Stent thrombosis

hi doctor my dad had stent thrombosis immedately after angioplasty then doctor revert him then reangioplasty done in last year 1march 2012. now he better but last one year he was takin prasugrel . ecosprin 75. rosuvastatin 20, telvas h 80, and...
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Prasugrel belongs to the same family of clopidogrel.
It is a better and newer version.
Prasugrel is meant to SUPPLANT and NOT SUPPLEMENT the clopidogrel.

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Hi doctor. My father recently expired. Am not at peace because it was a matter of seconds and the doc said its thrombosis . He had an angioplasty almost 7 yrs back with a stent due to a major heart attack. Am surprised that last month within...
sudden cardiac death is possible in coronary artery diseases mainly due to sudden attack and ischemia and it will lead to arrthymia and sudden death it mainly occure beacuse of blockage of artery supply blood to the heart and person who has stent placed they may got sudden blockage and sudden...
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What is best treatment for DVT in 11 year old child.........please tell me in detail with medication and injection name
In children with thrombosis, initial anticoagulant therapy with either unfractionated heparin (UFH) or LMWH (clexane) is recommended for at least 5 to 10 days followed by VKAs (warfarin, acetrom)

Children with idiopathic thromboembolism should receive anticoagulant therapy for at least 6 months,...
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hollo am 23 year old girl right now am suffering from deep venous thrombosis with hemorrhagic infarct in the right thalamus and adjacent structures
Hi,It's curable with good results.You needs anticoagulant therapy....low molecular heparin Subcutenously or iv heparin followed by warfarin....u have to keep INR more than 1.8 with freqent monitorings of PT... u have to rule out coagulation abnormalities like antiphospholipid syndrome,lupus...
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My father age 78 with heart condition and kidney problem (controlled with tablets) diGnosed with hcc with portal vien thrombosis was going to undergo radioembolization today but bilirubin shot up to 7 ct scan shows tumor has blocked the bile duct...
Brief Answer:
Tes. Metal stent can be placed in for palliation.

Detailed Answer:

Welcome to XXXXXXX

Thanks for your query.
I have gone through your query and understand your concern.

As Portal vein and bile duct is involved, he is in the T4 stage of the disease by Tumour classification....
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I have had trouble with hemroids for quite a while. 3 years ago it became a thrombosis . I think the same thing has happened again. It was excised before. I just want to know if it has reached the point of a clot, iis it possible it may n go away...
Brief Answer:
Detailed below.

Detailed Answer:

Thank you for the query.

If your hemorrhoid became dark blue, hard and painful, blood clot is possible. However it may be also some inflammation. It is hard to tell not seeing it.
Generally you need to know as you have such problems, sooner or...
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good day sir, i am capt dhir from india, age 55, ht 5-09, wt 85 kg, bp 135/85. i had angioplasty with single stent in june 2011, and since then am under medication which includes 1 tab of clavix as 150 daily. i am going for tooth extraction of lower premolar, and would like to know if i can continue taking clavix as 150 or shud i stop for 3 days as per dentist request. heart specialist said not to stop taking medicine, even for a day. thanks
Ideally don't stop your medications as there is possibility of stent thrombosis if you stop it.If you continue taking medication and get your tooth extracted there will be slightly more increased bleeding compared to a normal person.Its better to accept this slightly increased tooth...
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I had 2 surgery's on my carotid artery and 1 stent, on the left side, now it is clogged again. Why?
Hi there and sorry to hear about your problem.

Stent thrombosis(clogged) can be because of improper or non compliance of anti platelet drugs given after procedure or improper dosing regimen. An underlying raised cholesterol level is important too. Other factors include severely damaged inner...
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My mother in the UK is 91 [I live in Spain so am not supervising my mother as I live too far away] .My sister has just had to admit my mother to hospital again as in one leg and foot there is absolutely no blood circulating and she has the typical...

Without the actual detailed medical history and reports of imaging studies like doppler, angiography it is difficult to give a accurate advice.

But from the description it seems that your mother had a vascular condition like DVT, varicose veins or peripheral artery disease which has now...
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I had a drug coated stent in my LAD 4 weeks ago. I am taking only 75 mg Plavix, no baby aspirin because of a GI bleed in 2010. Will I be ok or do I need to add the baby aspirin? My cardiologist wants me on the baby aspirin but I am afraid. Could I compromise and take the baby aspirin every other day or cut the 81 mg in half and take it everyday?
Hi there,
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I am a qualified and certified cardiologist and read your mail with diligence. Did you tell the Doctor after your history of bleed from GI tract? Let us get few facts straight.
1. It is only a month you have been given a drug coated stent, you need blood thinner...
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Hi Doctor.
I am a 63 year old male with a cholesterol readind before Angioplasty of 7.1 and elevated blood pressure. My mother died at age 43 due to a malfunctioning valve. I had angioplasty 5 days ago and this is the report:

LCx lesion was crossed,
Predilation with 2.5 mm balloon,
Stented with 2.75 x 26mm Resolute Integrity DES,
Post dilation with 3 x 15mm NCballoon up to 16 atm,
Excellent result.

I am however worried as to why doctors did not act on the following findings:

LM: Normal,
LAD: 60% stenosis mid segment. Significant 70-80% stenosis ostial diagonal disease.
LCx: Tight 90% stenosis mid segment with ulcerated plaque.
RCA: Dominant artery. Diffuse minor luminal irregularities.
LV gram: Normal systolic function.

Should cardiologists have repaired the problem? What are the risks?

Thank you
Thanks for writing in.
I am a qualified and certified cardiologist. I read your question with diligence.
LCx 90% mid portion ulcerated (if you are referring where angioplasty and stent implantation was done) then it could not be tackled better than what was done.

I hope your question...
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I am 60 year old STEMI patient - right artery blockage removed within 90 minutes with angioplasty July 19th 2012. No stent fitted. I have been on standard meds - aspirin 75, clopidogrel 75, ramapril 2.5, rosuvastatin 10mg, Isosorbide mononitrate 25mg. Minimal heart damage. Steady bpm and pulse.
125/75 and 65bpm when resting. I get mild angina during exercise and mild angina in bed sometimes. No sweats or nausea. I use GTN spray to help. I have signs of dyspepsia (upper stomach cramp) . I have been thinking of discontinuing the aspirin and clopidogrel to see if my dyspepsia signs will dissappear. then re-introducing 1 by one or using supplements (nattokinase).
3 questions.
1. Should I try a PPI for the dyspepsia - if so which is the best in combination with my meds.
2. whats prognosis for restenosis with angioplasty only. (I have read 6months ish)
3. whats the recommended way of stopping clopidogrel / aspirin.
Thanks for writing in.
I am a qualified and certified cardiologist. I read your mail with diligence,
Let me state at the beginning for one year after successful angioplasty and stent implantation and stent implantation you should ideally be followed by the same group of cardiologists. So that...
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I had an NSTEMI last August (troponin 0.34, treated with a PCTA thrombectomy) and am taking ticagrelor (Brilanta) 180mg daily. I've been feeling breathless for the past couple of weeks, no chest pain. It seems ticagrelor has dyspnea as a side effect; since I only have about 9 weeks to go for the 1 year course of ticagrelor can I stop taking it now or should I just put up with it and last the course? I'm also on hypotensives (amlodipine, ramipril and bisoprolol), asprin and fenofibrate.
Ticagrelor is antiplatelet agent it does not cause breathlessness per se. It actually prevent stent thrombosis (blockage of stent)
It is strongly advised not to stop antiplatelet without concerned cardiologist's affirmation. Usually two antiplatelet (aspirin + 1 more eg...
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I had a heart attack in Macau a few weeks ago and the docs put two stents in my heart. The prescriptions included Cartia Duentric coated low dose aspirin, 100 mg. I am now at my home in mainland China and will run out of the Cartia pills in the near future. Is it ok for me to substitute the Cartia pills with Bayer aspirin "enteric-coated" 100 mg pills? I do not know if there is a difference between duentric and enteric coated pills and the Cartia pills probably will not be available in my city in China. Thanks, Jerry Urban
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After stent implantation you need to take aspirin daily to prevent stent thrombosis and prevent future heart attack . So you take whatever may be the brand aspirin 100 to 150 mg daily .
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I am scheduled for surgery on BPH in two weeks. The urologist said it is an easy procedure done with a laser and catheter. I am taking Brilinta for a stent recently placed. Should I discontinue use, and if so, how long before the procedure?
Brief Answer:
BPH intervention to be post-poned if not emergency

Detailed Answer:

You are saying to have had a stent placed recently. I'd like to have more of the procedure you did including:

- when did you have the stent placed?
- the report of the procedure
- the type of the procedure: BMS...
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Hello Doctor,
My uncle underwent angiogram and was diagnosed to have 90% block in this right artery. Angioplasty was advised. However as his urine creatinine level is 1.8 mg/dl, angioplasty is differed and further kidney biopsy test is advised. We are yet to receive the biopsy result. In the mean time I want to get a second opinion here. My uncle never felt any pain in the heart and had only minor burning sensation when he got the first attack. With this symptoms can the diagnosis of having 90% block be true? Or should we insist on any more tests and finding before proceeding with further treatment? What are the complications and risks he has got during the procedure and in the future? He is a smoker and drinker. But never had any previous illness.
It is possible for people to have critical blockages without having symptoms and they suddenly become manifest in the form of heart attack or can get detected by the TMT test. Angiogram is the gold standard for the diagnosis of the coronary artery disease, if done and interpreted by well trained...
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