can a child safely take 2 mg of ondansetron for stomach flu vomiting
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Thanks for writing to XXXXXXX This is Dr. Ashish Verma, a general surgeon, answering to your query.

Yes for a 4 year old child, you can even give up to 4 mg tablet, and repeat it every 8-12 hours if needed.

I would suggest that you initially give him the...
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Hi my name is AAAAA I am pregnant and this is my 7th child. Every pregnancy I get excessive Saliva which leads to severe nausea and vomiting I was told for years there was nothing I could take for this. During my 6th child A doctor I spoke to said...
Hi Susie,

There are several causes of excessive salivation. I will list some of them below.

Dentures that are new or don't fit well
GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
Infection in your mouth or throat
Medications, such as clonazepam (Klonopin), clozapine (Clozaril, Fazaclo ODT), pilocarpine...
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Hello Dr. I have recently been diagnosed with cholecystitis was prescribed ranitidine, ondansteron (to prevent vomiting), meclizine, tramadol and baclofen, then went back to Dr. who then said I have a kidney infection, prescribed me cephalexin,...
Hi ! The cyst in the kidney could just be a coincidental finding. However, seeing your present symptoms, you can go for a review ultrasound scan of your pelvis and abdomen. It seems that the urinary infection of yours is persisting even after taking a course of antibiotic which is an indication...
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Hi, Our 10 month old DD has had gastro (diaroeha & fever ) since Wednesday last week and is just starting to recover now. Had to rush her to hospital a couple of days ago as she was really lethargic and not eating/drinking anything. They gave her...
Thank you for your query,
This rash could be due to a viral cause.
Continue to give sips of oral rehydrating solutions to prevent dehydration.
For rash you can apply calamine lotion externally over skin for the soothing effect.
Monitor her hydration status by her activity and urine output.
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sir, my son is 10 months old.he is regularly feeding with lactogen and cerelac vegetable twice a day. now we are giving him buffalo milk from 4 days,suddenly he is get vomited thrice a day.Doctor prescibed him ondansetron oral solution ip(emi)...
Thank you for your query on Healthcare Magic,
I advise you to stop buffalo milk as it may be the cause of vomiting and loose motions.
Continue ondansetron in prescribed dosage if there are vomitings.
You can give oral rehydration solutions like pedialyte in sips to prevent dehydration....
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ondem injection dose for 6 month child
Thanks for posting your query.
Ondansetron injected as self medication in a six month old child is XXXXXXX In case of vomiting due to gastrointestinal disorders, the drug of choice in children is domperidone. Ondansetron is advised for vomiting due to central causes like after...
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my son had loose motion and vomiting today age 10 years weight 26kgs. was advised ondansetron oral solution, zinc acetate solution,and sorbitol solution. is it correct and what should be the right dosage.

Thank you for the query.

The most common reason of such symptoms is viral infection of the gastrointestinal tract. Especially if fever is present.
Ondansetron is an anti-vomiting medicine which should be used with vomiting caused by radiotherapy, chemotherapy or after surgery. In some...
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my daughter is 8 months along she has been vomiting all night is there any thing she can take for it
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ondansetron 1mg

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for writing to health care magic.
Vomiting in 8 month old baby can be due to indigestion, viral gastritis.
Try giving her simple foods and continue with breast feeds. Give her oral electrolyte solution like pedialyte in sips every 10 to...
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my daughter 9 yrs, 20kgs is sick she is complaining about headache, vomiting after she eats food, watery stools and sometimes fever from last 6 days. Our dr says it is acute gastroentritis and prescribed junior lanzol, enterogermina and ondansetron for last two days and before completed antinoitic course. blood test proved dengue and malaria negative.
Dear user,

The treatment is simply not on the line, I am afraid to say. Why this combination of drugs? Your daughter may need ondansetron, but not the other two medicines. Dehydration, if present, may cause headache, so please give her extra fluids to correct/prevent the same. It would be helpful...
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Hi I was diagnosed with having a bile reflux this week after an endoscopy looking to find source of my pain below right rib.I have had my gallbladder removed. Doctor has prescribed Ganaton 3x day but I see it is banned in UK/USA. Can you recommend an alternative? Liver enzymes/tests all appear normal. Doctor showed me photos of the bile which came through into my stomach no evidence of ulcer etc in stomach.
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Metoclopramide/Ondensetron are alternatives

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for your query.

You are suffering from a condition called "Post-Cholecystectomy Dumping syndrome" (PCDS) following gall bladder removal. It is likely to persist lifelong.

Instead of Ganaton, you can take...
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I 'm 40 yr house wife. I have two kids, youngest one being 1 yrs and 5 months, still drinks my milk.
Lately from last two days...I'm having vomiting with body pains and headaches, bitterness in my mouth.

To provide some details, I hadn't slept properly past 2 days as my kid was unwell.

I do have Thyroid and Diabetes since my pregnancy days. However, last week report shows is Doctor has reduced by dose to Thyronorm 25 Mg once a day and reclide 20 Mg..once a day.

Blood Pressure during Last Saturday visit was : 70/100

TSH - 0.001
Diabetes Fasting 107 and Post Fasting 127.

Vomited a couple of times today.

Please advise?

Regards, XXXXXXX

Thank you for posting a query.

Firstly, your symptoms indicate indigestion, increased acid secretion in stomach due to excessive tension. It may also be due to migraine. Your reports are quite satisfactory.

Now, what you have to do is to take pantoprazole group of drug along with an...
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my daugther 2 years and 3 months old vomited 3-4 times in last 1 1/2 hrs.
one of our family friend's doctor suggested to give emeset ondansetron oral solution ip 2mg/5ml (5ml) 3 times a day with no fluid/food for a 30minutes.
Can you please advise.
Hi Dear
Welcome to the HCM,
Dear friend your doctor has done the right thing. medicine recommended is ok.
It should work provided it is used as recommended .
Hope the query is answered.
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11 month old vomiting once or twice at night for past 4 nights, has had yellow stools for past two days, now has mucous (no blood) in stool and very soft/creamy stool 1/day. No fever, fussy on day 1, now acts normal, a bit more tired than usual. What should we do ?

Thank you for your query on Healthcare Magic.

Your child seems having gastroenteritis mostly due to a virus.

The mainstay of treatment is to maintain hydration of the child.

The tiredness is due to infection and loss of water and electrolytes in loose stools and vomitus.

Give sips of oral...
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Hi there, I was just diagnosed with gastroenteritis as of yesterday. I have been lightheaded, nauseated, vomitting, and have been fatigued to an extreme degree. I have only gotten Ondansetron as a treatment for nausea. I have had a urine test done, a cbc, and an abdominal ultrasound...all were normal. I work at a veterinary clinic in the housekeeping dept.. How can I get the proper treatment for this ailment?

Gastroenteritis is inflammation of the stomach and intestines caused commonly by bacterial or viral infection.

Viral origin will subside on its own. Symptomatic treatment and oral fluid and ORS will do.

But for bacterial with fluid, ORS and symptomatic treatment a course of antibiotic...
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