What is Duphaston?

Duphaston tablets contain the active ingredient dydrogesterone, which is a synthetic hormone similar to the naturally occurring sex hormone. Duphaston is a hormonal drug commonly used where assisted reproductive techniques are used to induce conception.

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Hello Doctor, I am 30 yr old. I hv PCOD.i am taking metformin 500 mg(2 per day) since from last 6 months and actos(1 per day) frm last 1 month and folic cid 1 per day from last 6 months .i dint get my periods till now my last period is on 25th...
Hi Jaby,
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At this point of time where you are planning for pregnancy and also have history of pcos it is better for you to avoid playing badminton and any streenous work out for that matter.You can do regular waliking for 1hr and have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, nutritious...
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I am taking Duphaston 10mg tablet (one tablet per day) from 22nd day for 10 days.Can you Please tell me the use of that tablet.I am taking Metformin 500mg(two tablet per day) to become insulin normal.Is any side effect of taking both the tablet.
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metformin may be used as oral hypoglycaemic agent or as treatment of p c o s
duphaston probably being used to postpone periods or may be to regularise the cycle
in normal patients metformin does not cause hypoglycaemia
both the drugs should be used as advised by doctor...
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at Day 12 after taking Clomid and prevarin I went to my doctor . She told me to have a schedule of IUI on Day 13 before that day. The night I was instructed to have 1 amp of pregnly as well before i undergo the IUI the next day. My question is...
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Duphaston can help in maintaining pregnancy if conception occurs.Please go ahead and take it as per your doctor`s prescription.

Take care
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pcod overweight ,irregular period 9mm follicle on12thday.duphaston taken for 15 days no periods till now 17 days were pass. preg test were duphaston cure my pcod i want to conceive fast ? is any chance of preg still. any other medicine pls...
duphaston contains Estogen hormone and commonly used in infertility.Its used in long term basis and without proper specialist consultation dont change the course.
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Taking Duphaston ..getting lower abdomen pain..will i conceive this month?
Brief Answer:
Pain: to bowel/bladder problem OR impending menses

Detailed Answer:
Welcome back.

Last time when I answered query, you had closed discussion after one query & asked follow up question in review. Kindly utilize follow up question facility, as we can't answer your question, if you...
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is duphaston and primolut nor the same thing as micronor

Thanks for your query.

Both Primolut N and Micronor have a common ingredient Norethisterone which is a analogue of female sex hormone Progesterone.

Duphaston contains Dyhydrogesterone which also is an analogue of progesterone.

All above medications have similar effects and are used for same...
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i have been suggested duphaston by my doctor. i am in 11 week of pregnancy . i have no medical history of miscarriage or abortion. five years ago i had an absolutely fine baby normally delivered. is it necessary to take duphaston?
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Thanks for writing to us.

DUPHASTON contains Dydrogesterone as ingredient (progesterone supplement) which supports your pregnancy and prevents natural miscarriage or pregnancy loss. It is not harmful to growing fetus also. Therefore,...
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Hi, a doctor here in Dubai prescribed Duphaston for me since I had a miscarriage prior to this pregnancy. ( I have three healthy children already) I have been taking it for three weeks, but I have decided to stop today after reading it is banned in the US, UK, and some other western countries. I will be 13 weeks in 2 days. Do you think I should be worried now about cleft palate and other birth defects?
Hello, Duphaston is nothing but progesterone.It actually supplements the progesterone level in the body to maintain pregnancy.As you had history of miscarriage this drug is given to maintain pregnancy

It is absolutely safe in dont worry .It doesnt cause birth defects.It has...
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Hi My LMP was on 19th May. my periods cycle is 32-35 days. I consulted doctor and did thyroid and prolactin test which is normal. then took SCAN and result is Uterus is anteverted measures 7.6x3.4 cm with homogeneous myometrial echoes. Endometrial thickness is 7mm. right ovary not visualized. left ovary seen posterior and close to fundus of uterus measures 3.6x2 cm. cyctic lesion with internal echoes measuring 19 mm(CL cyct) noted.small follicles also noted. No adnexal mass lesion seen. no free fluid in thr pelvis. No significant abnormality detected. thendoctor gave me duphaston 10mg for ten days (twice) and said after 5-6 days my preiods will come and asked me to have contraceptive tablets after that. but my periods are not coming and I am worried. I am married. i am trying to conceive also. please help.
Thanks for choosing HCM.
Don't panic & don't worry!
You may be having Polycystic ovaries & I would advise you to get a Vaginal USG done & get back with the results.
Sometimes irregular cycles can take as long as 2-3 months too. Wait & watch for the next cycle for a week or two & then go ahead...
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Hi Doc, I m Diane..i had my problem it bothers me a lot since last year after taking a pills (depo) i started taking this pills by November 2012 then i had my spotting december 2012 which i dont expect to have because i know i take pills,it last for more than 1 week until it stop, then by January 2013 i had spotting again, so i visited my OB My OB responded that its the common effect of the pills so she said that my menstruation should be in regular/normal she advised me to take duphaston (i take it for 5 days, twice a day) and to have my Ultrasound (transV) the result is ok they found no problem but it was noted that there was a endocervical content consider mucous plug versus blood clot. After taking the same meds i expected to have my menstruation on that month but then i still dont have my period and i take again same medicine as per advised of my OB..until i have my spotting for almost 7 days from now so what will i do Doc? is it really the side effects of the pills? please hel
Hello Diane.
It is common to have erratic bleeding or spotting while on birth control.
Duphaston is generally given to regulate cycles.
However, the issue should have resolved by now.
The ultrasounds can is absolutely normal, so do not worry.
Also, consult a gynecologist again as even after 6...
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Its been 6 weeks from my lmp and took 3 hpt and 1 blood test and unfortunately all the result came out negative.Yesterday i had a visit to my doc and aftr the blood test she told that i am not pregnant and gave a tablet(dydrogesterone- duphaston ) so that i can have my periods aftr having it for 5 days and stopping it.but i have symptoms like tiredness, mood swing ,spotting and slight cramps..the problem is i had started having the tablet from ystrdy.If was pregnant,is there a chance for a misscarriage if i stop having the tablet.could i be pregnant with those symptoms?what should i do??could somebody help me.. note: and i was detected with pcos and few years before and have periods at a 34 days cycle.but now we are ttc. havent been on any medications till now.
Hi, thanks for using healthcare magic

PCOS is one of the most common causes of irregular periods. Treatment normally involves (1) weight loss (if there is excess weight), (2)the use of metformin which decreases the insulin resistance associated with the condition , aids in weight loss and...
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Iam married on aug 23rd 2012 .iam having irregular periods and doc diagnosed iam having pcos in my left ovary .i does not get my peeriods for the last 2 urine test for pregnancy is also negative.i have taken duphaston 10mg tablet for 1 week ,two per day.After 9 days also there is no period ..I need wait for how many days? or i can go to my gynocologist for further treatment.
Hi,thanks for your query.Pcos is due .to hormonal and metabolic usually involve both ovaries with multiple tiny should have bleeding one week after completion of duphastone tablets. if you dont get your perids after this do repeat urine pregnancy test .consult your...
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in follicular study, for what purpose my doctor gave Duphaston tablet?
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Duphastone is progesteron tab ,has effect on uterus,and producing secretory endometriun which makes the favorable condition for conceiving.
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Hi Doctor , I am 25 yr old,took Duphaston tablet from my 19th day for 10 days,It is 12th day and i didn t get my periods yet.wat should I do?wat are symptoms of pregnancy?or wen i will get my periods?Please advice
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This medicine will usually regularise periods. Mostly it is due to the effect of the tablet that your periods are getting little late. Not to worry. Get a Pregnancy test if the periods are delayed more than 10 days.
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I have problems carrying babies so I have been prescribed norethisterone 5mg 3 times a day for the first 12 weeks along with low dose asprin. I have in the pass been prescribed Dufastone a progesterone tablet, that worked very well. (Its no longer made.)I m worried as on the norethisterone leaflet it says not to take in pregancey. Is it safe will it do the same as the other tablet I used to take?
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Thanks for calling H.C.M.
Duphastan and norgestrol are functionally same drugs. so you need not worry about it. Both will have same pharmacological effects.There may be some benifits as it is the synthesized drug.
You are right that it should not be used...
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