What is Scabies?

Scabies is a contagious skin condition caused by tiny mites called as Sarcoptes Scabei which burries in deeper layers of skin,breed,lay eggs and cause rash and intense itching.

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I dont know if this is the right category to put this in but iv jus been diagnosed with SCABIES and this medication cream is to expesnsive for me right now but i need help this itch is driving me crazy im tearing apart my skin and i cant sleep at...
Hi........Mr.Aldana ..
do U recognise as Scabies o.k..
Scabies is highly contageous.,
commonly seen in entire family members ....
seen in inner folds of the skin i.e. interdigital spaces of the fingers,palms, wrists, elbows, buttocks, external genitalia..,
intense itch in night times..
very good...
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I have recently taken a job as personal assistant to an elderly neighbor lady. I found out today that that she was diagnosed with scabies . She is covered from head to foot with itchy scaly skin. I have attended her personally with close encounter...
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We understand your concerns

As you have researched and found out, Scabies is highly contageous through person to person. You are also prone because you did interact with a scabies patient closely including touch. After infection, it might take 4 to 6 weeks for the symptoms to...
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i am having scabies wat treatment do you suggest its been 10 days am suffering from that i am regularly using fourderm on d rashes on scrotum but its not healing

Scabies is highly curable. It needs immediate attention by a Dermatologist.

Scabicidal agents like 1.5% permethrin and crotamiton are useful. Fourderm is not helpful now. You have to apply it twice a day to the complete body. You may also need antihistamine drugs to relieve from itching....
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Hi, I am having some rashes on my skin, i think it is due to scabies can you tell me how to get rid of it and suggest some treatment and preventive measures.

Scabies is a mite infestation of skin where you get red itchy skin rashes over inner aspect of thighs, genitals, finger web spaces, inner side of wrist, forearms, under arms, chest area and abdomen around umbilicus. Itching is more in the night and usually spreads in other family...
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okay, I have been to many doctors, dermatologist and so on for the past few years. I was living in Alaska where there is not water available or indoor bathrooms. I think I got scabies but no doctor will treat me as so. Not sure if this can get in...
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details below

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Thanks for the query
I understand your concern.
when you say your boy friend also got affected, it must be Of infective pathology.
it is very important for me to see a photograph of the lesions.
This will help me in giving a closer diagnosis and...
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I recently noticed that I had several bites on my I went to the doctor and they gave me pedestrian 5 percent body cream and 1 percent hair lotion...I followed the directions and this is the second day I noticed I am still getting bit. Is...
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I understand your concern regarding your skin condition and I hope I am able to help you in the same.
You seem to have developed scabies and were treated for the same by your dermatologist.
Now I would like to tell you that once you apply the anti...
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what percentage of people get scabies from staying in a hotel
thanks for writing in.

Now that's a difficult one to answer.

Actually no one has looked at it. And it will be a very difficult study to do, too.

Nevertheless, I will try to answer it.

There are two scenarios.
Scenario 1. Hotel Stayers who get scabies (people who rented a hotel and got...
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My in-laws have scabies and are being treated. Their son is homeless. Could he have gives the scabies to them. Who knows if he bathes or when he bathes. He is filthy. He is also a hoarder. Please help, I have just become a grandmother. I would like to hold the baby. But, I scared.
Hi. Thanks for posting your concern at HCM.

Scabies is transmitted by prolonged close contact and can be transmitted from one person to another in the family. If your in laws have scabies then it is very possible that other members residing with them could also have been infected.

If any one in...
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hi, i have some little bumps on my skin, they are colorless and itchy, when i itch them they can break open, but mostly my skin turns pink…they are on the outsides of my wrists and forearms, and my fingers….im worried that it might be scabies, but my skin doesn't look anything like the pictures that I've seen of scabies. this has been happening for about two weeks now.
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It might be due to some allergic reaction called contact dermatitis.
It usually occurs after contact with some chemical,irritant,bathing or washing soap.
This type of itching pattern also seen in the case of scabies.
You can take levocetrizine to subside itching.Short course of...
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I m nursing assistant and i have two patient, wit sarna o scabies, so i have some that and frustraed because i need my job, i really want to know what is the best medicine im a diabetic , i have some rash down my legs, and one my ears around auot side have some of that.thanks
Hi. Thanks for posting your concern at HCM

Scabies can be effectively treated with single application of 5% permethrin to the whole body, below face, after a scrub bath and then keeping it overnight for 8 Hours.

All the clothes, bed sheets, pillow covers, towels should be washed or dry cleaned as...
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Hi Doctor, I think my apartment is infested with bird mites. A doctor treated me for scabies, however, he didn't think I had scabies. Today I was on my balcony. A pigeon flew away when I went on the balcony, and I know that pigeons carry bird mites. When I came back into the apartment I started itching, and had what appeared to be a heat rash on my abdomen. Please help me figures this out. I have been to numerous doctors and been diagnosed with dry skin and scabies. I live in Northern XXXXXXX

Welcome to XXXXXXX Thanks for your query.

Dry skin (Ichthyosis) may be the cause for your problem.

Sometimes it may be disfiguring and cause psychological distress.

Most of the dry skin condition is due to environmental factors like exposure to hot and cold conditions with low humidity...
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hi ,please can you help me as i do not know what to do i have seen a doctor but think i was miss diagnosed , with scabbeys i can fell things crawling on me and have got very ichey welts that are round , and my hand and feet are swollen ,Wat can this bee as i have this four about 5 weak . this is all over my body and the scaddeys meds has very little affect
Hello and welcome to HCM

The chief complaint that are you are suffering from is itching on your hands and feet since four weeks.
You are being treated with anti-scabies medication with little effect.
Scabies is a clinical diagnosis which can be confirmed by examination of the skin scrapings from...
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My daughter 13 had a pimple like sore on her calf of her leg (outer leg ) this appeared yesterday and is painful as opposed to itchy, increasing in size and soreness. Today we have received a notice from her high school advising that there is an outbreak of scabies at her school in her this what she has? At class breaks the corridors are full so students are constantly brushing up against one another?
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Scabies presents with lesions usually multiple with intense itching that is worse at night.
Adults manifest lesions primarily on the Flexor aspects of the wrists, Interdigital web spaces of the hands,Dorsal feet, Axillae, Elbows while young children may develop lesions...
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I just picked my 18 month old grandson up from day care. His day care provider informed me that a 2 year old child was diagnosed with scabies this morning. How contagious are scabies? Should my grandson be seen by a doctor if no symptoms are visible? What should we watch for?
Thank you for your query.
Scabies is contagious and usually seen in children staying hostels and day care.
I suggest you to use anti scabies medicated soap for bathing the child with prescription from the doctor.
Observe for any skin lesions, itching and if you find any consult the doctor for...
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Over our summer I've treated myself and my family for scabies! No relief! Reddish bumps in different earas where scabies don't usually form! On our side of face, hairline outter thighs!! Don't itch at night!! It feels like they are crawling and biting me! It itches when getting bit!! I put listerine all over me and it helped!! Feels 100% better after scrubbing with soap head to toe before bed!! Please help!
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Have you treated your whole family with just listerine?
Using listerine is not appropriate treatment of Scabies.

It requires treatment of all family members simultaneously with application of scabicidal agent Like Permethrin. Overnight...
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