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Breathing sensor, 5 days old - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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Doctor :   hi
User :   hi
Doctor :   how can i help u
User :   we just has a baby 5 days old and have a breathing sensor we use

Doctor :   ok
User :   it has tripped the sensr twice in 2 days it is set on 20 second intervals
User :   im worried about his breathing
User :   do we need to take him to a hospital for check or doctir
User :   any idea what the problem might be?
Doctor :   i will help u in this

User :   what do you suggest?
Doctor :   wats the respiratory rate
User :   about 40 on average a min
Doctor :   was it a normal delivery or CSection
User :   but the senosr says he stopped for 20 seconds or more twice..
User :   is it a false alarm
User :   normla delvery
User :   full term
Doctor :   wat is the birth wt
User :   3kg
User :   48cm
Doctor :   thats good
Doctor :   is the baby feeding well

User :   yes
Doctor :   active
User :   you think its a false alarm?
User :   yes
Doctor :   yes i think its a false alarm

User :   hello
Doctor :   are yu back
User :   yes.
Doctor :   shall we continue the chat
User :   sure.
Doctor :   please proceed
User :   any other information you need to know?
Doctor :   are yu breast feeding the baby
User :   yes my wife is..
Doctor :   ok
User :   we have now started to use half formula and half breast milk
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   its better to give breast milk as many times as possible
Doctor :   as its the main nutrtion
Doctor :   helps to protect the baby from
Doctor :   loose stools
User :   does it matter if we mix it with the formula
Doctor :   and respiratory infection
Doctor :   yu said the baby is 5 days old
User :   yes 6 now..
User :   almost 7 tomorrow
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   is the milk adequate
User :   i think it is..
User :   but we mix half formula
User :   just so she doesnt have to feed as often
Doctor :   then no need to mix
Doctor :   no no yu cant do that
User :   i mean he feeds every 2 hours
Doctor :   its always feed the baby with breast milk
Doctor :   its healthy
Doctor :   nutrtious
User :   some people say mixing half and half is ok. but breast is best
Doctor :   and protective
Doctor :   yes yu are correct
User :   at least he will get the nutrition at half the dose
Doctor :   breast milk is the breast
Doctor :   best
Doctor :   as it protects againgst jaundice
Doctor :   helps the baby to pass the stools well
Doctor :   these formula feeds
Doctor :   are nutrituous
Doctor :   but not protective
Doctor :   diseases
Doctor :   breast feed for 2-3 months
Doctor :   fully
Doctor :   then yu can start formula feeds
User :   but if we use half breast milk and half forla mixed thats got to be bettr than just formula..
Doctor :   i will explainyu
Doctor :   its good if yu use only brest milk for 2-3 months
Doctor :   completely
Doctor :   then after 2-3 months yu can start both
Doctor :   yu can mix it
User :   ok.. what happens if we mix it from week 2 which is tomorrow?
User :   and my wife is adiment on using formula soon
Doctor :   is the baby tolerating the formula feeds well
User :   sar so good..
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   is the baby taking well
User :   stools are still mustard colour and not too hard similar to what he did before
User :   how do you mean taking?
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   if yu mix it
Doctor :   its not a major issue
Doctor :   no problem to the baby
User :   the problem she has is got mastitis
Doctor :   some time they become
Doctor :   allergic to it
Doctor :   and they can hav loose stools
Doctor :   ok
User :   ah ok so far hes ok..
Doctor :   ok
User :   but yeh when she got mastitis she said no more
User :   she will try for another 10 days till the antibiotics are finished then will slow down and just feed formula
User :   so he will get breast milk for about 3 to 4 weeks
Doctor :   is there any discharge from the breast
Doctor :   or bleeding
Doctor :   or swelling
User :   no discharge no bleeding just painful swelling and she had a high fever
Doctor :   ok
User :   but she got atibiotics and ibuprofen to help her
Doctor :   is the feeding techinque proper
User :   well wat we are doing now just not to make it worse
User :   were expressing the milk
Doctor :   ok
User :   so the breasts are getting better
Doctor :   mastitis is not a contraindication for the feeding
User :   shes making about 60ml or 2oz every 2-3 bours
Doctor :   is the both breast or one breast is affected
User :   i think thats how much newborns require
User :   both..
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   even if she does not feed
Doctor :   she should extract the milk
User :   yes we are expressing it
User :   via electric pump
Doctor :   ok
User :   and using that to mix with the formula
Doctor :   even later for first 2 months atleast
User :   why is that?
Doctor :   because of harmone will be secreted by her
Doctor :   the milk will be produced
Doctor :   if she does not feed
User :   ohh yeh she is planning to take a pill to stop the milk..
Doctor :   ok
User :   so she can just continue with formula from then on..
Doctor :   its an alternative
User :   but i mean thats one side of it.. for me the main worry is the breathing
Doctor :   yeah she can continue formula feeds
User :   i mean i cant sleep just worrying a bout him..
Doctor :   not to worry
Doctor :   the baby is normal
Doctor :   its rate is good
Doctor :   means respiratory rate
User :   but stopping breathing for over 20seconds and twice.. is a bit worrying
Doctor :   its wat the breathing machine says
User :   well.... its an extremely accurate sonsor..
Doctor :   but the baby is well breathing
Doctor :   feeding well
Doctor :   active
User :   id love to think that but i still worry
User :   especially with SIDS and how it is sudden
Doctor :   i am assuring yu not to worry
User :   only other things about his breathing would be he has like a raspy sound when he has just eaten
User :   and sometimes makes squaking nises
Doctor :   while sleep is there any harsh breathing
User :   and when we were at the hospital the baby doctor said he had some condition that when he cries loudly and breaths in he makes a squaky sound
Doctor :   or increased respiratory rate
Doctor :   or chest retractions
User :   well i dont think so..
User :   but he does make sounds in his sleep
User :   little squaky sounds
User :   sometimes sounds rough when asleep
Doctor :   ok
User :   but thats more so when hes just kind of woken up
User :   the doctor said he has a weak air pasa something
User :   so when he cries ir collapses and makes the squake sound
User :   squeake i mean
Doctor :   its weak air passage
User :   sory yeh
User :   passage
Doctor :   was any treatment given
User :   no
Doctor :   or any advice
User :   shes said it should go away
User :   as he gets older
User :   as long as doesnt do hat in normal breathing
Doctor :   yes the doctor is right
User :   but the little squeaks he makes now and then make me think its that
Doctor :   it correct advice
Doctor :   no
User :   like he just squaked
Doctor :   not to worry
User :   squeaked i mean:)
Doctor :   coming to SIDS risk faactors are
Doctor :   Premature or of low birth weight
Doctor :   Placed to sleep on their stomachs.
Doctor :   Infants exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher risk of SIDS.
Doctor :   More SIDS cases occur when the weather is cooler.
User :   oh ok i wonder why that is..
User :   should he be wrapped more to keep warmer
User :   i thought is he is too warm hed sleepdeepr and make it worse
Doctor :   yes that the reason

Doctor :   Put your baby to sleep on his or her back
User :   how about the head
User :   should it be facing to the side?
User :   or held straight in position
Doctor :   to be facing on one side
Doctor :   most of times
Doctor :   sometimes to straigt
User :   and is it a good idea to use a pacifier while he sleeps
Doctor :   A smoke-free environment is especially important

User :   or thats a bad idea
User :   yeh no smokers here
Doctor :   yes pacifier are use full
Doctor :   Use a firm mattress, rather than a water bed or beanbag.
Doctor :   Avoid placing your baby on thick, fluffy padding, such as lambskin or a thick quilt. These may interfere with breathing if your baby's face presses against them.
User :   with pacifiers i was worried what if he threw up in his sleep and the pacifier pushes it back in his throat
Doctor :   Sucking on a pacifier at naptime and bedtime may reduce the risk of SIDS.
Doctor :   Keep the temperature in your baby's room at a level that's comfortable for you, not warmer than normal.
User :   xzx
Doctor :   If the pacifier falls out of your baby's mouth while he or she is sleeping, don't pop it back in.
Doctor :   xzx can yu expand it
User :   sorry the xzx was a mistake
User :   accident:)
Doctor :   ok no problems
User :   well yeh thats my main question
Doctor :   is there anything else i can help u
User :   the breathing
Doctor :   ok
User :   has me too worried im getting high bloode pressure:)
Doctor :   not to worry
Doctor :   as the baby grows
User :   my pressure went from 120-75 to about 145-84
Doctor :   the squaky sound will dis apper
User :   just 5 days after the borth
User :   birth i mean
Doctor :   yu should be happy
Doctor :   for the healthy baby
Doctor :   not to get tensed and stressed
User :   im extatic but all the work sleepless nights and worry worry worry killing me:(
Doctor :   be relaxed
Doctor :   not to worry
User :   like i said i have never had that high blood pressure ever before
Doctor :   your baby is fine
Doctor :   its beacuse of tension
User :   is there anything i can take for blood pressure
User :   or do
Doctor :   its not a permanent one
User :   i mean in meantime
Doctor :   how many times did yu chek your BP in a week
Doctor :   wat was the last reading
User :   well i used to check it daily twice a day beofre the birth and was always no higher than 130/80
User :   but my last one was 145/83 i think
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   thats fine
Doctor :   only one reading
User :   and before that was 135/80
Doctor :   ok
User :   i can even check now
User :   i had a monitor here
User :   we used for her pregnancy
Doctor :   ok
User :   she had hypertension
Doctor :   before checking the Bp yu should be relaxed
Doctor :   tension free
Doctor :   and comfortable
Doctor :   based on one reading we cant
User :   ok ill try now
Doctor :   label it as hypertension
User :   oh she had it for 3 or 4 weeks
Doctor :   wat about yu
User :   my reading now is 143/83
User :   but only been high in past 3 days
User :   all over 2080
Doctor :   ok
User :   i mean 130/80
Doctor :   its becuse of stress and tension
User :   should i take somethinf
User :   or do something to help it
Doctor :   no not required
User :   is it dangerous
Doctor :   diet will help yu
User :   how long can i stay on that level
User :   ok just eat healthy
User :   drink water
Doctor :   if yu follow the proper diet
User :   no salt right
Doctor :   not to stop it
Doctor :   reduce it to half of it
Doctor :   not to take spicy junk foods
User :   oh ok.. i understand
User :   yeh thats all i eat
Doctor :   oily foods
User :   seing we have no time to make food now
User :   just takeaway
User :   although i eat a lot of subway sandwiches
User :   which are healthy i think
Doctor :   reduce it not to stop
Doctor :   reduce it
User :   ok will try
User :   and lots of water?
Doctor :   a brisk walk of 30 min in early morning
User :   i hear water helps dilute the blood
User :   oh ok
Doctor :   yes take plenty of water
Doctor :   fruits and their juices
User :   how about sleep...hard to get now with baby
Doctor :   yes i understand

Doctor :   its difficult
User :   what is the limit in time before i start to worry about blood pressure if it stays high
Doctor :   yu need a sleep of 7-8 hrs to get your
Doctor :   bp reduced
Doctor :   atleast of 6 hrs full sleeep
User :   broken sleep?
User :   4hr here 3 hr there 4 hr the
Doctor :   it will not help
Doctor :   at least 6 hrs
User :   how about my wife she cant sleep 6 hours
User :   she needs to express milk
User :   every 3 to 4
Doctor :   milk expression can be done 3 times a day
User :   will it effect the amount if you do it every 8 hours
Doctor :   2- 3 times in a day
User :   and will it affect her mastitis
Doctor :   no it will not
User :   so if she produces 60ml every 3 hours she should have 120ml in 6
User :   is that how it works
Doctor :   ok

Doctor :   60 ml every 4 hours is ok
Doctor :   its only for few days
User :   well 10 days

User :   till her mastitis is cured
Doctor :   once she takes the pills and stop feeding and use formula feed it will be ok
Doctor :   yes
User :   ok just worried for her sleep
User :   shes doing very well tho
User :   im surprised
Doctor :   ok
User :   but i have noticed she thinks shes hearing sounds and sometimes doesnt know what shes sayin
User :   signs of sleep deprevation
Doctor :   now its difficult for her to sleep
Doctor :   expression is must
Doctor :   for the baby
Doctor :   and also to reduce mastitis
User :   yes i understand we will do it for as long as she can..
User :   i mean shed do it forever if it was easier and if she didnt get so many pproblems like cracke dnipples blisters mastitis
User :   not very lucky indeed
Doctor :   its already happened
Doctor :   we will think about the future
User :   true

Doctor :   let her mastitis get setteled soon
User :   yes we can decide then i guess
Doctor :   and to put the baby on formula feed
User :   maybe express less often but continue it
Doctor :   then u and your wife can have releif
User :   i would like her to do it for as long a we can.. i know the importance..
Doctor :   and a good sleep with your healthy baby
User :   if she can do it every 8 hours once her mastitis has cleared i think we can do that
User :   so he can still get her milk for longer mixed with the formula

Doctor :   yes yu can for every 7-8 hrs is fine
Doctor :   yes
User :   excellent.
User :   its probably the answer i needed
User :   and to be reasurred of his breathing
Doctor :   is there any thing i can help u
Doctor :   please fill the feeed back form
User :   is it good idea to have music or radio or tv on in his room while he sleeops
Doctor :   yes music keeps yu relaxed
User :   how about him

Doctor :   and calm
User :   will it help him
Doctor :   no not for baby
User :   no sound?
Doctor :   its for yu and your wife
Doctor :   not no sound the bab cant undrstand now
User :   oh ok ... i thought hed enjoy sounds to sooth his sleep

Doctor :   it wont help the baby any how
Doctor :   no use
User :   oh ok .. didnt know that
Doctor :   its only after the 3 mont h the baby can analyse it
User :   he seemed to sleep better in the noisy hospital so i figured
Doctor :   ya some babies love that
Doctor :   sleep better in noisy environment
Doctor :   yu can give a try
Doctor :   let see how the baby responds
User :   yeh i tried it seems to work.,. but that damned sensor

User :   !!!
User :   gives me a heart attack
Doctor :   not to worry be cool
Doctor :   your baby is healthy
User :   i mean its such a good accurate machine

Doctor :   will be healthy in future
User :   im very scientfic in thinking and mechanical
User :   i cant explain why the sensor went off twice..
Doctor :   but this does not co relate with clilnical findings
User :   well... i hate self if sensor was right and we couldnt help

Doctor :   ok
User :   i guess theres not much i can do all up to him the little one

User :   just take the right precautions
User :   also he is a IVF baby if that makes any difference
Doctor :   yes yu are right
Doctor :   no it will not make a diffrence
User :   exellent..

User :   :)
User :   so i have a perfectly healthy baby:)
User :   pooing and weeing
User :   sleeping
User :   and breathing
User :   and crying
Doctor :   pleese fill the feed bak form
Doctor :   yes all these signs are normal
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting HealthcareMagic. Bye for now. Please refer your friends to our service.
User :   hiccups?

User :   after every feed>
Doctor :   thats normal
Doctor :   after every feed
User :   ok thought so..

User :   well thankyou for all your help..
User :   it is a great serviced
Doctor :   ok take care bye bye
User :   i searched for while till i found it ist a great idea.. and helot
Doctor :   wish you and your family a good helath
User :   and helot= and helped a lot

User :   thankyou... any other questions come up i will visit you guys again
Doctor :   yu are welcome
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting HealthcareMagic. Bye for now. Please refer your friends to our service.
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