Retroverted uterus

What is Retroverted uterus?

It is the orientation of the body of the uterus with respect to the cervix; a retroverted uterus is one which falls backward on the cervix. Though this is the second common type as compared to the anteverted one, it still is seen in many. Sometimes, it may cause delayed conception owing to the unfavorable position for the ascending sperms.

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hi, im 28 yrs old and married for almost last period was feb.24-28,2011 and until now (5/27/11) i haven t got my next period.i went to a gyne and got all the necessary test but all resuts were negative to pregnancy .my ultrasound results...
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you are having essentially normal sonogram report
retroverted uterus signifies position of uterus only and not related to your periods and it does not cause any problem normally
endometrium is the lining of uterine cavity and undergoes cyclical changes and shedding...
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I am 29 years of age and trying for pregnancy about 5 months. My Gynecologist examine my uterus retroverted and nonspecific but I have no strong symptoms. I afraid that it could create a problem. I have no children & haven t any ultrasound...
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Retroverted uterus doesn't cause infertility. But sometimes associated endometriosis can reduce fertility. If you have no symptom of severe pain during menses/during intercourse (which rules out significant endometriosis), there is no need to worry for that. Also 5 months is a...
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Hello Sir, My mother is 46 having three children. Recently, she went to the doctor and was advised for Ultrasound scan..Report shoes that her uterus is bulky in size, retroverted, wall shoes intra fibroid Measuring 42/36 mm in size. Cavity empty...
As the size of fibroid is quite large so in my opinion conservative treatment will not be able to cure this fibroid .
Consult a gynecologist and get hysterectomy ( surgical removal of fibroid ) as at this age group this is only possible treatment .
Good luck.
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i have a query regarding retroverted uterus ...last year i had been diagnosed to have a right ovarian cyst and had to undergo a surgery for that.recently i had done an utrasonography and this time my uterus position have been changed from...
Retroverted uterus is seen in 10% of normal women population. But considering the fact that you had an anteverted uterus previously which later became retroverted following a surgical removal of ovarian cyst, I suspect possibility of adhesions in the right ovarian (adnexal) area leading to...
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i am diagnosed with retroverted uterus with bilateral PCOd , what does that exactly, kindly explain me breifly, in case its some thing serious whatkind precautions i shoul follow?
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kindly reply few questions

Detailed Answer:
Hi Raji,
Thank you for choosing XXXXXXX Retroverted uterus means the position of uterus, some amount of retroversion can be there in normal persons which need not be worried. Bilateral poly cystic ovaries there are many small follicles in...
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Hi would a retroverted uterus cause spotting / pink discharge after intercourse?
Thanks for posting your query.
Retroverted uterus is just a position of the uterus and is a normal physiological variation. It is not indicative of any pathology and is not likely to cause a bleeding after intercourse.
The mild spotting you had could be due to a vaginal infection, cervical...
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Severe dysmenorrhea . Only last the very first day, Includes intense pelvic pain and vomiting. I generally miss work and end up on my floor laying for comfort. Only mild pain remains on the 2nd day and by the third day there is no pain. Had low...

Thanks for your query,

I would not consider the progesterone levels being cause of the problem by any chance here.

Yes, dysmenorrhea is a commonest presentation in retroverted uterus.

Retroverted uterus as such do not need any treatment or correction, as it may not pose any risk into...
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Good Afternoon, Im Anna Maturan. May i know what is NORMAL SIZED RETROVERTED UTERUS WITH INTACT ENDOMETRIUM BILATERALPOLYCYSTIC OVARIES means? as of now i am suffering pain in my right ovary, the pain is not much but its almost 3 days. Hope you can help me. thank you,
Thanks for your query.
A retroverted uterus is the name given to a uterus that is tilted backwards inside of the pelvis.
This condition affects more than 20% of women worldwide.
Generally associated with no health complications.
Bilateral polycystic ovaries(PCOM) have no problem if isnt...
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My height is 5.5 and my weight is 96kgs, started weighting due to continuous taking of pain killer during my menstrual cycle due to increased pain ever month. Suffering with this problem from 2010 after coming to UAE. But after several tests and Ultrasound scans the doctors informed that I'm suffering with dysmenorrhea but later during my last month Feb 2014 month cycle after sever pain my gyne adviced me for a internal ultrasound scan during my menstruation time the result was that I'm having bulky retroverted uterus with thick heterogeneous posterior myometrium likely adenomyosis.
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Thanks for the query.

Pain killers are not known to cause a gain in weight. On the contrary if taken in excess they cause gastritis and weight loss. There may be other reasons for weight gain like hypothyroidism or other endocrine disorder and this can be...
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i pulled out part of my insides through hand being inside my friend thought caused a uterus prolapse when i told her a nurse i told said i needed a gastronomy but my gp thinks i dont need any treatment this happened about 18 yrs ago i pulled out something bony with rounded edges on a triangular thing with a stringy piece being put above the bony thing to pull back inside im now 40 i do occasionally feel a pain going straight up from inside to my belly button thankyou
Brief Answer:
kindly reply few questions.

Detailed Answer:
Hi Mahogany,
As the previous incident was long back its unlikely to cause any future problems. Kindly reply with few questions so that I can guide you further:
1)Along with pain do you have any associated symptoms like mass per vaginum or...
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hi i am 30 yrs old, married and wanted to have a baby. i had a TVS. on Dec 6, 2013, the first day of my period was on Nov. 23, 2013. the findings are as follows, slightly retroverted uterus with thickened endometrial stirpe with 11. something mm. i am worried if i can still have a baby.. pls help me..
Hello madam

Retroverted uterus and endometrial thickness of 11 mm is not a threat that hinders pregnancy.

You are 30 years old, so plan for conception as early as possible since the ovarian reserve decreases as age advances.
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Doctor has written these words on the prescription of my wife, age-44, who was bleeding profusely : 1. retroverted bulky uterus with normal endometrial & myometerial pattern. 2.Approx 7.5 x 5.3 cm relatively large Complex SOL is present in Rt. adnexal & is extending upto POD. Tubo -ovarian inflammatory in origin. Please let me know her disease and how to get rid of it with Do and Do nts Regards Sanjay Kumar YYYY@YYYY
The sonogram of your wife has shown a space occupying lesion or SOL, which means a mass located in the region of the right tube and the ovary extending into the pouch of Douglas or POD, situated behind the uterus. The doctor opined the mass to have evolved from the tubes and the ovaries...
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I have been having severe leg pain for about 3 years now. My toes have been going numb since i gave birth to my twins 8 years ago. That's were it started but it was minor then. I have recently been experiencing cold feet all the time which seems to be poor circulation. I have a pain that goes down the back of my left leg, my knee burns and my feet go numb. Both legs hurt but the left is worse. I had an ablasion and left ovary removal in 2009 from which I had steri strips left inside and had to have removed in the office. (Yes I had a horrible experience) I was also told that I had a backward uterus a few years ago. I have had low back pain for several years as well. Could the uterus be causing the leg and back pain? Could I have a tilted pelvis that could be causing this pain or do you think I have something pinching on a nerve. I am having a CT SCAN done of the abdomen in a few days. Will this show the pelvis as well?? All I know is I am tired of being in constant pain..please give me any advise..thanks!!!
Hello ma'am and welcome.

The pain could most probably be due to a condition called nerve impingement. In this condition blood vessles located around an area with either an abnormally positioned organ or tissue is present, or in a region which was previously operated. So a CT scan would be...
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