What is Psychosis?

This is a mental illness which can sometimes be precipitated by a physical illness, medication or drugs. The patient with the psychosis temporarily is unable to rationalize based on the information in front of them.

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age 42yrs female symptoms;loss of sleep,appetite and interest,feeling of guilt, hallucination , delusion ,odd speech ,suicidal attempts,unrealistic behavior,no oral intake of backround:suspicious husband aged 51 yrs,two teenaged children(male and female)educational qualification:8th standard.psychiatrist report as acute psychosis and sedation,anti depressants and mind relaxing acute psychosis long it takes time to cure?does the patient return to normal state after taking treatment?
Hello madam
Thanks for the query.
Yes 100% your problem is curable and you will return to normal. so dont worry.
time for cure depends on your will power and effort.So follow few of these :
Dont be stressed too much.think positive . if you think negative it creats negative impact on your life...
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XXXXXXX was born in October 1981 in Australia. He was diagnosed when he was 19 with Schizo Affective Disorder. Since then he has been treated with various drugs to control his depression and psychosis including Prozac and resperadone at the start. Over the past four years he has been treated with
Solian 400 mg, Invega 9 mg and Avanza 60 mg per day. These dosages have been periodically altered to arrive at the current dosage above. However these values may not be ideal. XXXXXXX has never presented with chronic depression or chronic psychosis but a low level mix of the two. Over the past three years I have noticed a marked inability for him to hold down any job. This has been because of his presentation to others of illogical or incoherent speech at times, and rambling speech when he is relaxed and by himself. He has an excellent memory (learnt by heart) but this is marred by his inability to concentrate for too long and his inability to carry out three, four or five instructions consecutively.
The loss of losing several jobs has made him even more despondent with the occasional comment of just giving up. He has recently turned to smoking and I would hate to think that he may contemplate suicide if he can’t improve. XXXXXXX is an affable person but he has no friends and even though he has tried to make them he is always rejected , possibly due to his illogical speech at times and his inability to say the right thing or raise the appropriate question. He is currently studying Horticulture on which his exam performance has been excellent. He lives with my wife and I and we help him with his study and give him much love and consideration.
I have a few questions that perhaps you could answer –

1.     What dosages would be ideal for Schzo Affective disorder ?
2.     In this instance should Solian be given with Invega or removed from the equation ?
3.     Is the current drug choice and dosage the best that can be administered ?
4.     Should one contemplate giving Clozapine ?
5.     Do you need any further information ?

University of WA
1st Sept 2012

Thanks for your query.
I appreciate your efforts for medical consultation in so much distress.

Important aspects of your query are:
•     31 year old male
•     Known case of Schizo affective disorder
•     Currently on: Solian 400 mg, Invega 9 mg and Avanza 60 mg per day
•     Complaints of: rambling,...
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My wife had a psychotic episode this summer. I finally got her hospitalized after 2 months. She was 39 years old at the time. She was given risperidol but this caused elevated prolactin ( breast milk and periods stopped). She was switched to Zyprexa and she became tired all the time with falt affect and sleeping 16 ours a day. She developed diabetes and was hopsitalized for ketoacidosis . Now she is on haldol and tired all the time. My question is: could the the psychosis have been caused by hormones/menopause? She still has not had a period in the past 5 months. She has been diagnosed paranoid schophrenia. I doubt this dx due to the late onset and the fact that all the meds make her tired.
welcome to Healthcare Magic.

Paranoid schizophrenia do not occur due to hormonal imbalance or menopause. Most commonly it occur due to increase dopamine transmission in brain.

Antipsychotic medicine used to affect menstrual cycle, but now this side effect is very less with newer medicines...
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I m experiencing mood disorders since I was 15 now I m 23 . I have been diagnosed with psychotic disorder couple of years back and was prescribed medication . I didn t take the medication as the time goes by or trying to meet different people will help. But after my dad passed away I been experiencing very weird thing I feel like someone is watching me all the time and sometimes I feel a dark shadow is engulfing me I didn t tell my about of this I m worried she might think I m weird. Lately its been worse I feel like my dad is calling trying to tell me something. I laugh n the very next moment I start crying. I m worrying for no reason.
Thanks for your query.You are definitely having a psychological disorder You must realize the fact that man is bound to get mental illness during his life time in difficult situations . So it is always safe to consult psychiatrist and take medication scrupulously .Please do not discontinue...
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My husband is going through chemo . In July he started having psychotic episodes. They usually last around five days and then he will start to get better. The doctors have said it was dehydration the first time it happened. The next time it happened they said it might be seizures so they prescribed him a seizure drug. It has not helped. He is going through an episode right now. He talks to people and sees people that are not here for example. Can the chemo be causing this?
hello and welcome to HCM!

I have read your question carefully and see that the patient is on chemotherapy, developed some psychotic symptoms on and off, and having one episode right now.

The point that he had it previously, which went away after one week, points to a possibility of delirium-...
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Male,20 years old, adverse reaction to antbiotic Biaxin XL, psychotic episodes , pupil dilation, headaches, hallucinations
if you are having these side effects after taking medication then contact your physician . he will change the antbiotic.but these side effects are rare. if even after changing antibiotic you are getting these , better to consult a psychiatrist.take care.
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Hi there, My nephew smoked cannabis at the age of 15 and went into psychosis and came out of it without medication and was perfectly fine for 3 years. Then when he reached the age of 18 he briefly experimented again with cannabis and the same symptoms happened, he came out of the psychosis again quite quickly without the aid of medication, he has promised never to do this again as he would like to train to become as an electrician, would this be wise for him to choose this career path? Kindest regards, Julia
Hi Julia,
Your nephew's problem is a common problem seen in teens betweene 15 to 20 years. During this period, these boys explore and land up in addictions. You should take help from a good clinical psychologist to resolve this problem. Choosing to train as an electrician will
not pose any...
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Feeling like Some gas (Fried oil) kind of smell is coming on mouth. When asked some one to check they are saying no smell. What could be the reason. is this safe to continue. Spoke to family doctor he had prescribed some medicine called CYRAD. Doctor told me it is because of food pipe issue. Still the problem persists. please explain a way out. Thanks a lot
welcome to Healthcare Magic.

Cyrad is used for acidity. There is no harm in continuing it. It will decrease bad smell, if it is because of acidity.

Having bad smells (from mouth or inner body parts), which is not present in reality, indicates olfactory hallucination. The most common odors...
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I am 42 years of age, female. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos at a young age. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in December 1997. I have had six surgeries including 2 back to back laparotomies. I am Stage IV. Since June 2004 I either have problems with my cycles or going in and out of menopause even perimenopause and have formication. I hope you do not think I am insulting you when I ask do you know what formication is?
Thanks for the query.

Formication is a type of paresthesia can be called as tactile hallucination.
This is one of the symptom of menopause.
Some women can experience this as insect crawling, pricking or tingling sensation, itching etc.
You should not scratch due to this as that can lead to...
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My mother is 80 years old, has had two valve replacements, suffers from Afib, been in nursing home for last 11 months (resident now) and now has been diagnosed with "psychosis" since she sees, talks to, and hears people, animals that shrink and grow large, groups of people that hide in the heating vent door (they shrink down to about 4" big) and are trying to kill her (so she says). The doctor recently said she did not believe my mom was suffering from psychosis anymore but when I told her the above (and with detail) and contacted the hospital Director, he has met with her doctor, her psychiatrist, the nurses, reviewed her case and said it is "complicated". Complicated because she has these interactive hallucinations (which follow her everwhere, and talk to her, etc.) Now they is on 5 mg of Zyprexa. Is this good medicine for this
According to the details given by you regarding your mother's illness, it looks like she is suffering from a condition called late onset psychosis. And the symptom profile what you have described are all seen in this condition. And the drug what she has been prescribed is olanzapine. It is...
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