Swollen taste buds

For over a week now I have had what my dr said were swollen taste buds on the back of my tongue . They are not white or painful.. just extremely annoying. 2 weeks ago, I had a very sore throat that lasted 5 days. I did drink hot tea moreso than...
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Hi..daniel.., there are many reasons for the swelling of the taste buds.. one of it after a sickness, or fever it will be seen, since you had an attack of sore throat before, would be the cause for it.. avoid having hot tea, or anything hot drink or food.., also by...
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Hello, I have had swollen taste buds and swollen throat (on the inside) since March. I have had several episodes of what I thought was a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis shock). Went to see ENT and an Allergy & Immunology doctor. All allergy...
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Hi, Dr. I have swell tastes buds since three months ago they burn a lot all the time. I also have two swell lymph nodes one in my neck and the other one on my armpit since six months ago. Other than that I have no symptoms. I also have braces...
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Swollen taste buds on the tongue indicates inflammation or tngue mucosa and it may be caused due to several reasons like deficiency or certain vitamins especially vitamin B12 and vitamin C.

Since you have orthodontic braces applied on the teeth , improper brushing and flossing and poor...
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Hi Dr. Three months ago I began teatment for oral thrush , I am a 58 year old woman in excellent health, this came out of the blue, no reason could be identified by my Dr. cbc and chem panel showed nothing out of the ordinary. I was on two rounds...
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as per your history metalic taste is a side effect of your medications..first get your blood test done to rule out systemic involvement..look out for any other symptoms..if everything is fine then get a culture done and pick up the most sensitive antibiotic.
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I have had swollen taste buds for 3 months. Drs aren't worried but the ones in the back very uncomfortable. Just had my gallbladder out and they are worse. Have tried alot of supplements to no avail any suggestions. I am 51 did had acid reflux the...
Thanks for the query.
The most important thing for you is to find the cause for these swollen taste buds because treatment will depend upon that.
Causes could be
Bad oral hygiene
A prolonged use of antibiotics resulting in thrush or yeast infection 
Allergy to certain foods or consuming...
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Hi. I am noticing some difference in my tongue of late. I have attached photos of my tongue, please take a look. When I get up in the morning it is quite white. I have started taking an anti microbial mouthwash containing Hexetidine along with...

Thanks for your query.

I shall make an effort to provide you with good professional recommendations specific to your questions.

I realize your white tongue condition, presumably 1 week duration certainly shows up on Picture No 2 and 3. Its good to know you have taken ample hygienic...
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I recently noticed that the taste buds on the back of my tongue are swollen. It feels like there is something stuck on my tongue back there and it kind of tingles. I am currently on my 8th day of a 10 days cycle of metronidazole for a bacterial...

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These can side effects of metronidazole.Metronidazole is known to cause oral symptoms like dry mouth,metallic taste, oral mucosal irritation and white coating of tongue etc.Something stuck is feeling due to irritation.These side effects are likely to cause you these...
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Hello I have a lump on the right side of my neck . Doesn t hurt when I touch it but if I move my head to side and swallow I can feel like a small marble is inside. Also, I ve had swollen tastebuds . I went to the doctor and simply said that it was just an infection due to the flu which I had in December. She gave me antibiotics but that hasn t really changed anything. I m really scared. She felt my neck but did t feel anything and I did t notice the lump until now. I have an appointment with an ENT but I would really appreciate it if you could tell me what might be going on. Also my uvula tilts to one side. I m terrified
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I read your query and relevant history of your disease as having a lump on the side of neck and at the same time you have also noticed swollen taste buds on tongue and shifting of uvula to one side.
All above indicate that you are having some pathology in...
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I am 45.round 180 lbs.been going through alot of different things...had the novasure done over a year ago..which stopped my monthly..had some Issues with my Gallbladder function @ 17% and had it removed 2 months ago..anyways! I have been getting Hot Flashes and upset stomach every morning @ the same time, I also have a realy bad cracked tonge and towards the back of my tonge the taste buds are swollen, and appitite is very low..I can t seem to get any answers from My Doctor..I have asked if I am going through pre Menopause ..and bout my tonge..1st thought it was vit. B defent. but my blood work is okay..and thought it was yeast was treated and it didn t clear up..
Hi. Hot flashes with stomach upsets at you age can be due to pre-menopause. The taste buds at the back of he tongue are in fact the lingual tonsils and may be enlarged due to cracked tongue with attendant infection. A good oral hygiene and a course of antibiotic and local/ topical antifungal will...
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Hi I was just wondering if this is normal. Four days ago I felt like I had a hair in the back of my throat . I looked and its my taste buds the ones that are in an arrow formation that are swollen and my tounges a little yellow. I have a cough but barely. Plus Im coughing up mucus . Wasnt sure if i should just wait it out or go to the doctors.
HI I have gone through your mail I am suspecting as you are having swollen and infected taste buds of posterior part of your tongue medically these are swollen CIRCUMVALLATE papillae. since your tongue is covered with yellow discharge,this indicates some infective pathology is going on.My opinion...
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I have flesh colored bumps in the back of my throat accompanied by a yellow spot next to a white plaque, swollen back and front taste buds, occassional numbness in tongue , occasional swollen tongue, no difficulty breathing or eating but slight irritation an choking sensation, no fever, minor headaches, and bad sinus problems. Doctor said it was just a stomach bug but it s lasted for two months without improvement. Help?
stomach problems may last till they are not cured., Secondly if you have a bad nose then this could be one of the reason for the throat irritation .
You need to take care of two things
1. nasal allergies / disease like blockage,discharge etc if you have,,,, as the nasal discharge fall back...
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For the last 4 days I ve expierienced a sore and very sensitive tongue. It seems to be getting worse and does not seem to go away. The taste buds are a bit swollen on tip of it but otherwise there are no other changes that I could see. Just a few days before it started I had a thrush , not sure if these two could be connected. It's getting really uncomfortable and painful to eat and talk. Please help

Thrush can lead into swollen taste buds.

Depapillation of tongue often results in swelling of taste buds.

I would advice you to floss your tongue daily with tongue scrapers.

Maintain oral hygiene well.

Rinse your mouth after every meals.

Avoid intake of allergic,spicy food stuffs.

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