35'th Week of Pregnancy

35 week Pregnant

Changes in You
  • Not many changes come up apart from the changes noticed last month. You may notice that your feet, hands, face and ankles have become a bit swollen. Your uterus is roughly 5.6 inches above your belly button by this point. You may begin to feel increased pressure in your lower abdomen and feel as though your baby is gradually dropping.

Changes in Your Baby
  • Your baby's height would be about . 45 cm and weight around Weight: 2.5 Kg. You may feel less kicking and more twisting and wriggling, as he/ isshe is running out of room to move around in there. Most of the protective hairs and tissues start to disappear (but some may remain as a scaly coating at birth). Often, tiny villous (or peach fuzz) hairs willth grow over the next week or so.

Tips and Precautions
  • Do you know that the antenatal schedules now are more frequent, once, once a week.At your next check up you can expect your physician to conduct a Group B Streptococci test (GBS), a common bacteria screening to prevent the infections post deliver to the mother and the babyGet to your Doctor if signs of labor appear.If you are a first-time mom, there is a good chance that your baby will stay in utero from week 35 of pregnancy until 40 weeks and beyond.Yoga gives you a sense of wellness, physically and spiritually. Prenatal yoga allows you to concentrate on the challenges of pregnancy by improving and strengthening stomach muscles, your spine, back muscles and the perineal area - to inhibit the feeling of painful and contemporary birthing experience.Now that your baby is resting deeper in your pelvis, you may find yourself walking as if you're carrying a watermelon between your legs. It will relieve your breathlessness.Know about the hospital, Doctor, surrounding, birth suite and the nursing staff before the actually admit for the labor; if not done yet.

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