Z e syndrome

How deadly can Barretts be over all ?
Welcome to HCM.Barrett's syndrome is a condition in which the esophagus, forms new types of cells on its surface that are similar to those normally found in the intestine.The exact cause or causes of Barrett's syndrome are unknown.While Barrett's syndrome may cause no symptoms itself, some...
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Hello sir/madam I am Shailja Tirkey 28 years old not married ,im suffering from nephrotic syndrome since 1997.sir i just want to know that will there be any problem regarding getting pregnant .I had consulted some of the doctors they say that i...
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As you are a patient of nephrotic syndrome, you can get yourself pregnant but yours will be a high risk pregnancy. In your disease, protein is excreted out from the body and baby needs good protein for its proper growth. There are chances of...
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hi i m saurabh. My weight is 68kg.can you tell me about Asperser’s Syndrome disease ...plz
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Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder. It is an autism spectrum disorder, characterized by a greater or lesser degree of impairment in language and communication skills, as well as repetitive or restrictive patterns of thought and behavior.
The most...
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hi! i am a girl of 13.i hav cliger nigar syndrom,i want to know more about it.i know it is some liver disfunction.i always look yellowish.
it isan inherited form of non-hemolytic jaundice, which results in high levels of unconjugated is two types: type I and type II
type-1:Intense jaundice appears in the 1st days of life and persists there after.children died of kernicterus (=bilirubin encephalopathy). .tretment...
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abnormal cells come and go in females during pap test in my close family such as my sisters and my daughter. my sister while pregnant had them so her doctor send her to a oncologist to see if they are cancer cells-results no. the oncologist said...
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Kartageners syndrome as you mentioned has situs in versus totalis and abnormal ciliary motion of some cells in various parts of the body leading to some complications.
The cilia have abnormal structure and hence abnormal motility.
Your description can go very well with it in...
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Hi doc! I had my last menstruation last january 1. I think i am going through my pms now.i just want to ask does feeling scared and sad a sympto of pms besides breast tenderness? I just felt these for a couple of months now when i am about to have...

Thanks for writing to us. I am giving answer to your query.

According to your last period, expected due date is around 31st January. In this state, your clinical features are more suggestive of Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS). It is a group of symptoms and includes abdominal bloating,...
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I am looking for a Dr who can treat froelich syndrome for my 27 yr old son. He has been suffering with what appears to be the symptoms for this syndrome for many years. It was suggested by a health care professional to seek out an endroconogist...
Thanks for writing in. Im not sure whether your son is having Froelich' s syndrome or not. If he is then I suggest you must see an endocrinologist even if it means discomfort for patient & guardian. It requires multispeciality care from experts in the field & I'm afraid...
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I m currently doing a clinical for PTA and my instructor was describing a patient with a rare condition called good shepherd s syndrome . A debilitating fatal condition that led to the patient s organs shutting down. Is anyone familiar with this? Could there be another name for this syndrome, as I am having difficulty locating more information?
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I am not aquainted with Good Shepherd Syndrome but I do know that a Good Pasture's syndrome exists where there is renal failure and lung haemorrhage and coughing blood.
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Hello, Dr.could you let me know if lexapro and liptor and oxycodone and xanas is ok to take not all at once but one is for chronic pain in neck& for back pain I hAD SURGURY 5yrs ago and still have pain 8 screws and 2 rods and he jiust started me on xanax for sleeping and lexapro for depression and does help me with nite sweats day and nite no more sweats thank you Lord.
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I hope this information has been both...
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I used to take Cymbalta 60 mg, then couldn't afford it and had to stop. During withdrawal I found out all these horrible things about it (the withdrawal). Since the withdrawal was so insane and awful it scared me that it could be doing horrid damage to me long term. But I need to get back on cymbalta and I need to know what it is doing to my body/mind long term before I do.
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You didn't mentioned the reasons for which , you were taking this drug?
Withdrawal syndrome is a common thing which is bound to have , if some one didn't take drug after its long uses.
If you want to get rid off this drug need not to panic.
Consult a...
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I need help. I am so tired all the time. I have energy. Things I used to love just don t interest me anymore. NOTHING makes me happy. The only emotions I can feel are angry or overwhelming sadness. I know it sounds like depression , but I am on antidepressents. They upped my dosage to the max, changed it, but no other seems to work. 200mg of Zoloft USED to work, but now if it IS working, it s what s keeping me alive. I want to be happy. Please, can you help me be happy again?
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Though many people respond well to anti-depressant medication, there will be a proportion of people who will respond only partially or will have a poor response to the initial treatment. Zoloft (Sertraine) belongs to a class of...
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Just curious, I have had a ton of tests done lately and the one worrying me is a positive anti-smooth muscle antibody . My blood tests are negative for lupus, vasculitis , sjorgren s syndrome, my liver enzymes are fine. I just had my second baby about 8 months ago. Could I have a positive Anti-SMA with no real problems? Or does it always conclusively indicate something else? Primarily, I have arthritis like joint pain on the left side of my body (pointer finger, knee, ankle) and I also have Hashimoto s Thyroiditis. I was also recently treated with Flagyl for Blastocystic Hominis and with Albenza for a potential worm infestation.
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Anti SM antibody is checked to rule out any myopathy affecting intestines, eyelids, bladder, etc. The arthritis you are suffering from is involving the skeletal muscles and has nothing to do with smooth muscle antibody.
Dr. Rakhi Tayal
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Hi my 18yr old daughter will be sitting for her final exams soon, her teachers have indicated that during class time and tests she copes very well but, when it comes to exams she stresses and almost "crashes". I mentioned this to our GP who, has suggested pur blocka,is this a good idea?
She weighs 42kg, is approx 1,55m and has demonstrated a pattern of low blood pressure and has rynauds syndrome.
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It seems that you daughter is suffering from exam phobia with or without social anxiety. But other diagnosis like depression, conduct disorder or personality disorder should be ruled out.

Pur blocka contains propranol which is used to control performance...
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Hi. My mother has rapid heartbeat after breakfast (88-90). This is very uncomfortable and concerning for her. She has a rare condition Mafucci s syndrome with multiple tumors all over her arm , leg, foot and hand. She also gets dizzy spells that she really suffers from. Any advice on the cause and treatment of rapid heartbeat and dizziness?
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Mafucci syndrom is a rare condition , associated with multiple soft tissue Hemangiomas, enchondromas over hands and feet but some times other tumors of internal body organ also( THYROID, PARATHYROID etc)
As you told heart rate reaches upto 90, this is not worrysome...
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hi my 3yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with ehlers - danlos syndrome which after reading about it realised its a genetic trait of mine i went to kneel down but couldnt put my knee on the ground as it felt like i was kneeling on a needle ive had tremendous pain for many years in most if not all my joints and back and no over the counter pain killer touches the pain in anyway, ive been living with it now for coming up 20 years and its getting more frequent and painfull i can bearly manage to wak my daughter to and from kindy without immense knee and ankle pain they both click frequently my ankle just about everytime i take a step, ive tryed anti inflameyory creames and pain killers nothing is working
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It is common to have bone and joint pains in case of E-D syndrome. These pains are treated with pain killers and hot fomentation according to the severity of the symptoms.
I hope this information has been both informative and helpful for you.
Dr. Praveen...
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Having problems holding in food and liquids, vamiting continuesly before and after meal,major heartburns/acid reflux, feel like im choking as if maybe food is traped in a wrong pipe,feeling very thirsty tho I try n stay hydrated my body feels completely drained, tried tums but it doesnt really help, ialso been to the hospital and all they did was run a blood test and treated me as If I were some type of junkie which honestly helped nothing.cant sleep for nothing because cant breathe right and am almost choking on vomit can any one help please?

From your symptoms and history it seems to be Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). This may be due to various causes like Z-E Syndrome, Hiatal hernia, obesity. GERD also causes breathing problems. Some investigations like endoscopy and esophageal pH monitoring are required to confirm the...
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I just noticed a big fluid like bump on my right elbow it is 1 and 1 I am a 45 year old male and i just noticed a fluid like bump on my right arm it has gotten bigger in the last 10 min. It is know 1 1/2 inches across and 1 inch vertical. I was wondering what i can do to get rid of this bump and what is it that i have. I would love to know what i got and very quickly. I do have kleinfelter s syndrome, asthma , heart condition, hernia , I hold a lot of water in my legs dude to the kleinfelter s syndrome, Thanks.
Hi dear

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As you say you have asthma , it could be a rash allergic to some substance .sometimes swellings like that can be due to infection from bacteria.
Did you burn your skin ? or Did you have any injury ?

Take care.
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