Occipital lobe

can occipital lobe damage cause a ringing in the ears?
ringing in ear is known as tinnitus.
it has many variety of the reason .
head injury is one of them
so it is possible to have ringing in ear due to injury of occipital lobe.
other cause include
-drug induce
-thyroid related
-neuron damage etc...
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my boy 20 y old and fell several times unconcious. when i approached a neuro physician he said that he is suffering with epilepsy began treatment. But in the scan report taken on 24-01-2011 it is calcified granuloma in left occipital lobe....
Dear Mrs. i am very sorry of your son health problem.We could be more helpfull if you send us the MRI exacu answer,Anyway you son should be undertaken to brain electroencephalogram to sure that is that lession which is causing epilepsy.Please tell us if your son is suffering other symptoms such...
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I have had this large lump on my occipital lobe for a few months now, they thought it was occipital neuralgia, gave me a couple blocks which didn t work, sent me to a Neuro surgeon, who told me basically to go get a massage....the pain is...

Have you gotten a CT scan or MRI done of the area. If it affects your vision then, it has to be inside your brain. That part is confusing though because you wont be able to feel the lump if it is inside. Anyway to be sure, you might like to get a second opinion and get that doctor to do a CT...
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Hi, I had lasik 6/19/12. During the Alegretto procedure, I did not feel anything until the flap was being smoothed back in place on my right eye. I could feel pain with the pressure (5 out of 10). When I went home to rest (I was told to just take...

I can understand your discomfort because of repeated headaches and the unsuccessful outcome of LASIK.

However, I would like to reassure you that the chance of any nerve damage during LASIK is remote. Also, the fact that regular headaches started almost a month after the procedure rules out...
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My mother has had what's been described as a massive stroke affecting her right temporal & occipital lobes. She wasn't a candidate for TPA, as it was called something about a waking stroke, waking up (or not in her case) so that time of stroke...
Brief Answer:
My detailed reply is below.

Detailed Answer:

Thank you for posting your query regarding your mother.

As you said, it is difficult to answer your questions, however, I will try my best.

Your mother has suffered stroke affecting right side of brain. The important functions that...
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I have dizziness that is triggered by busy, high contrast patterns, watching something move rapidly (e.g., a car chase scene), rapid scrolling of my computer screen, and sometimes crowded areas. I don't feel panicky or anything like that...I just...
Brief Answer:
Do get a CSF analysis done.

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for your query.

The vertigo(dizziness that is triggered by watching something move) could be a sign of peripheral neuropathy in the 8th cranial nerve. Since you have symptoms of peripheral neuropahty in the upper and lower...
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ok i have results from an mri i had done and it states :there is a small focus of diffusion abnormality in the anterior right thalamus consistent with acute ischemia. There is chrinic infarct in the left mesial temporal lobe extending into the...

Thanks for the query

It looks like you are suffering from ischemic changes of the brain. Since it is in several areas I suggest you get a Doppler cv done.
You will need to be on blood thinners like ecosprin and clopilet along with atorvastatin. Be on regular follow ups with the neurologist...
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Hi, I m a high-school student taking Human Anatomy & Physiology and I have a question dealing with brain damage to the Occipital Lobe. Can the injured suffer from symptoms like hallucinations and speaking impairments if a large Occipital hemorrhage is subsequent in the Occipital Lobe due to severe trauma from a car crash?
Welcome to HCM
Are you a medical student?
Then you will learn about it in third and fourth year.
It is possible to have hallucinations if there is injury if there is occiputal injury.
But that is just one possibility.
There is so many other possibilities like nerve damage etc
Because he met...
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Just curious, the last few days I get light headed when I stand up from bending over, and the back of my head sometimes (occipital lobe) feels tingling like numb, I do have a sinus infection, on an antibiotic, also just finished my mensturaul like a a few dayss ago
HI, thanks for using healthcare magic

Sinus infections can be associated with a disturbance in balance and would definitely contribute to the light headed sensation you are having.

Disturbance in metabolism and electrolytes can occur with infection and would contribute to the numbness that you...
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I slipped on ice this am onto concrete hitting my occipital lobe. No excessive dripping bleeding, just blood on my hand if I touched site. No change in pupils, no other symptoms except slight headache maybe five hrs after fall and again maybe 8 hrs after fall. Could that just be from stress, I hope.

Thank you for posting your query.

I have noted your symptoms and wish to reassure you that they are suggestive of mild head injury and there is no need to worry.

Yes, possibly stress is the cause of your headache; in addition, fall could be partly responsible.

If pain is more, you can take...
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My Infant MRI shows "Areas of cystic Encephalomalacia and T2 hyperintensities with paucity of deep periventricular white mater involving the bilateral fronto-parieto-occipital lobe with mild exvacuo dilatation of bilateral lateral ventricle -sequele of old hypoxic ischemic injury in the preterm neonate"...

Please explain what does mean.
Brief Answer:
Changes are due to ischemic changes in newborn.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for writing to XXXXXXX

Areas of cystic Encephalomalacia and T2 hyperintensities with paucity of deep periventricular white mater involving the bilateral fronto-parieto-occipital lobe with mild exvacuo...
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42 y/o female. non-smoker, healthy although suffered a stroke 4 years ago due to blood clot and a PFO. Recently had some vision problems with vertical lines appearing in my vision for about 10 minutes. Am also experiencing a very heavy feeling in the back of my head when I bend over. Scheduled for a MRI, but is the head pressure something to be concerned with?

Thanks for the query,

I understand your concern

The possibilities of this vison problem could be due to n intermittent poor blood supply to the eyes or even some seizure like activity in the occipital lobe (situated in the back side of the brain). Your MRI will guide us better to deal your...
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