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Anxiety, breathlessness, root canal treatment - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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User :   Hi
User :   I am Dr.
User :   hello there soso scared as today i was leaving my sons school and he reminded me that he had a concet tomorrow nite at his school and so so worried as i felt very very weird in the face and eyes and felt like i was suffercating abit
User :   Please go ahead with your queries
User :   Ok
User :   so so worried and scared whats wrong with me and what it could be
User :   Is it the first time you have this kind of feeling
User :   yes
User :   Do you have any other problems like chest pain, palpitations, dizzy etc?
User :   i didnt have palpitations or chest pain and it wasnt really dizzieness whys that
User :   WHat is your age and do you have any other medical problems like high BP, Diabetes
User :   i am 32 and dont have high blood prussure or diabetes
User :   but i have got anxitey
User :   Anxiety is the next question I was supposed to ask
User :   i am anxitey
User :   The episode that you experienced can be related to anxiety
User :   u sure do pleople have the same thing i have experinced
User :   Whenever you have an episode like this, just wait for 10 seconds
User :   Relax and sit
User :   whys that
User :   i was driving at the time out of the car park at my sons school
User :   Anxiety can increase the heart rte, breathing rate nd change the dynamics of neurovascular mechanism in the body
User :   whats neurovascular
User :   Increased blood flow
User :   and the nerve conduction differs
User :   YOu could have just stopped the car
User :   i have also got a dentist question so could i talk to a dentist
User :   i still felt about breathless as well after it
User :   Ok do onething
User :   When ever you have such episode
User :   and when i got home i still felt like i was going to pass out
User :   Take a polythene bag
User :   and puff into it and breathe from it for 10 breaths
User :   will that help
User :   If you have such feelings of passing out, it is better to see doctor nearby
User :   can i talk to a dentist now
User :   Yes
User :   thanks heaps\
User :   so will the dentist come into the live chat
User :   Yes
User :   I am Dr.
User :   Please continue
User :   I am a dentist
User :   hello i need a root canal
User :   Hello are you there
User :   Ok
User :   is this the dentist
User :   I am Dr.
User :   Please go ahead
User :   u a dentist
User :   are you a dentist
User :   yes
User :   cool
User :   i am scared to have a root canal as i had one done like 12 years ago and it really hurt when the dentist grabed one of the nerves i flew out of the chair it hurt that much
User :   the dentist put sum cold spray on my tooth and it hurt and he said thats good as my tooth is still alive
User :   he is going to try and just do a filling in that tooth if he cant and he exposes the nerve then he told me that he will have to take the neves out and why is that.
User :   as he has to get rid of the decay in the tooth
User :   are you there
User :   yes
User :   listening to your problems
User :   Let me explain you in toto so that you will understand the process of root canal treatment
User :   Most of the times the rootcanal treatment is done because the root of the tooth ( pulp) is infected
User :   or damaged
User :   It may happen even if your tooth is not painful
User :   So the endodontist can check this after examination and tests like Xray
User :   If he confirms that it is his experience he decides to have a root canal if the oral antibiotics do not help in clearing the infection
User :   i have just go decay on that tooth and the nevres aint exposed as yet and it was just a dentist not a endodontist
User :   Root canal is better performed by Endodontist or experienced regular dentist too
User :   this is for me
User :   he is just going to try and getb the decay out of the tooth but if the nerves do became exposed then he will have to pull the nerves out of the tooth
User :   That is a procedural issue
User :   Everyone is not the same and every tooth is not the same
User :   the dentist name is run by the dentist that is going to do my tooth
User :   If the nerves are exposed in your previous treatment
User :   what u mean a procedural issue
User :   it does not mean that they are exposed this time too
User :   He is just mentioning to you that if the nerves are exposed then he will have to remove it
User :   did dentist use to use tweers to pull the nerves out
User :   yes
User :   why dont they use tweers now\
User :   but that in a finer way
User :   so if the nerves are still alive in the tooth then will it be painfull when getting the nerves cleaned out
User :   let me address the complex issue rather than the procedural things
User :   what u mean that in the finer why
User :   The Root canal treatment is not painful generally
User :   The dentist usually use good local anesthetic like Nitrous oxide (very potent)
User :   and then do the procedure
User :   They remove the pulp
User :   The objective of the Root canal treatment is to preserve the tooth
User :   the dentisttold me that he just numbs the teeth like he does when doing a filling
User :   over the root
User :   You may ask for a potent local anesthetic
User :   why is that
User :   how much of the local can they give you?
User :   have you done root canals
User :   It can numb you for good time till the procedure is completed
User :   yes
User :   I generally give the short anesthetic
User :   if u count from the molar its the 4th one from there
User :   and repeat the anesthetic if the person feels pain during the procedure
User :   have u had people feel the pain
User :   It is completely the skill of the dentist
User :   whats the pain like when they feel the pain from the nerve
User :   to keep the pain at aby
User :   bay
User :   It is usually pinching pain
User :   I still stress upon saying that root canal treatment is most often painless if good anesthesia is given
User :   However after the procedure you have some pain
User :   which should be explained by your dentist before you take up the procedure
User :   After the procedure, you have to have good follow up with your dentist
User :   for good pain killers
User :   the pain i had in the front tooth was a very very sharp pain
User :   For few days you will see the swelling , the dentist shall give good number of antiinflammatories
User :   for the swelling to subside
User :   the pain i had in the front tooth was a very very sharp pain and why you nearly jump tho the roof
User :   the nature of pain can vary, yes sharp pain can also result
User :   \why is the pain so so sharp
User :   and can the dentist test to see if the nerves are asleep b4 he goes to put the file in
User :   Different reasons, swelling of the gums, infected root,
User :   yes yes
User :   how can he test it first
User :   Slight incision over the area
User :   have you had people have pain thathave gone though the rooof
User :   yeah very common
User :   now u say its very common and u say its painless tho
User :   I will explain you
User :   Such nature of pains is common if insufficient anesthesia is given
User :   i am very very scared to have it done hey
User :   Though this can be avoided with good anesthetic
User :   if i have it on one of my molars then where does the dentist have to give me the injections so it aint painful when he touches the tooth nerves
User :   at the root of the molar
User :   and can he give me 2 shots of local b4 he starts
User :   u male or female
User :   so that the top of the tooth
User :   Male
User :   i am so so scared to get it done hey
User :   Actually it is a good rapport between your dentist and you that solves the issue
User :   You have to explain about your anxiety
User :   issues
User :   and the past expereicne you had
User :   he knowa i have anxitey and knows my past histroy
User :   Ok
User :   i think you need two or three visits with the doctor before you actually undertake the procedure
User :   so how could he be gentle as i told him if i feel any pain at all then that will be it as i cant stand the pain when the nerves where touched with the dentist tweesers and then i was in tears
User :   it really hurt
User :   and nearly fainted
User :   i am in tears as so scared
User :   so so scared
User :   I understand
User :   Actually your treating dentist should allway your anxiety
User :   first
User :   what was that
User :   and if required in stages too
User :   then only when he feels you are comfortable he should slowly do this procedure
User :   that how i got anxitey
User :   how can he slowly do it
User :   how long does it take to get the nerves out and the dentist told me tht sum peoples nerves are high up near the tooth and sum are really low down and he told me that my neres are hig up so he could expose the nerves hey
User :   u there
User :   yes
User :   Ok
User :   is that right
User :   yes
User :   will i feel pain when he expoes the nerves
User :   As I told you every person is not the same and every tooth is not the same
User :   If he numbes
User :   then no pain
User :   even if he numbs i may still feel pain
User :   so so worried
User :   before i had my root canal like 10 years ago i think i was on really strong panadol
User :   Actually you have to take good anxiety medication also a night before speaking to your treating doctor
User :   whys that
User :   Anxiety reduces the threshold for tolerance of pain
User :   If you take anxiolytics, then the threshold to tolerate the pain is increased
User :   and you can be more comfortable
User :   So speak to your treating doctor for anxiety
User :   This is a good article written by a dentist
User :   about root canal
User :   You can read through this
User :   WWW.WWWW.WW
User :   Did you follow?
User :   I think you can read this and get back to me anytime
User :   what u mean about taking anxiolytics
User :   Anxiolytics reduce the episodes of anxiety
User :   hence the tolerance of pain increases
User :   hence speak to your treating doctor about them
User :   what u mean
User :   i could see feel a very sharp pain if my nerves are nopt asleep
User :   Do you mean even now?
User :   You mean during the procedure or after the procedure you have the pain?
User :   during
User :   That was 10 yrs back
User :   The techniques are far well developed now
User :   Let me summarize to answer your questions
User :   1) the techniques are far advanced now than which were 10 or 12 yrs back
User :   2) Speak to your doctor about anxiolytics before the day of the procedure and on the day of procedure
User :   3) Antibiotic prophylaxis will reduce the chances of infection ( a good reason for the pain)
User :   4) Believe in your dentist else change him. Get the procedure done by a different one once you find him comfortable with
User :   5) You should also realize the pain and try to tolerate to certain extent
User :   6) Good local anesthetic application does not cause pain
User :   7) The procedure can be split into two if you are not comfortable
User :   Please make this as a check list and tick them if you are prepared to take up the procedure
User :   Are you there?
User :   yes
User :   Ok, I think this can give you an idea on how to go about it
User :   It was pleasure speaking to you
User :   Bye for now.
User :   why u going
User :   i need help
User :   I have to attend a procedure in next 15 minutes
User :   I have to wash and change
User :   what u doing in that procure
User :   Dental extraction
User :   i want to know how do they take ur nerves out of ur teeth
User :   Can I send a mail about this to your email ID
User :   YYYY@YYYY
User :   yes u can'
User :   can u do it now at all
User :   That is better
User :   Oh I need a day because all my appointments are booked
User :   Today being a monday I have a hectic schedule
User :   I shall send it across in 24 hours
User :   Bye for now
User :   It is time
User :   w2here are u from
Doctor :   Hi
User :   where are you from
Doctor :   Its Dr here
User :   are u a dentist
Doctor :   No I am a General Physician
User :   can i talk to a dentist at all
Doctor :   I am sorry the dentist is in off now.
Doctor :   We are from
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   It seems you have moved out of the chat window. Please log in back if you have medical queries
User :   i am scared about having a root canal
Doctor :   Root canal is a painless procedure.
User :   no when i had root canal like 10 years ago it really hurt
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   It may be that there would be any bacterial infection and that would have caused pain
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   Is there anything else you would like to know?
Doctor :   Are you there?
User :   sorri
User :   what would have cased pain
Doctor :   It may be that there would be any bacterial infection and that would have caused pain
User :   but it was a very very sharp pain not a little pain
Doctor :   Ok
User :   why are root canals so so painfull
Doctor :   Since the cavity is filled with bacteria, the root canal gets inflamed and causes pain.
User :   i have a cavity so could i have very very sharp pain again
Doctor :   If any infection is there and it has spread then pain could be there.
User :   my nerves aint exposed but he says that he will try and just do a filling when he gets all the decay out of my teeth but if he exposes the nerve then he will have to take the nerves out
User :   and how do they take the nerves pout
Doctor :   Ok
User :   out
Doctor :   That can be explained by your treating doc well, since i am not a dentist i do not have much idea about the procedure.
User :   have you had a root canal
Doctor :   No i have not
User :   i have this pain in my left arm up near my shoulder
User :   so u wouldnt know if they are painfull or not
Doctor :   Is it periodic or continuous? Since when are you having this arm pain?
User :   continuous
Doctor :   Does this pain radiate somewhere?Since when are you having this arm pain?
User :   just late this afternoon i dont know if it is becase i am laying on my elbows on the bed
User :   no dont radiade
Doctor :   May be then because of the posture it is there.
User :   so worried and scared
User :   about root canal
Doctor :   Try to move it and do some rotation of the shoulder
Doctor :   No need to be scared
Doctor :   Is there anything else you would like to know?
Doctor :   Are you there?
Doctor :   I have to close the window as you are not responding. Please chat with our doctors 24/7 for medical queries.
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