G6pd deficiency

Is it safe to deworm a G6PD deficient child? What is the safest antiparasitic tablet to give to a G6PD deficient child aged 7?
all antihelminthic drugs are safe in G6PD deficiency.please collect an total list of drugs which are contraindicated from your pediatrician.
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Hi Doc, my son has a G6PD Deficiency, thank God he s at his 3rd year now, but now my concern goes to his weight, he is only 3 years old but he weigh 24-26kg. We ve tried to do some diets like no candies, no sweets, but he love s to eat rice and...
Thank you for your query,
My answer to your question may be late but i think it will be appropriate for your child problem.
Your child is above the 97th percentile on CDC growth charts according to his age and he is obese at present.
Is he exclusively breast fed or bottle fed? As bottle...
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can a g6pd deficient patient eat ginkgo biloba extract
Hi Usama!
Welcome to an antioxidant flavonoid found in Ginkgo biloba extract is found to decrease hemolysis in G6PD deficient indviduals(Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology:
July 2007 - Volume 29 - Issue 7 - pp 511-512).So it can be given.
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I suffer from a G6PD deficiency which is an enzyme/red blood cells condition. I m interested in getting a permanent tattoo, and while online research has indicated I should stay away from henna tattoos specifically, there is little material...
Hello and welcome to HCM,

Permanent tattoos involve injecting certain dyes in the skin with a needle.
G-6-PD deficiency causes degradation and precipitation of hemoglobin in RBCs under conditions of oxidative stress.
Oxidative stress is caused by number of conditions like certain drugs.
You must...
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Hi, i suffer of G6PD Deficiencies, last night i went to Emergency for a tendon inflametions and they gave me Co-Dydramol tablets . Are safe for me?
Hi there,

Thanks for your query.

"Co-Dydramol" is a combination of Paracetamol 500mg with 7.5 mg of dihydrocodeine. Both of drugs can be used for pain control in patients having Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency.

So you can use it safely.

Hope this answers your query. Let me...
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I am a 25 yo male, 60Kg with G6PD deficiency . I started going to the gym recently. and my trainer advised me to use a product called "Mutant Mass" which is a protein powder for gaining weight. I noticed that it contains "Soy lecithin" and "Soy...
Hello and thanks for the query.
 G6PD is Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency. It is a condition inherited and passed on through the X chromosome and is said to be a common deficiency of human enzyme. This deficiency causes red blood cells not to function normally. It may result to...
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Is having a bruise sign of G6PD deficiency among adults? my wife is 29, both of our son have G6PD so I think she has as G6PD as well. I thought it was now, a 24 hour turn around time is I think too much! Anyway, I will wait for your answers. She...
Hi there.

There is possibility of your wife having milder form of G6PD deficiency. This form is mostly asymptomatic and symptoms are trigerred by various stressors. Then you might see symptoms of hemolysis (breaking down of red blood cells). Having bruises is not a common symptom at all, nor the...
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hi..dr..i have a 1/6 mnth old baby boy.he is having a g6pd deficiency and he also b(-)bld we are always worried about his health.dr..plz adviced me how to take care his self..pallavee bhagawati
Hi Pallavee,
Welcome to HCM.
Most important is to take precautions to avoid conditions or medications which might trigger hemolysis. Vaccination against Hepatitis must be taken.
Give him healthy balanced diet with fruits and vegetables included. Folic acid is also beneficial.
In severe cases of...
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hello doc. my child has a g6pd deficiency. when he was 1 month old, he had a diarrhea and the doctor gave him nifuroxazide ercefuryl. and in his 4 month old, he had a cough and cold , and he take a Cetirizine histamed Antihistaminic. Unfortunately i wasn t able to inform the doctor that he has a g6pd deficiency. and it was to late for me to search that those medicine were incompatible with g6pd deficiency. My child is now 5 months old. He is physically healthy but at the back of my mind, I am very worried because of the effect of those medicines he previously taken. Doc, what can you suggest me to do? do i have to bring him to a doctor for any laboratory test?
Thank you for your query,
In G6PD deficiency, the effects of the culprit medicines are immediate and on red blood cells by causing hemolysis and jaundice.
Once the drug is stopped or metabolized, the long term effects will not persist.
But with G6PD deficiency, it is always be careful before...
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First off, this question likely suits a someone in the field of blood work (hematologist) or possibly a geneticist, or someone studying in this field.

Some background knowledge first, im 28yr old male of mediteranian decent suffering from g6pd deficiency, i dont consume any legumes although I have had many soy based products with no ill effect (although I do avoid ingesting them on there own as a bean or as soy milk) I have bread which usually contains soy flour as do most other products and have no ill effect on me. so i presume my g6pd deficiency is somewhat mild.

Question time

Can someone with g6pd deficiency take anabolic steroids without having a hemolytic crisis, if so which steroids, what about HGH (somatropin)? if not, why not, a scientific explanation of what occurs when anabolic agents are introduced to a g6pd deficient individual would be much appreciated.

Please note: I'm not interested in an opinion if steroids are good or bad for you or if i should take them, I have no intention on taking them presently I just wish to stay informed, incase they are needed in future to treat anemia, testosterone deficiency etc...

Thank you.
Hi ,

Thanks for your query.

There has been no recorded contraindications to take Anabolic steroids in G6PD Deficiency. But a Doctor's advice is must as all the drug interactions are not studied in detail.

Anabolic steriods are used medically :

1.To treat anemia (low red blood cell count);
2. To...
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Doctor my brother (35 years old) is G6PD deficiency patient. We knew just before few years. At present vomiting comes frequently to him. If there is any treatment to him. From the age of 25 till now we transfused 80 units of blood . Whether there is any treatment to stop hemolysis Whether there is any complete cure for G6PD deficiency patient
thanks for posting your query.
As your brother is having G6PD deficiency which is an inherited disease causing hemolytic anemia. Vomiting may be due to viremia/ acute viral illness as people with G6PD deficiency are prone to infections. However, there are some drugs and irritants that may...
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my daughter just found out her son has g6pd yesterday. her son is prescribed similat advance milk and it has soy oil and soy letithin and solic acid in it. Is this SAFE?

In layman terms, please give me a list of daily foods (fruits, meats, bread etc.) that can and cannot be eaten. Thank you.

Thanks for posting the query.

After going through your query, I would like to comment the following:

1. Your daughter's son has been diagnosed to be suffering from G6PD deficiency.

2. G6PD is the enzyme Glucose-6-phosphatase dehydrogenase.In affected individuals, a defect in an enzyme called...
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I have had an itchy rash on my skin for years; mostly my arms, legs, stomach, chest, its worse when I'm on my cycle that's when the bumps appear. I was just reading about G6PD enzyme deficiency is it possible I have this? I have been to a dermatologist and I take Zyrtec every day for the itching but it has not helped with stopping the outbreaks.

Welcome and thanks for posting your query to Healthcare Magic.

After reading your query it appears the possibility of "Urticaria". It is a common condition caused by bursting of allergy producing cells known as "mast cells". As the chemical inside them is released it produces a rash which you...
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I have G6PD can i take suppliment contain L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-valine, 100% kosher vegetables capsules, vegetables cellulose, vegetables magnesium stearate for exercising since i usually go to gym and would this help me boost my exercise?
Thanks for your query.
All the substances you have listed are natural substances. The aminoacids are all normally present in our body and diet. These have no known risk for hemolysis in patients with G6PD deficiency.
You can certainly take these for your physical exercises.

Hope I have...
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I am 70 years old. About 10 to 15 years ago,I suffered hemolysis . I went 2 days later to the hospital( emergency section) because I got dizzy when I came off my bed and couldn t make it to the toilet. The doctors found out the next day that I have a G6pd deficiency and told me that if I had delayed 1 day my arrival to the hospital, it would have been too late. The day I had the hemolysis, I had eaten in the morning just a few fave beans. I told the doctor that I never had hemolysis before. I have been eating fave beans in big quantities all my life and never had a problem, so why now I have? He answered that things like that can happen any time or not happen at all. So don t ever eat fave beans again.....and a series of medicines .... From that day on I never had any problem. I ve been eating every thing what so ever exept fave beans. Now that I google through the Internet, I became afraid to eat anything and confused from the contradictions I notice about what to eat or what to avoid eating. P I will appreciate your advice. I am lost and don t know what to eat anymore. My wife tells me that for the last 10 - 15 years I ve been eating every thing except fave beans and nothing happened, so continue the same thing. Thank you in advance Tony.

Lets first began with understanding of HEMOLYSIS due to the "G6PD-Enzyme deficiency"- in a simple terms.

The red blood cell in blood carry oxygen, now oxygen has certain free radical as well as superoxides which are present in the air as well as are formed in body due to various chemical...
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