My husband has Cirrhosis and Oesophageal Varices. Two days ago he suffered a massive haemorrhage from the varices. They have been banded, doctor says the varices are huge. Next week they wish to band them again. How reliable is this treatment in...
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I really understand you worry but this is the only method by which immediate bleeding can be stop, what ever other method are there they all are surgical procedures, infiltrate the bleeder with almond oil is older method, now the bleeder can be sealed with,...
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volume:1.5ml reaction: alkaline viscosity:viscous liquefaction time: 60 min pus cells:5-6/hpf epithelial cells : nil/hpf R B Cs:1-3/hpf spermatogenic cells :2-3/hpf motility progressive :40% non progressive :10% non motile:50% morphology normal...
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The report seems to not affecting you to be a father unless no problems in mother.
Have a Healthful Day..
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Hello, After post variceal banding, I was told to go on a low protein low salt diet. The only help I got from my DR was to limit salt to 2 grams a day. Where can I find such a diet for not only the 2 weeks after the endo banding but permanently...
Dear Sir,

You should avoid taking very spicy and hot foods because you earlier had varices plus liver friendly diet needs to be taken.

Dr. Shruti
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sir my dad has abdominal varices due to portal hypertension and he is being glued endoscopically every 3 months. he is non alcoholic and his lft are normal but still the doctors say that his liver is cirrosis to some extent.he is tired of repeated...

Thanks for your query.

Portal hypertension can be secondary to liver disease (Cirrhosis) or diseases of vessels called non cirrhotic portal hypertension. The differentiation between the two requires information on LFT, PT, INR, Ultrasound liver and complete hemogram.

The number of sessions...
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My daughter has a orbital varices , it is usually not painful though over the last week it has been hurting . He eye looks a little sunken in , it also seems to be bulging a bit more often when she bends down . is there anything we can do to help...

Orbital Varices if painful can be helped by Ice compresses.

Pack ice cubes in a cloth and put over the varices for 5 minutes every 4 hours and she should find it as a good relief. If there is fever and headache, a Ibuprofen preparation can be helpful too.

Next thing is we have to find out the...
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About three weeks ago,I had five esophageal varices banded. Is it safe to take a long international flight, such as from XXXXXXX to Italy? Are there any risks due to the changes in air pressure on such a flight?
Hi there,
Thanks for writing to us.

It is advisable to be at rest for only two days after esophageal banding that too to stop minor vessels bleeds after banding, as it’s been three weeks now, nothing to worry.
You can make long air journey, the pressure change won’t have any risk.

Let me know if...
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I have liver cirrhosis from blood transfusions Inreceived in1977. I have already dealt with Class action over this I have never drank in my life-now ag 82. I have now been diagnosed with small varices and wonder how this will affect me--now I seem...
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It shouldnt affect you until it bleeds or cause stomac stenosis. Varices are usual consequence of liver damage and when it appear it usually goes through stages(grades). It is evaluated by gastroscopy where we can see how is it serious and is there any danger of bleeding....
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Sir, It will be better if I take a chance to examine your child.There cannot be varices in throat.Was she told as oesophageal varices.Is she suffering from infectious diseases.She need to be evaluated.
Take care.
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my 70 year old father has cirrohsis, he will not see a doctor. he has swollen stomach, major weight loss, and is now vomitting large amounts of blood. i believe he has esophagul varices, he is still drinking alcohol every day. i would like to know how long a person with these conditions can live? and is there a way to make a person see a doctor against their will?
hi i am dr usman
espohageal varices can be very life threatening as they have a tendency to bleed . when they will bleed it is difficult to say. life expectancy not only depends upon varices but other factors like liver functioning, immune status, body reserves . i think you should talk to him...
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My aunt has the NASH syndrome with esophageal varices. On doctor has told her she should have an endoscopy each month to band any vericies. She didn't have an endoscopy for 12 months with no trouble. She had an endoscopy in October, 4 varices were banded; she had another endoscopy on Dec 10, 3 varices were banded, no bleeding either time. On December 16, she started bleeding, had to have two units of blood and one varice was banded and another that was bleeding was banded. Is it necessary or even advisable for her to have an endoscopy every month? Another doctor told her to not have it done monthly, only as needed fro bleeding.
Hi and welcome to HCM,

It is not necessary to take endoscopy every month for this problem. But you need to take this based on your signs and symptoms to examine the rupture of blood vessel it will be helpful. Consult your doctor.

Wish you speedy recovery
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Hi Doctor, I’ 32 years old, been married for 2 years but no children. My semen analysis shows: Total volume: 2ml PH: 7.5 Sperm count: 15 billion/ml normal Sperm morphology: 6% Sperm motility: 26% Hormone test: LH & Prolactin+ testosterone are within normal level. FSH: 12.50 mIU/ml ( normal 2.5 – 5 mIU/ml) Varix: 2.1mm Pls kindly advise if any positive treatment for me to have baby naturally Thank you
Hello Leho,

Welcome on hcm.
Your count you mention is wrong it should be 15 million.
As per report your amount of semen, your count of sperm, and their motility and normal morphology is very less.
You can use fertile 50mg to increase the count and quality of your sperm.
Even than you have to...
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Hii Gud Mrng Sir, can u please help me to this question..! My father suffering from liver cirrosis doctors said due to heavy alchoal abuse,early osephagus varices are also seen last week when we went to hospital they estimation is wrong and finally decided he is stage-1 liver fibrosis(review after 3 months)..LFT: All are in below upper boundaries only albumin is 3.5 (min 4.0)can we have a chance to make him alive.!! what i want to do right know...??
Hi welcome to Health care magic forum.
Thanks for calling H.C.M.Forum.
Your father is suffering from liver cirhosis, lately diagnised as liver fibrosis, due to alcoholism, LFT all beyond upper level, is there any chance of extension of his life.
It depends upon the general condition of the...
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I had been doing some gardening, and was standing there impressed with my 13 y/o actually enjoying work when I got a shape pain in the left index finger proximal joint. It like only slightly swollen, but it ached like I hit it with something. I watched as it got darker purple. Now I am seeing a hematologist due to low platelet count 50,000. I am waiting for a bone marrow biopsy , and 3 years ago my liver went south (no root cause ) and I wound up with an esophageal bleed that put in the hospital for a week. Should I be concerned?
Hello and welcome to HCM,

Low platelet count leads to bleeding on slight trauma.
platelets as low as 50,000 does not cause spontanaeous bleeding but bleeding on slight trauma.
The cause ofr fall in platelet numbers has to be sought out.
A bone marrow biopsy along with peripheral blood examination...
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i have a doctor telling me i need a liver transplant because i have cirrhosis of the liver now another doctor told me i have autoimmune hepititis c with cirrhosis their both specialist in their field. one says i don't need a transplant one says i do. i am confuse and don't know who to believe
Dear Friend.

To tell you exactly what you have , we need to see your reports.
But with the information available , i must tell you that , decision for liver transplantation would be based on your reports and cause of your cirrhosis.
If your cirrhosis has been decompensated like if you have...
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i was diagnosed on XXXXXXX 19 with stage 2/3 cirrosis of the liver and i want to know if i can improve with diet i am 51 yr old female and all studies came back negative i am diabetic and looking for answers
Brief Answer:
As advised below

Detailed Answer:
Hello! Thanks for putting your query in XXXXXXX I am a Gastroenterologist (DM).

You haven't mentioned which investigations you have undergone, Whatever you have mentioned suggest hat you are having XXXXXXX related cirrhosis.For that what you have t...
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My husband is 68 and was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and esophageal varcies 2 years ago. No bleeding of the varcies at this point. A recent endoscopic showed a large paulip in the esophagus , a biopsy done came back benign. My husband takes meds for high blood pressure, and is pre-diabetic, controlled by diet and exercise. The Gastro Doc prescribed a liquid med to take prior to eating to coat the stomach. We are waiting to have a consultation with the Doc to discuss the results of the colonoscopy and endoscopy. What questions are the most important to ask. thank you concerned wife
Hi there, Most important to ask would be the chances of malignancy and whether they need to do more tests to confirm or refute malignancy. Also whats the current status of varices and find out about life style and dietary modification for him. I hope he is not taking alcohol or smoking....Take care
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