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What is Heating pad?

It is a pad used for warming of different parts of body. It helps in management of pain by local vasodilation of vessels resulting in increased blood flow and perfusion to the affected site.

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I have had a bad case of bronchitis for about 4 days now. The doc checked my ears 3 days ago and said they were fine. I have not been that congested, less than you would be with a cold . But today my ear slowly started feeling clogged. Now it is...
if you have the feeling of clogged ear then you must get an ent consultation and will need an antibiotic , oral and nasal decongestant ,antiinflammatory.
You can chew chewing gums so that the ear drains through the tube which is connected between the middle part of ear and back of nose....
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i have a question, my stomach is blotchy , a redish purple , i was wondering if maybe its being caused by my everyday use of my heating pad on my bare stomach? i use it every night on the highest level the past month and its been like that on my...
Yes. It may be due to the heat. Better either reduce the level or do not use the heating pad.

Hope this helps.
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Hello my name is Nicole , my aunt has had stomach pain for over 40 years no one can figure out the problem , is there someone you can refer us to? She said heat helps , hot baths or heating pads on her stomach , the pain is so severe she vomits ....
hello dear
thanks for your query at HCM
hot baths or heating pad can relive pain only for sometime and cause adverse effect on local skin area where heat is applied, and it is not specific for any disease.
there should been a reason for such chronic history of vomiting and pain.
get her properly...
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hi my 9 year old son has a lump on his XXXXXXX about the size of a small grape. He thinks he fell against some steps about two months ago. It doesn't hurt, not even when pressed. It is slightly soft. And i have the impression that there may be...
Thanks for posting your query.
The appearance of a small lump on the XXXXXXX after an injury is likely to be due to a small hematoma formation in the area. Sometimes it is associated with skin color changes too.
If the swelling is painless and there is no problem in bearing the weight on...
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last week i consult to Dr Anvekar, regerding my neck muscle pain on left side. i have taken the MYospaz forte tab for three days twice , also using heat pad and volini spray every night, but i am still facing this probdlem. can you please advise...

Thanks for your query.

Please find below the answer provided by Dr Anvekar to your query.


The medication I advised will surely help but it should be aided by restriction of movements in the neck, this could be attained by using a neck collar.

Do continue the tablets for 3 more...
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I have a lump in my right upper pectoral muscle. I play tennis and it started to hurt while serving in a match on Sunday. There is a bruise on my fore shoulder now. I have been using a heating pad to try to speed recovery. I don't think it is...
Welcome and Thanks for posting your query.

From your description it seems you might got pectoral muscle strain.
Do not Worry. It's recovery is a matter of weeks—approximately 2-6.

Treatment :-
* Apply ice packs for 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times a day.Try hot packs after the first three...
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My husband has been using a heating pad on his lower back and the skin has developed a mottled appearance, which seems to be getting darker. He is also diabetic. Should he be concerned? Obviously he s not.
Dear Shamballa,
Thanks for contacting hcm
From the history you are giving , it seems to be grade 1 burns that have been caused due to heating pad. You must stop using the heating pad on his back and consult your Plastic Surgeon or post his pictures, along with his HB1Ac levels tha will tell about...
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i am a 29 yer old merried woman i have 2year old baby my delivery was ciserian case. i gain 20 kg weight now my weightis 80kg.too much fat on my bally and i am suffering from low back pain . i want loss weight.can i use souna fit belt or heating pad
Welcome to Healthcare Magic

Low back pain is mainly due to over weight.Try go in for daily 30 minutes physical activity, just simple brisk walking daily which will help you to see more improvements in your health condition.
Try to be active throughout the day, eat a balanced low fat, high...
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i have pain due to me being on my menstral cycle but i ve been cramping since this morning 4 a.m. and when i woke up today i felt two huge balls on each side on the vigina as in the left and the right sides. and they are very painful. i have not tooken any meds but i am using a heating pad also with hot tea and hot showers.
Hi welcome to H.C.M.Forum, the symptoms suggests urinary tract infection, you needs to use antibiotics, antispasmodics. under the supervision of a gynaecologist. this treatment relieves, the previous menstrual pain also relieved.thank you.
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I have a few white looking pimple inside my vagina between the ureatha (sp) and I guess lip..also once in awhile I get a lump on the uretha hard then turns white like its going to pop..sore/raw feeling but isn't painful put monistate etc on it and it doesn't burn,,or burn when I pee. I do exercise 2 hours a day rubbing does happen. it helps to put heating pad on happens every now and then not all the time. I did get a aswab test done there where I pee and on the between the flap and uretha
Welcome to, HCM.
It could due to infection and most likely mixed infection.( fungal and bacterial)
Development of infection might be due to excessive perspiration with scratching after exercise.It increases more in wet area,so keep it dry properly.
Start oral as well as local anti fungal...
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I was at work and i hit my upper thigh really hard on my press. About a week later i noticed it was swollen so i made an appointment with my doctor and he said i more and likely hit the muscle and told me to use a heating pad on it three times a day for 20 mins for two week. The swelling went way down and was almost gone and then i hit it in the same spot just a couple of days ago and it is swollen again. Not sure what to do. Please help
There is probably a haematoma (soft tissue bleeding) as a result of a soft tissue blunt injury you previously had, which has now recurred with the 2nd injury. Hopefully it will also resolve like the first one. However, if it persists, you can have it checked out again with view to a local...
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My cycle has come twice this month and my stomach is extended and it hurts on a pain level of 9 when I walk or touch it. I called my ob gym today and I can't go in until in the morning . I've taken a home per nancy test and it's negative. Could this be fibrous maybe? Ive taken 2 alleve and I'm using a heating pad for some relief. What else can I do ?
your complaints are frequent cycles and abdominal pain. Without a period of delayed cycles and negative pregnancy test it is least likely that you are pregnant. Differential diagnosis of abdominal pain depends on the co-existing symptoms.Uterine causes include adenomyosis, fibroid uterus,...
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Hi. i have a bump at the top of my crack and i have had it for a couple of days. i don t know what it is or anything. It hurts to sit and sometimes to lay down . What do i need to do? My mom told me try to sleep on a heating pad to see if it will make it come to so it can pop. But then my friend has some kind of medicine that is suppose to work . I don t wanna go to the doctors because i can t miss any more days of work . Is there any type of medicine that i can buy to make it pop?
Use of augumentin 625 mg thrice daily for 5;-7days along with antiinflammatory agent helps to cure furuncle or abcess over the buttock
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