Immune deficiency

What is Immune deficiency?

Immune deficiency is the inability of the body to resist infections. Could be due to infection or autoimmune.

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YES I HAVE A 14 yo grandson that has Bells Pulsey and was referred to.this site to see if DR Gillman could help he has a history of immune deficiency and was in the hospital with pneumonia in Nov. And that when the bells pulses started too :He had steroids antiviral meds and physical therapy with no resolution as yet is there more you can do for him?
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Patience, proper follow up

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Hi and thanks for the query,

I am afraid till date, it is difficult to pin point with certainty, the exact cause of Bell's palsy. However, viruses and other inflammatory conditions have been suggested to be at the origin, but its still not...
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my son is 2yrs old 30 pounds and has an igA deficiency as well as a chiari malformation type 1 and chronic constipation he had an endoscopy done this morning and the gi doc said that his small intestine was a little bit red and looked really flat I am wondering what might cause those two things to happen and also if they are at all attribute to his immune deficiency or chiari malformation....any incite is totally welcomed
Thank for asking to HCM
I really appreciate your concern for your son, this is common type mild deficiency of immunoglobin, this antibody is primary type, and mainly protects all the mucous membrane from infections lack of this antibody increase the chances of infection but this is not happene...
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Hello, I have a 6yo son who has been dealing with multiple medical issues since birth . We have been to several specialists who all agree there is something clearly wrong with my son, but no real answers. We have been told he has an immune deficiency , but no specific one. Now I am trying to find answers and came across Hemolytic Anemia . I was just wondering if this is something that would have been glaringly obvious to the Drs? Or is this one of those type of illnesses that could be easily overlooked? Unfortunately I no longer have insurance so I cannot just blindly keep going through testing...
hi erica;
haemolytic anaemia is a blood disorder;since your son has been to so many specialist it is not possible to miss such a blood disorder easily.secondly haemolytic itself means blood destruction so see whether his haemoglobin drops every time .you wrote his age is 6 yrs but you did not...
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how long does it take a person to recover from mastoiditis

Thanks for posting your query.

Under normal circumstances and a good care with appropriate antibiotic cover, it takes almost 2 weeks for the mastoiditis infection to improve and the symptoms of congestion might take even longer to subside.

From the details provided, you have acute...
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I had a cervical MRI and the first findings said mild heterogeneity of the signals in the bone marrow, non specific.

Now I know this means that in your bone marrow you have fat and water and that the signals should be the same or something like that for all people, but what would non specific mean? Does that mean I have something in my bone marrow that should not be there and if so what is it. Non specific is an odd thing to say. What happens next with this?
Thanks for your query.

These terms mentioned in your MRI report are bit vague (mild heterogeneity , non-specific). When the findings are not clear-cut about some abnormality, then non-specific term is used. It is confusing but there may not be anything serious. Sometimes even otherwise normal...
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My son is 3 and he has been seen 27x in the past year for ears throats and sinus and the past 3x with blood in his urine but the cultures come back fine we live in Japan now for the past year the military doctors aren't very good now they want to remove his tonsils Anoids and put tubes in his ears. His Iga is 100 but his iron is low and borderline Anemic now they want to test him for immune defincency What do you think

Thank you for your query.

Chronic tonsillitis and repeated ear infection are indications for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. It is good that the doctors should be testing your son for immune deficiency.

If your son is anaemic and his iron level is low then he must be receiving iron...
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Hi Doctor. My 3 year old son who was born HIV+ and is recieving HAART treatment quickly grew a lump on his upper arm. He had the lump excised and they biopsied it and found it to be Necrortizing Granulomas. He was adopted from another country and has been healthy up until the last 3 months or so - with chronic sinus infections, general malaise and constant runny nose that seems to not go way with antibiotic. The results were passed back to his infectious disease doctor who is not seeing him for a couple of weeks to discuss. Im concerned and feel its possibly more urgent. The results came in 5 days ago. My concern is TB (although when skin tested it was negative 5 months ago once he arrive in U.S.) as well as Wegeners Granulitis (sp?). What are other possibilities and how will he be tested for these and how urgent do you feel this case is?

Thanks for your query.

I understand your problem and apprehension. Yours problem and apprehension are meaningful.
Your 3 Yr old adopted son was born with Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and has been healthy up until the last 3 months. You have adopted him from another country and he is...
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his docs..
can poor immune syster cause premature ejaculation?I have lymph nodes on both sides of my neck and another strong node at the right side of my groin,what could be the cause of all these?This nodes have been like this for almost 2yrs now.From the view of things i can see my immune system is down,what medcines should i take to boost my immune system?thanks

Welcome to XXXXXXX
Thanks for posting your query.

There is no direct relation to immune deficiency to premature ejaculation.

If you have long abstinence from sex then you may likely to have quick and early ejaculation.

Fruits XXXXXXX in Vitamin C and Antioxidants and protein XXXXXXX diet are...
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fahrs; tle; fibro; asthma; immune deficient... overwhelmed .. multiple gran mals 10-28 - 10-31; lost 2 days
Brief Answer:
Multidimensional history, needs a team

Detailed Answer:
Good Day Madam!
I am Dr S Khan and i would like to answer your query. Madam you have multidimensional history with asthma and fibromyalgias and immune deficiency and seizures, so basically your management is a challenge. Firts...
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Hello, I have suffered for 8 years now with worsening medical conditions, I have spent more than $120,000 trying to find out what is going on, what I have been diagnosed with thus far, is a possible Immune Deficiency, for which I currently undergo Intravenous Immunoglobulan Replacement Thereapy, I have also been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthirus and Possible Lupus - I also underwent a very dodgy half nissen fundiplication (that went wrong) and have diagnosed swallowing problems My symptoms have been; 1/ Chest Pain under the left last rib 2/ Lowering O2 Saturations, reducing each year, starting at 97 and now down to 92 3/ Abnormal Liver function tests 4/ Swelling in legs when sitting for long periods (even without being on prednisone) 5/ Hypoxemia - borderline ABG hypoxic 6/ Shortness of breath when stationary for long periods 7/ Crackle noise on exhale 8/ 3 x Proven and worsening shunt study tests - tested with 100% O2 9/ Unproductive Cough 10/ Constant fluid in bottom of ariways causing mutliple infections 11/ Feeling of clunking fluid when breathing 12/ Noise and popping feeling in chest. 13/ Heomoptasis It was recently suggested that I might actually be suffering from Hepatapulmonary Syndrome, there are no Heptologists on Health Care magic, so I am sking you your thoughts. I have had far too many CT screens of my chest, they have always not found much, but fluid in the bottom of lungs and patchy infultrates at most.. however the last CT showed that the contrast had not travelled into the left side of the pulomonary areas by the time of the CT scan - ie it was delayed in getting there - which may suggest widened pulmonary veins. Infections have cleared from the IVIG therapy, however I can still feel fluid when breathing, and I have squamous metaplasia which is found from the washings of serveral bronchoscopies, I have had bleeding airways for some time but this was written off due to the infections - which could be caused by back up of fluid from HPS. I can NOT have any more radiation and not many here in my country have even heard of this syndrome, I have had an MRI of the liver and spleen and liver seemed relatively fine while the spleen was enlarged - I further had a fibroscan done and it was suggested that if there is no cirhossis during this scan then a HPS was unlikely, however I recently learned that this scan was performed by someone filling in who had never done the scan before - but generally there has never been signs of liver cirhossis. I was a very heavy drinker for many years, but that has ceased, and I have had many drugs like Methrexate etc that affect the liver. I know it is important to find HPS issues quickly as transplant is the only option and I must get that done before the liver worsens. Although it is obvious I have autoimmune issues, it is strange that my sats and ABG are lowering constantly - I am a very active person, but overweight, which i think is why LFT exceptions are always seen as possible fatty liver. The spleen enlargement may suggest liver disease, but why would that not be seen on MRI or Fibroscan? The fundiplication was a disaster and took 3 and 1/2 hours to complete, My heart stopped on the table - apparently vasal vegal reaction - but a nurse from the operation came to my room in the hospital and suggested I look into the operation, I did but could not find anyhting untoward I recently had motility study done, as I could feel that water would not seem to go past my oesuphagus, it proved that only half my swallows work.. I also had a PH study done, and found something very interesting - I swallowed a glass of Orange juice, which would obviously change the PH sensor to a lower number as it passed down the oesuphagus, however i note that it stayed at 4.3 for a very long time... in fact until I actually ate something solid and the oesuphagus opened up - the OJ seemed to just sit above it - when I breathe I can feel water sitting above or mucus and I wonder if I am aspirating this into my airways? Biopsies from the airways always show chronic inflamation in the cells and metaplasia - I also have a very weird hiccup, which is deep down in the chest - not up high like normal - I tried dilating the sphinkter with no succes and now get a very strange sound that is akin to a bath plug being removed from a metal bath tub full of water. i really need to know exactly how to diagnose the possibility or exclude HPS - I have had a bubble study before but that was done to exclude a cardiac shunt - please help as I am at a loss as to how to stop the progression. LFT's always indicate high ALT AST and Albumin Regards, XXXXXXX
Brief Answer:
Please upload your lab tests

Detailed Answer:

I have read your medical history and feel sorry for the Calgary of problems you have come across.

Before running into conclusions, I'd kindly ask to have the reports of the lab tests you did (especially when it comes to liver...
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