Dr Vaishalee is a general physician with experience of more than 16 years. She has done MD in Clinical Pharmacology that equips her with better knowledge of medicines and how to apply this knowledge for a clinical case. She has satisfactorily assisted many people in her clinic and on www.healthcaremagic.com with better management of their health conditions. Dr Vaishalee is here to guide you and to help you you to live well with your health conditions.

6 Medicines That Are Mostly Prescribed After Surgery and Their Role in Your Healthcare


Have you ever wondered why so many medicines are given after surgery? Nowadays it has become quite common for people to undergo surgeries for relief from medical issues. The surgery may be a minor or a major one, depending on the type of surgery and other factors. To he... Read More

6 Ways You Can Go Green and Choose To Live a Healthy Living


Along with many developments in science and technology, we millennials have also witnessed a huge increase in the use of chemicals in our daily lives, today. By going green and adopting an eco-friendly, organic lifestyle mindfully you will not only choose to save yourse... Read More

9 Easy Tweaks to Take Care of Sensitive Skin This Monsoon


After long, dry, and hot summer waves when the first sign of rain comes, it feels like a breath of fresh air. But as this transition from summer to monsoon continues, our skin gets exposed to higher moisture levels in the air, warmer temperatures, and humid atmospheres.... Read More

COVID 19 and Diabetes: 5 Steps to Stay Safe!


The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a very contagious coronavirus with high fatality rates. People with suppressed immunity and other comorbid conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, renal disease, etc., are particular... Read More

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