22'nd Week of Pregnancy

22 week Pregnant
  • At this stage, most of you will find yourself more refreshed and energized!!!

Changes in You
  • You may begin to notice leg and foot cramps and some mild swelling (edema) of the ankles and feet. Prolonged standing and fatigue may be responsible for the cramping.It is likely that your Doctor may report that your heart rate has increased somewhat during this week of pregnancy. That's normal and just a sign that your body has to work a little harder.You can notice few changes like regression of breast engorgement, decreased nausea though not many changes in the size of the womb.

Changes in Your Baby
  • By this week, your baby is 8 inches in length and weighs close to a 0.6 t0 0.7kg.Your baby's eyelids are well developed and even though your baby's eyelids are fused, the baby is making blinking movements. Try winking at your baby. Chances are, the baby might blink, as well!!! You can have some private conversation with your baby in a quiet room as he/she can hear you pretty clearly now. The baby starts practicing breathing though the lungs are not fully developed. It is said to have been swallowing too.

Tips and Precautions
  • Make a note of the questions that arise in your mind to ask your Doctor as on every visit.This is a good time to have your iron levels checked and to make sure you're drinking enough water, given how much your blood volume has increased over the past few weeks.Childbirth education classes provide accurate information on what to expect during labor and birth, teach relaxation techniques to use during labor and provide opportunities to talk with other couples who are expecting.Undergo a test if you are worried about pre-term labor. Watch out for lower abdominal pain, backache, pressure in the pelvic area, cramps, and a change in vaginal discharge. It could be a pre term labor, which is confirmed by a test called fetal fibronectin test. If you are working, now is the time to explore your company's policy towards pregnancy / maternity leave Work and Pregnancy.The important thing about exercise during pregnancy is to just do it. The benefits are immeasurable, such as an improved sense of well-being and a reduced risk of medical interventions for you and your baby at delivery. Walking is as effective as running during pregnancy.Take off your rings otherwise they need to cut them later as the hands become swollen.

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