Thecal sac indentation

Hi, I was diagnosed with a posterior annular tear superimposed and a mild diffuse disc bulge causing minimal thecal sac indentation at L5/S1. Can u help me to gain better understanding in the diagnoses . Thank you
you shuld always write your physical complaints along with reports ..... ssee thecal sac carries spinal cord in if there is indentation it means thre is some pressure over spinal cord depending on the degree ur case MINIMAL... if u r having heaviness of legs and foot its worrying then ........
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what does mean thecal sac indentation with right lateral recess and neural foraminal narrowing at L4-5 level due to disc herniation,osteophytosis,flaval and facet hypertrophy at the same level.Mild posterolateral osteophytosiswith abutting disc...
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Thecal sac is the outer covering of the spinal cord and indentation means the disc has displaced posteriorly and touching the covering. It may indicate spinal canal stenosis. foraminal and lateral recess stenosis may compromise the nerve space and causing the leg pain, tingling...
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diffuse bulge of l2, l3 disc causing thecal sac indentation mild scoliosis noted towards right
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Scoliosis implies that there is curvature of the spine. They are different types based on the cause and age that it developed, it may or may not be associated with pain. Treatment depends on the severity of the curvature and the likelihood of...
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Hello, My mother(age:63) is diagnosed with below: 1. Grade II anterior Listhesis of L5 over S1 vertebra with spondylolysis of L5 vertebra. 2. An apparent disc bulge of L5-S1 disc causing stenosis with exciting nerve root compression Could you...

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Your mother is having a disc prolapse with foraminal stenosis from which the nerves travel out producing nerve compression.

At present as she is only suffering with Pain while walking and no other symptoms, I would like to know a few more things which will...
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The MRI findings are suggestive of: 1. Transitional vertebra at L5-S1 level. Lumbarization of S1 vertebra. 2. Posterior disc herniation at L5-S1 level, causing bilateral neural foraminal narrowing, indentation of thecal sac and traversing nerve...
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You might be suffering from degenerative disc disease & it occurs due to repetitive overload or stress to the disc & it increases the risk of disc herniation & spinal canal stenosis.

For this condition you have to do stretching & strengthening exercises in which...
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Got MRI report of my mother who is 64 years old and the impression given is as follow. MRI Study shows degenerative spine changes with: Transitional verterbra at the lumbosacral junction(complete sacralisation of L5 Vertebra as counted from C1...
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The best treatment as per MRI report is surgery but nothing can be said without the clinical examination of the patient. The decision can be only made by both clinical examination and MRI report. If the pain in legs are worse and numbness or weakness present than...
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Brief Answer:

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for your query.

Your MRI finding suggestive of mild disc(cushion between two vertebra) bulge without any significant compression over nerve roots.


Bed rest for 2-3 days if your symptoms are acute....
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What is the best treatment for these findings in an MRi report Disc dehydration with end plate changes at L4-L5 and L5-S1 levels Multilevel facet joint degenerative changes along with ligamentum flavum hyperthrophy At L4-L5 level, diffuse disc bulge with minimal thecal sac indentatioln and mild bilateral lateral recess stenosis At L5-S1 level, central disc bulge with minimal inferior migration resulting in mild thecal sac indentation and mild central canal and moderate bilateral and lateral recess stenosis.
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According to your MRI report , it seems you are suffering from disc degenerative ds and facet joint arthopathy.

Treatment can not be planed only on MRI findings, examination of your spine, neurological examination is essential.

It also depends on...
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MR imaging reveals diffuse disc bulges at L4-5 and L5-S1 levels indenting the thecal sac with mild narrowing of bilateral neural foramina......................and doctor recommended me Laser surgery ...and don t know what to do at this age..Isn t there any solution every doctor gives me his personal different advise...some says medicines and some exercise and some surgery and some says it is normal so don t be panic just take medicines
Hi Ayush,
MR image showing disc bulging is very common however it is very important in spine to match clinical symptoms and MRI finding. I need to know about the severity of the problem? location of pain? and your MRI images especially cuts at L4-5 and L5-S1. By the way what's your age right now?...
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Hi I m Marudu 22 yrs old. my lumbar mri reads this : Sacralization of l5 vertebra. posterior annular bulge of l3-l4 intervertebral disc causing anterior thecal sac indentation with mild bilateral neuro foraminal narrowing is seen. Posterior annular bulge with focal postero central protrusion of l4-l5 intervertebral disc causing anterior thecal sac indentation without spinal canal nerve root compromise. Posterior annular bulge of c4-c5 and c5-c6 intervertebral discs. i have pain and numbness in left buttocks and leg. pls guide me. i also had a multiple superior end plate compression fractures of D-12, L-1 and L-2 vertebral bodies.
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Hi..bharath.., the above reports of the x ray shows that, there is fusion of the 5th lumbar vertebra with sacrum.. hence there will be compression of the spinal cord in the vertebral canal..
also there will be compression of the nerve roots.. hence there is pain.....
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hi doctor
I have been suffering from my back injury since almost a year.I took an MRI and C.T scan.There was found to be an indentation on the thecal sac.I have been taking regular medicines and exercises,but there seems to be no cure.So do u suggest me to bear this pain for a little more expecting that it might get cured,or should i undergo surgery.PLEASE REPLY
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An indentation on thecal sac on MRI scan shows that there is pressure effect on the covering of the spinal cord..
To give a beeter opinion on your immediate need for surgery, I would like to know your complete CT scan and MRI reports.
There are many ponts to be...
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hi there if l have Indent Thecal Sac L2/3 4/5 5/si should thi s cause much pain...l also have Hypertrophic Facet Sac throughout ....Modic type 2 endplate at 2/5 L2/3 dehydrated and reduced.....l dont underatand my MRI could you please expalin .....
there are no signs of Spinal Canal Stenosis or Discal Neural Compression....Thank you

I have sever pain in the lower lumbar area and l am on Butrans 20mg and Zapain 4000mg per day
Your MRI spine describes the various features of degeneration of spine and vertebral body. Thecal sac is the space where roots from spinal cord comes out which is mildly indented.Hypertrophy facet is thickening and enlargement of joints between veretebra called facets.Modic type2 endplated...
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