no nerves taken out
User :   so what happened in ur root canal then'
Doctor :   here the infected dental pulp is cleaned out, the space disinfected and then filled.
Doctor :   there is nothing like removal of nerves
User :   is the dental pulp soft inside the tooth
Doctor :   A root canal is the space within the root of a tooth.
Doctor :   It is part of a naturally occurring space within a tooth that consists of the pulp chamber
Doctor :   The dental pulp is the tissue of which the dentin portion of the tooth is composed
Doctor :   Once the tooth has reached its final size and shape, the dental pulp's original function ceases for all practical purposes
Doctor :   this dental pulp , does have, nerve sensors which are numbed prior to the procedure
User :   so why did my root canal i had done on one tooth hurt so much and i got a very very sharp pain in the tooth
Doctor :   as i had said earlier, please take some pain killers, before you undergo the procedure
Doctor :   this will reduce the pain, you will have during the procedure
User :   i cant take them as if i have the numbing stuff then it could cause problems with the numbing stuff
Doctor :   there is no issues, with that
Doctor :   the injections given to numb, have the same function as the medicines you can take
User :   u a dentist
Doctor :   No, I am a general physician
User :   oh
Doctor :   But I do know a lot about dental procedures
Doctor :   as my wife is a dentist
User :   did she do ur root canal
Doctor :   no
Doctor :   we were not married then
User :   where does the dentist have to put the injection to numb ur tooth and pulp
Doctor :   by the side of the tooth, near the dental pulp
Doctor :   within the gums
User :   where is the dental pulp
Doctor :   it is situated within the gums
Doctor :   under the rooth
User :   my dentist said he put it in like he is doing normal filling is that right
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   you cannot fill by injecting outside the tooth,
User :   what if he drills and hits a nerve will i feel it at all
User :   so so worried about it hey
Doctor :   it has to be done from within
Doctor :   if the numbing is good, and effective, you should have minimal sensation
User :   what u mean u cant fill by injection outside the tooth
Doctor :   once the root canal is cleared of infective foci, the filling with dental cement has to be done within the tooth
User :   what u mean by you cannot fill by injecting outside the tooth,
Doctor :   once the root canal is cleared of infective foci, the filling with dental cement has to be done within the tooth , and cant be done by injecting from outside (by injecting through the gums)
User :   but where does the dentist give you the injection so the pulp is numb
Doctor :   within the gums
Doctor :   from outside
User :   i dont understand
User :   sorri i dont understand
Doctor :   what part did you not understand?
User :   about where the doctor injects the numbing stuff
User :   to numb the pulp so i dont feel any pain
Doctor :   the injection to numb is given by the side of the tooth,within the gums
Doctor :   not within the tooth
Doctor :   as the injection is given, before doing the procedure
User :   so in the gums right near the tooth and why dont iot numb the pulp sumtimes
User :   i know that its giving b4
Doctor :   it takes time for the medicine, injected to reach the dental pulp
Doctor :   but in case of severe infection, the reduced circulation, does not allow the injected drug to reach the affected site being operated
Doctor :   so , it depends on the amount of infection at the affected teeth
Doctor :   if the infection is less, the drug reaches faster, and so less pain
Doctor :   if the infection is more, the drug levels reached are less, and may be more painful
User :   mine aint to bad at all i get alittle bit of pain but it aint bad its a 2/10 so not bad only mild
Doctor :   yes definitely
User :   the dentist has to do a little filling on one of my front teeth that will only take 5 mins to 10 mins then he is going to start on the tooth that needs it which is the root canal
Doctor :   ok
User :   u think i will get any pain at all
User :   bad pain i mean
User :   or any pain at all
Doctor :   the pain, can be reduced by taking some ibuprofen 400 mg 1 hr before you go to the dentist
Doctor :   MOTRIN OR TYLENOL PM will help you better
User :   how do u know if the tooth is really infected that it takes less time for the injection to get to the pulp and why is it if it is less infected then it goes to the pulp fast
Doctor :   as a matter of fact, its the basic fact of medicine, that a infected site has less blood supply
Doctor :   and medicine injected reaches it late.
Doctor :   I dont have to be a dentist to know this simple fact
Doctor :   A doctor has more knowlegde of anatomy, including that of tooth, than a dentist,
Doctor :   the only thing, is that, dentists have training to operate on the tooth
User :   what if i have pain in my tooth
Doctor :   the best way, is to take the medicine, so that the pain is reduced,
User :   my tooth is still alive so if they give me the numbing stuff then will it hurt if the nerves are still alive
Doctor :   OR to prevent the pain, either you can postpone the procedure indefinitely
Doctor :   or GET Over the procedure, by taking the medicines i advised
User :   what if i have a tooth ache when i go to the dentist does that mean my tooth is infected
Doctor :   the numbing injection, is not going to hurt you in any way
Doctor :   70% of tooth ache are due to an infection
User :   so if the tooth is still alive then i wont get pain
Doctor :   the rest is due to the tooth impinging on the surrounding tissues
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   *impinging (i meant)
User :   and if my tooth has a tooth ache and its still there when i go back to the dentist like i 3 days time thenwill it take awalie for the numbing stuff to reach the pulp
Doctor :   yes
User :   so u say i have a tooth infection
User :   also i would like to know how long does it take befor an infected tooth go to the brain or herart
Doctor :   I havent examined you, so i cannot tell u whether you have a infection
Doctor :   But the history you have given is suggestive of an infection
User :   i have a mild tooth ache
User :   why does it suggests a infection
Doctor :   it can take a day or a week or more, depending on the blood supply to the tooth affected
User :   i have decay in a big hole i have in my tooth and he is going to try and save it if possible
Doctor :   good
User :   now i am scared that the infection will go to my brain or heart now.
User :   very very scared
Doctor :   well there is only one way to prevent that now
Doctor :   to get the procedure done
User :   yes
User :   the dentist tapped on my tooth to see if it was sensitive and it wasnt so what does that mean
Doctor :   it means, your tooth is not sensitive and it is hard
User :   what u mean its hard
Doctor :   the dental enamel is strong
User :   so does that mean that i dont have a infected tooth at the moment
User :   my gums aint red around the tooth thats sore
Doctor :   As you said, there is decay in the tooth yourself (as mentioned by your dentist)
Doctor :   thats nothing to worry about
User :   what you mean
User :   do u think i have an infected tooth at all and will it go to my brain or heart at all
Doctor :   pale gums, do not imply they have something wrong with them
Doctor :   the chances of that to occur, is 1 in 100
User :   what u mean imply
Doctor :   imply = fact
User :   the chance of what happening is 1 in 100
User :   so u are saying u dont think my tooth is infected
User :   i am confused
Doctor :   brain or heart infection, occuring in a case of tooth infection, risk is 1 in 100
Doctor :   you are infected , as your dentist said, but the chances of infection reaching your brain is 1 in 100
Doctor :   so there is not much to think or do, other than to get your tooth fixed
User :   so i could feel the pain from the root canal and it could be sharp agaIN
Doctor :   not so
Doctor :   Do you have any more query?
User :   I am so so scared that i will feel pain hey. also my dentist didnt say my tooth was infected all he said was he would try and save it with a filling if he can get all the decay out of that tooth and if he exposes the nerve then he will have to take the nerves out
Doctor :   i guess, then you have to leave that to your dentist
Doctor :   to decide what he can do to help you.
User :   what you mean
User :   so scared to get this root canal now if my tooth is infected
Doctor :   if everything goes well, your teeth will be safe, with just a filling
User :   but he said my nerves are close to the top of the tooth
User :   but my nerves aint exposed
Doctor :   Since i have not examined your nerves, and your teeth, i would not be able to comment on your exposed nerves
Doctor :   but there should be no need to worry
Doctor :   you will be completely ok,
Doctor :   take the TYLENOL PM
Doctor :   this will reduce the pain, and you can tolerate the pain, very well
User :   my nerves aint exposed as yet
Doctor :   good
User :   what are the symptoms if the infection goes to the brain or heart
Doctor :   there is no need to worry about them
User :   how will i beable to tolarate the pain really well with tylenol pm
User :   why as i have had a sore head today
Doctor :   as the chances for that to occur, is minimum in your case
User :   and sneezed heaps
Doctor :   all these are not related, and you should not think about them
User :   why is it minimum as u said my tooth is infected
User :   what are the symptoms of them
User :   i am drink cold stuff and it dont hurt
Doctor :   fever, sweating, altered sesorium, coma, death
Doctor :   are some of the complications of brain abscess
User :   my tooth aint senstive
Doctor :   which can occur when the infection reaches the brain
User :   i have had sweating in the feet very bad
User :   what is altered sesorium
User :   and hands
Doctor :   loss of consciousnesss, delirium
User :   were sweat
Doctor :   I guess, you should contact your doc, for blood tests, cultures
User :   i am worried as my hands and feet where really swaety really bad
User :   i am scared now
User :   very very scared
Doctor :   please dont get scared
User :   why
User :   so so scared now
Doctor :   there is nothing gained when you get scared
Doctor :   the only thing, to do is to face the scary thing
User :   my feet where very sweaty tonite when having tea and abit in my hands but they aint sweaty now
Doctor :   be brave, and hope for the best
User :   what you mean be brave for what
User :   so so scared
Doctor :   be brave in the sense, that there is nothing, yet happened , that you are worrying that it will happen
Doctor :   since there is no problem, yer, there is no reason, to be scared
User :   so if my feet were sweaty tonite and abit in my hands it lasted like 5 to 10 mins and gone again
User :   what u mean no problem when my hands and feet where sweaty when having tea
Doctor :   then i think, you should rejoice in the fact that you dont have the problem you think you have
Doctor :   since they lasted only for 10 min
Doctor :   why should be worried
User :   why shouldnt i be
User :   could it be a abessed in the brain
User :   whats happening
Doctor :   yes you can get a brain biopsy
User :   what u mean a brain biposy
User :   could i have the brain abessed
Doctor :   or a brain scan, like a CT scan
User :   could i have a brain abessed
User :   u there
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   im still there
User :   could i have a brain abessed
Doctor :   brain can be asssessed by way of CT or MRI
Doctor :   and in that case, you may need to contact your treating doctor
User :   so u think i could have a abessed of the brain
User :   u aint helping me
User :   help asap
Doctor :   no
User :   so why u say i need to get a ct or MRI
Doctor :   I guess, you have a serious issues of getting worried over trivial matters
User :   i could have that problem couldnt i
Doctor :   As a matter of fact, the only issue
Doctor :   here is a dental plaque
Doctor :   that needs a cementing
User :   what u mean
Doctor :   or a root cannal therapy
User :   but u said earlier that i had an infected tooth
User :   with what my dentist said
User :   u said i have an ifected tooth didnt u say
User :   but ut ainbt sore for the dentist to tap on
Doctor :   SO i can only say, what you said, that your dentists opinion
User :   and my nerves aint exposed
Doctor :   that was as per your dentists opinion
User :   so u saying my dentist is saying i have an infected tooth
User :   is that right
Doctor :   that is what your dentist said, according to you
User :   what did i say he told me
Doctor :   if that is his opinion, i have no say in that matter
User :   that ment it was infected
User :   i just need to know sorri
Doctor :   you should reconfirm from him, whether your teeth, is infected
Doctor :   and then come for a re discussion, so that i can know, if you do have a infection or not at the present
Doctor :   Your case requires undivided attention and as I am chatting with few other patients. I can get back to you with the necessary information by email or I can give you a Chat appointment.
User :   all he told me is that i have decay on that tooth and he told me that he mite possibly beable to just get the decay off the teeth and put a filling in and if he exposes the nerve while drilling outy the decay then he will have to take the nerves out of the tooth.
Doctor :   so as per him, a decayed tooth is due to infection, and needs clearance
User :   so what does he mean when he says that
User :   what u mean
User :   it like a hole in the tooth and i think it like when u have to have filling they clean the decay out ogf the tooth
User :   wheres ur office
User :   i am in australia
Doctor :   OH OK
User :   so u think i have an infected tooth
User :   is there any dentist online i can talk with
User :   can i talk to a dentist please
User :   yes please?
User :   no on here
User :   want to talk to dentist on here
Doctor :   ANY AMOUNT OF ONLINE CHAT would not be help ful in this case , as a dentist would like to seek a physical examination
Doctor :   and without physical examination, you may not get any kind of help
User :   can i please talk to a dentist now please
User :   hello can i please talk to a dentist as need some help
Doctor :   hi
Doctor :   I am sorry as i am not a dentist
User :   can u get me a dentist to talk to please
Doctor :   Sorry, we dont have dentists on our organisation
User :   sorri
User :   what do u mean sorri
Doctor :   we are a organisation, with medical professionals only
User :   i have spoken to dentists on this site b4
User :   like earlier today
Doctor :   i am not aware of dentists on our panel
User :   there are
User :   can i talk to one now please
Doctor :   please log in and log out, and i will let our Customer care , connect with a dentist if available
User :   i just loged in and log out
Doctor :   please do once again
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