What is Carbimazole?

this is an antithyroid drug used in treatment of hyperthyroidism.Its also used in thyrotoxic states is not safe to give to a pregnant lady because of its teratogenic effects.other drugs of the same group are-propylthyouracil(safe in pregnancy) and methimazole.

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Hi there I am on 5mg of carbimazole daily. Is it advisable to take Hemo Rage as per details found below General Serving Size 9.8 g 100 g Minerals Sodium 120 mg 1231 mg Other Chloride 48 mg 492 mg Hemo-Rage Blackā„¢ Ultra-Concentrate proprietary...
Hi welcome to Health care magic forum, Carbimazole is a thyroid suppressing compound, Hemorange is a general health product, usually general health products do not have any interactions with other drugs, but still to be on safe side it will be better if you find any unusual findings you can...
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I want to be pregnant ,yet i am on carbimazole. Should i stop the medication or it doesnt matter? Thank you.
hi sammy,
welcome to health care magic,
you need to shift to propylthiouracil a relatively safer anti thyroid drug in once your pregnancy is confirmed stop carbimazole and get your thyroid profile done and start propylthiouracil in the lower doses.consult a physician who will tell...
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I have been on carbimazole for approx 10wks to treat hyperthyroidism. I have found although i am extremely strict in what i eat i am gaining approx 3-4 lbs a week and my abdo is very bloated with excess wind. I also have some water retention...
Hi: I am an endocrinologist. You had been given carbimazole to treat your hyperthyroidism. i understand that are gaining weight and bloated, which means you are becoming hypothyroid. Check your Thyroid functions and reduce your carbimazole, you will be perfectly fine.
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hi dr sheh I am 25 yeas old lady I have hyper thyrodism I am on carbimazole 5 mg dialy my dr told me that it is better to take the radioactive iodine as it will be the best medicine and it is better for my life as if I got married and plan to be...
Hi, this is Dr. Srividhya . Regarding your question about planning for conception, I would suggest you to meet your endocrinologist for better control of your hyperthyroidism before pregnancy. If your doctor advises you radioactive iodine then delay conception of atleast for 6 months. You need to...
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Email: YYYY@YYYY , Query: treating Hyperthyroidism for over 2yrs with carbimazole n propananol 40mg. the T3 & T4 had being fluctuation but the TSH had remain constant on the lower side of 0.005 (ulU/ml 0.270 - 4.20). kindly advise on what i need...
Thanks for posting your query.
The low TSH levels with almost normal T3 and T4 levels is suggestive of subclinical hyperthyroidism.
The drugs you are getting - Carbimazole and propranol can adequately control these mildly lowered levels but these medicines do need a careful dosage...
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I was diagnosed with an over active thyroid 5 months ago, i was put on carbimazol but still that did not control my thyroid. I am scheduled to have a total thyrodectomy next month. I founf out that i am pregnant, i am so worried because i do not...
Hello ,
Thanks for posting your query.
Answer 1 Its advisable to go for a medical termination of pregnancy if feasible and acceptable to you since there is high risk of miscarriage and harm to the developing fetus both due to the hyperthyroidism and surgery.You can keep the baby and defer surgery...
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Hi Is it normal to feel jittery and anxious 2 weeks after coming off carbimazole . I have been on it for three years, Thanks
Brief Answer:
it does not usually occur

Detailed Answer:
HI, thanks for using healthcare magic

This is not a normal reaction when this medication is discontinued though everyone reacts differently in response to and as a result of discontinuation of medication.

Carbimazole, as you would know, is...
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I am 70 year old female aged 70. On Tuesday I was treated with an Iodine tablet due to an overactive thyroid. I am due to commence Carbimazole 5 mg tablets today (Friday). I have read up on some of the side effects and have found that I have been experiencing most of these problems before commencing on the Carbimozole tablets. I have in later years had swollen stomach (gas), nausea, feeling of being generally unwell and I do not wish to continue on this feeling of being unwell day by day. Am I following the correct procedures to getting on top of this feeling unwell. I am also concerned about the increase in weight that some people have reported as I have always eaten a healthy diet and would like to remain the weight that I am.

Hi Pauline,
Thanks for using Healthcaremagic,

You have been detected to overactive thyroid that is thyrotoxicosis which means I presume your T3 and T4 levels are high and rightly advised antithyroid drug.

This drug is generally well tolerated and your Physician is starting with low dose in case...
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Hello my husband has been taking sotalol 40mg twice a day and carbimazole 5mg x 6 tablets for a month now following a blood test that highlighted overactive thyroid . He feel sick most of the time in his throat and increased muscle weakness in his arms. Is it safe to take both drugs or are they causing the side effects. The sotalol was prescribed following an ECG that showed sligh iregular rythem at the same time. Could the undiagnosed overactive thyroid have caused the iregula heart rythem. Thank you
hi there, as you have rightly observed thyrotoxicosis might cause irregular rhythm and so the physician has prescribed a sotalol and the carbimazole. Sotalol takes care of some of the toxic symptoms. They have not known to cause any inter drug reactions and the weakness that your husband feels...
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I am having a host of issues I think are all pointing back to my thyroid. I am having trouble getting into my GP and I really want some answers. I had a thyroidectomy in 2000 removing the left lobe and center of my thyroid. My most recent test was 4/2/13. My levels are TSH-0.11, T3-30, T4-7.3, Free T4-2.2. I am not sure why the TSH is so low and the others are within the normal ranges. I am 30 pounds overweight and I can not seem to lose it with diet and exercise. Secondly, I'm apparently going through perimenapause because I have been having raging hot flashes and I have not had a regular cycle since January. Lastly, I had several kidney stones (all small except one) and had lithotripsy two weeks ago. Needless to say... I feel like poop and I'm not really sure where to start and where to go from here.
as you have said you are a patient of thyroidectomy , and your fresh thyroid status shows subclinical hyperthyroidism with low tsh and normal t3, t4, in perimenopusal status, with kidney stones

in perimenopausal period women have increased calcium absorption from bones and hence more stones...
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Hi there, I was diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid about 6 months ago and have been on carbimazole since. I take 5 mg everyday now - one tablet a day at night after dinner. My most recent blood test showed normal levels but I have been asked to continue my medication until December this year. I have not really gained weight as I still weigh the same, but have gone up half a dress size and feel really bloated around my tummy and very tired. What do I do?
hello there!
you said hyperactive thyroid but for what reason?
there are many and can be confirmed by investigations. so how deeply have you been investigated so far? ofr just the thyroid function tests and started on carbemazole. dont you wanna know what could be the reason for your active...
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I have a faint rash on my lower legs, upper legs, upper arms and lower stomach, it is very patchy, not in big blocks, however when it gets warm it becomes itchy, I have to itch so much it bleeds, my doc thought at first eczema so gave me streroid cream, which made it much worse, then she thought maybe an allergic reaction to carbimazole which I used to take for my thyroid, however I was on it for 7 years without issue, I stopped taking it 3 months ago, however the rash while better has still not gone, it is considerably worse at night in bed, when I scratch lumps small lumps come up under the skin
Thanks for the query,

You might have developed fungal infection.

Please get a KOH mount done,

This can confirm the fungal etiology.

Treatment can be with oral antifungals as well as with topical antifungals.

Please meet a dermatologist for exact diagnosis.

Let me know if you have any other...
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Hello Doctor,

I am a 24 yr old women and next year will be getting married. I have recently diagnosed with Hyperthyroidsim with the levels being: T3: 138, T4: 8.86 and TSH: 2.35.
My main query is will i get pregnant? because i am reading few post relating to hyperthyroidism and pregnancy and its scaring me.
Please guide me through the same.
Hi Deepa

You TSH right now is in normal range so I dont see any reason why you cant get pregnant. Of course fertility is sometimes an issue especially for patients who donot have TSH in normal range, however in your case since it is normal, I wouldn't worry much.

However, if you are planning to...
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what would you recommend as a treatment for someone who has a slightly hyper thyroid caused by a nodule?
Brief Answer:
Need more details

Detailed Answer:
Hi, welcome to our site. I am Dr Saumya Mittal.

Read your query. That is a very significant question and i appreciate your problem. I will try my best to answer your query

I would like to know the exact levels of your thyroid profile. That would...
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I was diagnosed with over active thyroid and had radiation but still feel awful. I am a 73 year old male and I keep losing weight,my heart races and I get the shakes. I had the left side of my thyroid removed when I was 43 due to radiation treatment as a youngster. The doctor prescribed 2 prescriptions. One is PUT and the others to slow my heart down,Proteronolol (?) What are these medications? Should I see a surgeon to have the rest of my thyroid removed?
well you are 73, i am afraid you wont be fit for surgery, as anesthetic complications will increase the cons than pros. Propyl thiouracil is the drug which stops iodine from being part of the hormones released from thyroid i.e T3 T4. it block iodination of the iodine thus decreases hormones...
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