What is Oxycodone?

Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid synthesized from poppy-derived thebaine. It is a narcotic analgesic generally indicated for relief of moderate to severe pain.

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I am taking oxycodone 10 with asprin witch last 4 to 6 hours I went back to work and need something in oxycodone to last 12 hours witch one is best to work with and I have no insurance so my doctor said to do my home work on this medication so...
Hi there,

Thanks for your query. I understand your frustration with doctors.

The effect of oxycodone lasts for 3-6 hours.

Since the morning dose does not cover the afternoon hours, I suggest that you consult your doctor, who will either increase the morning dose of oxycodone; or, switch over to...
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ok so a query means question??trying to find out is hydrocodone and oxycodone of the same family meaning I know they are both narcotics but are they both of the opiate family?? My doctor just switched me from Norco to 10mls of oxycodone getting...
Hi, thanks for using healthcare magic

There are both in the opiate family of drugs. Hydrocodone is a semi synthetic opioid that is derived from codeine.

Oxycodone is also a semisynthetic opioid, it is made from the poppy derived thebaine.

I hope this helps
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Hello, I am a 35 year old women and I take oxycodone regularly 15 mg every 6 hours if needed...sometimes I take less. My question is will this medication stop ovulation as we are trying to conceive. My period is irregular now that I ve been on it,...
Hi there,

Thanks for your query.

Irregular periods, difficulty in conceiving may be due to either, thyroid problem, hormonal imbalance, anemia, increased levels of Prolactin in the blood; or, Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD).

Oxycodone does not interfere with ovulation. Test kits are available...
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I m 6 5 200 lb male 61 years old, very active lifestyle (gym, bicyclist, kayaker, etc.). My doctor has me on naicin to raise my HDL cholesterol. I had a cycling injury with multiple injuries and broken bones, was taking oxycodone for pain at time...
Oxycodone does have a detrimental effect on LDL/HDL ratio.
It increases the LDL levels as well as decreasing HDL levels.

You might be better off getting prescribed an alternative better opioid analgesic, after consulting your doctor.
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can oxycodone (endone) be taken with Lyrica, i'm on 150mg x twice daily of lyrica.
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Detailed Answer:
Dear patient,

There is no major interaction between these medications and they can be combined in patients with chronic pain since they work through different mechanisms in the body.

Yours truly,

Dr Brenes-Salazar MD
Mayo Clinic...
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Hello. I was in a car accident just over 6 months and have been on a dosage of 10 mg of oxycodone of 1 ever 4 hours. I had a really stressed day the day before so I hadn’t slept over 24 hours so this so I took 40 mg at 11l ish and then I took a 3...
Brief Answer:
Call emergency as your vital signs should monitor.

Detailed Answer:
Hi there,

The oxycodone dose you take was really high. If there is nobody with you, I'd suggest to call emergency number as you need to be monitored your vital signs while sleeping.

If you have somebody else living...
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Where I s oxycodone absorbed in the digestive tract? I have had all but the last 12cm of sm bowel excised and have noticed significant difference ib the action of the drug after the surgery.
Brief Answer:
Oxycodone absorption

Detailed Answer:
Dear sir

I thoroughly reviewed your case..

Oxycodone is absorbed in the proximal part of small intestine and the drug bioavailability is around 60 to 70%. That means with only the last distal part of intestine remaining, oxycodone may not be...
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I have been on Oxycodone 240mg plus a day for the past 5 years and today my pain doc took me down to 3 a day then to 2 a day next week then to 1 a day. They said my levels were to high and they had to cut me off. What can I do, how bad am I going to feel and will I die? I have also been on Opana 20mg twice a day and he is doing the same thing with that. Subtle ween down.
Thanks for using healthcare magic.

Without oxycodone you are not going to die, so do not worry. Drug has to be reduced as its level is high as per your doctor.

You can continue to go for psychotherapy or counselling sessions and may consult your doctor if symptoms if any , reappear.

I hope It...
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I think my daughter is on Percoset. She is a adult living with me. She was hooked on Percoset years ago. I had a feeling she was on something. I found tiny bits and pieces of orange pills broken in her purse in a bottle. Could this be Percoset? I didn t have time to look for a logo. And they were broken up so I don t think I could have found a logo. Thanks.
Hello debidavis
By the information you have given it is very difficult to ascertain definitely whether she is taking percoset or not. Usually percoset or oxycodon is a drug of opioid group and it has been used in cough formulations and in pain medications.
Usual strengths prescribed by doctors...
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ya i started taking nucynta for pain man with oxycodone last night its like i needed to yon and could nt i don t know if this is caused from these drugs and if this is what they mean by shollow breath ,,should i stop taking this med ,,i was taking tramadol before using this med it seemed to work better can i stop the nucyta and use the tramodol instead
Hi. thanks for asking in Healthcare Magic.

Nucynta is Tapentadol. It is a newer analgesic (drug used to relieve pain). It has similar action profile like Tramadol. Both Tramadol and Tapentadol are synthetic opioids unlike morphine which is a natural opium alkaloid. It relieves pain through opioid...
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Hi my name is Terri. I was in a car accident and have been put on 10mg of Oxycodone . I have been taking approximately 6 weeks, about every 2 1/2 hours. Sometimes I can go up to 4 hours. I want to get off of them as my back has been doing better. I feel like they are controlling me and I hate it. Will I experience an opiate withdrawal at this point, and do you think this is something I can do on my own. My doctor is always so rushed and said just start taking one less pill a day. What should I expect. I really need answers. Thank you

Thanks for posting,

Opiate withdrawal is very big possibility and tapering (by reducing) the dosage will be the best way of stopping. Abrupt stopping might cause withdrawal and you might find yourself in a situation of absolute discomfort. Since you have been on oxycodone 10mg for that...
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I have been taking methadone for pain for a few years, about 40 mg per day. Deciced to stop so I tapered gradually to 10 mg per day with my Dr.. About 10 days ago I stopped totally and bad withdrawl systems started 5 days ago. Then my primary care Dr. gave me a colonodine patch and I am taking Lorazapan a few times per day --- and an Oxycodone pill 2-3 times per day, which seems to help. This is very hard. I am wondering if this method is worth the agony I feel at times. How long will these severe symptoms last? My Dr. offered the Sobaxal (sp?) but I wanted to try this without another opiate. Your opinion will be very helpful Thanks XXXXXXX
Thanks for the query.
METHADONE is very long acting as compared to OXYCODONE.
The withdrawl symptoms of METHADONE and OXYCODONE are same.
You feel hot and cold sweats,nausea,vomiting,diarrhoea,muscle aches etc. on withdrawl of both drugs but the withdrawl symptoms are more than 10...
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i was presribed 10mg. oxycodone HCL,suppose to help with pain,they arent working to well for me, the 10mg percocets i use to take ,but are no longer available ,why?,would you please tell me the difference with the two,also recommend me something that will help rid this pain;are the percocet 10mg stronger than oxycodone 10mg?
Percocet contains paracetamol also along with oxycodone.

if it suited you more then may take Paracetamol tabs 500 mg separately with present medication.

Sometimes if you have been on long time course of percocet, paracetamol may cause liver toxicity and so beware , trust your physician's choice...
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my mom is 63. she has been taking oxycodone for the past five years for her back. she has had very bad contipation latley. she will take many laxitives and she says just hard balls come out. now she is having a severe pain below her brest bone. she has also had a cough for the past few weeks. also she has been losing her breath doing small tasks and needs her inhaler . do you have any ideas? she does not have a doctor appt. for another week. but i am very worried. i am sorry. i did not realize i had to pay money for your opinion. for i do not have any. i am just very worried and scared. my email is YYYY@YYYY if you can plase help me with for free......
Hello dear,

First of all, you do not have to pay money for an opinion in this forum.

Oxycodone is an opioid analgesic, which has the side effect of constipation.
Though symptomatic relief can be obtained by intake of Laxatives, their regular use is not advised, to prevent any unwanted side...
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I have scripts for prozac 20 twice a day, wellbutrin 1once a day to off set prozac s side effect of lack of sex drive , adderall 10 3 times daily and kolodopin 1 to 2 a night I have taken my daily dose of everything but koloapin..... I have an old script for oxycodone i took one tonight because of body aches long day with 7 month old and 3 year old, and moving into a new house. as i laid down from my last feeding with the baby is when i took the oxy, as i was falling asleep i remembered a series about people taking it and not waking up. both my babies are in bed with me now because they are sick with colds and had fevers. husband out of town. never had problems with daily script interactions, but now i am afraid i may not wake up from taking oxy only took one. Should i be worried? don t want kids to wake with dead mom no one will find me until late friday when husband gets back from business trip. what should i do? oh oxy is actually Acetaminophen and oxycodone hydrochloride 325 mg / 7.5 mg.
Hi requitta ! Do you really taking all these drugs ? I mean do you have depression. Please stop taking all these cocktail tablet otherwise your fear turn into reality. so what to do ? If pain take painkiller not these medicine. If you feed your baby it will harm them too. So just consult doctor...
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