What is Hydroxychloroquine?

Hydroxychloroquine is in a class of drugs called antimalarials. It is used to prevent and treat acute attacks of malaria. It is also used to treat discoid or systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis in patients whose symptoms have not improved with other treatments.

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i am dr AAAAA from iran. i am a rheumatologist . I have a patient with SLE . she treates now with hydroxychloroquine sulfat 200 mg/daily azathioprine 50 mg/daily. she has lupus nephritis and treated with 6 month pulse cyclophosphamide and then...
Hydroxychlroquine and azathioprine is safe but lisinopril is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy.
So it should be stopped immediately, and definitely risk to fetus will be there.
But then the decision has to be taken by patient because risk of deformities in fetus are there.
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yes I have an awful taste in my mouth and my arthritis doc says I have uctd and gave me nabumetone 500mg had to cut one inhalf half in morning then at night she had me on 2tablets made my heart beat rise and i take 2 tabs of hydroxychloroquine...
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Prednisone is a steroid and it reduces the immunity and oral flora mostly fungal infections occur. All you need is oral hygiene, mouth washes, garlic water mouth rinses and avoidig prednisones or at leat reduce the dosages after consulting with doctor.
Good Luck
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In the last week or so I wake up and my face is red across my forehead, cheeks and nose and above my lips. It feels like sunburn. It seems to go off as the day goes. I have a diagnosis of RA maintained with Mx any Hydroxychloroquine which I have...
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Thank you for your query
I understand your concern regarding your skin problem.
You must apply good sun screen before going outside.
When you have taken hydroxychloroquine your skin become more sensitive to sun rays.
You can wear gloves and masks for extra...
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Hi there. I was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritous. I had went into my family Dr. 10 days ago complaining of knuckle pain on my right hand - and some tighting in my hands in the morning. He ran some blood work which came back with a...
Your symptoms like pain and swelling of multiple joints of hand are seen in Rheumatoid arthritis. This is also associated with early morning stiffness of these joints which subside to some extent with activity and as the day progress.
Positive rheumatoid factor and cyclic citrullinated AB...
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I was given hydroxychloroquine for rheumatoid arthritis . This then caused dizziness and a bueish grey tint to my neck and face leaving me with a bad rash, from which I now have discolouration on my face and neck. I discontinued use after 5 weeks...
Thanks for the query.
Basically you had a drug induced hyperpigmentaion or a photo sensitivity reaction to hydroxychloroquine.It can be referred as a lichenoid reaction and not exactly a LICHEN PLANUS.
Normally such type of hypersensitivity skin reactions fade away with time.
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My 86 year old father has been diagnosed with Lupus and is being treated with hydroxychloroquine . Since most cases of Lupus occur at earlier ages, I am more sensitive to standard treatments for someone this age. He is resisiting taking the...
Thanks for posting your query.
Lupus can occur at any age in either sex. Hydroxychloroquine can be safely used in the old age without any major issues. The common side effects include- headache, ringing in ears, spinning sensation, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite, weight loss...
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I am taking these medications for Lyme and RA: Simponi50ml, Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg,SMZ/TmP DS Tab 800-160, Azithromycin 250mg, Cefuroxime 500mg,Doxycycl Hyc 100mg, Armour 15mg. May I add Acimethin 500mg ? Are there negative interactions? If so...
Brief Answer:
No major interactions

Detailed Answer:
So I beleive you are on these drugs for your arthritis.
I agree that they are quite a lot in number.
They should not have any major side effects, however I would expect the antibiotics atleast to go down.
As these are not recommended to...
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Ihave sjogrens syndrome I am having muscle pain level about a 9 I had joint pain rt shoulder that pain is resolved but I have tendonitis rt arm from shoulder to elbow.Physical therapy is not resolving the problem.What muscle problems are related to Sjogren's syndrome? Any other possibilities?
Brief Answer:
Hydroxychloroquine tablets with neurotropic vitamins

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for your query.

I read that you are a patient of Sjogrens syndrome with Type 2 Diabetes and also your both breasts are removed for breast cancers and you are taking some medications.

Sjogrens syndrome...
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I was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) in Oct., 1970. I was in and out of the ER almost every other week. Along with the Lupus they said I had Sjogren's. The Lupus is now in remission and has been for over 30 yrs. My Sjogren's has been very active for about 20-25 yrs. It started with the choking. I have extensive dental problems. I can only have my teeth fixed (filled or crowns). I even break my crowns, I have a hard time putting dental stuff in my mouth. My lips sometimes bleed from the dryness. I use biotene products and numoisyn lozenges. I take 1 plaquenil (200mg) a day. I have extreme incontinence. I had an Interstim implant done in August, 2013. I have gastritis, mild hypertension, osteoarthritis, raynaud's phenomenon, carpal tunnel and varicose veins stage 3. I had my thyroid removed in june, 2011, gallbladder in april, 2008, hysterectomy in May, 1994. My knees have alot of arthritis. I fell in Oct., 2012, Feb., 2013, June and August. I went to therapy for about 6 wks. for balance. I don't know why I fall. I've had arthroscopic surgery. One in 1999 and the other in Aug., 2011. I had 2 children. One was a regular delivery and the other a c-section. I have trouble with my left foot since 1999. It's so painful that I can't walk. It comes and goes so it's not always there. X-rays and MRI show nothing. Drs. think it's part of my Lupus or Sjogren's. Why can I not have peanuts if my thyroid removed? What does Alfalfa have to do with my Lupus? I'm not suppose to eat beans? My dr. is an internal medicine dr. I see a rheumatologist. I have my eyes checked every 6 months. My eyes are dry, somedays more than others. I have dysphagia. I never know when I'm going to have a choking incident. My neck has arthritis and some of my spine disks. Blood work is done every 6 months. The last 3 times my white blood counts have been low (3.90) and red blood count is low (3.76). Mono% (19%) is high. Lymph% (64.4%) is high. I'm going to see my Dr. on Oct. 23rd for these results. I'd like to know if some of the pain (ribs) comes from the back to front. Will this later control my breathing. With the implant I can not have and MRI. What do I have to look forward to. My drs all say I look good. But looking good and feeling bad doesn't go together everyday. I have to limit my activities. I don't spend alot of time outside. It's too hot for me. I wear my very dark sunglasses all the time I'm outside running errands. I would appreciate any help or advice you all may have for me. Thanks, Irma

Sjogren's syndrome usually causes dry mouth.

Salivary substitutes has to be administered to prevent dryness of mouth.

Plenty of fruits as well as nutritional supplements has to be administered.

Maintain good oral hygiene.

Get a thorough oral prophylaxis done.

Chlorhexidine mouthrinses has...
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I have recently started taking both prednisone (5mg per day) and plaquenil and in the last week or so have noticed a strange taste in my mouth which is there al the time. It is affecting the taste of everything I eat and drink. Drinks particularly taste metallic.
Could this be caused by one of these medications?
Dear Madam,

Yes it can be due to intake of both these medicines , some people get this side effect .

Dr. Shruti
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I have discoid lupus, my inflammation marker is 21, all other CBC tests are fine. I am on hydroxychloroquine 200mg
Ever other day, is there something else I could do? I have had lots of hair loss, light sensitivity with this medication.
I should tell you last fall my inflammation was 25, I discovered working under fluorescent lights, eight bulbs with eight foot ceilings my have started this, I, never was in the sun. After discovering removed the lights, my inflammation went down to 23, and now 21. Could the mg be to high or I just want to be off this med all together, Please Help!

Dear madam,

You need to continue with these medications as if now . Just avoid sunlight . Keep your body covered . Use sunscreen lotion .

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Hi doctor I am divakar age 22 I have light fever and cold for last 1 week or so I consulted my doctor and he asked me to take dengue test yesterday I recevided the report and it shows I have dengue IgG (1.207 OD units ) and no dengue IgM and the main thing is I don't have any symptoms for dengue tat is no high fever , vomiting, no abdominal pain and the platelets counts are good 2.80 lakhs and are normal lay distributed too.

I have a question on tis whether it is curable if so wat medicine I can take and I am India

My doctor advices me to take hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablet.

Pls give me advice I am bit worried whether the disease will go serious I want it to stop now .
Hi, thanks for using healthcare magic

IgG and IgM are antibodies, these are formed by the body in response to different circumstances including infection.
IgM is formed when a person becomes infected acutely (in the initial part of the infection) and IgG is formed after and it may remain.

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yes, I have taken lyrica successfully for several years. about 3 months ago, I started plaquenil, as I can't take NSAIDS. I started having severe anxiety/panic attacks, about 4-5 weeks ago. I thought it was stress. I also developed a small psoriasis patch on my face,(never had before) and had a lot of all over itching. I still thought nothing of it-then about 6 days ago, had a weird numbness on my face-it felt like I had a mask on, even though I could feel my hand touching it. I called my dr., 3 days later, no response, so I called today and they said stop the lyrica.!? wow, well I had quit the plaquenil,about 3 days ago and feel better! I started to notice, when I would take my morning plaquenil dose, about 30-45 min later, I'd have that horrible "wash" of panic sweep over me. I've had anxiety before, but this was so intense and awful--I thought I was going crazy. I have now developed a fear of meds....I am afraid to take plaquenil again, even though dr. says to take it!
Hello.Anxiety and rash are, probably, related to intake of hydroxychloroquine but numbness on face is, probably, side effect of pregabalin.
Go to your doctor to evaluate the advisability of taking both drugs or replace by other drugs.I wish you good health.
(If the answer has helped you, please...
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I have had a lupus flare up for about 10 days. My specialist is on holiday. My ankeles and under the feet are so painful that i can hardly walk. Other than pain killers what can i demand of my doctor to reduce my present inflammation XXXXXXX holmes
Brief Answer:
Anti inflammatories.

Detailed Answer:
Dear Madam ,

Thank you for posting your query on XXXXXXX

Well looking into your problem I would tell you that Lupus is generally maintained in remission with steroids and hydroxychloroquine . I hope you are continuing on these medications .

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