What is Lidocaine?

Lidocaine is a common local anesthetic and antiarrhythmic drug. Lidocaine is used topically to relieve itching, burning and pain from skin inflammations, injected as a dental anesthetic or as a local anesthetic for minor surgery.

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I ve been under mental treatments since I was 3. But started using OxyContin 5mg/375. For pain but not doctor proscribed because doctors are rare and in between here. Now I m using lidocaine injections self medicated, just wanting to know if I...
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You are absolutely doing wrong practice, you can not do this with your own neither the lidocaine is analgesic medicine but this is local anesthetic agent in my opinion you need psychiatrist treatment, see the psychiatrist as soon as possible, before it is too late, hope...
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dizziness 24 hour post oral surgery after using 72 mg lidocaine and 9mg marcane. not sedated for surgery. am 57, female. taking b.p. medication. bp is staying 130/60. dizziness only effect I m noticing. was severe yesterday. had subsided. now...

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Dizziness is a known side effect of lidocaine. As the drug levels in your body comes down the diziness will also subside. If it persists even after 3 days of surgery then it requires further evaluation

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hHi Doctor, My wife, she suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and she is under remicade , her UC was flare up last month and her GI get her Cortison, right now she suffer from Fissure which very bother her and stop her life, what should we do with it?...
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The anal sphincter goes in for spasm when there is fissure and this causes severe pain during bowel movements and may also result in bleeding .
The treatment is to relieve this spasm and aid smooth bowel movement.
Though topical nifedipine is effective, she is not...
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I went to the doctor for a tooth extraction and before he pulled the tooth but immediately after the lidocaine injections my whole cheek began to swell. I have not experienced any difficulty breathing, just facial swelling. At first the dentist...
Its nothing but looks like to be a normal complication called a hematoma.. It seems the dentist hit a blood vessel and due to the blood leakage into the space it swells up.
But not to worry, a good amount of pressure packs, and the area might turn a bit bluish but it shall regress itself...
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I had Hemorrhoid surgery in mid July of this year. My post surgery check up was fine and the Doctor told me the bumps I had where the hemorrhoids were normal. But after healing and 5 months later the bumps are just as iritating as the hemorrhoids....
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It is not normal to have any discomfort at anal reason after the hemorrhoids surgery, even if it is there, you should get relief from it by a review.
There may be excess local scarring or recurrence of the piles or just irritating local nerves.
It can be...
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I have disc pain C4/5...Muscle Left arm..Have a friend gave me Lidocaine HCI 1 %...and U 100' I inject in the arm or in the muscle..If so how much
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Not recommended for use like this.

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Lidocaine is not for injection in the arm or the muscle. It can be given at the local site- near the herniated disc for temporary relief. Do not self medicate yourself like this. This could be...
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will lidocaine ointment - 5% - cause a false positive for cocaine and'or will an 80% lidocaine product cause a false positive urine analysis for cocaine?

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No, Lidocaine ointment 5% will not cause a false positive for cocaine.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other concerns.

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At 10 am I was given Rocephin IM with Lidocaine 2 ml as a pain prevention for the shot. It was not on my electronic medical record that I am allergic to Lidocaine. Within 10 minutes I was given Benedryl IM plus a steroid IM. I have an epi-pen to use if needed. My doctor has also called me at home to make sure am ok. At 4:30 pm still some mild numbness on tongue, back of throat, lips. How long for that 2 ml to work it's way through my system?
Thanks, Christine
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You was given Rocephin and lidocaine I.M. so you had the numb ness of the tongue , lips, and throat is there.
The numbness is not the side effect of the lidocaine , it is the effect of the drug. As it is given I.M.the effect may last for longer time . how...
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Hello, I've been told that I am allergic to lidocaine. When I had a shot of lidocaine mixed with cortisone, my skin turned red and very warm. I'm going to have oral sugery in a few weeks and I told my doctor about my reaction; so he decided to give me a couple of lidocaine shots in my mouth to see if I had any kind of reaction. Well I didn't right then, but a few hours later, my mouth was throbbing and it felt as if all my teeth were going to fall off! Is this normal? Should I ask to be completely put under for oral sugery? As if now the plan is to use lidocaine shots and laughing gas....

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Take an antiallergic drug under the prescription of your Physician.
At home take lukewarm saline and antiseptic mouthwash rinses.
Also take a painkiller.

Take care!
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I take 300 mg of Lithium twice a day. I tried the 5g or mg of LIdocaine ointment for neuropahty and got dizziness upon lying down and turning my head. I have experienced a slightly shakyfeeling similar to tremors from Lithium also. But, I have not been sleeping well with back problems and nerve pain really wipes me out.
Do I just have Kaiser put it in my log not to give me this Lidocaine? The dentist says his anesthetics are not a problem as they are small and local and do not get into the bloodstream. Thanks. Judy
Hi Judy,

It is unlikely that lidocaine ointment is causing any such side effects, because on applying ointments, very little drug is absorbed into the bloodstream. Dizziness on lying down and turning your head is most likely due to cervical neuropathy or may be lithium related. Hope you are...
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my friend has CRPS and recently (last week) went through 3 day out patient lidocaine Ketamine infusion treatment- which by all accounts were successful as her pain level is down, however, she seem to have spiraled into an unexplained emotional roller coaster. She has become confrontational with her husband and very argumentative, this behavior is not her- I have seen her over the past couple of days and she's shared with me why she's upset with him, but to me, the reasons are trivial and I believe that she is unaware of reality.... she is now texting me saying she doesn't understand what is happening (their arguing).... my question is, would the lidocaine/ketamine infusion create this type of irrational behavior as a side effect?
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The short course of general anesthesia of course induces euphoria confessional state of mind, but that does not last long, it happen immediately as soon as patient comes out of the sedative effect, and vanishes within couple of hours, if this is not the case with her...
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do you recommend trigger point injections of lidocaine for muscular pain combined with physiotherapy for 16 year old daughter. she has done physio, acupuncture, and cupping and since last april when we were suddenly hit by a stolen vehicle by quite an impact from the rear. She has pain everyday. Takes maximum dose of vimovo each day.
i will not advise you for that,firstly its temporary i.e.max 30 minutes.she should have good vegeterian protien diet,plenty of fluids,fruits and far drugs she can L carnitine 500mg 3-4 times a day for 2-3 weeks.. take safe analgesic like paracetamol on s.o.s. basis.
wish you good...
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trying to find a doctor that has performed vulvar vestibulectomy surgery in maryland and is very famililar with dyspareunia pain. I have tied everything from vaginal estragan ,pills.vaginal rings, lidocaine,theropy treatment pain is intension and spoils the fun. my last YYYY@YYYY is for me his soon to be wife... Thanks Ginny
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Vulvar vestibulectomy can help to decrease the pain during sex to some extent but you will need to use lubricants initially to have relief. Do consult your gynecologist who can guide you the best.
I hope this information has been both informative and helpful for...
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