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Abortion due to fibroids, trying to conceive, paraphimosis - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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User :   I am 32 years old. My weight is 55 and I have some sexual problems that I want to discuss. Can some one help me?
Doctor :   Hi
User :   Hi..
Doctor :   I shall help you in the best as possible.
Doctor :   Can you explain your problem?
User :   I am 32 years od and my wife is 33 years old and we are planning for kids. When we got married last year, my got concieved and unfortunately she got missed abortion due to fibroid issue. We are planning for kids now and nothing is working out.
Doctor :   Ok
User :   Also, my major problem is I have not undergone circumcession and always I have fear in mind that, If I push my penis heavily my skin gets folded back and its becoming very tough to get back my skin to its original postion.
Doctor :   Ok
User :   I have a problem in placement of my penis at sex and I have been always taking my wife's help for correct placement. Sometimes its working out and sometimes its getting ejaculated outside.
User :   Due to this, I am not able to get complete satisfaction at sex.
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Let me explain to you.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Your first issue, inability to conceive.
Doctor :   It is quite possible, that your partners fibroid issue could be interfering with pregnancy.
Doctor :   You can discuss with her gynecologist, if this is the cause.
Doctor :   In such case, treating the fibroid by simple surgery will treat it.
User :   One more issue I have, kindly let me ask..
Doctor :   Yes.
User :   It's that, if I am having sex at one day, my penis is very erect and OK. As the days are passing, it's not getting stimulated as strong. I mean, I coudn't enjoy sex daily with good stamina..
Doctor :   I shall explain those.
User :   ok
Doctor :   now going back to your first issue.
User :   ok
Doctor :   I suggest you to discuss about the fibroid problem with her gynecologist and follow their advice about its treatment.
User :   OK..
Doctor :   You may also have a look on your semen by getting a semen analysis.
Doctor :   Having said this,
Doctor :   since you say, it's just been a year
Doctor :   since marriage and that your wife had already
Doctor :   conceived once,
User :   I have undergone semen analysis and it says 30million count.. Is that a good figure..?
Doctor :   I do not think we are dealing with infertility issues here.
Doctor :   Yes, 30 million sperm counts is good enough.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Like I mentioned, I do not think there are infertility problems here, and you should be able to raise children very soon.
Doctor :   Have you followed with this?
User :   Yes..
Doctor :   Now your second problem, difficulty to get the skin back to normal after intercourse.
Doctor :   This is described as paraphimosis is medical terms.
Doctor :   Yes, tight foreskin is a cause for this condition.
Doctor :   Try using good lubrications during sexual intercourse.
Doctor :   Saliva or vaseline are good lubricants that you can use.
User :   Can you please suggest if anything best that is available?
Doctor :   Apart from this you can use products such as KY jelly.
Doctor :   They are available at a chemist.
Doctor :   You can use them.
User :   ok.. Before Intercourse, I should apply vaseline to my penis.. Am I correct..
Doctor :   They will help in smooth movements of the foreskin.
Doctor :   Yes.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Apart from this, you need to involve in more foreplay before attempting penetration.
User :   OK
Doctor :   Good amount of foreplay will increase genital secretions, which will add to the lubrication.
Doctor :   The products that I mentioned can be tried for a few days/months.
User :   ok
Doctor :   I do not advice you to use them for lifelong.
User :   Understood
Doctor :   The tightness is expected to improve with time.
User :   ok
Doctor :   However if the persists, the best choice of treating this is getting the circumcision done.
Doctor :   Have you followed with this?
User :   Yes
Doctor :   Now your third issue.
Doctor :   All women have the vaginal orifice located in the centre of the female genital organ.
Doctor :   if you have a curved penis or if there is an abnormal orifice
Doctor :   you may experience symptoms such as yours.
User :   Yes, Mine will be little curved and slightly bent..
Doctor :   However since you are able to have sexual intercourse, I do not think
Doctor :   this is a major problem to be concerned off.
Doctor :   You can take the help of your partner initially,
Doctor :   with time and experience you will be able to get this problem solved.
Doctor :   You can try different position according to your and your partners comfort.
Doctor :   Change of position most often will take care of this problem/
Doctor :   Have you followed what I have suggested?
Doctor :   It seems you have moved out of the chat window. Please log in back if you have medical queries..
User :   So that I can have enough time to get all my qureries clarified...
Doctor :   I was explaining to you about difficulty during sexual intercourse.
User :   Yes
Doctor :   Difficulty could be due to improper position, contributed by the curvature of the penis and your partners comfort.
Doctor :   This again is not a worrying concern.
Doctor :   And as I was trying to explain to you, try changing the positing during sexual intercourse.
User :   ok
Doctor :   You can also use the help of your partner during sexual intercourse initially
Doctor :   and with experience you should be able to find solution - the best and comfortable position so that you can enjoy the act.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Have you followed with that?
User :   Yes
Doctor :   Now coming to your last problem, reduced performance on some days.
User :   Actually, the position I always have intercourse is to have both the legs of my partner stretched on my shoulders..
Doctor :   The more the complex the position is the more difficult the act will be.
User :   Even then, Its not becoming easy for me to push completely.
Doctor :   The foreskin problem that you initially reported could be interfering with your sexual act.
User :   Yes..
User :   exactly.. That's the greatest fear I have..
User :   :(
Doctor :   Try simple position, with the good measures of lubrication.
Doctor :   You will be able to over come this problem easily.
User :   Do you suggest any link that is available showing the pictures of best positions of intercourse..
Doctor :   Drinking good amount of water before sexual intercourse is very helpful in improving lubrication
User :   ohhhh ok..
Doctor :   and as as explained earlier, good foreplay is also very essential.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Most individual do not involve in foreplay.
Doctor :   They play a crucial role both in increasing lubrication and alleviating the fear.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Hence I do recommend you practice good foreplay before attempting sexual intercourse.
Doctor :   Have you followed with this?
User :   Yes
Doctor :   Now your last problem - the reduced performance level on few days.
User :   Yes
Doctor :   Sexual performance is not a scaled measurement, it varies among different individuals.
Doctor :   The entire function is influenced by many factor.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Stress, fear, interest in both partners, nutrition, sleep are as equal factors as any medical condition that influence the sexual functions.
Doctor :   It is not common these days, that we doctor find lot of young men coming with sexual problems such as yours.
User :   Yes..
Doctor :   A recent study on such individuals have proved that most often the cause is non medical.
User :   Stress is becoming as a very usual thing as our daily life..
Doctor :   They commonest cause is fear - fear of inability to perform to 100% during a sexual act.
Doctor :   This is followed by rushing the whole process.
User :   OK...
Doctor :   the other factors that were found in the study are stress, lack of sleep and lack of diet.
User :   The issue I am facing is my organ is softening back very very early..
Doctor :   Few other factors that can contribute to this are smoking and alcohol.
Doctor :   The last problem that you are facing could be due to most of your initial symptoms.
Doctor :   The best solution suggested by experts is behavioural modification.
Doctor :   The measures suggested to you are few of the modifications that you need to try.
User :   ok
Doctor :   To regroup those measures
Doctor :   1. Drink enough of fluids before the act
Doctor :   2. Do not bring stress in family and work during sexual activity.
Doctor :   They could interfere with your performance
Doctor :   If you are stressed and worried, it may better to avoid sexual intercourse on that day.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Alternatively, practice deep breathing exercises
Doctor :   They will help in relaxation.
Doctor :   3. Increase foreplay.
Doctor :   Foreplay as explained has crucial role.
Doctor :   4. Try simple positions instead of complex position.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Sexual activity is equal to exercises that involve lifting weight.
User :   ok
Doctor :   The more complex the position is the more it will drive your energy leading to exhaustion.
Doctor :   A exhausted person will not be able to continue sexual intercourse.
User :   ok
Doctor :   If needed keep a glass of water near your bed and drink water regularly.
User :   ok
Doctor :   5. You can use saliva or the products mentioned to you earlier, they will help in smoothening foreskin movement.
Doctor :   If you still find it painful, then circumcision is the best solution.
User :   ok
Doctor :   6. Practice Masters and Johnson's technique if you feel that you are climaxing early.
User :   ok
Doctor :   This is technique suggested to prevent early ejaculation.
User :   OK
Doctor :   It is a simple technique where you need to stop just before you feel that you are about to ejaculate.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Withdraw from your partner and squeeze the base of the penis.
Doctor :   Once you feel the urge is reduced, you can restart the activity.
User :   ok
Doctor :   You can continue this cycle as long as you can.
User :   ok
Doctor :   You will be able to maintain the erection for a long time.
User :   ok
Doctor :   7. Keep your body weight in the recommended range.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Practice a diet and exercises appropriately.
User :   ok
Doctor :   8. Diet is also essential. You will need a diet good in calorie and vitamins for proper sexual function.
User :   ok
Doctor :   So a regular diet with good fruits and vegetables is essential.
User :   ok
Doctor :   If you feel that your diet is not very regular, you can supplement diet with multivitamin pills.
Doctor :   One multivitamin pill a day will make up for the essential vitamins.
Doctor :   7. Good and regular sleep every days is essential both in keeping the body fit as well as helping you fight your fear.
User :   ok
Doctor :   8. If fear is trying to overcome your sexual performance, it is a good option to consult an expert to help you handle the fear and anxiety.
User :   ok
Doctor :   These options and the ones I had explained to you earlier should be sufficient to help you in having a better sexual life.
Doctor :   Have you followed what I have suggested?
User :   ok..
Doctor :   Do you have any other query?
User :   I had my semen analysis 6 months ago and as I said, its 30million count. I am a smoker and will smoke 6-7 cigs per day. I am afraid, if it could have led to any reduce in my sperm count
Doctor :   Smoking is known to affect libido and sexual performance.
Doctor :   Yes, it also known to be a factor that can reduce sperm count.
User :   ok..
Doctor :   But in the absence of other risk factors, most important of all is the hormonal factors
User :   ok..
Doctor :   I feel that it will not cause major changes in sperm count.
User :   ok
Doctor :   But it will be an additional benefit if you can avoid smoking.
User :   Do you suggest any best medicine to get my semen count increased and for good stamina.. during intercourse..
Doctor :   Do you follow?
Doctor :   Your sperm count is good.
User :   Surely.. I will try my best to quit smoking..
Doctor :   A count of above 1.5 million sperms is sufficient to raise children.
User :   Ohh ok..
Doctor :   And as far as diet is concerned, diet necessities is based on the calorie requirement of an individual apart from presence of other medical condition.
Doctor :   If you do not have a medical disease and your weight is under normal limits, then you do not need any diet changes.
Doctor :   In general, avoid heavy fat diet.
User :   ok
User :   ok
Doctor :   Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
Doctor :   Lastly drink good amount of water.
User :   ok
Doctor :   Minimum requirement is 1.5 litres a day or 8 glasses of water per day.
Doctor :   Do you follow?
User :   Do you suggest the best day to have intercourse to raise children.. I mean the day my partner gets periods..
Doctor :   Ovulation determines the fruitfullness of a sexual intercourse.
Doctor :   Sexual intercourse around the days of ovulation have the best chances of pregnancy.
User :   OK.. my partner got periods yesterday... which could be best chances of ovulation
Doctor :   Does your partner get periods regularly?
User :   Yes..
Doctor :   And may I know after how many days does she get her periods regularly?
User :   Her cycle is 28 days
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :   Taking into consideration, she will get her period on 28 of may, the day of ovulation roughly falls on 14th may.
User :   ok
Doctor :   You will need to involve in sexual activity between 12 may to 16 th may for better chances of pregnancy.
User :   ok
Doctor :   To put it in simple words, the days of ovulation will fall between 12 to 16 th day of menstrual cycle.
Doctor :   Counting the first day that she gets her period as day1
User :   ok
User :   Having suggested by you all the steps, May I know is there any medicine that you can suggest that I can be strong in those periods..
Doctor :   the 12th to 16th day will be the days of her ovulation
Doctor :   This is a rough calculation of her days of ovulation.
User :   ok
User :   Having suggested by you all the steps, May I know is there any medicine that you can suggest that I can be strong in those periods..
Doctor :   If you would like to be more accurate, then you can buy ovulation predictor kits.
User :   ohhhh
Doctor :   They are unfortunately not easily available in India.
Doctor :   You can by online,
User :   Ooops...
Doctor :   It is test done similar to pregnancy kit test.
User :   ok
User :   Having suggested by you all the steps, May I know is there any medicine that you can suggest that I can be strong in those periods..
Doctor :   presence of pink line will indicate ovulation is in the corner.
Doctor :   The most accurate method available to detect pregnancy is by doing a follicular study.
User :   OK..
Doctor :   It is a sequence of ultrasound done over a period of days during menstrual cycle.
Doctor :   They predict the exact days of ovulation.
User :   ok..
Doctor :   You may use any of the methods according to your choice.
Doctor :   Do you follow?
User :   can you please suggest any medicine to me to be strong with good stamina during the days I should ?
Doctor :   You can try zincovit tablets.
Doctor :   One pill a day on these days will keep you in better fitness.
User :   ok..
User :   My time is over..
User :   Thank you very much..
Doctor :   Do you have any other query?
User :   For all your patience..
Doctor :   Thanks for consulting me.
Doctor :   Pleasure helping you.
User :   TThanks a Lot..
Doctor :   Have a nice evening.
Doctor :   Bye for now.
User :   Yeah you too
User :   Bye

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