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Braces in gum, toxicity of wire, gum swollen - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   How can I help you?
User :   hello there i went to the dentist today as have a swollon gum on the bottom and i have braces on teeth and the wire of my braces is in my gum and thick arond the wire. can the wire be toxic to me if stuck in my gum
Doctor :   No, braces and wire don't contain toxic elements.
User :   can it cause me to have breathing problems or anything like that
Doctor :   No.
Doctor :   Very few cases of allergies to the material have been reported.
Doctor :   Breathing difficulties aren't associated with braces, unless you are severely allergic to the material, which as I mentioned is extremely rare.
User :   what has caused the gum to go over wire
Doctor :   Without a physical examination, I cannot predict why this may have occurred.
Doctor :   I suggest that you see a dentist who can examine you. He will be the best person to answer this query.
User :   and worrid about lukiumia as i have had like 5 ct scans in the last 12 months ad have had like heaps of xrays at the dentist
Doctor :   Yes, CT scan exposure increases the chances of leukemia.
Doctor :   However research has proved that this chance is not significant when compared to other risks.
Doctor :   You are more bound to have leukemia, if there are age factor, genetic abnormality and occasionally certain virus.
Doctor :   If no such risk factor is associated, I wouldn't consider the exposure you had as significant enough to cause leukemia.
Doctor :   I would suggest you to get blood counts.
Doctor :   If the blood counts show abnormality suggesting leukemia, a bone marrow aspiration and examination will be needed.
Doctor :   This is the best way to rule out or confirm leukemia.
Doctor :   Have you followed what I have suggested?
Doctor :   Are you there?
User :   here
User :   i am losing heaps and heaps of hair when i brush i lose like 500 to 600 hairs.
Doctor :   Hair fall can occur due to multiple other reasons.
Doctor :   Stress and anxiety being the commonest.
Doctor :   In addition to these excess dandruff's, certain medication, thyroid abnormalities, Ovarian disorders are the cause.
Doctor :   Hair fall can be treated with the following measures
Doctor :   1, Avoid stress and anxiety
User :   i think hair is falling out when i brush as i could have lukiumia
Doctor :   2, Destress yourself with proper and regular sleep and relaxation techniques.
Doctor :   Hair fall are more associated with chemotherapy drugs which are used for the treatment of leukemia.
Doctor :   Hence, so I do not consider hair fall alone as a significant symptom to consider the possibility of leukemia.
User :   how would i feel if i have lukiumia
User :   i am losing weight too
User :   i have lose 4 kgs in a month
Doctor :   Most individuals of leukemia are asymptomatic and the condition is diagnosed incidentally.
Doctor :   Other common symptoms which are reported are
Doctor :   chronic bone pain, recurrent fever, reduced appetite, significant weight loss without any other reason.
Doctor :   Diagnosis of leukemia are based on abnormal blood counts and bone marrow studies alone.
Doctor :   If you have these symptoms, blood counts are abnormal and bone marrow analysis reveal significant premature blood cells, then alone leukemia is diagnosed.
Doctor :   Have you followed what I have suggested?
User :   u think i could have lukiumia
Doctor :   No
User :   i have had like sumthing like 3 head scans and 3 body scans and they where Ct Scans. and have had like 6 or so xrays at the dentist
User :   also i have a soreness in my left rib cage and had pain there today and what could that be
User :   like me my lung
Doctor :   I have mentioned earlier, that scans and exposure to Xrays don't pose significant risk to the development of leukemia, if all other risk factors are negative.\
User :   why not
Doctor :   Hence, I do not consider leukemia as a possible diagnosis for the hair fall or reduce weight, unless
Doctor :   you have an abnormal blood counts and abnormal bone marrow examination report
User :   what other risk fators
User :   how would i feel if i did have lukiumia
Doctor :   Most important risk factor is genetic and chromosomal abnormaliy.
Doctor :   Other factors being smoking, certain viral infection such as EB virus infection.
Doctor :   I have alreadly explained to you the common symptoms reported with leukemia.
Doctor :   Chronic bone pain, recurrent fever, reduced appetite, significant weight loss without any other reason are few symptoms.
User :   hello there i am worried that the pain in my lung/rib is i have swallowed sumthing from mu braces
User :   Hi
User :   hello
User :   and i hav pain in my left side of my lung/rib
User :   Examine the brace yourself.
User :   If you find that some part of brace is missing or broken, there are chances that you may have swallowed it.
User :   Swallowed foreign body is dangerous if you develop breathing problems.
User :   Since you are not breathless, the pain and discomfort will usually settle down in a day or two.
User :   You can use antacid syrups such as Syp Mucaine gel one teaspoon before a meal, thrice a day.
User :   if the pain and discomfort is severe, you will need to consult a doctor.
User :   A physical examination and Xray of the appropriate region will be necessary.
User :   Have you followed what I have suggested?
User :   i felt i couldnt breath about 45 mins ago
User :   Ok
User :   so is that bad
User :   it felt as tho i was suffercating
User :   and what would the hospital do if a bracket from my braces is in my left lung
User :   If you are facing breathing discomfort, then you need to be at the ER.
User :   Severe breathing discomfort after swallowing foreign body needs hospitalisation for observation.
User :   Hospitalisation is for observation alone.
User :   so how do they get the bracket out and how would i know if i have swallowed one of my othodontic things that are on my teeth
User :   Further treatment will be suggested if you develop any more breathing discomfort increases.
User :   That will depend on the Xray findings.
User :   Orthodontic braces are radioopaque substances, meaning
User :   they will show up on xrays.
User :   but how do they get the bracket out of ur lung
User :   If the xray shows substance in the breathing tract, or obstructing the gut, it will be removed via an endoscope.
User :   up the bum
User :   in down the thorat
User :   No, via the throat.
User :   I mean the mouth.
User :   can you be awake when they do iy
User :   so can pain mean that you have sumthing stuck
User :   and it felt my thoart was closing aBit
User :   Yes. a local anaesthetising agent will be applied to the endoscope and you will remain awake. If you still feel discomforting, you may be sedated.
User :   My suggestion to you is to see a doctor, if you feel that you may have swallowed part of the brace.
User :   i go and see my doctor tomorrow morning
User :   Hi
User :   can u log and log in again
User :   why
User :   ur original doctor will continue that
User :   then i lose my mins
User :   can you help
User :   I am Dr XXXXXXXX here.
User :   I was chatting with you earlier.
User :   Please proceed.
User :   i dont nw if i have swallowed a pirce of my othodontics braces or not
User :   Ok
User :   and how would i knoiw if i have or not
User :   Then the option available to you is
User :   to check the brace using a mirror.
User :   but not sure what parts was what
User :   A broken brace can be displaced , occasionally you can see a break in the continuity of the brace or the broken segment of the brace.
User :   If you find any such signs, then it is evident that you may have swallowed it.
User :   If you don't find these changes and you feel that you may have swallowed part of the brace, then you will need the Xrays.
User :   Xray are mandatory, if you have had breathing issues after swallowing a foreign body.
User :   Have you followed?
User :   Are you there?
User :   i was a te dentist like 3 hours ago and would he have seen it at all
User :   Are you there?
User :   Are you there?
User :   i was at the dentist today would have have seen if i had any missing
User :   yes
User :   I have to close the window as you are not responding. Please chat with our doctor 24/7 if you have any additional queries.
User :   hello was i just talking to you. if so my side froze
Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   Yes, your dentist would have seen if you there was a broken piece from your brace.
User :   my ribs/lung have soreness in them
User :   and would he have asked if i swallowed any
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   Are you there?
User :   dont know what going on on my end as it wont let me send my messages tho
User :   hello
User :   why is my ribs hurting tho
Doctor :   Can you describe the nature of pain?
User :   i see te orthodontics tomorrow afternoon to see what he is going to do as my gum is raping around my wire
Doctor :   That will be best way to approach as far as the gum problem is concerned.
User :   its not severe it like a short pain that lasts like 30 secs and goes again
Doctor :   Which part of your rib aches?
User :   my gum is swollon and sore at the back of my mouth
User :   just uder my breasts
User :   and sumtimes the sides of my ribs
Doctor :   Does the pain increase while you breathe/cough?
User :   one hand span
User :   i will try coughing ans see
User :   no it dont hurt to cough
User :   one hand span under breasts
Doctor :   Ok
User :   it dont really hurt when i breath
Doctor :   Do you have pain on both sides?
User :   yes now and then
User :   more on right side
Doctor :   Are you suffering from chronic cough?
User :   like really bad cough
Doctor :   Yes, cough disturbing you everyday?
User :   no but last nite at work when i was working it felt like sumthing choked me up and i cough o try and stop the irratiation but it went away after 5 mins
User :   no
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Can you confirm your age?
Doctor :   Do you have any other medical illness apart from anxiety issues?
User :   32
User :   no nothing else
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Based on your description, there are no obvious reason for the chest pain.
Doctor :   Its probably related to the anxiety you have.
Doctor :   Symptoms of occasional chest pain, breathing difficulties, tingling and numbness are common with anxiety.
Doctor :   Are you following?
Doctor :   I have to close the window as you are not responding. Please chat with our doctors 24/7 for medical queries.
User: hello
User :   hello its pain in the ribs/ lungs
Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   Welcome again.
Doctor :   As I was mentioning based on your description, I do not find any obvious cause for the pain.
User :   sorri for coming and going i have to recharge all the time
Doctor :   It's is ok.
User :   i could have swallowed sumthing from braces
Doctor :   Swallowing a foreign body can induce retrosternal pain(heart burn), upper abdominal pain.
Doctor :   And since you report of pain involving both areas of the chest, it is unlikely that such a pain is due to foreign body.
User :   whats retosternal pain
Doctor :   Foreign body in the lung will lead to constant pain on one side along with breathing discomfort.
User :   its sumtimes on the right side
User :   would the pain be on and off
Doctor :   Retrosternal pain is a discomfort in the centre of the chest.
Doctor :   Something similar to an heart burn.
Doctor :   No, foreign body in the lung will lead to constant pain on one side(depending on which side of the lung the substance got into)
User :   its on the right side the pain
Doctor :   hence the pain you have is not classical of foreign body swallowing.
User :   would the pain come and go tho
Doctor :   A constant pain is usually the feature if it were to be due to the foreign body.
Doctor :   Have you followed?
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   On and off pain is not classical that can happen on both sides is not classical of foreign body inhalation.
Doctor :   It is probably associated feature of anxiety.
Doctor :   I meant a foreign body in the lung.
Doctor :   and respiratory airway.
Doctor :   Medically a foreign body in the lung is described as foreign body aspiration.
Doctor :   I used inhalation to make you understand.
User :   OH OK
Doctor :   Do you have any other query?
User :   bUT My Gum Has Gone Over My Wire And My Gums Reall really hurt
Doctor :   As a general physician, my knowlegde with gum/dental problems is restricted.
Doctor :   A dentist by examination will be able to answer why this has happened.
Doctor :   It could be an inflammation referred to as gingivitis.
Doctor :   Inflammation could be because of reaction to the brace, trauma, dislodgement of the brace or rarely an infection.
User :   no its from my braces
Doctor :   Dental examination is warranted.
Doctor :   Have you followed what I have suggested?
User :   yes
User :   ould i have swallowed anything
Doctor :   Do you have any other query?
User :   could i have swallowed abit of my braces and if you dont get a bracket out then can you die.
Doctor :   Death following foreign body swallowing can happen due to the following causes
Doctor :   1. Immediate death occurs due to choking where the symptoms are severe breathlessness with profuse sweating.
Doctor :   Based on your description, you didn't have this.
User :   so what would ur breathing be like
Doctor :   2. Death can occur after a period of time due to the following reasons, lung infection, abscess, lung collapse with breathing compromise, severe intestinal injury.
User :   would my braces be loose if it swallowed sumthing of them
User :   and u XXXXXXXX u would have pain in the lungs
User :   can that happen from sumthing eing stuck in the lung
Doctor :   Such later complications can well be avoided by getting an Xray and removal of the foreign body.
User :   i have to see doctor tomorrow morning so i will ask him then
Doctor :   Lung pain due to the foreign body classically produces continuous pain that is seen only on one particular side.
Doctor :   See a doctor and get the xrays.
User :   why would it have been when we where coming home from the denist that it felt as tho my thoat was closing and felt like i was really suffercating
Doctor :   Further steps in managing the present issue will be taken after the xray findings.
User :   how bad would the pain be in the lung
Doctor :   If you had aspirated a foreign body, you would have died immediately due to choking.
User :   and its like i hold my breath at times and its weird
User :   what you mean
Doctor :   I meant foreign body aspiration would produce immediate death,
Doctor :   if it is obstruction the trachea.
User :   really
Doctor :   As it enters lower down, symptoms such persistent breathlessness and one side chest pain can happen.
User :   why am i getting that feeling i feel i am going to stop breathling at times
Doctor :   Xray will confirm the foreign body, and can be removed via an endoscope.
Doctor :   Foreign body swallowed into the gut usually comes out without any difficulties and complications are uncommon.
Doctor :   Few report of upper abdominal pain, heart burns which settle down.
User :   how would it go into the tummy
Doctor :   Rarely foreign body can obstruct the gut and this will need endoscopic removal or an laprotomy(open surgery).
User :   how often would it get stuck in the lungs
Doctor :   It is natural that a foreign body can enter either the tummy or the lungs.
Doctor :   It can't go anywhere else.
User :   so could it have gone to my lung
Doctor :   Foreign body aspiration are rare, unless one is drowsy/sedated, intoxicated with drugs, alcohol, had a convulsion or unconscious.
User :   how do they get it into there lungs
Doctor :   With no such problems/history, chances of foreign body entering the lung is less than 3%.
Doctor :   Have you followed?
Doctor :   Do you have any other query?
User :   how does it get into sumones lungs
Doctor :   Foreign body getting into the lungs is rare. Such events don't occur commonly, unless one is drowsy/sedated, intoxicated with drugs, alcohol, had a convulsion or unconscious.
Doctor :   stomach and lungs being the two connected to the mouth, its natural that it will enter either the lungs/stomach.
Doctor :   Have you followed?
Doctor :   Do you have any other query?
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   I have to close the window as you are not responding. Please chat with our doctors 24/7 for medical queries.
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