Xerosis cutis

Hi... I have a large swollen bump on my bottom lip it just appeared today. I've had a cold sore before but this doesn't really look or feel like a cold sore. At first my lip was a bit cracked and peeling for the past few days and then this lump appeared. What could it be ?
hi lump on the bottom lip can be xerosis of skin leading to irritant dermatitis of the lip.treat this condition with atarax 25 mg at night,antibiotic twice daily and application of diprovate g ointment after saline compressors can cure the condition.if no response go for short course of oral...
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I have several knuckles on both hands that have thickened skin which becomes cracked and painful. I have tried multiple creams and lotions, including prescriptions. I have tried buffing the skin until it becomes smooth, then following with creams, but it keeps coming back. This has occurred in the past during the winter months, but has started earlier this year.
Hi thickened skin and cracks and pain invthe knuckles called as hand dermatitis or irritant is mainly due to excessive working in water.working in chemical factories.diesel mechanic .house wives presents as cracks and fissures over the hands with dryness of skin.this...
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What would be possible causes of itchy forearms? What could be done to prevent /treat ?
Brief Answer:
Low dose steroids, hydrating lotions.

Detailed Answer:
Dear patient,

Thanks for your concerns. Without a question the most common cause of itchy forearms is xerosis cutis, or dry skin, but other causes are also prevalent such as eczema, contact dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis....
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I have noticed an odd pattern on the skin on my legs, I see this very odd giraffe pattern. I put on lotion daily for sensitive dry skin , but even if my legs feel smooth, I can still see this weird giraffe pattern. I have had this for as long as I can remember. I also have really small red bumps that seem to be on top of a majority a few of my hair follicles. I am a female aged 17 years old.
Hye! You are having Ichthyosis vulgaris. A disease of dryness of skin(xerosis). It is a genetic disease. Emmolient containing urea and lactic acid would be helpful. Diet containing vitamin A should be taken.. Take cap vitamin A and tab vitamin C for long time. Avoid soap bath. .. You may be...
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Question? I have vitiligo and noticed that the depigmented patches around the groin area currently feeling a little rough so when I looked it like I have dry white covering....
Is this a fungus?? It does not itch...
How should I care for the area? I have an appt with the gyn in a week but I hate to wait it this is something needing treatment ....
Thank you for your time and advice
Hi dry rough patches on the vitiligo patches are only due to winter xerosis or sometimes due to drugs used for vitiligo.but not due to fungus as the patches are nonitchy.just apply moisteriser for 2-3 times daily to decrease the roughness even after it roughness appears. steriod cream can be...
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Hello Doctor, am 20 years old, am having a big problem with my skin, am a dark girl but my thighs are full of dry patches, pigments i would say, that turn to white when sratched.They dont itch in any way but make me feel uncomfortable. They normally tend to reduce when i use an anti-dry cream but eventually come back when usage is stopped. Please help me out in anyway and give me a solution that will help me get rid of them entirely so i can have a smooth skin thruoughout. My other body parts are very smooth with no pigments, no acne.Thank you very much
Welcome to health care magic.
Do you have a family history of similar lesions?
From your description, it sounds like severe dryness of skin. The medical term used is xerosis.
You have to continue using moisturisers and body butters. Apply them within 3 minutes after a shower on damp skin...
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Dear doctor, I have a question that is skin related. Every year around winter time, I develop a small red rash in the crease of my one arm. It is always the same arm and never happens to the other one. The size, shape, color and itchiness of the rash changes, but it never completely goes away. When it does heal up a little bit, the skin is smoother than the rest of my skin and a slightly different color. The rash seems to worsen if I sleep with my arm closed at night, It can get really big and itchy and red or it will be pink and scaly. I am wondering if you can tell me what this is. Thank you!
Thanks for your query .
Thanks for all the information provided .
From your history it looks like you have frictional xerosis in the arm fold . This can occur if you have atopic dermatitis of the creases.
I would suggest that you should apply a mixture of over the counter canestan and...
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hi i have been having problems with my skin for about six months i have seen a skin specialist and he said that the rash on my body was exma and he gave me treatment for this which has helped but not cured.since seeing him i have had this itchy rash between the cheaks of my bottom for the last 6wks i have tryed over the counter creams but these are not working
Hello.itchy rashes on chin bottom is due to xerosis of skin.apply moisteriser along steriod cream for 10 days.regular application of moisteriser may prevent recurrences
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Hello. I have been experiencing extreme itchiness on my legs, specifically my calves up to my thigh, combined with dry skin , bumps and redness, leading to scratching enough that my skin breaks. Just ths morning, I now see that I have developed bruises about 5 inches long along each of my outer thighs (IT band area). I do not recall running into anything. I have just started exercising again, but the itching predates this.

Welcome to H C M.

Your skin seems dry, i.e. xerotic.

You are likely to have pruritus.

Extreme pruritus may provoke ecchymoses.

The cause of xerosis may be found out.

It may be hereditary or secondary to some condition.

Atopic diathesis, thyroid dysfunctions,DM,anaemia, vitamin deficiencies,...
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I have had a rash on my chin since I fell pregnant 3 years ago. im not sure if it has anything to do with the pregnancy. its most of the time very scabby and red and bumpy. its not perioral dermatitis as ive been on anibiotics for a long time and crams for it and it didnt dissappear. could it be a ring worm or some kind of fungus? and im pregnant with my second so what cream can I use for it? many thanks
Brief Answer:
Can be allergic dermatitis.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for trusting us with your health concern.
From your description the most possible causes in my opinion are-
1. Dermatitis- due to skin infection, allergy,etc.
2. Dry skin- Xerosis.
A direct examination by a dermatologist...
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