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855 9 Thu, 1 Aug 2013
My teeth is slightly discolored. i saw in television that many chewing gums make the teeth white. Is this is good to use. Will they make my teeth white?
514 7 Thu, 1 Aug 2013
hello, when i open my mouth and move my jaw to the right it clicks and sends a shooting pain through my right ear . the jaw doesn t hurt and it doesn t hurt for long.
622 7 Mon, 15 Apr 2013
Hi,I have been chewing pan masalas and gutkhas for about 5 years and now since past 4 years i have completely left it.but i found myself a problem that i am unable to open my mouth at full. so could you please tell me the solution and to which specialist should i need to consult and is it a...
243 6 Thu, 1 Aug 2013
Hi, I suffer from TMJ, my doctor previously told me that it was fine and to keep an eye on it as my jaw was just popping out and in. But for the last week it has felt as if my jaw is locked as I can only just open it wide enough to eat a sandwich! Eating is becoming very painful and it doesnt...
259 6 Thu, 1 Aug 2013
hi, I m a 22 years old female. when I open my mouth, my jaw will have a tok sound. its not constant though. it doesnt hurt. is this tmj? how can it be cured?
272 6 Fri, 10 May 2013
i am a 22 yr old girl i got orthodontic treatment done to improve malalignment of my anterior teeth. My lower teeth initially before the treatment was inclined inwards and my upper teeth was straight,which would make my chin look protruding.My orthodontist told me that he would bring forward my...
3679 6 Mon, 15 Apr 2013
Iam using tobacco from quite long time. I chew tobacco 3-4 times a day. I am doing this from 5 years. Iam getting irritation with the gums and also it is sore. Is it anything serious?
216 5 Mon, 15 Apr 2013
When I open my Jaws wide towards the right, the left side of me head is painful as well as my left side of the jaw.
143 5 Thu, 1 Aug 2013
My left jaw is hurting, what do I do? I can t go to the dentist right now, how can I make the pain go away. I took panadol, didnt do anything. Please help! It also clicks when I chew :/
985 5 Thu, 1 Aug 2013
hi doctor i know that what the side effect of tobacco chewing ?
449 5 Thu, 1 Aug 2013
Does chewing tobaccoo cause strokes?
289 4 Mon, 15 Apr 2013
hi. i have been experiencing pain in my left ear when i yawn, what i think is bad breath and occasional ringing in that ear and feeling like i m talking in a well. i also don t think i hear very well in that ear either. my dentist has told me i have TMJ but so far i am not wearing any type of...
2013 4 Thu, 1 Aug 2013
Hello, this stupid habit of chewing gutka has never left me since 10 years. i recently did a cleaning, but not able to come out of this habbit. the stains are back on my teeths, it is so embarassing to talk to people or even smile before them. please advise
344 4 Mon, 3 Oct 2011
I chew ice all day. Is this bad for me ? At night I tend to get headaches, could this be from chewing ice a lot ?
1659 4 Mon, 5 Aug 2013
My brother in law consumes Pan Parag since over 15 years. is there any treatment that we can stop this habit ?
83 3 Tue, 7 Oct 2014
I fell this morning on a run to work. I put out my hands to catch the fall, but still hit my chin requiring 4 or 5 stitches. Later today at lunch time, I had difficulty chewing. I had pain on the left side of my jaw just below the ear. As I finished my lunch the pain decreased, but at supper I...
72 3 Mon, 15 Apr 2013
hey stephen, I have excrutriating pain in my jaw and headaches ... I went to the doc he didn t seemed to worry about my TMJ pain... sent me to a class that did abosolutely nothing.... anyways i ve been reading online about getting functional appliances.... i m not sure if my insurance covers it...
45 3 Mon, 15 Apr 2013
I have known TMJ , but it never bothered me. Ironically, I lost my great health insurance 2 months ago. about a month ago I noticed my left jaw is sore, more so in the morning. Sometimes I find it difficult to open my mouth enough to get a spoonful of cereal in to eat breakfast. Is this likely...
499 3 Mon, 15 Apr 2013
For about a week now I ve had an intense pain in the left side of my jaw that s almost an ache. It s as though I ve been punched in the jaw but can increase in pain. It is extremely painful to swallow and my left ear also hurts as though it s full. I have a family history of TMJ and am a 21 year...
377 3 Mon, 15 Apr 2013
I got my wisdom teeth out two days ago. The bleeding stopped and i thought i was in the clear. Now on the left side.of my jaw it feels tight and i barely can open it. Im scared because i think it is tmj but it is swollrn around my neck still so maybe it is just sore because my jaw is so small and...
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