Posterior vitreous detachment

What is Posterior vitreous detachment?

A posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) is a condition of the eye in which the vitreous membrane separates from the retina. It refers to the separation of the posterior hyaloid membrane from the retina anywhere posterior to the vitreous base .Broadly speaking, the condition is common for older adults and over 75% of those over the age of 65 develop it. Although less common among people in their 40s

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What is the prognosis for Posterior vitreous detachment? My opthamologist has just diagnosed me with this? What can be done? will I go blind in that eye? Is there anything I can do to stop this? thank you
Brief Answer:
the prognosis is usually very good

Detailed Answer:
HI, thanks for using healthcare magic

It is understandable that you are distressed.

The vitreous humor is a ' clear gel' that fills the space between the lens of the eye and the retina (light sensitive layer at the back of the eye)....
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Hi, my dad's nearly 70 and has had a huge bursa on the front of his knee now for at least six months, in the last few weeks he's experiencing numbness in the associated foot, it's not constant and comes on after an hour of getting up but it is...
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A huge bursa on the front of the knee is not likely to be responsible for the nerve related symptoms your father is having. It is more likely to be due to nerve involvement at the level of spinal cord or at the leg. A nerve conduction study will help in...
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Hi, My name is Loretta. In December of 2013 I had catarac surgery on my right eye. I had a little problem with the sight after that. I did not have good sight on the right side of eye. I was also told that I had a catarac in left eye and I have...
It seems from the history that you are diagnosed as to have posterior vitreous detachment with cataract.
Posterior vitreous detachment is usually a age related change and no treatment is required.But patients with posterior vitreous detachment require evaluation by indirect ophthalmoscopy...
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Does drug Plaquenil have possible side-effect for causing vitreous detachment?

Thanks for your query.

Plaquenil does not cause vitreous detachment.

This drug causes changes in the pigmentary layer of macula. They cause stipling on it which later on effects the vision.

Hope I have answered your query. If you have any additional queries, I am available for follow ups....
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I slipped, fell and landed on my head on a cement step 3 weeks ago. Last week, my vitreous detached. This weekend, I feel kind of dizzy, but it seems more like a sinus pressure dizziness . Do I need to see the doctor for a CT scan? He said 2 weeks...

Thank you for posting your query.

First of all, I wish to reassure you that your symptoms are not suggestive of any serious head injury.

Dizziness can occur after mild head injury or due to concussion effects. You can take betahistine tablets for symptom relief.

Neck problems such as...
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recently while I was driving the lower half of my eyes turned into about a thousand colored pixels. it lasted about 2 or 3 mins. and about 5 mins. later it happened again. I asked my eyeglass person and he said it must be something in my brain. Have you ever heard of anything like this before. I m a little worried but as it has not happened again I am courious
From what you describe this is a typical symptom related to any cause resulting in a pulling or stimulation of the retina in the eye. This can be a posterior vitreous detachment, vitreous strands tugging a part of the retina or even a vascular cause affecting the retinal blood vessels. Persons...
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I have been experiencing a larger than normal floater for about 2 hours. It is late at night and in the house, the floater is the only issue, but outside in the dark, I noticed flashes on the far right side of my visual field (right eye). Is this aan emergency situation that requires going to a hospital emergency room or can it wait until I can contact an opthalmologist after the weekend?
i think you should go for a detail eye check up as early as possible, it may be a simple condition like posterior vitreous detachment or others like retinal detachment, do you wear minus glasses? these conditions are more prone to myopic patients, ..
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had eye check up today, check retinal... the doctor said no holes and tear. but my left eye retinal is thin, she said she advice I do a laser surgery. I was freaking out so I didn't ask her many details. When I was about to sign the papers, I called my wife and she won't let me do it. Because she think that why do a surgery when the tear may/ or may not happen. If will happen it may be many years which we do not know right?? I don't know but I just freaking worry about I will go blind, but even retinal detach, I should still have my right eye..... Also the laser surgery will just prevent a certain area.... I don't know what to do!! pls help and give advice... She is the only one who see inside my eye, will she know the 'thinnest' to what degree?? Help pls!!!
Brief Answer:
You may require prophylactic treatment

Detailed Answer:
Welcome to Health care magic

As written in the history you are having retinal thinning in the left eye.

Retinal thinning is seen in conditions called as degenerations affecting the periphery of the retina.The common...
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I started seeing flashing lights almost like XXXXXXX lightninng last night before i went to bed and now i am still ha\iving it. It is only occurring in the right lateral field, mostly high up migrating down. No headache, trauma, I am very healthy and active except hight cholesterol, zocor. i am a gynecologist but i don't know much about neurology or ophthalmology. It is 0600 here, but i will contact my own doctor soon.
Brief Answer:
You should see an ophthalmologist

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for the query.

Flashes can be due to two reasons.
1) Posterior vitreous detachment.
Sometimes a section of the vitreous pulls the fine fibers away from the retina all at once, rather than gradually, causing...
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I had cataract surgery two days ago. The rear capsule crumbled and I had to have a vitrectomy. My vision is slowly improving. Am I correct in assuming I may need more time to heal from this than normal surgery with no complications. Also I have a lot of floaters. What are the chances these will go away without treatment and how long will that take? I am 63 and in good health otherwise.
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floaters develop due to vitreous degeneration
they will become more prominent after cataract operation
the floaters will not go away
you have to live with them and get used to it
when they incrase in number suddenly the prognosis is bad
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I have these floatations in my eyes, which people get. Mine have changed and today they resemble looking under a microscope at things. They are little dots and on a rug, they look like real objects. Also, by my periphial, I see flashes. Now, I'm seeing circles with holes floating. I only had this starting on Monday, but it's scarey.
Floaters in the eye are due to degeneration of gel within the eye..They are harmless.. You just have to ignore them..
But the flashes of light are not to be taken lightly..
They could be because of any holes in the retina or peripheral retinal degenerations.. Get a complete ocular...
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My 16 year old daughter got kicked in the left eye by accident at a sports practice when she dove on the ground near someone's foot. She has swelling and scratches on her upper and lower lid. She says she sees a tiny black dot in her vision on and off. Should we go to the ER or wait until tomorrow to see an eye doctor?
I would recommend you to see an ophthalmologist & have her retina checked(to rule out vitreous detachment or retinal detachment).
Does she have flashes(like lightening in front of her eye)? If it's only black dot, may be there is nothing really serious....but it's a curriculum to have your eye...
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Hi My Nephew is 12 years old having -2.5 (spherical) and -2(cylindrical) in right eye. Left eye has -3.5(Spherical) and -2.5(Cylindrical). He wears spectacles, recently consulted doctor, doctor says retinal thinning (regrowth) symptoms exist and asked for yearly checkup. Is there a problem? should we go in for any preventive treatment? Prasad
Dear Sir,
Your nephew is myopic. Usually myopic patients tend to have retinal degenerations in the periphery of the retina. You should explain him to report if he notices following symptoms:
1. Floaters : Sudden onset appearance of moving black spots in front of eye
2. Flashes of light : Apparent...
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I am a 52 year old female, and for the past few weeks I notice fine, black, vertical lines whenever I close my eyes. They are close, like corduroy, and very fine. I first noticed it when soughing or sneezing, but upon closer observation, it occurs when I close my eyes for any reason, without any strain. They don't last, but are quite noticeable at first, and recur almost every time. Thank you for whatever light you can shed on this mysterious symptom. I do know it has been a couple of years since my eyes were checked....
I went through your complaints. This can occur at any age - for you it may be age related. Shred-like collagen fiber in the vitreous fluid inside the eye in front of retina, producing its shadow on the retina is the cause.
As long as occasional, not affecting your vision - no problem. If...
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Had a very hard long crying episode about 2 1/2 weeks ago n vision the next day in R eye was blurry. Kind of like if there was a smear on my glasses, or kind of when you wake up in the morning and have to rub the sleep out of you eyes. Actually, before the blurry vision occurred, it seemed like when I would try to look to the right, there would be dark floaters, then came the cloudy vision. It actually seems to be improving. When i say i had a hard cry i am not exagerating. There is no pain involved. The floaters n cloudy vision are the only S/S.
it is possible that there may be posterior vitreous detachment in which the jelly inside the eye gets separated from the retina. This is usually harmless, but the separated jelly casts a shadow on the retina and that causes the floaters or blurry vision. It can occasionally be associated with...
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I am suffering from Glaucoma secondary to phaco on my right eye in the year 2010, Since then I am using combigan twice daily, FML two times daily and Latoprost once daily. Now my IOP is around 12 to 15 and feeling better. The complication arose...
Hello Doctor,

It is indeed unfortunate to have intraoperative complications but these are not very uncommon and are known to occur on table even with the best of surgeons ( definitely not intentional). PC rent with vitreous loss can result in glaucoma and I believe that your treatment for...
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My husband (diabetic) recently had eye surgery for removal of vitreous humur (age-related), and then suffered a scratch the cornea. He has been receiving tx(eye drops) for this. He blew his nose this morning, and his eye bled. This happened last...
It seems from the history that your husband is operated for vitrectomy for diabetic retinopathy.
It seems he has blown the nose forcefully following which he his having eye bleed. This is because of sudden raise of the pressure as a result of blowing of nose.
If the bleed is minor it will...
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