9'th Week of Pregnancy

09 weeks pregnant
  • You have approached the 9th week of pregnancy.

Changes in You
  • This week might turn out rough for you considering the fact that you might throw up a lot more than before. At this stage, your nausea (caused by raised HCG level) will rise further and will be at its peak. Hence, it is necessary that you drink plenty of fluids to make up for the loss and thus prevent yourself from dehydration.

    Your uterus would have doubled in size by now. You may notice the thickening of your waistline. As the womb presses on uterus, you may feel the urge to urinate frequently.

    Studies have shown that most women report being uninterested in sex at this stage, though there are exceptions.

    You may notice changes in the appearance of your skin and hair. Changes in skin may include as stretch marks, itching, redness, few have skin tags, pigmentation on face (Chloasma) and linea nigra (dark line running up your tummy) hair may grow.

Changes in Your Baby
  • You may be curious to know about your baby's growth. Well, the baby has grown about three quarter of an inch long. Hmm, quite long, isn't it?? The embryo is fast approaching its fiftieth day of existence and when it does, it is called a fetus. Your baby's eyes are now covered with eyelids and he/she starts to develop muscles followed by the growth of limbs, which enables him/her to make little movements. An interesting point to be seen is that the baby's brain waves can now be detected.

Tips and Precautions
  • Follow the antenatal schedule as per guide lines Prenatal CareContinue the Iron and folic acid supplements till the end of 12 weeks. If you remember something important in the family history, report it to the Doctor. The Doctor will conduct the required investigations like chorionic villous sampling and ultra sound if required. However a date scan can be done to confirm the proper growth of the fetus and reconfirm the expected date of delivery.

    With regard to the Common worries keep contacting us Contact our Doctor or your gynecologist for advice.

    It's always good to avoid insect repellents till 12 week of pregnancy.

    Keep sharing all the feelings you have and you may even note them down in a diary. This is helpful for your future pregnancies as well.

    Even slight vaginal bleeding at this stage is a danger sign. Immediately consult your Doctor. Complications during pregnancyRegister for antenatal classes if available in your locality.

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