Montek lc tablets

Hello Doctor, I need to know is there any side effect by taking Montek LC tablet for long time say more than 5 years for allergic treatment thank XXXXX
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It contains Monteleukast and Levocetirizine.
The side effects if monteleukast are dizziness, fatigue, fever; rash; abdominal pain, gastric upset; increased AST; cough, nasal congestion. Aggression, agitation, angioedema, arthralgia, bleeding tendency,...
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What is montek LC tablets for my husband has a nasal problem and the doctor prescribed that but i don t know how he needs to take this medicine
Hi pka0006,
Montek LC ( Montelukast) is a medicine , we give for the patient of running nose, sneezing due to allergies, and also for maintenance phase of Asthma and Atopic Dermatitis. This medicine works by different mechanism then steroid, so it can be given along with Steroid tablets, and...
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hello doctor, I want to know weather there is any side affect on using olsertain-AM for blood pressure and montek LC tablet. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ABOUT THESE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE SIR. Moreover try to adress a remedy to this tablets if they are not...
Dear sir

Montek LC contains montelaukast and levocetrizine which has mast cell stabilization properties usually used in the treatment of allergies and asthma.

Secondly it has mild sedative effect and might cause drowsiness in some of the patients.

Olsertain AM has a combination of olmesartan and...
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Hi doctor, I am a women of 56 yrs, I am allergic to cold, dust, smell etc.and for last several years I get cold and after I wash my hair I get cold at head and get pain in upper back and head gets heavy and also feel little breathing trouble. I...
Welcome to HCM,

As you are having symptoms of allergy for last several years which is making you uncomfortable because of the allergy.

I would suggest you to test for absolute eosinophil count (AEC) in blood to confirm the presence of allergic reaction. Then you have to test for the most...
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Hi have a severe sneezing problem in last 5 years. I checked with my family doctor.They referred Montek-LC Tablet. Whenever I got Sneezing I put one Montek-LC table.It will be cure for two to three days, Sometimes it will be cure for 7 days.But...
Hello dear...
The symptoms as mentioned in your post suggest that you might be having Allergic rhinitis.
Montair is Montelukast, which is used as a maintenance therapy to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies & asthma.
So..the medicine given by your Doctor is correct...please continue them as...
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I started MONTEK LC tablet on doctor's advice (Daily One Tablet) from november 2009. He advised me for 6 months, but i have continued this tablet till today (february 2013), because if I am stopping it, I start getting that sore throat , cough ,...

Thank you for posting a query.

Look, montek LC contains montelukast and levocterizine. They are used in asthma and allergic reaction.

Montelukast has some side effects like liver damage, arthritis, autoimmune disease, vasculitis like churg strauss syndrome, sleep disorder and many more...
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I have been,aged 35, suffering from allergic rhinitis for the last few years mainly during the winter season.So I have to take one Montek LC tablet( Montelukast Sodium and Levocetrizine hydro) daily at night during winter season to get relieved...
Brief Answer:
Use intra nasal steroid spray

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for the query.

Allergic rhinitis is a common condition and anti histaminics and anti leukotrienes are used for controlling the symptoms. This is what you are also using.

Oral medicines have some side effects like sedation....
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Hello Doctor,
I’m 30 yrs old Male, suffering from Asthma (allergic to dust & cold) since 18 yrs. I have consulted many doctors to get rid of this Asthma but finally I am settled with MONTEK-LC tablet from past 2 yrs. I am comfortable with this tablet and use to take 2 or sometime 3 days once in a night time that will comfort me for 48 hr to 72 hrs. Here my problem is facing few rashes on my face and forehead from past 2 months. I heard this might be because of allergy. I Google it based on the drug Montek-LC and found this may causes rash as a side effect because I only take regularly this tablet. Can you pls let me know is this because of Montek-LC tablet or may be some other and also is there a way to get rid of this Asthma permanently??? Kindly do the help…!!
COMBINATION OF MONTELUCAST 10 MG and fexofenadine is good and is without any side can apply clobestrl ointment on affected skin
but you can go to...
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I am using Montek LC Tablet on regular basis, mainly 1 tablet at night, since March'2009. Till now I am continuing the same, because, if I stop taking it for a couple of days, then some irritation starts from the third day onward. Or else everything is fine. I am a regular smoker too, but drink alcohol very solemn and that also of a very little volume.
Now, I want to know, what are the side effects of taking this montek lc tablet on regular basis for such a long period?
Hi there ~

I understand you have an allergy problem for which you are hugely benefiting from the medication Monteleukast. I would like to let you know that you might get better if you cut down on your smoking and start getting yourself on the path of recovery by giving yourself a deadline or a...
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i am having severe cough for the last 15 days. Lungs - x ray is normal. I have taken several syrups and tablets which were of no use. I consulted one hoemeopath who has prescribed some homeo medicines plus Montek LC tablets . I am not suffering from breathlessness. Dry cought with wheezing noise. Can you please recommend cure for immediate relief?
welcome to hcm,

you will have to get your differential count[blood test],in case your eosinophil count is high you wil have to take medicines for 21 wiil also have to get your sputum checked for acid fast bacili to rule out t,b.[tuberculosis] if positive you will have to take a full...
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sir, I am having an epididymal cyst on the left testicle. The report of my scrotal ultrasound has been attached. When I was sleeping tonight a sudden pain was felt on my right(not at the lest) testicle for which I was wake up. After 3/4 minutes the pain disappeared. The pain was like as is striking my testicle by finger after an interval of 10/12 seconds. Sir have I suffered testicular torsion ? I am very much afraid sir. If so then how the testicular torsion will be detected ? Please help me sir. Thank U.
Brief Answer:
It is not Testicular Torsion at all.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your query.Based on the Ultrasound Scanning report and facts that you have posted it appears that you have benign cyst of Epididymis on left side .

You had severe pain in Rt testicle while you were sleeping which...
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i use to get allergy in my throat and little pain in my chest,head,shortness of breath . when i took Montek LC tablet symptoms gone within half an hour after taking medicine . i don t know whats happening to me? i was having bronchitis during pregnancy(5th month) . doctors said i will be fine after delivery. My son is now 5 month old but still i am having this problem after every 4th day.please help?
Thanks for writing in.
Your symptoms can be due to bronchitis or asthma. The fact that you get relief when you take Montek LC favors this. We would need to perform a spirometry ( pulmonary function test) to ascertain the cause of your symptoms. In my opinion, inhaled corticosteroids like...
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Sir, my age- 32 years and sex- male. I am having an epididymal cyst on the left testicle. The report of my scrotal ultrasound has been attached. When I was sleeping last night a sudden pain was felt on my right(not at the left) testicle for which I was wake up. The pain was like as if striking my testicle by finger tip repeatedly after an interval of 10/12 seconds. After 3/4 minutes the pain disappeared . sir, is it testicular torsion or some other serious condition ?

I consulted one urologist in my locality. After hearing these symptoms . He said that this is not testicular torsion and nothing to worry about. But he didn't examine me physically only he saw my ultrasound report which was done on 28/09/2013 ( much before this incident which happened to me last night). He told me that no treatment is required for now. But he prescribed me certain medicines which I have written below.

1. Decet BD
2. Levotec 500

Sie, I am confused these medicines are for which disease ?
Am I having any chance of any testicular torsion or any other serious condition in future and these medicines are to prevent it ???
Is it necessary to take these medicines (I am having asthma so I am presently taking Montek LC tablets every day which I forgotten to say the local urologist).
Sir , the most important query is that am I more prone to testicular torsion in future due to this incident ?
I intend to learn martial art in future and may do physical exercise. Am I allowed to do so (I afraid if I am more prone to testicular torsion after this incident then I may not be allowed for learning martial art or doing physical exercise)

Please help me sir...
Brief Answer:
You are not more prone to torsion testis

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for writing in to us.

I have read through your query in detail.
Your present medications are:
1. Decet BD tab: diethylcarbamazine citrate 150 mg, cetirizine dihydrochloride 5 mg.
2. Levotec 500: levofloxacin....
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HI I am 46 years female suffering from sinus , allergy and migrane at times, there is constant pain in my nose bone and especially if i consume cold items including curds i am on homeopathic treatment for a long time now but not much of improvement treatment, my doctor has asked me to take Montek LC tablets after dinner daily - 01 each for 90 days, can you please advise if taken this course will relief me after completion of this course and is there any side effects of this medicine.
this is all allergic sinusitic problems
the culprits are milk,wheat,chana,potato
if you are not getting any response get your allergy tests
serum blood testsfor milk,wheat,chana.and potato specific antibodies
the drug controller general of india has disapproved all the combination drugs
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Good morning.

could you please tell me the difference between Montek LC tablets abd Cetirizine. I do suffer from skin alllergies from time to time. My blood tests showed that I am highly sensitive to Citrus fruits.I have completely eliminated them from my diet. I also develop these allergies whenever I have been prescribed heavy duty antibiotics ,in this case it was about a month back due to a dental surgery. I have always responded well to Cetirizine,but this time the has asked me to try Montek LC .Since i do not react well to all medicines,I request your Guidance.

Thank you
Dear Friend.

Cetrizine is an anti histaminic drug used to treat allergies.

Montelukast is a leukotriene receptor antagonist used for the maintenance treatment of asthma and to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Montek LC contains both Levocetzine (relative of cetrizine) and montelukast.

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