A doctor's job is anything but easy. In this profession, they face unique situations that cause them immense stress, which in turn leads to depression and burnout in the healers themselves. Being in one of the most demanding and stressful jobs comes with its share of drawbacks!

Read here the common reasons for burnout in doctors and how the healers can deal with it:

Reasons for stress and burnout in doctors

The doctors who pledge to save our lives jeopardize their own mental peace and personal space by not taking care of themselves. Some common reasons that cause excessive stress and burnout in our healthcare providers,  are:
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  1. Excessive workload - The intense nature of the doctors' job requires them to work strenuously for hours together while simultaneously addressing their patients’ grievances leading to stress.
  2. Lack of work-life balance - A positive work-life balance seems unattainable for most of the physicians. Lack of family-time leaves the doctors dissatisfied with their respective lives most of the times.
  3. No 'me-time' - In most cases, doctors consistently strive hard to balance their personal commitments and tend to forget the importance of self-care in spite of being in such humanitarian job.
  4. Emotional exhaustion - Chronic emotional exhaustion tends to become an uneasy partner for most doctors, as shifting focus from ailments gets too difficult even when out of the clinic.

Tips the experts can follow to reduce burnout

Dealing with health issues of the public leaves with little or no time for the doctors to take care of themselves. But that shouldn’t stop them from trying the following ways to alleviate their stress:

2 young female doctors stitting and deep breathing
1. Exercise-wise: The experts can try the following breathing technique (or squeegee breath) to ease out their stress:
    • Take a deep breath
    • Hold it to the count of 3
    • Exhale the breath and hold it to the count of 3 again
    • Breathe normally now
2. Emotion-wise: No matter the profession, a human being remains a social animal and so relationships are utmost important to people. Be it your childhood friend, your parent, your spouse, or your child, give them a minimum of 15 minutes of your undivided attention between the breaks at work. Not only will they feel more connected to you, you’d feel relaxed and happy for that little span when you don’t discuss your job-related jargons.

3. Activity-wise: Simple and small activities such as penning down at least 1 good experience or memory shall do the trick. You’ll know it for yourself how rewarding it is when you open your little 'happy-journal' towards the month end.

Before being any professional, everyone is an individual aspiring a simple life. Therefore, despite being 'healers', doctors must acknowledge their own stress too and work around it to ensure a happy, healthy life for themselves, along with their patients. Happy Doctor's Day!

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