Nasal septum

What is Nasal septum?

The wall dividing the nasal cavity into halves; it is composed of a central supporting skeleton covered on each side by a mucous membrane.

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I just found out I have a perforated nasal septum . Can that contribute to snoring? As far as I know I have always snored and I don t believe it is caused by sleep apnea because I don t ever stop breathing . Just this week I went to see an ENT...
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Several people who used cocaine had the same thing happen to them after snorting for long periods. Snorting causes nasal cavity and nasal septum damage and this lead to recurrent infections of nose and crusting. Most of the cases in initial days were able to heal and...
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Suffered from nose block very frequently. in spring and winter i hat to inhale vaporubs everyday. this is from my school days. i recently took up software job and i have health insurance. i visited a doctor as part of corporate health check up. i...
you probably have a deviated nasal septum for which you need to get a Septoplasty done,which is done under local or general anaesthesia.better done wth local anaesthesia.may or may not have an external deviation too but not obviosly in your,we remove the bent parts of the nasal...
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Age 18 Aamir. Doctor I have Deviated nasal Septum And Since I have this Problem I face many Problems Like i feel that My brain is like getting Pressure and I Feel lot of dizziness and I have pain in sinuses In nose and my both nostrills are closed...
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Deviated nasal septum (DNS) is a condition where the bony central wall inside the nasal cavity is crooked or bent more towards one side. It can be mild, moderate or severe. In severe DNS patients usually complain of heaviness in head, sinusitis and upper...
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Male 18 Aamir Ashraf, Hi Doctor I want To Know About All The Symptoms Of Deviated Nasal Septum i have many Problem and My Doctor Tell me That u have all Problem From Thiis I have this problems, i feel nasal blokage during sleep , my all whole...
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d n s may be associated with nasal blockage ,reccurent attacks of sinusitis with acompanying features
there may be headache due to sinusitis
the features you are describing to some extent may be due to anxiety,you are worried too much
consult physician and get a check...
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i am looking for a saline nasal sprays for a perforated septum?
Thanks for posting your query.
Perforated nasal septum is most commonly caused by chronic use of decongestant nasal sprays or cocaine use. If you need to use a nasal spray then normal saline nasal sprays can be used for nasal decongestion.
Normal saline nasal sprays are available over the...
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Sir, I am staying in Gurgaon (Delchi-NCR , India). I have been identified with nasal septum deviation with no sinusitis and normal turbinates. Can you please suggest that what is the approx cost for a nasal septum deviation and does nasal septum...

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Nasal septum deviation is treated either by surgeries called Sub-mucous resection or Septoplasty.

Both above surgeries are day care surgeries (need admission only for a day) and average cost surgeries.The cost differs from hospital to hospital depending on the staying...
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Dear Sir I have deviated nasal septum . What is the alternative, I had general anxiety attacks longback i.e. 2011, but now i feel difficulty while breathing. I have also done CT Scan, I do not have sinusitis . Problem is with deviated nasal. I...

Thanks for the query.

Deviated nasal septum is a very common occurrence among people. Why are you concerned now? Is it the cosmetic appearance or do you have any other symptoms associated? Are you just anxious about it?

Only that most of them go unnoticed. In people who have marked deviation,...
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Hi, im claudia and im a 13 year old female. I broke my nose at a young age and i have had frequent nose problems since. Sometimes its hard to breathe, i snore, im always exhausted and get headaches alot. I also gain wieght and its very hard to lose it. I pretty much cant. I might have a deviated septum. I have a nasal-ish voice but i dont really think that can do anything with it. I dont want to get surgery becuase i might gain more wieght than from my previous surgery i got when i was 5. I used to be very skinny before my first surgery. Now i am about 5"2 and wiegh about 130.Can you please tell me what is wrong

Thanks for writing to H.C.M. for your query.

I have gone through your query regarding disfigure nose and related problems like difficulty in breathing, snoring, nasal voice etc. You have unhealthy ideas about surgery as surgery may put on your weight. Here I would like to assure you that...
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Is grommet insertion a remedy for blocked ears, too much discomfort, repeat incidences of blocked ears specially after flights, also as per ENT have nasal spectrum deviation, because of which ET not functioning properly. Will surgery of nasal spectrum and spur treatment help or will I have to get ventilation tubes put in eardrum . Afraid of infections or surgery complications and any potential hearing loss bcos of grommet insertion. But ear blockage can t be beared and very irritating. Also was reading on Internet people who have got grommets inserted, in fact they say situation worsened bcos of muffled sound, infections or discharge etc
hello harvinder
You should have written your age.
See if your nasal septum is blocking your nose it is better you get it operated.
Secondly you can get done impedance audiometry to know that you have fluid in your ears
If you are an adult and smoke get done nasal endoscopy to rule out any mass in...
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Hi , i am a 41yr old woman who has had my nose broken in the past, i have had sinus surgury to try to help enlarge my sinuses. The surgury helped for a little while but not very long . MY deviated septum was never fixed due to insurance problems.( they considered it cosmetic) . I have had blood clots in my lungs 2 yrs ago, still take warfarin for life and just recently had my nose broke again. Is their any safe method for me to have my nose fixed? I have had no quality of life due to all the breathing problems this causes me . Please , any advice would be so helpful. Thank you, Valerie
Hi Valerie,

You seem to be troubled with the breathing problems you have and have an associated deviated nasal septum. Your insurance policy seems to be unhelpful for treating your nose problem. You could still undergo surgery with little modification in your medications (Warfarin) which can only...
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just had nasal septum surgery + cartilage taken from ear and put in nose as a "nose strip". Having trouble breathing when sleeping - on recovery day 3, slept total of 3 hours in 3 days. Left side of neck where ear cartilage taken is swollen, gland in neck swollen annd throbbing, neck feels like blood being cut off when laying down and feelsl ike choking then i jump awake. also choking when breathing goes on autopilot and jumping awake. spitting a lot of mucous.
it will take time to heal the portions as the surgical wounds sloly heal and take 2-3 week
as these are open exposed to air can take time to heal
you can add medicines according to the symptomps like analesics antibiotics and antiallergic to reduce mucus
sea water 2 drops at night each nose to...
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I felt a pop in my head followed by a very bad headache about 3 days ago. It went away and then today I was doing a few pushups and I felt that exact same head pain in the same area followed by a warm tingling feeling in my head toward the top from part of my head. Is this a serious thing or can it be due to sinus issues from allergies? It is algery time and I am having allergy symptoms too.
Yes this could be because of allergic disease.
You must consult an ENT specialist and get done --CT scan of nose and para nasal sinuses.
To see for the condition of sinuses and so that if there is disease in the sinuses can be ruled out,if there is anatomic problem so that can be treated...
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Hello. I am 35 weeks pregnant and havent had a good pregnancy previous to this. I have had a blocked nose through one nostril and previously would get green/yellow mucus . I dont have a temperature nor do I have a headache . Now when i blow my nose I get small amounts of green mucus (sometimes) but mostly watery clear mucus comes out. Does this mean I have an infection or watever it was is clearing up?

Thanks for writing to H.C.M. for query.

I have gone through your query regarding nasal obstruction and discharge, though you are an expecting mother with pregnancy of 37 weeks so possibilities of nasal obstruction are-

(!) Hormonal effect- During prenancy some hormones causes stuffiness in...
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My mom has hearing problem, cannot hear low frequency sounds...
Went to doctor for checking, and had got MRI done, where it was seen that. My mom has right sided choncha bullosa in middle turbinate. Deviation of nasal septum towards left side and polypoid mucosal thickening involving left maxillary sinus.
I want to know how this problem affects? Does it have any impact on hearing loss? If so what surgeries has to be done or what treatment has to be taken???
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Hi i have am sure sinus infection a have a deviated septum, aye am feverish at times constant sore head between eyes pins needles top my head and very nausea in my stomach, aye have jst finished on friday antibiotics 500 mg 3 times per day but still feel very unwell, also bit pain discomfort upper back between shoulder blades and chest my teeth ache too
hi... you have severe sinusitis... take proper antibiotics for this.. see your ENT surgeon for this.. deviated nasal septum may be the reason for the repeated sinusitis.. all the very best..
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Was in a dark room shooting a commercial, anyway, total accident and just walked right into the wall (was walking at a normal speed). This was Thursday night. No bleeding but my nose was sore and there was slight swelling and bruising. Right now, swelling has gone down for the most part I think (i've been using ice on and off last 2 days) and the bruising is contained pretty much just on the bridge of my nose with a slight bump. I have slight pain if i push on the bridge of my nose but thats about it. On either side doesn't hurt anymore. I have been noticing some headaches though and wondered if its anything I should be really concerned about?? Never went to the doctor because I didn't think it was needed. My friend mentioned that I could have internal bleeding or swelling which is causing the headaches be i'm a little concerned.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!!


I have gone through your description. Blunt injuries on nose could lead to fracture of nasal bones. They can cause pain, swelling and nasal bleeding. The swelling subsides in a week and then proper assessment can be done. Also, X ray of the nasal bones have to be taken to see the nasal bones....
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I am interested in getting a nasallang piercing which is extremely rare. It looks like two nose rings but it's actually one bar going straight through the entire nose. Since it's rare, I can't find any information on it. I was wondering, would a needle and a bar going through that middle part destroy or do any damage to the cartilage? Or is there anything dangerous to the nose with the piercing?
I as ENT surgeon would suggest "NO".
see the issues are---
The place you are getting it pierced as absolute sterlization is required as you are piercing the septum--it may bleed and lead to blood collection secondly if later it gets infected or during the procedure it gets infected then you...
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