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Applied methol foot cream by mistake after shower on entire body, - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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User :   hi!
i just rubbed a cream all over my body after the shower that had that menthol ingredient that is in i didn't know this till about 20 min after i used it. it burns and smells like- and i got really scared of an overdose-- so i then washed it off in a hot shower. now i read that people can die from it and heat makes it worse. i has been about an hour- i feel nauseous and i feel it in my system. its almost like i can taste it. and its still in my arms and legs- i am so scared that i overdose and i will die!@
Doctor :   hi
User :   hi
Doctor :   User :   oh good
Doctor :   let me read what you have typed
User :   k
Doctor :   you should not have washed it in hot shower, rather should have done in lukewarm water.
User :   okay
User :   but i did use a hot showe
Doctor :   what symptom do you have apart from nausea?
User :   so now what should i do?
User :   i just feel like it is in my system
Doctor :   continue to drink a lot of water, keep yourself hydrated.
User :   i can smell it and taste it a little even though i didnt put any near my face
Doctor :   if you develop any other symptoms like dizziness, burning, breathing trouble, palpitations
User :   i NEVER take asprin- or any drugs
User :   I dont like it so i am super worried now
Doctor :   blurry vision, and vomiting, visit to ER immediately
Doctor :   you can try an take a lukewarm water bath again with a mild and gentle soap
User :   how about a cold shower?
Doctor :   if the smell does not goes away or you still get to taste it, then you should report to ER
User :   i am so scared to die
Doctor :   cold shower is fine
User :   there was that girl who died
Doctor :   do not worry, you do not have any other symptoms so in all probabilities, it is not dangerous
Doctor :   from next time onwards, be careful in choosing what products you are using.
User :   this is also my first time-- and btw it was not an actual bengay- it is some stupid "natural" cream that i realized after was meant for FEET- with that ingrediant in it!
User :   sorry abt spelling errors
User :   i am typing fast
Doctor :   it is fine, do not worry, go ahead with the cold water bath, and see if it helps
User :   okay- since i have more time am i allowed to ask you more questions
User :   or will you become annoyed
Doctor :   if it does not help, then consider going t o emergency room, especially if you develop any other symptoms as mentioned above
Doctor :   you can ask me more questions, provided you have followed what I have said for your first query
Doctor :   if any doubts you can get back to me.
Doctor :   have you followed what I have said uptil now?
Doctor :   are you there?
User :   well
User :   i have been drinking water
Doctor :   ok.
User :   but i have not taken another shower yet
Doctor :   you can go ahead with another shower after this discussion is over
Doctor :   is there anything else you would like to ask me?
User :   yes
User :   i would like to know if this kind of episode is of more concern if it is one time
Doctor :   ok. please proceed with your query
Doctor :   if it is only one time, then you need not be concerned
Doctor :   focus more on the relief
User :   or constant use
Doctor :   and be careful not to have repeat episodes
Doctor :   never use creams or lotions on body that are not meant for the body
User :   i will NEVER EVER use this stuff again!!! i am waaayyy to careful
User :   this is why i am so overly concerned
User :   because i am typically so careful and now i feel like i have duped myself
Doctor :   the foot creams have more concentrated ingredients since teh skin is thich and harder
User :   into a posion situation
User :   i am actually quite bright
User :   and this is very unlike me
Doctor :   so its easy for the ingredients to penetrate in higher concentration
Doctor :   so if these are used on body skin which is relatively softer
Doctor :   it will get irritated due to higher concentration of teh ingreadients
User :   do you mean that this foot cream has more than bengay or icy hot??!! dear god!
Doctor :   which actually are soothing to the feet
Doctor :   the concentration of the menthol will be less than that in bengay or icy hot, but more than what is formulated for use over body
User :   okay- so it is at least a good thing that i didn't use a bengay in this manner. yes?
Doctor :   yes.
User :   okay and also... if i WERE to have a serious outcome from this- how long after would i be having the symptoms you mentions
User :   mentioned
User :   because the application was an hour ago
User :   and i am so tired
User :   but forcing myself to stay awake
Doctor :   it can be anytime between 1-4 hours of use, but be careful for next 24 hours time.
User :   in case i have any symtoms!
User :   i dont want to die in my sleep
User :   what!!! 24 hours!!!
Doctor :   since you have not developed any further symptoms in this one hour
Doctor :   go ahead with another shower (cold) with mild soap
Doctor :   and see if you feel better
Doctor :   in case yo feel better, you can sleep
Doctor :   it is likely that you will not develop any further symptoms
User :   the thing is doc- i dont feel bad really- just more concerned- my stomach feels better- BUT the one symptom i have had the whole time, including now... is that my body has that weird cold feeling you get after application- along with the taste in the mouth and perm smell in nose
Doctor :   ok, i will explain

Doctor :   the felling of cold is due to the menthol
Doctor :   what happens is methol causes more circulation of blood in the periphery
Doctor :   so you start feeling cold as your body in periphery becomes warm but the environment outside is colder than your body
Doctor :   this feeling should go away with another shower with soap
User :   and for the taste/smell?
Doctor :   even that will go away in sometime
Doctor :   when the cream gets washed off completely
User :   okay- also since you have told me to drink water
User :   the body cold sensation has increased
Doctor :   yes
User :   is this normal
User :   also
User :   am i keeping you awake?
User :   or do you do this all night anyway
Doctor :   yes, it will increase as the volume of water increases, it will help to flush out if any has been absorbed
Doctor :   it is fine..I am there to help you..
Doctor :   do not worry, it is my work time, not rest time
Doctor :   so you can go ahead with your queries
User :   okay good- because i want you please standby while i take a quick shower
User :   if that is okay
User :   then i will tell you how it is
User :   ps- scared to take cold shower
Doctor :   it is fine..i will wait for your response if you need me.
User :   it is late
Doctor :   it should not be a cold shower altogether
User :   and i am feeling cold to begin with
Doctor :   let it be a little lukewarm
Doctor :   just to kill the coldness of the water types.
User :   like comfortable warm
User :   or still kinda cold
Doctor :   yes a bit comfortable warm, not very warm
Doctor :   a little more warm than the drinking wtaer
User :   okay-- also i know you said it would take up to 24 hours-- BUT with a skin issue (to bloodstream etc) does it normally take a long time for symptoms to show up? or would i pretty much know by now if i was in serious shape?
Doctor :   it would have shown itself up by now
Doctor :   with very few instances of late reaction
User :   you mean its very rare to have a late reaction?
Doctor :   yes it is rare to have a late reaction. if it was something serious, you would have more symptoms by now.
User :   i am curious
User :   why you think that one girl died
User :   the runner
Doctor :   i would suggest you not to delay your next shower.
User :   if you look up death and bengay it comes up everywhere
Doctor :   tht girl who died, what did she apply?
User :   i think bengay
Doctor :   if it was bengay that she applied, then it could be due to a huge peripheral vasodilation with maximum blood shifting to peripheral body than important organs like brain, kidney, heart and lungs
Doctor :   so the reduced blood supple to important organs could have resulted in shock
Doctor :   leading to death
User :   but do you think it happened in one dose of lathering would cause this?
Doctor :   she would not have had late onset of symptoms or no symptoms like in your case.
User :   i suspect athletes do this all the time
User :   and they would take it off the OTC-- if it was serious no?
Doctor :   it depends on the concentration of creams and how much is applied.
User :   i see
User :   okay now i will shower
Doctor :   and yes, it would definitely be out of OTC list if it was serious
User :   then i will come back and pay more to tell you how i am
User :   i an sure you cant wait! lol!
Doctor :   ok. hope you feel better and do not need to come back again..if do need to come back, then I will be here to help you.
User :   i prob will come back because i am scared
User :   and just want someone to help me through
User :   really truly i am very scared right now
Doctor :   ok. do not be scared. go have a nice cold/lukewarm shower
Doctor :   relax yourself
User :   i am alone on vacay with both kids
Doctor :   and wash out all the cream well with your soap
User :   and my husband is 3000 miles away!
User :   i scrubbed myself raw already the first time
User :   so...
Doctor :   i can understand what you are faced with when your husband is away. do not worry, be brave..
Doctor :   no, never scrub yourslef vigorously
Doctor :   use soap two to three times if you need
User :   are you serious?!
Doctor :   but never scrub
User :   why??
Doctor :   scrubbing can actually make the cream go deeper
Doctor :   so this time, do not scrub
User :   omg- so i really made things worse with hot shower and scrubbing
Doctor :   yes, hot shower and 'raw' scrubbing coul dincrease more blood circulation in periphery
Doctor :   do not worry since your tummy feels better now,
User :   and not enough to organs! oh great!
Doctor :   probably the cream did not get absorbed much.
User :   okay but then what can this shower really do for me at this point?
Doctor :   so relax, do not get scared anymore, if it was serious, you would have had other symptoms showing up by now.
User :   k- be back
Doctor :   it will help to wash off any cream left, and the coldness of the shower will make blood get back to central circulation
User :   okay- xcllnt
Doctor :   did you follow what I said?
User :   yep off to do it now
User :   will be back in a few
Doctor :   ok. take care.
User :   hi
User :   are you there doc
Doctor :   hi.
Doctor :   Dr. XXXXXXXX here.
User :   same doc as before
User :   oh good
User :   okay
Doctor :   how are you feeling now? are you better?
User :   so i have to be honest
User :   i went to shower and it was toooo cold
User :   it is almost 5am here
User :   i could not do it
User :   so i stuck my legs one at a time in the sink
Doctor :   ok. did you try with lukewarm water atleast?

User :   and splashed cold water all over them
User :   is that okay?
Doctor :   i had explained you that it need not be altogether cold, but lukewarm water, that is to say bit more wram than drinking water.
Doctor :   where do you have the burning sensation more in the body?
Doctor :   how does it feel now?
User :   its not really burning sensation- more of the cold sensation
Doctor :   ok.
Doctor :   is the nausea better?
User :   then i made scrambled eggs
Doctor :   is the smell faded?
User :   and i ate- is that okay to eat eggs with hot sauce?
User :   so so- still smell a little
User :   but thanks to you- i am starting to mellow out a bit
Doctor :   ok. the eggs should not be a problem as long as you feel fine
Doctor :   so do not worry, you will be fine
User :   what about hot sauce-- it might be a suuuper stupid question, but its not the same as hot water right?
Doctor :   no, it is fine. do not worry about it.
Doctor :   so overall how do you feel now? are your symptoms better?
Doctor :   how do you rate your improvement on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest score?
User :   i mean i guess- but i am soooo exhausted i cant tell-
User :   i want to go to bed so badly
User :   but i dont want to miss important symptoms
User :   and sleep through my organs having trouble
Doctor :   no, you can go to sleep now, if you feel fine. in all likelihood, you will not develop any further symptoms
Doctor :   are your symptoms better now as compared to 1 hour ago?
User :   really really high percentage?
Doctor :   if yes, then how do you rate your improvement on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest score?
User :   sorta- my stomach better but i still feel it in my system
User :   not sure honestly- i think the taste is better cause i ate
Doctor :   ok
User :   but the smell is still there a bit
Doctor :   the smell will take sometime to go, it will go off eventually
Doctor :   you can stop worrying now, and go back to sleep.
User :   okay- thanks so much!
Doctor :   and have a relaxing sleep.
User :   night doc!!!
Doctor :   if you need anything again, I will be here to help you for another 2 n half hours.
Doctor :   after that my duty ends, but my collegues will be there to help you
Doctor :   if you need anything further.
Doctor :   we are all there 24/7 to help you
User :   that is very good to know- if i didnt use all my minutes- will they be stored?
Doctor :   do not hesitate to contact us again for your health queries
Doctor :   no, this 30 minute period will get over once 30 minutes are over since your payment
Doctor :   if you need to speak again to us, you will need to recharge again
User :   gotcha!
User :   btw- what kind of doc are you? and where did you go to med school?
Doctor :   is there anything else you would like to ask me Mitchelle?
Doctor :   I am a general practitioner with about 9 years experience
Doctor :   I am based in India, and I did my medicine in St. Johns Medical College in Bangalore, India.
User :   xcllnt! cool! okay goodnight then.
Doctor :   goodnight. take care.
Doctor :   thanks for consulting me. bye for now.
User :   and one last time-- what is the percentage that i am fine at this point!
Doctor :   you are fine at this point of time since you are able to respond to me properly. on a scale of 1-10, you are at about 8 with 10 being highest score for being good
Doctor :   you can relax.
Doctor :   is there anything else I can help you with?
User :   no- not now- thanks night!
Doctor :   thanks for consulting me. bye for now. do get back to me if you have further queries.
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