Nasal septum

What is Nasal septum?

The wall dividing the nasal cavity into halves; it is composed of a central supporting skeleton covered on each side by a mucous membrane.

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Hi, I am Sandip (India) and I have been suffering from cold and cough for sometime. I have noticed these symptoms during the climate change. I visited the ENT and he said there is a slight enlargement in my nostrils and have to undergo FESS to get rid of it. I have folllowing questions: 1. Do I really need to operate? 2. Is it safe? Will I get permanantly cured? 3. What is the cost? 4. Can I use my insurance? (Cashless)
Hi Sandip,

FESS which is Functional endoscopic sinus surgery mainly used for the treatment of nasal polyps, sinus problems, infections, deviated nasal septum (DNS) etc. Whether you need to operate completely depends on your symptom frequency and difficulty you are facing, on physical examination...
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Hi I am Haripraghash. 30 years old male. I did a CT scan of para nasal sinuses and it read as 1.) Septum deviation with bony spur 2.) Mild mucosal thickening in bilateral ethmoidal,axillary and frontal sinuses 3.) Polypoidal thickening in maxillary sinus and right maxillary ostium occluded. I have been having a bad cold and blocked ears for over 1 week now. Little worried about the blocked ears.
You have mucosal edema and blocked sinus opening .
You have to take antibiotics , decongestants , nasal saline and steroid sprays .
Then you will have to get operated for ---
the deviated nasal septum
nasal spur
blocked sinuses needs to opened and the sinus disease needs to be cleared ....
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when i sought treatment for recurrent cold and running nose i was diagonised with severe s shaped deviated nasal septum . Few doctors advised for septoplasty . But with help of medicines I could avoid frequent cold attacks. However, there is difficulty in breathing and i breathing gets louder. I have headaches and bloated stomach. could this be due to lack of proper oxygen supply? Is septoplasty recommended ? R.Radhakrishnan, Chromepet, Chennai
Hi there, thanks for asking. You are true about the relation between deviated septum, problem in oxygenation and headaches. For some people deviated septum cause oxygenation problem at night, especially if they have enlarged tonsils or any other factor that cause breathing problem. For example,...
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Is grommet insertion a remedy for blocked ears, too much discomfort, repeat incidences of blocked ears specially after flights, also as per ENT have nasal spectrum deviation, because of which ET not functioning properly. Will surgery of nasal spectrum and spur treatment help or will I have to get ventilation tubes put in eardrum . Afraid of infections or surgery complications and any potential hearing loss bcos of grommet insertion. But ear blockage can t be beared and very irritating. Also was reading on Internet people who have got grommets inserted, in fact they say situation worsened bcos of muffled sound, infections or discharge etc
hello harvinder
You should have written your age.
See if your nasal septum is blocking your nose it is better you get it operated.
Secondly you can get done impedance audiometry to know that you have fluid in your ears
If you are an adult and smoke get done nasal endoscopy to rule out any mass in...
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I had sinus surgery March 12th. My nose was fractured, I had a deviated septum and the sinus passages were very narrow. I ve been using the sinus rinse without any problem until today. When trying to rinse my nose I had excruciating pain it felt like my sinus was blocked. I had a follow up today and the PA pulled out packing from my nose that was not supposed to be there plus an inch long piece of dis-solvable stitching that wasn t cut off. The PA probed and irrigated and said I shouldn t have any more problems with irrigating my sinus s. 5 hours later I tried to irrigate and nothings changed. The pain I get is like when you get water up your nose when your swimming. It s very painful and brings me to tears . I ve been dealing with the sinus problems for at least 5 years and I m at the end of my rope. I thought the surgery would solve my problems. Can you explain to me what s happening and what I should do?

Thanks for writing to H.C.M. for your query.

I have gone through your query and as you said that you were having three problems-
(1) Sinusitis.
(2) Deviated nasal septum.
(3) Fracture of nasal bones.

As you said you were operated for your sinus problem and after some time you got a packing...
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just had nasal septum surgery + cartilage taken from ear and put in nose as a "nose strip". Having trouble breathing when sleeping - on recovery day 3, slept total of 3 hours in 3 days. Left side of neck where ear cartilage taken is swollen, gland in neck swollen annd throbbing, neck feels like blood being cut off when laying down and feelsl ike choking then i jump awake. also choking when breathing goes on autopilot and jumping awake. spitting a lot of mucous.
it will take time to heal the portions as the surgical wounds sloly heal and take 2-3 week
as these are open exposed to air can take time to heal
you can add medicines according to the symptomps like analesics antibiotics and antiallergic to reduce mucus
sea water 2 drops at night each nose to...
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hello doc. i am suffering from maxillary as well frontal sinusitis issues & beside that i am having S shaped nasal septum ..there is some sort of fluid in right maxillary sinus ..........due to all these problems i am suffering from nasal blockage, headache, sore throat...& feeling pressure across my doc. has pescribed me with a saline water spray..& some handfull of tablets . I wanns ask that is that sufficient for my treatment if not what can be the best treatment acc. to u..?
Welcome to HCM,
Go for x-ray Para nasal sinuses for to know the extent of infection.
With medicines if nasal block or congestion does not improve then consult ENT specialist and go for DNS surgery.
Mean while take Vicks vapor inhalation.
Ok and bye.
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yesterday morning I was hit right on the bridge of my nose with a door (my four year old kicked it open not realizing i was opening it at the same time). My nose started bleeding from the left nostril. I put ice on it for most of the day and kept something inside the nose to absorb the blood. The bleeding stopped and there was hardly any swelling. Today my right eye hurts (the top part of the eyeball) when I move it and the bridge of my nose is sensitive and red/black and blue. On the right side of the nose where the impact was is a small red bump sort of like a pimple. Should I be concerned? I didnt go to the doctor right away only bc I have a fever from being sick with the flu. Is it ok to wait a few days and see how the nose and eye feels or is there a risk that something serious has happened?

You may want to meet an ENT specialist to rule out possibility of nasal bone fracture and / or septal hematoma. These are caused due to blunt injuries to the nose like you have mentioned.

With respect to waiting, a hematoma has to be drained immediately to avoid complications to the nasal...
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Good morning sir, my husband is 33 years old and he started developing breathing problem, so he consulted ENT , they are saying that his nasal bone has grown and required surgery. I would like to no whether there are any other alternatives apart from surgery and what are the bad side effects of his condition. Please help me.
THE SURGERY IS DONE TO PERFORM CORRECTION OF NASal passages so that the obstruction is cleared as there are many factors in this
if you have no major block controllin the nasal secretions and keeping the size of all turbinates i nose by precautions can help you
as these are hypertrohied due to...
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Hi I have been diagnosed with chronic rhinistis after not been able to breathe clear for around 7ish years. The doctor prescribed me avamys but this is leaving my nose bleeding out both nostrils every day. I get really bad sinus pain and one nostril seems to be smaller than the other almost asif there is more septum on that side. When I sneeze or blow my nose it is very gunky almost like jelly

Thanks for writing to H.C.M. for your query.

I have gone through your query regarding your nasal problems concern with nasal obstruction, mucus discharge and bleeding after use of avamys nasal spray.

Considering your all complaints in all aspects it appears that you are suffering from...
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