Streptococcal pharyngitis

What is Streptococcal pharyngitis?

Streptococcal pharyngitis, streptococcal tonsillitis, or streptococcal sore throat (known colloquially as strep throat) is a type of pharyngitis caused by a group A streptococcus.

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Hi, my bottom wisdom teeth are coming in and my throat is very sore. A doctor diagnosed me with streptacoccal pharyngitis and prescribed me omxycillan. I ve taken the antibiotics plus alieve, and it seems to be getting worse. My throat is swollen,...

Thanks for writing to H.C.M. for your query.

I have gone through your query regarding sore throat secondary to wisdom tooth erruption. It has been diagnosed as streptococcal pharyngitis.

As you said that your tonsils, gums, tongue and cheek around the errupting tooth is swollen and red and...
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Hi , Could I take Dolo 650( paracetamol ),to bring down fever when I am starting on Penicillin 500 VK for streptococcal pharyngitis(034.0)
Brief Answer:
Sure... You can take Dolo 650

Detailed Answer:

You can take paracetamol tablets to bring down fever along with penicillin. Paracetamol has no interactions with penicillin and can be safely taken. I hope you do not have any allergy towards penicillin or paracetamol.

Hope this...
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hi. Sir, I am suffering from pharyngitis with severe pain in tongue and throat. I am also an allergy patient. Taking regular medicine like Dynolap5 and Odimont FX. Yesterday, I consulted an ENT who prescribed my Pain Killer to get relieved from...
hello. please don't take the medicine as it seems that you are allergic to it. you should meet your ENT doctor for changing your medicines. meanwhile you can start gargling with warm salt water. thanks
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Iam 21 years old,,,iam suffering from pharyngitis since 3 month,,i know this when doctor said to me,i have taken many medicines which doctor refer to me bt still i have a problem,,and iam singer too,,,plz give me some suggestions,and is...
Thank you for your query.
Pharyngitis usually does not persist for months together.
It could be due to other problem such as allergic one or another.
As you are a singer I suggest you to give voice rest whenever it is possible.
And I advise you to consult an ENT surgeon for physical...
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I am not sure which community I had to use. so my problem is Chronic Granular Pharyngitis .Please help thanks
Hi welcome to health care magic

To avoid further episodes of chronic pharyngitis,
drink always boiled and cooled water.. avoid out side food until infection is controlled..
avoid all fridge items and ice creams..
take tab. Levoflox 500mg once daily for 5 days..
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am I contagious is pharyngitis and sinusitis contagious

Thanks for posting the query

Yes, the initial phases of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) - pharyngitis and sinusitis are contagious because it is of viral in origin. But, in adults the infection is not that severe when compared to that of children. Children lack immunity and hence they...
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Respected Sir / Mam My Name is XXXX.I Have Health Concern Which is Related To Fever , Cough , Cold , Troth Infecttion, I Offent Suffer from Cough and Troth Infection ,,, I Use Some Antibiotics(ZOSPAR-200) and( Sinarest TAB)For Fever .From Last 3...
Brief Answer:
You may take Vit C, antioxidant and ........

Detailed Answer:
Hi Sir,
I have gone through your query and medical history: it suggests that you may be suffering from the pharyngitis with sinusistis.
To increase your immunity and relieve from cough you may take the Vitamin C 500 mg...
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Every now and then I get one or two little red bumps on my vagina. The have very little itch to them. They pop up out of no where and are gone within 3 days max. Looks more like a bug bite. I always use a condom when I have sex too. I've been confirmed positive for hpv 16. This also started when I got strep throat. The bump went away faster than the strep did...just curious.
there are usually fungal infections in that areas very common as this remaains wet and urine touches it everytime you pis
so keep local hygiene good
keep dry
take forcan 150 mg once a week for 6 week
tab ebasiine 10 mg sos for itch
apply candid ointment on area bd
and can keep vaginal candid...
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Having stomach upset and diarrhea for a few weeks as well as tingling all over body. I had strep throat a month ago and was on augmetin. Had severe diarrhea then. Is not as bad now just very loose. I stress out easily and everyone says this is my problem but am worried it could be something bad. Am currently taking metformin for diabetes and Paxil for anxiety.
Possibly you have an irritable bowel but worthwhile ruling out an inflammatory bowel disease by doing an stool examination and colonoscopy. Also get your thyroid function and coeliac workup done after consulting your GI specialist.
Metformin may worsen your GI symptoms try consulting your...
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Hello there... My 6 month old was just diagnosed with Strep throat and has a rash . It seems to be itchy and bothering her, is there anything I can put on it to help relieve the itching? I would like something that isn t medicated or harsh on her skin, but I saw Calamine might be helpful, but I also here it can cause bad reactions.

Thank you for your query on Healthcare Magic.

It is looking like some allergic rash as there is significant itching.

You can apply calamine or calamine with a moisturizer combination externally over the skin for soothing effect.

If there is crying with irritability an prescribed oral...
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i was diagnosed with strep throat yesterday. i was running temps of 103, infection in ears and throat. also heartburn and quizy stomach. Went to see the doc yesterday and was givin a steroid shot, some anti-biotics, and some kinda syrup. but anyways, fever has broken but I noticed this morning some clear white looking discharge in my stool. Could this be in relation to the medicines or could this be something else.
I don't think even a single shot of steroids was required until there was definite indication of severe throat inflammation leading to respiratory pathway compromise. Anyway none of the medicines you told are related to your nonspecific problem of clear white discharge in stools. You have to...
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Hey doc. I've had strep throat four times since february and i just finished my last course of antibiotics about 2 weeks ago and havent gotten it since. But, i have this overall weird feeling in my chest head neck throat and ears and im not sure why. I just feel weak at times and i just don't like it. Ive also been really stressed lately could that be it?
welcome to Healthcare Magic.

You are having multiple weird symptoms involving different system. As the weirdness of symptoms increases, chances of having stress related problem increases. This kind of presentation can be possible due to stress and anxiety.

Anxiety and stress can manifest...
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My two year old is having stomache cramps , has had no appetite but, very thirsty. Her brother has strep throat as of today. Could this be what she has too. I know my other kids complain their stomache hurts when they have strep. This just seems to be a more severe pain . She also has red changing shaped blotches all over her. The dr said that it is viral & their was nothing to be done for them. Could the stomache thing be something more or is this all separate. What do I give her to help her through the night. Wasn t sure I prophet or tums would do anything?
Welcome to HCM.
As your baby is having stomach ache, loss of appetite and feeling thirsty and some red rashes on the body.
It may be a viral infection but which is the virus causing these symptoms should be evaluated and find out the reason for the symptoms your baby is having.
I would...
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Thanks for the query to H.C.M. Forum.
Difficulty in swallowing tablets are a passive things and as in your case may be due to strep throat.
Consult an E N T and get treatment for sore throat .
Till hot saline gargles or anti septic solution gargles will give you relief.
Diabetes may be a...
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Hello, my 7 years old son had a strep throat 2 weeks ago. We treated him with amoxicillin for 10 days. In 4 days he said that his throat hurts. I looked into his throat and saw light white spots. So is it a strep throat came back and we need more antibiotics? And one more question - is it ok to go to a pool when you are taking an antibiotics? Thank you.
Welcome to HCM,
As there is recurrence, it is better to go for throat swab examination and culture sensitivity test for specific bacteria and antibiotic effective against them.
After report go for antibiotic medicine for proper time.
It is not advisable to go to a pool while having any...
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Hi, I ve had a head ache all day and tonight, my throat started to hurt. I m very prone to getting strep throat , so I checked the back of my throat for white pockets in the mirror. When I opened my mouth, I noticed that I have a yellow, kind of hairy film on my tongue . I ve never had a yellow hairy tongue and I brush my teeth at least twice a day. Any ideas?

Welcome in H.C.M.

I have gone through your query regarding yellowish coating over tongue, as you saidthat you are prone for strep throat infection. You are nterested to know about facts for recurrent throat infections.

Firstly I would like to say that yellowish or whitish coating of tongue...
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Hi, I read a past symptom regarding a throat sensation as if a corn kernel was stuck to the back of a woman s throat. I have this same problem and asked our M.D. Residents in my Psychiatric unit at the County Hospital and they informed me that I probably have strep throat . I am tired more than usual from this cold that I ve had for approximately 5 weeks + now, but their concern is that because I m a psychotherapist on the children s ward, I should not be working with patients during this time. I have many many sick families in my office and more than likely could have had someone with strep, but there s no way of knowing for sure.
Thanks for writing to us.
The only way to know that whether you are having a strep infection of the throat is that you should go for a throat swab culture. The dry throat can also cause this sensation. Allergic causes also need to be ruled out.
I hope this information has been both...
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