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What is Blood test?

A blood test , is a laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample that is usually extracted from a vein in the arm using a needle, or via fingerprick. Blood tests are used to determine physiological and biochemical states, such as disease, mineral content, drug effectiveness, and organ function. They are also used in drug tests.

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hi I want to ask about my mother s blood test report her E.S.R 1st h is 35 but the normal range is 0-30 ! her present doctor dont give her any medecine ,is it OK ? she is 53 years old. thanks
THanks for the query

Even though the ESR is above normal, it is considered a significant increase only when above 100, and that too with symptoms
ESR of 35 can be due any small infection like common cold,etc.
DOnt worry about it, its perfectly alright
Have a healthy life
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HI.. what does a high esr (58) and low hb (11.8) + low hct (33.9) + high eosinophil (6) mean and chol 225 + trig 192. i m 47 years old and 3 years past menaupose. thanks
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Good Day
High ESR and Anaemia with Oeosinophilia indicates an allergic state either to food, drugs, worm infestation but high ESR can be raised in Autoimmune disease like Rheumatoid arthritis, Tuberculosis, which also cause anaemia. Get your stool tested for worms, especially if...
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Hi, I m 24, my ESR 1st hour is 27 mm. All other items on my blood test seem to be within the normal range. is this normal ?
The normal ESR should be within 20 in 1st hour. Do you have any pain and inflammation of any joint portion?
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Is there a blood test to detect cancer?
Brief Answer:
No. Complete Blood count will be only one in list.

Detailed Answer:
Hello and thanks for your query.

I shall make an effort to provide you with good professional recommendations specific to your questions.

Assuming you are looking for a breast cancer screening tests - a part from a...
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I need a doctor to help me understand my blood test results below and what they mean. Is there someone who can give me a general overview of my results, what is good, what is bad in as much detail as possible and also explain the XXXXXXX results?...
Thanks for posting your query

Your thyroid function tests are normal.This test is done to know functioning of thyroid gland in relation to pituitary gland and hypothalamus in brain XXXXXXX test which is also known as antinuclear antibody test is done to rule out autoimmune disorder.In your...
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Hi. I have high fever (102.9 f).Doctor asked me to get a blood report. Following things are not in normal range in report. 1. Hemoglobin 13.00 g/dl (ref range 13.5 to 18) 2.Total rbc count 4.67 mill/cmm (ref range 4.7 to 6) 3.Haematocrit(P.C.V)...
Brief Answer:

Detailed Answer:

You have a marginally elevated total wbc count with predominant polymorph. This indicates you probably have a bacterial infection. You might need few other tests to confirm the type of infection and causative organism. If I were to be your treating...
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Hi doc as u can see the image attached i have a patch on leg which is dry and is There From past has not grown though it is better than previous...i.e less dry and less itchy... i consulted an ayurvedic doctor.....he recommended me kayakalp tail and kayakalp vati and arogya vardhan got little improved but wen i left it i again became itchy....i had a prob of boils....during that I had blood test and biopsy of abecess....all Were normal.....then immunogulobin was Also normal...... Thanks

Your itching reoccured because of the presence of Doshas in your rakt dhatu esp kapha and pitta.

I m suggesting you a treatment for 15 days contact me after 15 days for complete follow up at You take Gandhak vati 1 tds, Arogya vardhani vati 1 Tds , Nardiya...
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hi i have pcod because of which my period was not reguler dr prescribed me ovacare forte,then my period was reguler ,i got pregnent 2 times but had misscarriages in nov&dec 2011,i was also taking folvit .i got my blood test done my anti beta 2 glycoprotein antibody screening is pasitive dr ask me to take loprin 75 mg ,ovacare forte ,folvit &try for pregnency.i am taking these medicins for the last one month but my periods are not reguler&we are also trying for baby,my question is do you think my period is now irregular because of loprin 75 mg ?pls reply i m very much tenced .........

Thanks for writing to us.
Loprin 75 is not likely to cause any irregularity in your periods. The mild irregularity is likely to be due to hormonal disturbance. You need to watch and try for at least six months to have a successful conception. Please do not worry and continue with your...
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a couple of days ago when i was peeing my left side of my vagina had gone numb and tingly, now today it really hurt on both side like i have a brusie but i dont. also for the pase couple of weeks i have been getting some blood like spotting but it goes away in like 2 wipe and i dont get in it a couple of days again. i also had a brownish discharge that is now gone.i havent had my period in 7 months but i am not pregnet as i have had a blood test 2 weeks ago. i have also notice i have gained 10 killos in 2 weeks and starting to get hair on my belly :( i have taken ovualtion test as my doctor has told me to and its coming back that i am ovualting every month but i am not getting my period im very conscern and dont know what to do
Hello ma'am.

Your case is a complicated one indeed. The causes for such a presentation are numerous: polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), fibroid uterus, polyps, endometriosis, various causes of hormonal imbalances, infections, etc.

Which is why my advise would be to get the following...
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my husband has felt unwell for 12 days his skin and have gone yellow he has been admitted to hospital and had blood tests but no scans yet they gave him a blood thinning jab today but that is all i know the first doctor said it could be a few things some of which are nasty they also started him on antibiotics last night but now cancelled them . i am so worried more from the fact nothing is being done and his yellow is worsening and so is his urine colour
Thanks for writing your query.

After reading your post, it seems that your husband might be suffering from Jaundice, a symptom of Hepatitis. It is due to inflammation in liver.

I would suggest that he should be tested for :-
1. Liver Function Test(LFT).
2. Complete Blood Count(CBC).
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i have been taking 75 mcg of thyronorm for the past 1 yr or so, in my recent blood test the t3 t4 levels were wuthin the range but tsh was a little high ( it is 6.98, it should have been below 6).. i also feel my face is a little puffy for the past few months.. can u plz advise should i increase or decrease my thyronorm dose..what should be my thyronorm dosage now.. ??
Your TSH result shows your dose of thyronorm(thyroxine) is inadequate. On thyronorm treatment the TSH should be less than 2.0. Your face puffiness is unlikely due to your thyroid problem at the level of TSH 6.98. But you need to increase your thyronorm dose. I advise you to consult an...
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hi doc. Am 40 years old, male and been a seaman for 13 yrs now. I smoke a lot and drink wisky or brandy one glass a day. I also eat a lot of green veggies and fruits. I always have my annual chk up and just now I have elevated sgot ,58.3. All other blood tests are normal. Am I at risk? What should I do? Thanks and more power.
Thanks for the query to H.C.M. Forum .
Let me explain you that consuming of 200 ml wine /day is risky (if taken on empty stomach).
But you don't worry because mere 58.3 mg SGOT ( AST ) is non-specific and does not a cause of concern.
If possible diminish amount of alcohol /days .
Good luck...
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Hi my sister is having high fiver and bodypain. From evening she is ometing plese let me know she should do blood test and where I stay in happvalley. we r new in this city.
Welcome to HCM.
Fever with vomiting is suggestive of stomach infection.
could be due to consumtion of stale food.
Go for routine blood test and consult physician near by you for better diagnosis and medical management.
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Hi, From last two yrs i am suffering frm severe hair fall. 7 months back i consulted a doctor n i had undergone ultrasound n blood test ,report says left polycystic ovarian disease but my blood tests are normal and have regular periods. doctor wrote ranbaxy amexidil 5 n skinvit tablet. my question is i am not getting enough result,why, what shuld i do ? any other treat ment is required or not? xxxx age :28, married , mumbai
You said your blood tests were normal. May i know what were the tests like? TSH, LH/FSH, Thyroid hormones, were these the tests that were done?
Currently you are taking multi vitamins and a drug for hair fall. It is the right treatment. However did your doctor tell you the reason for you hair...
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