What is Creatine?

Creatine is a chemical that is normally found in the body, mostly in muscles. It is made by the body and can also be obtained from certain foods. Fish and meats are good sources of creatine. Creatine is most commonly used for improving exercise performance and increasing muscle mass in athletes and older adults.

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I am 18 years old. No past medical history. No history in my family of any liver or kidney disease. I was wondering if it is safe to supplement with creatine. I would be following the dosage and only performing the cycle for one month to increase...

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Yes you can start creatine.

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My father is of 80 years old , his cretinine level is 2.8 and urea is 70 and the doctors told that he is also suffering from TV, Now he is taking akurit-4 , three tab for TV one tab for High Blood pressure on lab another as anibiotic , this...
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your father is diagnosed TB case and may be anti Tb medication. The medication for Hypertension should be continued. The serum urea and creatinine may be increase due to the following medication. and there may no of cases for increasing this value.There are herbs...
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My creatine went up to 1.5 3/11/11. I stopped taking 50mg lisinopril today.My Bp is 122/68 .I have a salty taste in my mouth and on my skin.My appointment is not for 13 days,I have a 3mm cyst on my left kidney seen and ultrasound and MRI...
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Lets divide ur problem
1. High creat can be due to BPH or due to Hypertensive nephropathy, its just high normal and u have nothing to worry about if u r still having good urine output
2. Back pain might be chronic in nature, avoid taking painkillers because...
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is there any treatment for high level of creataine

Thank you for the query.

High level of creataine is caused by kidneys disease. If such disease is acute, than this is reversible. If there is severe kidneys dysfunction, the only way to get better blood filtration and decrease creatine level is kidney transplant.
Acute kidney failure in...
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HI sir, my kindey Transplat is done before 1 year ago now my creaine is 1.6 is is good or not? what action to be taken to reduce the creatine level? how much wate intakin daily

There can be various reasons for your creatinine to be 1.6 (it is not normal)

If your donor is older or had a slightly reduced function it can be responsible for a slightly higher creatinine.

Being overweight, having high blood pressure or certain medicine can cause higher...
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Hi My 87 year old mother is in a hospital. I understood that her creatine is 109. Is this possible ? What does it mean? XXXXXXX

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Creatinine is a marker that signifies renal function.High levels of creatinine indicate that there may be renal dysfunction or failure.The cause of that needs to be investigated.The normal levels of creatinine is 0.5-1.0 mg/dl.The level of 109 is abnormally...
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I underwent a cabg in April 2010 ..since then I have been taking quarterly reports for lipid profile and HbAIc and all reports are always under normal creatine has gone to 2 ...what is he reason my weight is 61 kgs anfd height is 175 coms and exercise regime is regular...what could be the reason of my creatine advise
Thanks for posting your query.
Are you suffering from diabetes or raised blood pressure?
Diabetes and high blood pressure are two most common cause worldwide for renal derangement.
Raised serum creatinine indicates renal dysfunction.
You should consult with internal medicine specialist/...
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I`m 25/male weigh 65 kg. I joined a gym recently. I started taking creatin supplements. Is it safe? should i take steroids too for muscle development??
Good to know that you have started working out. Creatine is known to produce rapid weight gain but the body has to be adequately hydrated. Drink plenty of water. This approved by all athlete federations and does not classify as dope. Steroids can have deleterious side effects on metabolism....
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I am a male 28, I've been having buttock pain for about a week and started getting blood in my stool two days ago. I've been taking creatine a suppliment before and after I work out. I was informed that I was taking too much creatine since a small amount is in my other suppliments. I'm uncomfortable with the pain and concerned.

Thank you for the query.

Creatine overdose would cause kidneys problem rather than bowels problems.
Bright red blood on the surface of the stool is usually caused by hemorrhoids or anal fissure. Both conditions are caused by constipation and pushing hard on the stool. A lump around the...
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I took why Creatine monohydrate for two days ..on the 1st serve of around 3grams in water .After an hour i realised that ..the desire .of sex ..was vanished and i realised that i i suffered from erection dysfunction and total sexual desire loss...i thought that i m not in the routine with creatine so might be creating this problem then i took less than 3 grams on the next day .and realised the same .reaction 4 months has passed ..i m not getting yet the feeling of .attraction /sex..i dont feel anything ..obout ..Please doc
Hi Nitin,
It is unlikely that your symptoms have anything to do with Creatine. Creatine can cause stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and muscle cramping. In large doses, it might be associated with weight gain as well. But it is not known to cause decreased libido. We should be looking at mainly...
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I am a 64 year old male. Consuming Telpres -AMHI started this drug about 4-5 months one each daily. On recent blood investigation the creatine syram has been founf 1.4. It was, an year back around 1.2. I request that is the creatine level increase is due to the present drug? I have changed to this drug 4-5 months back prior to that period I was using Olmax 40 H for my hypertension .Kind reply is solicited.
Thanks for writing in.
The creatinine level has not increased due to Telepres-AMHI unless you have only 1 functioning kidney. It would rather be due to dehydration or due to the effect of hypertension on your kidneys. I would suggest that you get yourself checked for diabetes as well.
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Hello Dr. I m post Kidney transplanet(mar-2009), from past 4 months, creatine leave has been increaed from 1.3 to 1.7, i m on pangraph 0.5 mg on night,720mg & 540 mg of myfortic, wyslone 10 mg, with BP tables, Can u please help y these creatine may go up..? and chance to bring it down to 1.3.?
Thanks for writing to us.
The cause of rise of creatinine needs to be seen. Please visit your physician to undergo physical check up and also to undergo relevant investigations required in your case. If the medicines you are taking already are not effective, increase in dosage may be...
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my brother was diagonised to have jaundice and within 5 days he appeared to have swollen feet and stomach and was admitted in a ahospital where he undewent dialysis for more than 5 times saying that he had a high urea and creatine level ,for 8 days now that he is sent to home he still has a problem with the urea level being 100 and creatine llevel being 4 ,is it normal????his blood pressure and sodium level were controlled and is now normal what measure should we take to bring hisBUN and creatine level to normal,,is he suffering from any other disorder please let us know if it is urgent to react,,his age is 25 yrs!
probably he might have acute hepatitis and later developed some renal failure. His high levels of BUN/Creatinine are probably from his metablosim. I would suggest he see a nephrologist urgently as this high number is very danger.

Kind regards
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hi,i am 21 years old male.. i m doing jim from last 5 months. i have taken 8 kg of protein powder in 2 months and i gained good muscles and i also had taken creatine . i stop jim from last 2 months. now i find my right nipple is swollen and it is hard and it gets pain when i touched. i have taken antibiotics like amoxicillian and cefiximine with other medicines but i am not getting relief.. plz tell me is this the side effect of protien anf creatine. i have stop jim now. and what is the right medicines.

This doesn't look like related to protein powder.Sometime hormonal changes can cause such symptoms. You can try oral anti-inflammatory drugs and consider to see your doctor for primary evaluation

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my knee is little swollen due to fall that stretched the tenden or ligament (fell backWard). there is no pain but it pretty tight when bend knee past abt 110 degrees. i can even go heavy on leg lift machine if dont go below 90 degrees. i have had really bad inflam before but it gone in a week, this has lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. is it poss that creatine is keeping the extra water around my knee from draining. i know that creatine water retention in muscle but not sure abt joint.
Hi, You could have possibly injured some intraarticular (within the joint) structure in your knee joint (propably meniscus or cruciate ligament) due to fall which has resulted in hemarthrosis /effusion. If it is still persisting after 3 weeks, you need to undergo investigations like plain xray...
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I am 38, work out resistance training 5 days a week, and try to run a few miles twice a week. I am eating healthy, supplementing with protein on work out days. I am also taking 4g creatine as a supplement on training days. I have a Life Insurance physical tomorrow and remembered that among many other things tested in the blood and urine sample are creatinine levels and protein/creatinine level. Is this going to be a concern. I am in great health, or so I think, and usually rate at super preferred rates. Also your opinion of using creatine as a supplement.
Hi and welcome to Healthcare magic.Thank you for the query.
It will not affect kindey results as kidney creatinine is comin from protein metabolism. Supplement creatine goes thorugh some different metabolic phases. Its usefulness is debatable. Theoretically it will cause more supstrates for...
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