What is Tremor?

It is a repetitive abnormal movement of usually hands or at times other areas. Diseases like Parkinson, drugs, alcohol abuse or withdrawal etc can cause tremors.

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hi i am 33 male i have tremors in my hands appears specially when holding a full cup and cannot hold things properly i want to ask what is the origin of that tremors and if it related to any other disease? thanks
THanks for the query
Looks like u r sffering from involuntary movements. It could come in people who are chronic alcoholics but most often than not it is idipathic and u can take tab betacap tr in the night to treat it. But dont take the pills without going to a neurologist
Have a healthy...
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Hi there I have suffered from hand tremors for the last five years and for this time have also had real problems with my legs. I only recently thought that it could be to do with leg tremors as I get very unstable on my legs and they do tremor in...
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Yes there could be a neurological reason for the tremors. They are called limb girdle deformities. PLease see a neurologist soon. It is a progressive disorder and with some treatment it can be controlled well
Donot neglect it

Have a healthy life
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I have had shaky hands since like 7yrs old. I had an extremely traumatic childhood and my Father not my mother used drugs when I was concieved and and after my birth. I saw a Neurologist when I was 14 and he did an MRI and blood work on me and...
Hello and welcome to health care magic forum, it is not due to anxiety,but mri report have to be detailed prior to giving any suggestion ,please have a ct-scan of your
Spinal part and see if is any compression of nerve,take consultation of neurologist ,take tablets of neurobion regularly.take...
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I am a 41-year-old homemaker. I ve had dizziness and imbalance while standing/walking for over a year. From the last few days, I am experiencing body tremours, mostly while sleeping; I wake up because of the tremours. I m on Betacap 40 for the...
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Your tremor can be due to many reasons. Have you experienced increased sweating as well. This appears to be a movement disorder which requires Neurologist advice. Regarding bowel problem, better to avoid the food which makes problem like milk, rich diary food. Eat...
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I've been shaking since 2:57 its so weird what should I do?
dear sir I understand your concern.may I know what you are shaking....regards
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I am having occasional tremors felt in the centre of esophagus . Is it due to untimely food, or gastric problem or due to any other reason? What is the remedy ?
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Thanks for your query.

The tremors you feel could be due to burps. Burps are the result of increased acidity.

Taking antacids like Tums or Gelusil would surely help you get rid of the problem.
Wish you good health....
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Been diagnosed with hand tremors [essential] and prescribed propranolol - 60 mg daily. Could the tremors possibly be a side effect of the Nuvaring???

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I have few queries. Anyone in your family (parents, siblings, cousins) has this sort of tremor? Do these tremors get worse when you are anxious?

Nuvaring is contraceptive device with estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone can lead to anxiety and tremors but...
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my mom has been diagnosed with essential tremors and they tell her they will get worse what can i do to help her she is willing to do anything and tries to eat healthy she is skinny and only drinks wine to help with the tremors at night and one glass usually calms her down she is 78 thank you for any help

Essential tremor can be a very disabling condition and can potentially wreck the quality of life of the person. Some medicines like Propranolol, trihexiphenidyl and Primidone are used in an attempt to control it, but they can at best only control the tremors to an extent. The most promising...
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Hi , My wife has high blood pressure that we need to "accurately monitor as she has tremors in her right arm" I believe (husband) that these tremors reveal themselves at the high diastolic times + 100-160 although I am having a hard time believing the readings from life source blood pressure device. What would you recommend as a most accurate device as "I believe that the high blood pressures are the cause of her tremors in her right arm" Regards, John Schuetz
Dear Sir
thanks for writing to
it is unlikely to have tremors in only right hand due to high blood pressure. What is the blood pressure in left arm at that time? it is possible that instruments measure incorrect BP in right hand because of tremors. you can check it in left arm...
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I am a patient suffering from paranoid schizophrenia taking SupraBenz 1 - 0 -- 1
Manohexy 1 - 0 - 0
Pipra 30 0 - 0 - 1
Valporil CR 300 0 - 0 - 1
I face only one problem of hand tremors Escitapax 10 0 - 0 - 1
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You are a 51 year old male suffering from Schizophrenia and you are currently on
Suprabenz or etizolam twice daily
Manohexy or Trihexyphenidyl once daily
Pipra or Aripiprazole 30 once in night
Valprin or Sodium Valporate 300 one in night
Escitalopram 10 in night...
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how do I get rid of one hand that has treamers after tia
thank you for posting your query on healthcare magic
There are few things which i would like to know which are not mentioned in your query
Is nature of tremor that you are having at rest or at movement as it is not very clear from your post which says after tia are you referring to...
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I have been having chronic full body pain for many years, possibly diagnosed as fibromyalgia, along with anxiety and depression. I have now begun having tremors at times, more often in the mornings. My primary doctor said they are intention tremors. I also have a strong family history of MS, but never diagnosed with it myself. These tremors seem to become in more severe during times of pain. They mostly occur in my left hand, but also in my right hand and I can feel them in my legs. It actually feels like I am having full body internal tremors. Any thoughts as to what I can do or what they might be?
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Dear Madam,

Thank you for posting your query on HCM.

Well looking into your problem I would like to tell you that there can be many reasons for tremors and pin pointing one will be very difficult on the basis of this history only . But still we can discuss...
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involuntary hand movements. what are the causes?
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Thanks for using health care magic for posting your query.
I have gone through your question in detail and I can understand what you are going through.
However I would require a couple of more details to help you in answering your query in a...
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