Persistant backache

a woman aged 5 having 5 children. Te last one born after getting tubectomised but got pregnant and delivered a healthy female baby. Recently due to persistent backache she went the gynecologist she suggested CUE beside Blood etc. Sha got +++...
albumin in urine is an abnormal finding and she must undergo complete renal function test,urine culture for bacterial count-urinary tract infection is a common cause
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I am 35 weeks pregnant and having a pretty severe headache . I have been having SOB after climbing the stairs at home, persistent backache , difficulty walking after sitting for a brief period of time, severe pressure in the vaginal area and also...
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Headaches can commonly occur in pregnancy.It may be due to benign causes such as stress, decreased sleep or migraines. In the third trimester eclampsia must be considered- this is a condition in which the blood pressure rise and is associated with...
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hi i have been bleeding for 2months straight heavy with nice blood clots. an i reasonly had a polp something like remove from outside of my cervic,the doctor said that was causin the bleeding.that was done on march 22nd but im styill bleeding with...

Thank you for your query. I can understand your concerns.

Take tablet tranexamic acid and if that does not stop the bleed you need to get your cervix checked once for any raw area after the polyp was removed that needs to be stitched.

Feel free to consult me directly
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I get very uncomfortably numb when I sit/lie down. Mostly my Bum and Legs. I don t even need to be sat very for it to start. I literally hate being sat down at the moment. I have a pretty achey back also, which clicks a lot. I am an active person,...
Dear Friend.

The type of pain your describing is likely to be a "Neuropathic Pain" as you have numbness.. if u really know what numbness means
Do you have any tingling sensation?
Does your pain gets aggravated on lying down or it improves?
Does your pain radiates to your leg or foot?

Since your...
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Basically i have low back pain and confirmed by doctor that based on x ray no issue and took treatment, and i was doing regular exesice and stopped from last 2 months to take tratement for piles. but now again low back pain has come back. could...
Brief Answer:
need more details

Detailed Answer:

Thanks for contacting Ayurveda with your health concern and following points need clarification from your side for better understanding and management of disease.

1. is back pain due to unusual activity [sudden lifting of heavy weight...
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Almost regularly towards late night I face some amount of back pain . Before Marriage my weight was 65 kgs and now it s 82 kgs. I am a house wife. I used to do regular exercise but still this issue persists. I tested myself for Thyroid but reports...
Brief Answer:
Due to bad posture and muscle spasm.

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for posting your query.
It seems that your increase in weight; wrong body posture; inadequate exercise and reduced muscle tone is taking a toll on your back. Since your husband is also overweight that is also adding...
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Hi I have excessive pain in my back about the middle of my back, my doctor said it was muscle pain and to take panadol. It is getting worse and my father died of pancreas cancer, where I now he had excessive pain in his back.
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Get your self investigated

Detailed Answer:
I have gone through your query, I would try my best to reduce your suffering.keeping in mind your medical history and weight. Backache could be because of benign cause like osteoporosis.
But having said that and your concern along with...
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Hi I am 28 years old female recently got married me and my husband use pull back behind while having sex .....I have PCOD from last 2 years.. but I get my periods every month ....Recently my periods are delayed by 10-15 days ....I took home pregnancy test twice one in last week and one today both came negative.......But I am having constant backache,Nausetic feeling.....please let know are there any chance of me being pregnant ???
Ovulation is rare and irregular in PCOD and as such, periods may get irregular. Still, withdrawal method has a high failure rate. As your home pregnancy tests are negative, it is unlikely that you are pregnant. Yet, you may get a better confirmation through serum beta-hCG measurement and a...
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HI, I have been TTC for 7 months now after going off BC. I have not had a period for 2 months ( stress , death in family, seem to be the cause). I am pretty sure I ovulated approx 11 days ago though and for the past week now have been having light cramping, increased temperature (99), slight backache and dizziness . Have seen my doctor since and she told me to wait it out. Yesterday and today only after going to restroom I have noticed pink/red mucus when I wipe. Have taken a pregnancy test this morning and its negative. What gives?

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Although excessive stress is one of the possibility of delayed period specially in absence of pregnancy as you have negative urine pregnancy test.

But stress would not cause cramping, increased temperature, slight backache and dizziness with red mucus...
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Hello, I m a 27 year old female 2 previous pregnancies had a leep procedure after the second birth trying for third child and I ve been having symptoms of pregnancy but test was negative and I had a menstrual period earlier than usual.. I have experienced extreme backache , gas, abdominal bloating to the point I look pregnant and every time I eat I get nauseaous light headed and irritable. Any ideas?? I am also under a lot of stress and have been extremely fatigued and my hands and feet are always extremely cold which I m sure is a separate condition
You seem to be suffering from stress and also hormonal imbalance. Your symptoms are suggestive of prostaglandin release. You may also need a thyroid profile. You can contact your doctor and get a blood test for pregnancy as well as a sonogram if you are still suspicious about pregnancy. Try...
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i have a peserie ring to hold my womb i have a prolapse every 6 months i have to have it changed ..i am a couple of months late ..i have to get a perscription from dr every time to get a ring all the chemest are having trouble getting them i asked my dr if i could go to the hospital where they have loads of these things and she said no i have to wait for the chemest to get them i am in a lot of painand backache and showing a little blood every now and then wat can i do ?
Thanks for your query.
The pessary has to be taken by a prescription.
THis is because every time the doctor examines you.
A retained pessary can cause various problems like infection, incarceration, urinary retention etc.
Also, if you are not relieved with the pessary, you can consider...
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Me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby, we had sex on the 4th June-to the 10th June which were my ovulation days.. it's now week later and iv been feeling nausea, sometimes in the morning n some times in the day and night. When I went toliet yesterday iv noticed a white creamy discharge in my underwear? iv also had slight backache that come and go. are these sytoms more likely to mean I'm pregant?
Thanks for writing to us.
The chances of pregnancy may be there in your case because you had sex during ovulation period and these symptoms may be because of pregnancy also.
You should consult a gynecologist when you missed your period to do your urine, blood test and ultrasonography to rule...
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Hi I m 16 and I might be pregnant . I ve been feeling extreme backaches along with light headed symptoms. Headaches and weird twiching in lower abdomen like I m bruised also. I was a day late and then I started bleeding pink then bright red along with brown spots sometimes big brown spots. Sometimes I feel bloated even when I poop and pee. I still do while the bleeding am I pregnant?
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If you had your periods then chances of pregnancy are not there. If you have any doubts you can rule out pregnancy by doing urine pregnancy test . symptoms you are experiencing are non specific for pregnancy. Take care.
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i had a gush of clear fluids with no smell to where i soaked my bottoms and the bed after started to get slight backache that comes and goes but only had one strong contraction and that was it im 36 weeks and 5 dilated and 90% thinned ive had preterm labor twice and just recently went to hospital with bad cramping and was in labor but it stopped on its own
thank you for your query.
You have obviously leaked out amniotic fluid and you must immediately go to the ER.
Leaking carries with it risk of infection to the baby and to the uterus.
At 5 cm dilatation and 90 % effacement, you are already in active labour.
Please do not stay at home any...
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sir .i have an abortion before 1 year because of miscarriage .now we are trying for a baby since 1 year.not getting preg. now am usingtab bankect 200 BD for 5 days and also after that tab hormorin 200 mg on 10 days vaginally.and my mensus date is on 22 feeling abdominal pain since before 1 week and also little backache and feeling like pain coming before i preg doctor
just by treatment history and by symptoms we cannot confirm or rule out pregnancy,
if you had intercourse around the time of ovulation then there is chance for pregnancy,
so as you crossed your due date you go for blood test for pregnancy once,
which can detect early pregnancy also,
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i am jackie, 3o years, 5.4 feet tall 56kilogrammes, i conceived and i had malaria since i conceived, at 7weeks of the pregnancy i started bleeding and when i went to hospital they told me i was having a miscarriage so i was admitted and when the bleeding became heavy i was put on drip for 24hrs, the bleeding stopped and the fetus had come out, then they used a machine to remove the remaining blood and to clean inside my uterus, two days later i got a terrible left backache and lower abdominal pain and vaginal flow for a week now yet i took ampicillin, fragile and ibuprofen, no improvement , now i have been prescribed with ampiclox capsules but am worried, wasn t my uterus damaged, i don t bleed anymore but i have a discharge of yellowish color, what can i do?
Hello jackie;
welcome to HealthcareMagic
Since there is pain and yellow discharge both are signs of infection in your abdomen and vagina.Please consult your doctor who did your D & C and get a ultrasound of pelvis done to find if there is any problem inside or it is just a vaginal infection also...
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