Nucleic acid test

What is Nucleic acid test?

A nucleic acid test, often called a "NAT", (or nucleic acid amplification test - "NAAT") is a molecular technique used to detect a virus or a bacterium. These tests were developed to shorten the window period, a time between when a patient has been infected and when they show up as positive by antibody tests. The term includes any test that directly detects the genetic material of the infecting organism or virus.

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Hi doc.i get my blood test ,the results are....1 hbsag. Negative.....2 hbcab. Detected. 3 hbsab 2. nucleic acid test for hbv negative.what does it mean.thanx
Thanks for the query.
You have negative HBsAg and negative nucleic acid test ( XXXXXXX ) .

The HBcAb is an antibody that is part of the virus- it does not provide protection. A "positive" or "reactive" HBcAb (or anti-HBc) test result indicates a past or present infection, but it could also be...
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I had unprotected sex with a married female 23 yrs (this was my first sex with her ) and we both had gone for hiv test after 1 week the result was negative and after 1 month we both tested again still its negative still i am getting fear that is there any posibility of getting hiv and do i need to wait for 6 months and take a test again ?
Hai, Usually HIV antibody tests available anywhere will take 8-12 weeks to become positive, sometimes may be delayed upto 3 months. This period is called as window period. So have another check up after 3 months after your contact. If it is negative even after 3 months you need not to worry. If...
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hello, i been using steroids for about 2 years , i recently took an hiv test 82 days after my possbile exposure, the results were negative, im wondering if the use of steroid will affect my result, i used deca, testosterone, sustenon, also the test that i took was a finger pick , a regular hiv antibody test and PCR RNA test.
thank you in advance for your assistance.

Thanks for posting your query.

An individual if infected with HIV, the antibody test will become positive after 8-12 weeks and sometimes it may take up to 90 days to become positive. As you suspect, in case of one who is on steroids, it may be possible to get it delayed beyond 3 months. But...
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which test clear hiv and how many days requr for this test from infection, i m enfected hiv since 2 may and i have test hiv dna pcr on 9 may with notdetected.
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Good Day
The HIV PCR is one of the most sensitive tests to detect HIV virus. It is usually done after 3 weeks of the suspected exposure. You have not specified clearly as to what tests you had done before which were positive. Please elaborate.
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I had a duo HIV test at 28 days after sleeping with a sex worker and then another duo test at 11 weeks, both test where negative is there any chance I could still be positive
Hello and thank you for your query.

If the duo test included a XXXXXXX test or nucleic acid test then you can be certain that you are negative for the HIV virus. 11 weeks is plenty of time to allow for an accurate analysis of your blood for the HIV virus. If your test was an antibody test then...
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i had protected sex with one lady. after ejaculation i removed my condome. later on i have washed my penis with water. 1. whether during washing, is there any chances of getting vaginal fluids into urethra as some of vluids touched my body where condome was not covered(edges) 2. she touches my body with her hand. my doubt is that her hand may contain vaginal fluids. on my body sweat bumps(due to heavy sweat) are there. is there chances of getting hiv into body 3. if i want to make PCR RNA test whether 5 to 6 days is sufficient to get accurate result. 4. have to come across incidentds that during protected sex also, hiv was transmitted. 5. exactly how much time hiv will survive in outside environment
Brief Answer:
Chance of infection is very small but can get test

Detailed Answer:
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Healthy skin is an excellent barrier against HIV . HIV cannot enter the body through unbroken skin.Yes,HIV transmission can occur when vaginal fluid containing HIV from an infected person enter...
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2 and a half days ago i had sex with a high level escort from london escort services. for a second my condom was broken and i immediately noticed it like within 2 seconds and stopped the sex (still not sure if it was broken inside or outside). I also had a shave cut near base of my penis not on the penis but it was not bleeding at time of sex and it was a fresg cut though which i took half an hour before exposure and was hardly visible as it was very minor cut . I am circumcised male . are their any chances of catching hiv? i am really stressed and anxiety is also causing some problems. is there any test that i can go for after a week of exposure?
Thanks for the query.
Even IF the sex worker is HIV positive, the risk for transmitting HIV in the incident you have described is very low. Transmitting HIV from female to male is significantly harder than from male to female. You had a single brief possible exposure during which you were...
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Hi doc,
I got a couple of questions to ask. First is about hiv. Me and my partner had an oral sex last two weeks and we did a home test hiv kit and the result came out negative for both of us. My partner is an escort. Since our results are negative, is there any possibilities i could be infected if my partner is in a hiv seroconversion stage which i did not know of?
My second question will be, i think i had scabies a couple of days back and it disappeared the night i treated it but when i got them i had experience diarrhea which passes water stools. Then today i feel a little nausea but i didnt vommit. Could this be food poisoning?

Thanks for your query.

Answer to your 1st question:
Yes you have chance if your partner is in the sero-conversion phase and its very unlikely to get positive result within 2 weeks of oral sex by the conventional HIV kit test. In that case you need to have serum p24 assay because this test can...
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How accurate is a HIV RNA early detection test at 8 days post exposure?

I know the HIV RNA test is 95-99% at 9-11 days post exposure. I am heading out of town and wanted to get one on the 8th day. Would this just decrease its accuracy slightly? I'm just looking for some comfort before I can take a DUO test at 3 weeks. Thank you.

Thanks for your query to XXXXXXX

Until now research on HIV RNA testing (test which is used to detect recent HIV infection) states that the test is able to detect the virus only after a minimum of 9 days of exposure. Hence it would be apt if you wait and get it tested on day 9.

Though HIV RNA...
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is PCR THE MOST effective test for i have to repeat it
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is hiv test p24 antigen and antibody 28 days negative p24 antigen and antibody 42 days negative pcr dna detecter test 56 days not detected p24 and antibody test 70 days negative after epposure conclusive enough i am still having few symptoms. i Am having reddish penis and terrible itch, sore throat , mental fogging confusion. What test i should do.
Hi Amitnaunirishikesh
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For ur Query My ans Include two parts.

Part I = Laboratory investigation Query
Part II = Clinical Symptoms Query

Part I ::

Ans :: As per recent nucleic acid testing (NAT) diagnosis can be done on 16th day with p24 antigen...
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