Palak Sharma holds a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. She started her career as “Medical Writer” into regulatory writing. She has an experience of more than 5 years in scientific and medical writing. She has so far developed various technical documents for submission in the regulatory bodies such as USFDA, and European Union; eLearning study materials, articles, and blogs on health and lifestyle related topics.

What Every Woman Should Know About Pelvic Floor Problems?


The pelvic floor in women houses the pelvic organs, namely, the uterus (womb), small bowel, urinary bladder (where urine is stored), rectum, and vagina. Pelvic floor holds these organs in the correct position, helps maintain bladder and bowel control, and facilitates se... Read More

Causes, Prevention & Remedies for Back Pain during Pregnancy


Just like many other pregnancy-related health issues, back pain is also a very common problem expectant mothers face. The pain can be dull and bearable and can go away with some rest, or it may be really a bad ache which can make you struggle with your daily chores and ... Read More

Is There Blood in Your Urine? What Men Need to Know


The presence of blood in the urine, medically known as Hematuria, is indeed frightening and should never be ignored.  Even if it happens just once, with the urine remaining clear for weeks or months before it reappears, make an immediate visit to the doctor to rule... Read More

Follow These 8 Do's and Dont's to Recover Fast After a Kidney Transplant


Just like any other surgery, kidney transplant too requires intensive care and a defined dietary modification to speed up the recovery process. Anti-rejection medicines (immunosuppressants) that are given to prevent rejection of the new kidney by the body may suppress y... Read More

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