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Abdominal pain, cracking sound in shoulder and stress - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 21-Feb-2012
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Doctor :   Hi
Doctor :   Dr XXXXX here
Doctor :   How can i help you ?
User :   Hello, my name is XXXXX, I am having abdominal pain tonight.
Doctor :   since i night ?
Doctor :   ** 1 night ?
User :   Well, it has been going on for awhile
User :   I notice a large bump on the left side which I believe may be a hernia
User :   and I get pain there sometimes
Doctor :   also can u describe the pain?
User :   yes, as if my muscles are too tired
User :   in the abs
User :   also below the ribcage on the left i get pain that comes and goes, but is not very severe
User :   sorry, under the ribcage, but towards the bottom
Doctor :   any fever, nausea, vomiting, diarhea etc ?
User :   no, slight headache
User :   the abs pain is mainly on the left side
Doctor :   any cough, chest pain, difficulty breathing ?
User :   i also take a perscription drug, vicodin, for pain relief of my left shoulder
User :   yes slight difficulty breathing
User :   the difficulty in breathing is what cases me to have a panic attack
User :   which lasts for about 1 hr
Doctor :   ok
User :   i am only 23!
User :   :-(
Doctor :   give me a minute, so that i can process all the info that u have given?
User :   ok, no problem
User :   it is mostly on the left side of my abs
User :   above my belly button, on the left
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   now what concerns me , most, is the use of vicodin
Doctor :   why do u use it for ?
User :   i have a shoulder injury, we are not sure what it is yet but
User :   as i turn my shoulder around it cracks-cracks-cracks-cracks
User :   (i am a computer programmer, it was probably caused by the computer use)
Doctor :   when did u have it ? and how long have u been on Vicodin?
User :   but it has persisted for 1.5 years now
User :   i have been on vicodin for pretty long, maybe 1 year
Doctor :   so now, other than belly pain on the left side, a swellling in the belly and headache.
User :   no swelling, it is a hard lump under my skin
User :   you cannot see it from the outside, only when you press down
User :   it is below my hip
User :   in my lower abs
Doctor :   ok
User :   i would guess it is a hernia
Doctor :   ok
User :   also, i think i may have a problem with the vicodin as i am worried about its long term effects
Doctor :   give me a minute
User :   oki
Doctor :   i am going through ur history
User :   cool
User :   if you have a question don't hesitate to askme
User :   i have spoken with 4 doctors here, one was extremely good
Doctor :   ok
User :   but i also explain the vicodin problem to another doctor so it may be an interesting read for you
Doctor :   about the swelling, i would think to detemine whether it si a hernia, is it reducible
User :   i do not mind getting it surgically corrected at my convenience
User :   i am not scared of the surgery, i just must get insurance first
User :   also, i have another question for you
User :   as my left side of my body seems to be plagued by strange things
Doctor :   what i mean, is the swelling come down when you lie down?
User :   oh, the swelling is only bad when my bladder is full
Doctor :   oh ok
User :   it hurts, but no visible swelling
User :   only under the tissue
Doctor :   then i dont think its a hernia
Doctor :   it could be the inflated bladder
User :   it is *hard*, if i press it it agitates it
Doctor :   for the pain in the lower chest and left belly, i would think it could be a pneumonitis (since you have breathing difficulty as well)
User :   i believe it is my intenstinal track, maybe clogged with something
User :   that is what it "feels like"
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   what i would suggest is -
Doctor :   1. consult your GP, and get a physical examination
Doctor :   2. ask him, if you can get a Xray chest - to rule out pneumonitis or something else
Doctor :   3. for the belly pain, it could be due to chronic use of vicodin, and you need to stop using it , and replace it with tylenol
User :   ok, i can do that
User :   i can do that as well, if i try hard enough
Doctor :   do u have any running nose, blocked nose etc ?
User :   it seems strange to me that all this stuff happens on only the left side of my body. abdomin pain, shoulder injury, muscle twitches, headaches even on the left side
User :   no, nasal is all fine
User :   i believe i may have some sort of slipped disc in the back, i have lower back pain on the left side as well
User :   (due to the computer usage)
Doctor :   ok, then conditions like sinusitis, rhinitis, etc which can cause headache can be ruled out
Doctor :   about the left sided issues, it could also be due to wrong postural habits - due to long term working on the computer
Doctor :   the best way to treat lower back pain - is stretch excercises and strict bed rest for some time
Doctor :   also, the long term usage of vicodin, leads to constipation and blocked intestines, as well
Doctor :   Are u following me ?
User :   yes
User :   i think you may definitely be onto something with the blocked intestines
User :   could that cause abdominal pain as well?
Doctor :   yes definitely
Doctor :   by the way, are u following the breathing excercises that i had adviced u last time ?
User :   yes, 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out
User :   works perfectly for me
User :   it has helped me to get to sleep several times now
Doctor :   good
User :   without using medication like tylenol pm
User :   etc
User :   also i have started meditating, almost each day
Doctor :   good , then
User :   making a bit of progress :)
Doctor :   good
User :   btw, you were who i was refering to when i said i got a good doctor on this site, i didn't know it was you again
Doctor :   thats fine
User :   another thing i'd like to bring up
Doctor :   ok
User :   i was on vacation (last week), and riding a jetski
User :   my left arm has some sort of issue with it
User :   i had my arms out, holding onto the jetski
User :   for approx 45 minutes
User :   when i got back onto land, i could not even touch my left hand to my face
User :   it would just shake around as it got near my face, it reminded me of someone who is 70 years old, lol
Doctor :   ok
User :   it eventually went away (after a hot bath and some time)
Doctor :   i think , your muscles and tendons might have got sore after the sporting activity
User :   maybe, but again the left side thing @>@
User :   didn't happen to my right side at all
User :   am i just being paranoid here you think?
Doctor :   it occurs only when u apply too much of pressure on one side and the other side is not used at all
User :   i have noticed i have a natural tendancy now to "tense" my entire left side naturally
User :   my shoulder is always in a tensed position on my left side as if thats its natural state of being
User :   its very irritating
Doctor :   thats humorous, that your left side of the body is troubling u so much
User :   humorous as in funny, or humorous as in the bone?
User :   lol
Doctor :   funny
User :   haha
Doctor :   but anyway, the best way to go ahead is - REST the affected side
User :   i have been sleeping MUCH better, at a regular schedule now, and that is helping
User :   it is very easily to relax myself using the breathing excersizes
Doctor :   good, also, minimise heavy sporting activity
User :   don't worry, i am rarely doing those things
User :   always sitting on the computer
Doctor :   ok
User :   did i tell you about the vyvanse thing that caused the left side of my body to behave all messed up?
User :   in our last chat?
Doctor :   ok
Doctor :   no u did not
User :   about 3 years ago i used to take a perscription drug called vyvanse (i have adhd, but no longer taking medications for it), i took 2 of them one night (i am very light, 125lbs) and the left side of my body went numb
User :   left arm, left side of my face
User :   i lost my peripheral vision as well
User :   almost as if i had a stroke
Doctor :   ok
User :   but, i got a brain mri shortly after which showed everything normal
User :   and since then, all the muscle issues with my left side have happened
User :   my shoulder, the twitches, the back pain
Doctor :   ok
User :   that is what started all of this giant mess that my body is in
User :   and i have been trying to figure out what exactly happened to me, since i know everything that is wrong with my body started that night
User :   i am extra-sensative to caffine now (i cannot take any adhd drugs if i wanted to, i can't even drink 2-3 cups of coffee)
User :   my lips start to tingle and i have panic attacks if i get over-stimulated
Doctor :   ok
User :   that is why i believe i am taking the vicodin, since they give me a "pep" without stimulating my system (without increasing my heartrate and etc)
User :   so they help me to cope with the adhd
User :   and i can focus on work when i take them
User :   i only take them when i am at the computer, but i must admit
User :   that i do not take them for only pain
User :   its for focus
Doctor :   the best remedy, here is a period away from work
Doctor :   and relaxation for at least one week
Doctor :   also massage therapy, with heat application will defintiely help
User :   btw, i just took a vacation, did not take vicodin for 1 week and i felt fine (restless legs when going to sleep, but no craving to take them)
User :   as said i don't take them if i'm not on the computer trying to work
User :   really they are just me replacing the adhd drugs with painkiller drugs
Doctor :   ok
User :   if i recharge this will i stay on the chat with you?
Doctor :   yes
User :   ok
User :   done
User :   so what is your take on the vyvanse incident, i assume it was some sort of minor overdose
User :   but could it explain my conditions currently in some way?
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   there is nothing there, which is related to this episode
User :   besides of course, the panic attacks
User :   which started then and have persisted since
Doctor :   but if u follow the advise i gave u last time, the panic attacks will subside
User :   here is my dilemma, dr
User :   the panic attacks subside if i stop taking perscription drugs
User :   that is a fact
User :   i know that
User :   i know the problem is perscription drugs
User :   i feel fine without perscription drugs, BUT
User :   and this is a big BUT
User :   i cannot focus on work without some sort of crutch, because the ADHD is very bad
User :   and i am in a very high pressure job
User :   i have deadlines ALL the time that must be met
Doctor :   i understand
User :   do you understand what i mean? if i don't have a drug to help me i have NO sense of accomplishment or reward or motivation
User :   its the struggle of my life, really, is wanting to do things so bad but never being able to summon the focus/motivation to do them
User :   i am an extremely talented coder, but without a drug i cannot finish even 1 small project
Doctor :   i really feel bad for u, as well as other computer programmers
Doctor :   having to spend so much time , and have severe side effects on their health
User :   ha, yeah, and i am only 22 (almost 23), imagine when i am 30 or 35
Doctor :   most software programmers after a minimum of 3-4 yrs have health issues similar to you
User :   yes i have been coding for 4 years
User :   exactly
User :   lol
User :   i have a doctor's appointment on the 14th, i am thinking of telling the doctor to put me on a very low dose of ritalin, as to try and not trigger any panic attacks, and try and go from there
Doctor :   and being in that situation, you have to take care of your health
Doctor :   that would be a start
User :   i am not physically addicted to this vicodin, i am mentally addicted to the productivity
User :   that is gives me
Doctor :   i understand,
Doctor :   being on the edge and being competitive and would make any person, with a goal, to feel in control
Doctor :   but, if not done with a break and adequate rest , the body can get health issues as well
User :   so what do you suggest i do immediately, as something realistic
Doctor :   continue yoga and meditation for sometime
Doctor :   and u will really feel the differance
User :   bah! that is what i forgot: yoga
User :   i downloaded a very good video that i will do, do you recommend it in the mornings?
Doctor :   once you are ready, to work without medicines
Doctor :   yes yoga is definitely good in the mornings
Doctor :   the best way ahead - be cheerful and relaxed in everything you do
Doctor :   avoid the feeling of being stressed
Doctor :   think that - anything and everything stressful will pass, and then, calm and peace will fill within you
User :   very true words
User :   i will definitely do that
User :   i can feel myself getting older as i get stressed out, lol
Doctor :   you have to have the confidence that, nothing is going to affect how u do things
Doctor :   the best thing - is laugh it off, and be relaxed as a child
Doctor :   kids are always cheerful, and full of active life as they dont worry about future and work related stress
Doctor :   the effects of growing up, is that we adults tend to take everything serious, and get engrossed in it, that we forget to be relaxed
User :   very true, i've thought about it plenty of times, about how happy i was as a child since i lived for pure enjoyment and nothing else
Doctor :   as a result of stress, you have disorders like HYPERTension, diabetes, etc
Doctor :   Has any one told u that, you cant feel like a child within ?
Doctor :   i guess not,
Doctor :   thinking as a child does, and then working like a adult, will give you a edge
Doctor :   my idea - ignite the child within you, though show your maturity as a adult
User :   i'll do my absolute best to make that a reality
Doctor :   good
User :   but yeah my panic attacks ultimately are brought on my stress, so
User :   the way it works is this
User :   i have a hard deadline, get stressed, take some drugs, do a bunch of work, then i realize i don't feel normal, have a panic attack due to thinking about health related problems i may have
Doctor :   thats true
User :   an hour later i am here talking to you about whats wrong with my health :)
Doctor :   tell me something,
Doctor :   do u live alone ?
User :   no, with my girlfriend
Doctor :   does she work ?
User :   owiejgoiwejg
User :   sorry, chat messed up
User :   no she lives here, doesn't work
User :   i make enough money that she doesn't have to do anything
Doctor :   so u work at home ?
User :   yeah, and i travel back and forth to XXXXXXX city alot
Doctor :   thats great ,
Doctor :   so do u get out of home and have some exposure outside ?
User :   no, i am a "hermit"
User :   i stay inside besides running out to the store to get cigarettes and things i need
Doctor :   what do u mean?
Doctor :   and how many hours you spend out side, away from your computer ?
Doctor :   in a day i mean?
User :   i love computers, i am a "professional hacker" (i was hired from my moms basement), computers are my hobby and my job too, so i spend almost all my time on them inside
User :   in a day, 1, maybe
User :   outside, sometimes 0
User :   most of the time 0
Doctor :   so one hr in a day ?
User :   closer to 0 than 1
User :   is that sad?
Doctor :   thats the issue with you my friend
Doctor :   you have to get out of the house
Doctor :   being at work 23 hrs in a day, can cause all health issues that u have right now'
Doctor :   the best way, is - get a pet ( a dog may be)
Doctor :   and then take it out for walks for atleast 30 minutes ina morning
Doctor :   and the same in the evening
Doctor :   in this way, you will have some workout other than your occupation
Doctor :   i hope u have understood my advice
Doctor :   Are u there ?
User :   yea
User :   a dog
User :   hm :)
User :   maybe i will just do something i enjoy alot, i like to play golf
Doctor :   being at home and not going out can cause a sense of depression
User :   maybe i will take up golf as a full time hobby or something
Doctor :   thats good to
User :   yeah, and it does toy with my mind
User :   alot
User :   i question the purpose of everything and etc, just very deep and sometimes depressing thoughts about things that i shouldn't be thinking about @22
User :   i am very stable emotionally, as in i don't get depressed because i have constant goals for myself
Doctor :   good
User :   and i my purpose is to make money, and accomplish my goals at an early age
User :   the computer makes me happy, and my girlfriend does, but i think i should go outside
User :   more
Doctor :   i understand
User :   i will have to find a way to do that
User :   but, i just paid 7 thousand dollars for a new computer
Doctor :   thats right
User :   so i have to break it in :)
User :   when it comes in the mail tomorrow
Doctor :   hmmm
User :   also, do you know anything about eyewear as far as computer use, like should i be buying some sort of eye glasses for long term computer use
Doctor :   yes
User :   like for instance, there are these WWW.WWWW.WW Doctor :   use a photochromatic lens glasses, with a black tinge
Doctor :   those are ok
Doctor :   but a customade glasses ara available for computer users
User :   really? can i buy them online?
Doctor :   that reduce the stress of looking at the bright screen all the time
Doctor :   yes
Doctor :   search online for specific products
Doctor :   or u can get them custom made at XXXXX or any optician near your place
Doctor :   XXXXXX
Doctor :   i meant
User :   i can go get some tomorrow then
Doctor :   sure
User :   what i normally do to relax btw is to just lay down and watch a good documentary
Doctor :   ok
User :   something intelligent, i really need to make it ruitine though
User :   instead of just something i do every now and again
User :   its important to have a schedule correct?
Doctor :   also, try to go for a jog some time , any time , but try to do that
Doctor :   time management is a very essential part of life in a professional life
User :   ok, i will do that as well
Doctor :   to have a good health, and then to have a successful work life - manage time to get your work done and also get enough excercise and a good diet is necessary
Doctor :   but life is not always predctable and it cannot become a monotonus routine , and this becomes a boring after some time
Doctor :   and u lose interest later on
Doctor :   i hope u have understood my advice
User :   i understand, you helped me alot
User :   you are half a psychiatrist and half md :)
Doctor :   thanks
User :   thanks again, i'll take your advice and i'm sure we will talk again!
Doctor :   definitely
Doctor :   take care and bye for now
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